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 The Christ Problem jc  127.08KB  Bertha Dudde a.D. *1891 - 1965     

The Christ-Problem Revealed through the Inner Voice to Bertha Dudde in accordance with the promise of John 14:21 INTRODUCTION This booklet contains a small selection out of the 9030 revelations received from the LORD by one of HIS scribes and handmaids, Bertha Dudde. Bertha Dudde was born in Liegnitz, Germany. She worked as a seamstress to help support her parents and seven brothers and sisters and was therefore prevented from continuing her education beyond grammar school. Coming from mixed Roman Catholic and Protestant parentage she received little religious education and knew nothing about the Bible although there was a deep desire for the Truth in her heart. Often when she prayed the Lord's Prayer she would beseech the Lord to allow her to find His Kingdom. In 1937, at the age of 47 she began receiving revelations from the Lord through the "Inner Word". After sincere prayer and quiet devotion the Lord spoke to her inner being and she wrote down word for word what she heard. This continued almost daily until her death in 1965. The publication of these messages began in Germany shortly after her passing away and in 1978 has begun to be translated into English. Publication and translation is sponsored by "friends" of this New Revelation and is not supported by or associated with any religious denomination or sect. They are offered with the prayer that the Holy Spirit will enable the reader to discern the Truth of this New Word from the Lord in accordance with His promise of John 14:21. Translators of the German version: Stella Selby and Willy J. Steiner, Apt. Postal 672, Cuernavaca (Morelos) Mexico Published by DIVINE WORD FOUNDA'l'ION Non-Profit since 1962 1999 Pine Grove Rd. Rogue River, OR 97537 Scanned into WORD 2000 and corrected by Ingo Schneuing, Floerekeweg 9, D-21339 Lueneburg, Germany June 2002 e-mail: or for free download for further information in German The Christ-Problem First Edition in English 1984 Scanned Edition in English July 4, 2002 INDEX B.D. 7136 Ur-sin and significance of the Redemption-Work B.D. 8445 Knowledge of the Redemption-Work of Jesus Christ B.D. 8141 And the WORD was made flesh B.D. 8463 Jesus suffered immeasurably B.D. 7083 The Mercy-Work of the man Jesus B.D. 8201 My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?" B.D. 5478 Christ's blood - guilt of sin B.D. 6531 Descent into hell - Opposition of Lucifer B.D. 6233 Easter Saturday B.D. 8158 Resurrection of Jesus B.D. 7019 The sacrifice on the cross was offered for time and eternity B.D. 7034 Redemption only through Jesus Christ B.D. 6938 Don't let the sacrifice on the cross be in vain! B.D. 8189 Christ's ascension B.D. 6579 " …: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” B.D. 6860 No liberation without Jesus Christ! B.D. 6951 Jesus came as savior B.D. 7031 "All power in Heaven and Earth is given to Me!" B.D. 6985 The spiritual mission of the man Jesus B.D. 7250 Proofs of the existence of Jesus on Earth B.D. 8250 God and Jesus are one - "God becomes man" - Deification of Jesus B.D. 7024 The right attitude to Jesus' Redemption-Work B.D. 7066 Redeeming force of the name Jesus B.D. 6958 The right path will be pointed out to mankind B.D. 7096 Don't forfeit eternal life! B.D. 7055 Preach the Gospel in the whole world! B.D. 6969 Faith in Jesus Christ is in danger! Offer of new Publications Foreword The Christ Problem - to many people Jesus presents a problem; most of them no longer know what to do with HIM. Even scholars are confronted with many different views and interpretations concerning the person of Jesus Christ. Every- one believes he has the right picture, the right judgment, and the right attitude towards Jesus Christ. But to err is human - all endeavors to bring Jesus Christ into a human thought-structure are bound to fail. Those who want clarity must go to the truth - to Jesus Christ - because HE HIMSELF is the TRUTH - and HE HIMSELF gives us the truth - through HIS WORD. Yes, even today, as HE promised in John 14/21. This booklet contains revelations that were received through the "Inner Word" and written down by Bertha Dudde, who made the following remarks: "Since June 15th, 1937, 1 have received revelations from THE LORD through the 'Inner Word'. Acquiescing in the wishes of friends, I herewith give a short description of my life and mental attitudes. I am now 69 years old and was born as the second oldest daughter of the artist Carl Dudde in Liegnitz, Silesia. In our family we were seven children and lived harmoniously though not entirely free from need and problems. I learned early to be a dressmaker in order to help maintain the family. The seriousness of life was evident to me from childhood and gave me the impulse to find answers about religious questions. I was brought up as a Catholic as was my mother; my father was Protestant. I could not always reconcile myself to the teachings of the Catholic Church, but on the other hand I could not accept those of a different spiritual persuasion. Therefore I tried often in my thoughts to learn what 'TRUTH' meant and where it could be found. Very often I prayed for this truth and also fought many inner battles; because anyone who knows the Catholic Church also knows how difficult it is to detach oneself from it. - But my prayers were heard! - Through a bright, enlighten dream I was urged to write down my thoughts after heartfelt praying'. As can be imagined, it led to many doubts and inner struggles until I felt convinced that it was not I who was the source of these precious mercy-words to which I listened, but it was the spirit in me, i.e., the Love of the heavenly FATHER was acting within me obviously and introducing me to the Truth. I had never known about Mystics with similar experiences; it was only in later years that I found one volume of 'The Childhood of Jesus' and 'The Grand Gospel of John' (both by the Mystic Jakob Lorber from Styria, and I was filled with joy to discover the complete concordance, even though my revelations were given in a quite different form. Knowledge of the spiritual sphere that was far above my in-complete primary school education was opened up for me. This knowledge that I received, and still receive, is dictated while I am in a fully conscious condition. I write everything told to me in a stenographic style, in order to copy it, word for word in longhand without alteration, as it was originally given to me. During all these times I am not in a trance or ecstasy, but absolutely in a wide-awake state, although I have to want the experience and seek the connection freely through intense prayer and quiet meditation. It is thus I receive these dictates, which are unconnected to definite times or places. Now I have only one wish: to make this gift of mercy available to a large number of people and also to be active in God's vineyard according to His Will. Bertha Dudde, Leverkusen, September 1959. On September 18th, 1965, Bertha Dudde was allowed to shed her earthly cover and return to the House of her heavenly Father. She left behind 9030 revelations. A Word of THE LORD for this booklet: Hold fast to your decision that you have carried within you for a tong time. And this is My will: that you 'inform mankind with much more knowledge about My secret of Golgotha, because the sign of the cross is the sign of Redemption. And though you can bring them everything that can be understood by mankind, yet without Golgotha they cannot enter into the realm of Heaven. Of all the problems, the one of Golgotha is the decisive one. Golgotha is the victory, the short path, the way from moment to moment into God's Magnificence. He who does not know Golgotha takes a round-about way. But he who knows Golgotha goes the sole short way. And only Golgotha can wrench souls, purely by Grace, from the darkness. Since you are aware of how strong the darkness is against mankind, reveal to them Golgotha! This masters darkness! This gives to all My Children might in My name. Therefore be strong in your decision and be blessed by ME. Amen March 7, 1970 B.D. 7136 June 1, 1958 Ur-sin* and significance of the Redemption-Work And so I will always remind you that I died for you on the cross. I will remind all you people on Earth and all unredeemed souls in the beyond. I will bring it again and again to their remembrance. I must inform you about it if you are yet unaware of it, because you must not remain ignorant if you should ever want to reach Blissfulness. Of what use is it to humanity to know about the "Man Jesus" who ended his earthly existence with the death on the cross, if you ignore the spiritual meaning of his death on the cross and the mission that Jesus accomplished for the sake of the sinners? And even if it will be told to you: He redeemed humanity from sin - you will not find any connection; only words whose meaning you don't understand remain with you. And as long as you do not know the purpose of man's existence on this Earth, you will not be able to understand why mankind is called sinful - even though none of you is free of sin. But the real importance of the Redemption- Work through Jesus Christ will become obvious when you know about the ur-sin, which is the cause of your pilgrimage on Earth. This sin cannot be compared in its enormity with the sinfulness of man, even if the latter is only the consequence of the first. For whatever sins a person commits on Earth, he would be able to repent for them on Earth, or in the beyond; however, even for this repentance, very much time would be necessary". But to repent the UR-SIN is impossible for you people, either during your Earth-life or in the beyond. For this ur- sin was not committed by a being that was already imperfect, but by beings of "highest perfection", who were not in need of light of knowledge, but who let themselves be controlled by the thought: "to be able to overwhelm ME"; therefore they became arrogant in their fullness of Light and Force. Men cannot atone for this sin, because it is immeasurably great, and eternity would not suffice to free them from that guilt. *Abraham came from the Chaldean place called "Ur". The Judeo-Christian belief regards this place as the source of all further religious life. When therefore "ur" is used as a prefix to a word, it will indicate that it dates from the most ancient time even before the Creation of the material world. Since "Ur" is familiar to all Bible readers, it will be used in the text as a synonym for "origin" - primal, primitive, ancient and primordial. (The translators) Through this sin, these beings fell into the abyss, which means that they lost Light and Force; they turned, so to speak, into the opposite - they lost all divine traits and accepted instead all bad qualities and drives. They became My opponents - until their spiritual substance hardened to such a degree that they were no longer able to be conscious of their on being. And this hardened spiritual I banished in the Form; in other words, I dissolved it into countless spiritual particles and created those into an unending number of Creation-Works, which My Love, Wisdom and Might produced only for the purpose of guiding those fallen spirituals back again to ME. They were ordained to Blissfulness, which they can only find with ME. This passing through the Creation indeed is also an act of repentance for that immeasurable guilt, but it happens in a state of compulsion - in bound will - and therefore cannot be valued as payment for that guilt. The being must once more revert to the condition where it voluntarily desires to get rid of its guilt; when the knowledge can be imparted that it has trespassed - but that there exists nevertheless a way to be set free from this great guilt. It must know that this way is the way to the cross: that to be free of the ur-guilt is possible only through the acceptance of the divine Redeemer and His Work of Redemption - and that this way to the cross must be walked during one's life on Earth, so that after the bodily death, one can be accepted again into the realm of Light which is the true home of man. Also in the beyond, the souls are informed about My Work of Redemption, and there, too, they can still take the way to ME in Jesus Christ. But they can no longer reach this high grade of perfection, which they may have reached on Earth through the acceptance of JESUS as Son of God and Redeemer of the world, in WHOM I MYSELF incorporated to find their recognition, which they once denied to ME. You humans must know about the great significance of this Redemption-Work: You must not mention the name of JESUS only as the name of a man that once walked over the Earth with high ethical aims. It was a significant mission for which HE dwelt on Earth, and this, you should try to learn about, as long as there is any obscurity in you. For it depends upon your comprehension and good will whether your walk on Earth is terminated successfully and whether the Kingdom that is truly your homeland will accept you again. Amen B.D. 8445 March 22, 1963 Knowledge of the Redemption-Work of Jesus Christ The greatest mystery - My "becoming man" in Jesus Christ for the purpose of redeeming all the once fallen spirituals and canceling the immeasurable ur-guilt of apostasy of the beings from ME - will remain a secret to mankind as long as they are not taught in all Truth about it, and until they desire to receive this Truth. You humans do not want to accept the fact that you live in deepest darkness - the precise consequence of the ur- guilt which must be cancelled before the Light dawns on you. But then, irrevocably, you will understand everything and you will no longer doubt. The pure Truth can only reach you from the eternal Truth itself which will also teach you; for this is the Light from eternity which desires also that its creatures walk in the Light. But it is your free will that decides whether you accept the Truth. And you are capable of deciding if you are instructed according to the Truth. Only one thing is necessary: that you live in Love…. because Love is the fire that radiates the Light of Wisdom. A Love-spark has been placed in you as a divine share that stays in connection with ME as the eternal Love; and as soon as you can kindle this spark in yourself in free will, it will strive to join the Ur-Light, from which is reflected the Light in the form of profoundest Wisdom. You will become enlightened; the Light of knowledge will illuminate you, your thinking is right, and it moves into the Truth. And this Truth I will give you so that you can recognize your task on Earth and fulfill it. And you should also know about your ur-guilt, and about My plan of Salvation since eternity. You should realize that the most important thing is the Redemption-Work through Jesus Christ, My "becoming man" in HIM. And, above all, you should be instructed in the knowledge that you cannot by-pass Jesus Christ if you wish to ever gain eternal life. HE came to Earth to preach the Gospel of Love to mankind; to give in His living an example for the right way of life that leads to eternal life. But people, burdened with the ur-sin, could never have reached their goal as long as this ur-sin was not taken away from them. And this was done by Jesus Christ through His Redemption-Work and His Death on the cross, for HE did the atonement for this immense guilt; and He as man could only do it, because I MYSELF was in HIM - because My Ur-Substance is Love. Love is not only a quality of My being, but I am Love itself. You will not be able to grasp this as long as you live on Earth, but only this explanation can make you understand My "becoming man" in Jesus so that also the integration into one being is no longer doubtful to you. My being cannot be personified, but in Jesus My all- encompassing Spirit was formed into something imaginable to you. The restless amalgamation of Jesus with MYSELF took place only when the Redemption-Work was accomplished, which explains why Jesus, while He walked the Earth, sometimes spoke of the FATHER as outside of himself - though also again and again pointing towards the unification. Mankind, during the time of His walk on Earth, was in a state of darkness. And a Light - i.e., a clear cognizance of the Redemption-Work - could shine only for those few who consciously stood under the cross; who desired to be redeemed, and who also offered themselves in free-will to Jesus and begged for forgiveness of their sin-guilt. Mankind remained therefore in spiritual darkness; and this Work of Redemption - the greatest Mercy-act of God's Love - is still unnoted. That notion of Jesus as only a man will continue, but every mission of HIM will be denied. Therefore, mankind, burdened with the ur-guilt, is left with its darkened spirit and does not perceive the light when it radiates occasionally, because people close their eyes in order not to see it. But the Light from above cannot be extinguished, because always there will be people to kindle within themselves the spiritual spark, and they will be able to accept direct instructions from their FATHER-SPIRIT in Eternity. And this Light will grow stronger; it will drive away the darkness entirely when My Will considers the time has come. For you face the end of a Redemption-period, and when a new one will begin in which there will be a brighter light. Because the One that brought the darkness into the world will be banished for a long time, and mankind will accept in the future being redeemed by Jesus Christ, and having the ur-guilt removed from them. The knowledge about Jesus Christ and His Redemption- Work, about My "becoming man" within HIM, is of such immeasurable significance that I will do all I can to let men share in it; but it must be left to their free will whether they accept it and go then the path to the cross - if they will hand over to THE ONE their ur-guilt, to, THE ONLY ONE Who can free them of it, and Who will do it when He is asked for it…. for HE died on the cross for the ur-guilt of humanity. He expiated the great guilt, and in this way the Justice of God was satisfied. Because the Love of God had Mercy for those who had once fallen away from HIM. Love Itself offered the Sacrifice - GOD in JESUS redeemed humanity from sin and opened again the path into the realm of Light and Bliss. Amen B. D. 8141 April 1, 1962 And the WORD was made flesh "And the WORD was made flesh and lived among us." I MYSELF, the Eternal Word, came down to Earth and was made flesh. It was an act of overwhelming Love and Mercy that moved ME to get in touch with men who had withdrawn so endlessly far away from ME that they could no longer hear My voice, could not hear My Word in themselves, and did not have any tie with the Word of Eternity. They themselves caused this great distance from ME, and it would never have been possible for them to bridge this gap by their own force. They would nevermore have been able to hear My Word in such a way as it was in the beginning when I could communicate through My Word with all those beings created by ME. Therefore My Love alone spans this vast distance. I MY- SELF came down to Earth and became flesh and tried to get in communication with My beings; to speak to them again, and to build a bridge for them that would lead them back to ME, into the realm of Light and Bliss. I MYSELF Am the Word of Eternity, but obviously I could not have addressed man from the height without producing a compulsory state in them, who had started out from Me in the beginning as free beings. They should use this bridge to Me in all freedom of will, and this I could only accomplish by an address from Me that should not sound unusual, but rather appear as a spoken word from man to man. And therefore I became flesh; I clothed Myself in human form as Jesus and spoke to man in that cover. - But it was MY Word that now sounded to them, and I could show the way to mankind by this Word. I could teach them and let them know My will. I could give them the Gospel, God's teaching of Love that should put their souls back into such a condition that every human being could hear in itself My Word, if this was its earnest will. But prior to that, man had to be redeemed from sin and death, the guilt that was caused by the apostasy from ME had to be cancelled so that the connection with ME could be crowned with the pouring out of My Spirit, in order that man himself could hear My voice again as it was from the beginning. "And the Word was made flesh and lived among us!" Very few people understand the meaning of these words. The eternal Word itself came down to Earth because mankind was in the greatest need - it did not know about its miserable situation, nor about the lack of Light - about the spiritual darkness in which it lived. It stood far away from ME and did nothing to decrease this wide distance. And mankind could only be helped by teaching them the Truth. They had to hear of the Will of their God and Creator and this Will had to be announced to them by MYSELF. I MYSELF had to speak to them and could only do it through a human being. Therefore I embodied MYSELF in this man; only thus was it possible to instruct humanity in all Truth and to call their attention to the falsity of their way of living; to announce to them My Will and to show them a life that had to be followed in order to come out from spiritual darkness and walk the path which I had shown humanity, to enable them to come again to eternal life. Influenced by My opponent, who stimulated them constantly to a loveless (4.3.62) way of life in which they were weak and remained so, and could not win anything for their way upward - I Myself gave them proof that Love works as Force. I have healed the sick and shown them other miracles too that were only possible through the Force of Love. I also informed them about the consequences of a loveless way of life - for I had first to explain to humanity why they found themselves in bodily and spiritual misery. I had to make them aware that their condition as human beings could not be called happy, and tell them what they had to do to reach Blissfulness. And all this they had to hear from the mouth of God. They had to be able to hear My Word, and therefore the Word itself came down to Earth and became flesh. In the ur-state the Word sounded in every being and was the cause of unspeakable Bliss. And they gave this Bliss away when they freely removed themselves from ME and therefore could not hear My Word anymore - for this Word was a direct impact of Love-rays from Me - which was now refused by the beings. The immense misery of mankind on Earth moved My Love and Mercy to come closer to them, and, in spite of their rejection, to meet them with My Word. And he who lit only a little spark of love within himself - that one recognized the GODHEAD in ME and he followed ME. But most of the time people saw in ME only the human being and therefore valued My Word as that of a man, I was right in the midst of them and they did not recognize ME. But despite this, I could spread the Gospel of Love; I could present the divine teaching of Love again and again, and I could mould My disciples and send them into the world with the order to preach My Gospel and bear witness of ME. The Word Itself came down to Earth and was made flesh for the blessing of mankind. And each time that My Word sounds, My endless Love and Mercy bows again to man- kind and sends the rays of Love into the hearts of those men that are willing to receive My Word and listen to it and recognize it as the voice of their FATHER, and are thankful to Me for this great gift of Grace. Because I MYSELF am the Word of Eternity, and he who listens to ME is very close to ME and he will also reach his last aim on Earth. He will find the total union with Me, his GOD and FATHER, to WHOM he finally returns, and will be eternally blessed. Amen B. D. 8463 April 9, 1963 Jesus suffered immeasurably Again and again you should think about how the man Jesus suffered for you, for His Love wanted to help you to be free from the fetters of Satan. HE took on all your guilt, and suffered superhuman afflictions as atonement for this guilt, and finally paid for your guilt with the most dreadful death on the cross. And though you are reminded again and again of the magnitude of His Sacrifice and the extent of His suffering, it is not possible for you to even feel this pain. However, you should remember it often, so as to be able to comprehend His immense Love for you that moved HIM to His Redemption-Work. His soul was clean and without blemish. It came from the highest spheres of Light into the dark sinful world; it came to mankind that had erred through the ancient apostasy from God and that had also continued sinfully through its earthly life under the influence of My opponent who drove it relentlessly to loveless ness; for they could not resist him in their weakness due to the burden of the ur-guilt. People were in dense darkness and so could not recognize the enemy of their souls; they were in a state of the greatest spiritual distress and could never have liberated themselves with their own force. And Jesus had Mercy with this humanity - they were His fallen brethren, who would have been eternally separated from the FATHER, and therefore HE wanted to bring them help and show them the way that would bring them back to the HOUSE of their FATHER. Jesus offered Himself voluntarily to an Expiation-Work that cannot be measured by you. HE suffered physically, and in His soul. What torture could be done to HIM - in order to inflict pain and suffering - was done, by people who were followers of the opponent, who wanted to hinder the Redemption-Work with all his force. But what the soul had to bear in the grasp of the prince of darkness exposed to his servants and helpmates - that is inconceivable to you humans, because it came from a divine, lightful sphere and descended into hell, into the sphere of God's opponent, where it was dark. The soul had to endure immeasurable tortures, because all sinfulness and darkness offended it painfully; because all the un-spiritual clung to the soul and tried to pull it further down into the bottomless abyss. But the soul resisted, and used the Force out of God - for Jesus' soul was filled with Love, and this Love was the Force that enabled it to accomplish the Redemption-Work. - Jesus saw the unhappy situation of humanity on Earth. HE saw their weakness and their blindness and with His Love HE challenged His opponent, who had humanity under his sway, who had pushed them into unhappiness and hindered them from finding a way out of it. Jesus countered his hate and wickedness with His Love. And this Love was stronger than the hate, and overcame the opponent. Love suffered itself for the fellow men, and Love bought men freedom from their bondage by His death on the cross. (April 10) The price has been very high. Jesus gave His last for the sin-guilt of mankind. HE sacrificed HIMSELF. He proved to the opponent that Love is stronger than hate; that Love can accomplish all, and that it even does not fear death when through it, the prisoners can be set free - when it wants to guide the dead back to life again, and wrench the fettered-ones from their prison-guard. No pain or torture was too great for the man Jesus to abandon His Redemption-Work. His compassion for sinful mankind was so deep that HE recoiled from nothing, that HE faced His death willingly and obediently, and before His death suffered superhuman pains for the sins of man. And when you think of it, you must strive with intense Love toward HIM; you must hasten under the cross in order to belong to those for whom the man Jesus has shed His blood. You must be so penetrated by the force of His Love that you return it from your deepest heart and devote yourself to HIM fully and sincerely, to be and to remain His in all eternity. You cannot hold His suffering and death before your eyes too often, for in this way you will always draw nearer to HIM - when you are filled with the thought that all the suffering that HE met actually was yours to bear in order to expiate the great guilt from which HE redeemed you. This was only be done through the LOVE within HIM. And this LOVE was GOD HIMSELF that was flowing completely through the man Jesus and gave him the Force to accomplish the Redemption-Work and to over-come the opponent, because Love is the Force that even God's opponent had to submit to; so that he had to desist from his hold on those souls that walk the path to the cross, those that recognize JESUS CHRIST as the divine Redeemer and that pray to HIM that HE may forgive the guilt. Amen B.D. 7083 April 4, 1958 The Mercy-Work of the man Jesus Remember always My endless Love for you that moved ME to fulfill for you the Redemption-Work. What the man Jesus experienced and suffered on Earth, HE did out of Love for His fellow men, whom HE knew to be in the greatest spiritual need. HE, as man, already knew of the immense sin-guilt of men and their hopelessness to free themselves from it without help. This knowledge was the result of His Life of Love, and therefore HE took pity on humanity and HE wanted to help it. But, at the same time, HE was aware that as a result of His Love, HE had to fulfill a mission - that I MYSELF had sent HIM to Earth so that HE could serve ME as cover, and in this manner I MYSELF could accomplish the Redemption- Work and with it cancel the great sin-guilt. And according to this mission His life on Earth was accomplished: a way of immeasurable miseries and suffering that obliged Him to mature early, because in the midst of the sinful humanity His soul was afflicted with thorns. For His soul came from the realm of Light, down to darkness. But the earthly cover which contained the soul had to go through that suffering and distress, through constant fights against acquired desires and passions; it first had to be purged to become finally a worthy receptacle for MYSELF; and I then filled HIM entirely and became One with HIM. And now began His proper mission: To bring Light to humanity, to announce to them the Truth; to preach the Gospel of Love; to live as an example and to show them the way that they too must walk if they wish to enter after their death into the realm of Light and Bliss. And lastly, to close His earthly passage with an incomparable work of Mercy: with His most bitter way of passion and the most painful death on the cross, as Sacrifice for the sin-guilt of humanity. And this mission was performed indeed by a man, but I MYSELF was in this man. I MYSELF as the eternal Love accomplished the Redemption-Work, because only Love could endure the grief of the passion-way and only Love could produce the Force to bear patiently all this in full consciousness until His death. And when the man Jesus cried on the cross the words: "My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?", it was only a confession that God in HIM did not urge HIM to this act, but that the man Jesus, in full freedom of will, offered the Sacrifice for His follow-creatures; that the Love in HIMSELF led to the execution, but did not constrain HIM in His thinking and action. The man Jesus took the whole burden of the sin of all mankind on His shoulders and walked with it to the cross. None of you people can understand these words in their full meaning. I MYSELF accomplished the work of Mercy, because even the man Jesus would not have been able to do so without Love - to take on such a measure of suffering and torture. But inasmuch as the Deity could not suffer, therefore a soul, able to suffer, was obliged to endure the degree of pain and grief - a man, whose body was sensitive to pain and who in a way atoned for what humanity's guilt unloads on God. HIS soul suffered beyond description, because it came from the realm of Light and the darkness on Earth was tremendous torture for it. The man Jesus was -"My Son" whom I treasured very much. He was devoted to ME with all His senses and leaned on ME with all His Love. HE humbled Himself in the midst of sinning humanity, and His soul searched incessantly for ME, His GOD and FATHER of Eternity. His Love forced ME into an uninterrupted flowing-in within HIM, and thus there could take place the unification between MAN and GOD - which, in accordance with the lawful order, could result in "God's becoming man". I could never have chosen a human form to dwell in that had not been pure Love, for I MYSELF could not unite with something impure. And each immature substance was spiritualized through the passion-path of the man Jesus, and at the same time the sin guilt was cancelled for the whole of mankind, because ONE out of Love sacrificed HIMSELF for His fellowmen. The man Jesus glorified MYSELF through His death, whilst I glorified HIM by choosing HIM as the visual cover of MYSELF for Eternity - by becoming a visible Deity in HIM for all My created beings who are worthy of "seeing God". As long as you live on Earth you should always put before your eyes My endless Love that helped you to your liberation through the Redemption-Work. Only then will you fully understand this work of Mercy in its total depth, when you yourself have entered the realm of Light, and when the Light of cognizance will shine through you, as before. Then you, too, will be able to take part. You will live it yourself as in the present, and understand then My infinite Love that did everything to win back My children, those who had been lost through that great guilt of the apostasy from ME. Amen B.D. 8201 June 27, 1962 "My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?" My suffering and death on the cross was inexpressibly painful, and any description of it would be only a weak comparison with what I have endured, because I foresaw every phase of My Redemption-Work. I knew in what My last task consisted and I had no solace to lighten My torments, for in these last hours I had to endure as "Man only". Indeed I possessed all force because the Love-Force of God, of My FATHER since Eternity, flowed through ME until the end. But I Myself no longer admitted by My Will the Force of Love - I did no longer with its help let the tortures be diminished or abolished, because otherwise the Redemption-Work - that asks for the fullest amount of suffering to pay for the immense guilt of man's ur-sin - would not have been fully valued. And the Divinity in ME knew about My Will and consented to let ME act in this way. The Godhead Itself drew back because I so wished it, in order to obtain the highest grade in My Love for humanity. This Love was indeed only dedicated to My FATHER, for WHOM I longed in the greatest distress, in the greatest suffering, and especially so in the last minutes of My earthly life. And this longing grew because I no longer laid claim to His interference, to his Love- Force. And in this longing for HIM, for My FATHER of Eternity, I called out the words: "My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?" I Myself wanted to bring, the work of Mercy for sinful humanity, to an end, as a human being, because it was the greatest Love that I could show to My FATHER: that I let Myself be nailed to the cross instead of HIM, for HE Himself had come to Earth and taken abode in ME. HE Himself wanted to bring the Redemption-Work for His children, but as "'God" HE could not suffer. And so instead of HIM I took on all the suffering and tortures and endured them until the end. As often and as easily understandable as I try to explain this to you, you never will quite grasp it until you are received by the spiritual realm, the realm of Light and Bliss. And always there is only the simplest explanation, the words: "THE FATHER and I are ONE." We were already completely united, and therefore I could say: "It is accomplished!" The human being Jesus gave his life; HE suffered as man an unspeakable, painful death. But HE Himself has united with the eternal DEITY, for until the end Love was in the man Jesus; otherwise, HE would not have said: "FATHER, forgive them; for they know not what they do." "Love" remained without interference. It was necessary to bring the Redemption-Work to a conclusion, so that all those who surrounded Him could then acknowledge the death; so that His body could be laid to rest in the grave from which HE rose from the dead on the third day. Every evidence of the Spirit of God would have always made people doubt the death of Jesus on the cross, be- cause they would have recognized His union with ME, and the faith in the Redemption-Work would have been the forced consequence - but faith, however, should be al- ways a free decision of will. This also you may not yet be able to understand rightly, but as soon as you unite your spirit with the SPIRIT of the FATHER of Eternity, it will become clearer within you, and you will understand My Word too that always seeks to enlighten you; thus, according to your grade of maturity - or love of your soul - you are then able to understand. You should be informed especially about the Redemption-Work in pure Truth, and should receive as a gift the fullest understanding of it so that you can comprehend the greatness of My Love that came down to Earth for you, for all mankind's sin-guilt, and has fulfilled the Redemption-Work - to open up again the path to the FATHER; to expiate your great guilt of sin, because it was that which blocked the path into the HOUSE of the FATHER in Eternity. Amen B.D. 5478 September 2, 1952 Christ's blood - guilt of sin For you, My children on Earth, did I shed My blood; for you I took the most difficult path, because I wanted to help you to come up from the depths which you could never have left with your own force. Therefore for you I died on the cross. The Sacrifice that I wanted to offer Godfather was accepted by HIM, and so it became the Redemption for you, Humanity should therefore receive this benefit, which I had implored from God, and for which I had offered the Sacrifice. It should be to your advantage because you needed urgent help in the state in which you found yourselves as I descended to Earth. But I knew also that humanity needed help not only while I was on Earth; I knew that as long as the Earth existed, men on it could not fulfill their earthly task because they were too weak, and I took pity on all of mankind, of the past and of the future. And so I included all people in the Redemption-Work - for all I acquired Mercy without measure, which they can use now to reach their aim on Earth. My Sacrifice to die was a work of greatest Mercy; I accept- ed in full consciousness and free will a state of suffering that I could never have been able to bear without the divine Love-Force. But the appalling misery of humanity touched My heart and let Me endure all I could, in order to help. I knew indeed that the total "Deification" of My being crowned this, My Redemption-Work, but I did not do it for this goal, but solely out of Love for the suffering, from-God- apostate spirituals, that were so far from God and therefore unblessed. The Love filled ME with such power that I could draw Force from it for the work of Mercy, and so I suffered and died for humanity in immeasurable bodily pain. I devoted My life on the cross to My unhappy brethren that once, like MYSELF, started out from GOD but had left the path of their destiny. I knew the Blissfulness of God's nearness, and I felt Mercy for the fallen damned. But I also knew of God's Love for all HIS Creatures, and I wanted to return to Him those that voluntarily had withdrawn from Him. My Love for God was overwhelming, and also for all those that came from HIM. For that Love alone, GOD accepted My Sacrifice. And My Love prayed to God to forgive the guilt that clung to the fallen ones and that could not be cancelled otherwise, because it consisted in loveless ness. Only Love could bring this Sacrifice about and therefore it was not the death on the cross as such, but all Love to mankind, that could be proven through this death, that GOD therefore accepted as expiation. I shed My blood for mankind and by that I atoned for what you have done. I took your sin on ME and paid for it. But you people must also contribute your part and must be willing to be redeemed through My death on the cross; you must desire that this work of Grace is also done for you; you must use this Grace by recognizing Me and My Redemption-Work, and willingly join those for whom I died on the cross. Without this recognition and your will, you are and will remain burdened with this sin-guilt and in the chains of the one who caused your fall. Indeed I fulfilled for all of you the Redemption-Work, but it is only your own will that makes it active for you, for you could never be redeemed, against your will, from a sin that you have committed with your free will. You must put yourself under the cross of Christ; you must recognize ME and call ME and must confess your guilt and pray that I carry it for you, and that I may extinguish it with My blood. And all your guilt will be forgiven for the sake of My Love. Amen B.D. 6531 April 25, 1956 Descent into hell - Opposition of Lucifer It is true that I descended into hell after My death on the cross, and that I brought Redemption too for those that had not yet passed through the door to eternal Bliss, because this door could only be opened through My death on the cross. Innumerable souls waited for the hour of their Redemption, and I appeared to them as the man Jesus, and I told them of My suffering and death…. because they too had to confess ME freely as the Son of God and Redeemer of the world. But those that had led a good way of life on Earth also recognized Me; I was not rejected by all. Nevertheless, uncounted souls offered resistance and refused My gift of Mercy, My Redemption. The influence of My opponent on those souls was so strong that they saw in ME only the man Jesus Who rebelled against earthy rulers and was condemned to die. All these souls had to be left with their freedom of will and therefore I could not appear in Might and Magnificence. I had to appear amongst them, as I had walked among men on Earth, as a man who had only tried to convince them with the Word of His mission and of the accomplished Work of Redemption. My opponent did not want to give up these souls, but he realized for the first time the effectiveness of My Redemption-Work. He could not hold those souls who accepted ME and wanted to follow ME voluntarily through the door that I opened for them. They escaped from his power; they forced their fetters because they obtained the strength from ME - for I MYSELF untied their chains. The more My opponent raged among his followers, and now the very fight began between darkness and light, and it has never ceased. It still rages on Earth, as well as in the spiritual realm. I went down to hell to bring Redemption to all those that had, even before I came, finished their life on Earth - all those who in spite of a right way of life, still were in the realm of Satan, who as My opponent fought against Me too, and against whom I have waged the battle on Earth for all souls kept in his bondage. And Satan lost a great part of his adherents. I died for all those souls, and all of them could have freed themselves from him. But his fury was without limit when he saw how many of his former followers had left; when he had to recognize that I was victorious, and that I had used only My Love to conquer. He, too, could have submitted to this Love, but his power and his possessions were still great, and he resisted My Love-Force so avidly, that it had no effect on him. But the moment had come in which he had to admit that his power was broken. He had to realize that he had found his master in the man Jesus, whose Love accomplished the unification with ME. And therefore his hate grew still stronger, because in the divine Redeemer, Jesus Christ there now grew a mighty opponent that could wrench his followers from him, due to the force of His Love. As the free will of each being is the one to decide, My adversary still saw in that a favorable solution for himself, and he is untiringly working to influence the will of his victims - be it on Earth or in the spiritual realm. But I descended into hell after My death on the cross, and I will do so again and again to bring Salvation to all those who desire to be free of him. And he will not be able to hinder ME; he will never be able to use force to keep back the souls who want to follow My call. His power has been broken through My death on the cross, but his resistance could not be broken, not even through My death on the cross. His hate and his will are unbending; his actions are viciously bad, and his being is entirely without love. Therefore, he misses also the force to give life to the dead. His remaining force is used only for negative actions, and therefore positive force must more and more paralyze his endeavor - Love must win and draw to itself all that is lifeless and awake it again to life. With My descent into hell there began the return of the once fallen beings to ME: there began the awakening of the dead to life - because Love had proven that it is stronger than hate - Love paid in full at the cross the guilt that caused the death of the beings. And so it came about that life was "bought" for them, and the one who brought all those beings to the state of death was conquered. Amen B. D. 6233 April 9, 1955 Easter Saturday My suffering on the cross-could not be avoided: I had to empty the cup totally; I had to carry the whole burden in order to fulfill the Redemption-Work that freed humanity from all guilt. Only the cognizance of your pitiful situation started ME on the way of Sacrifice, because My heart was full of Love for you and this Love wanted to free you from the dreadful fate that waits for you after your physical death. As I was aware of that, and because I knew of the Bliss in the realm of Light as well as of the torture and suffering in the realm of darkness, that I could visualize in front of My eyes - and because My Love was for you, My fallen brethren, therefore I searched for the only way out that could save you from such a terrible fate. I took the burden of all your guilt and went with it on the path to the cross. What has been done to ME on Earth was in a way only a symbol of what the whole weight of sin meant to ME - an immense, oppressive, burdensome and painful load that made ME fall again and again; however, I carried it with My overwhelming Love. What pain My body could bear I took on ME because I carried the weight of your sins for you. I wanted to atone for something that you would irrevocably have to pay for, and what you would not have been able to do even if it would have taken an eternity. I suffered, and I fought; indeed I sweated blood, I looked in all depths of hell, and fear and panic tore My soul to pieces. I endured all this, which you yourselves would have had to suffer. And My Love for you gave Me the Force to endure until the hour of death. There is no comparison for these My sufferings, and no human being could have endured them. But I offered MYSELF voluntarily, because I knew that only in this way could you be redeemed from Satan's fetters. I knew beforehand what to expect, and carried also this weight on My shoulders - I consciously walked the path where the cross stood at the end - but I suffered unspeakably because of My knowledge, and therefore could never be joyful in the midst of My people. I saw the mischief destined for the souls, I saw the uselessness of their way of life, and I knew that they would be lost to sin and death if I did not bring them the Redemption. And this knowledge strengthened My Will so that I accepted My fate without resisting, for this has been the purpose and aim of My life on Earth. But until the end I had to struggle, for the burden frightened ME so over-whelmingly that I felt My strength ebbing away and I called as man to God, to let the cup pass ME by. But the Force of My Love was stronger than My human weakness - and the day of My immense suffering and My death on the cross became for you, My children, a day of Redemption from all guilt. And the knowledge of it enabled ME to take in patience all this on MYSELF, so that I could finally call: "It is accomplished!" And My soul could return from whence it came, and through My death the complete unification with My FATHER in eternity has taken place. Amen B.D. 8158 April 22/23, 1962 Resurrection of Jesus My body was resurrected on the third day. And even if it seems unbelievable to humanity, because there is no proof of it, so it should be told again and again to mankind through My Spirit that I, in truth, resurrected from the dead - for, through My Redemption-Work, I overcame death, which My opponent brought to the world through his fall into the abyss. With My Resurrection, I proved to you at the same time that death does not exist for the spiritualized being: that therefore the "back-development" to the ur-being - that will be reached through a life of Love, as I have shown it to humanity - excludes also every state of death, every weakness and feebleness, and the soul, as soon as this change has been achieved during the life on Earth, can now enter into eternal life. Death has been conquered through My Sacrifice on the cross because the ur-guilt was paid for and the being had again the possibility of changing back to its ur-being that secures for it an eternal life. I wanted to prove to you that the body's flesh too can be spiritualized. Therefore, the body does not need to fear death it mankind could succeed in the spiritualization of its body while still on Earth. I MYSELF, as the human being Jesus, have spiritualized through My Love all immature substances of My body I brought them to ripeness; Love has gentled all the non- spiritual in ME and caused it to be united with My soul, so that body and soul could join with the eternal God-Spirit in Me, and therefore the complete amalgamation with it could take place. A complete spiritualized being cannot be vanquished by death, for death is a condition of impotence; but a spiritualized being is Light and Force in abundance and is free of every bondage. The occurrence of My Resurrection was also visible to men because they found My tomb empty. That the unbelievers tried to convince people I had been taken away was understandable, but also that they could not prove- And My Resurrection will always be accepted as Truth only by believers - those people that are already intimately united with ME through Love, or through their good will, to walk virtuously in the sight of My eyes. That My Resurrection has indeed taken place is true, because only with this were the promises fulfilled which had been given to humanity through Seers and Prophets. My Resurrection was a great defeat for My opponent, to whom I proved that Love is stronger than hate - that he would not hold his followers eternally in the condition of death because I MYSELF overcame death and therefore could also give life to each one who acknowledges My Redemption-Work and lays claim to the Mercy gained on the cross. My Resurrection was a defeat for My opponent, and there- fore he tries to irritate humanity and endeavors to cast doubt on it. But he cannot hinder the Resurrection of all those that follow ME, who believe in ME, and to whom I can give eternal life as I promised them. And the number of his adherents will reduce steadily, because again and again human beings will resurrect to eternal life, because I have overcome death - and he can not eternally burden a being whose will is to return to ME and who flees under My cross to escape the power of My adversary. For this being, death is overcome, and the Resurrection to life is assured to it. (April 23, 1962) My disciples also did not want to believe in My Resurrection from the dead, in spite of the fact that I had promised it beforehand. But I strengthened their faith, and they recognized ME when I came to them. Therefore, they had proof that I had overcome death; they should proclaim ME in complete conviction; they should mention My death on the cross and also My Resurrection. This knowledge was to be heard by those men who should believe in ME and who should take the way to the cross, because then could carrying their guilt to ME, under the cross, redeem them. But this, My greatest Redemption-Work, would have been also very soon forgotten if My Spirit could not have acted again and again in those people who had devoted themselves entirely to ME, and who - as already redeemed - I could replenish with My Spirit, that instructed them from inside, that gave them the knowledge about the Redemption-Work of Jesus Christ. For everything that people received as Tradition did not remain long in the Truth. Where human reason alone was active many misconceptions grew - under the guise of "Tradition" - and therefore there was no further guarantee for pure Truth. But where My Spirit could work in man, the Truth was al- ways apparent, and with it as well, the knowledge about My suffering and death on the cross and My Resurrection; because this knowledge is absolutely necessary if faith in it shall replenish people. And My Spirit will always be active in that man who will devote himself to ME in order to receive the. pure Truth. People will again and again hear the message and receive the right enlightenment, to convince mankind of My Resurrection and that I overcame death, and that for you death is no longer necessary as long as you are by My side - if you want it that I died for you, if you believe from the bottom of your heart in ME and in My Redemption-Work, that I MYSELF accomplished in the man Jesus. I am resurrected from the dead, and so also will you be after the death of your body, to eternal life. You will not be afraid of death anymore, as soon as you are free from your soul's enemy, of My opponent - as you let yourselves be redeemed by MYSELF. For then there is no more death for you; then you will live in and with ME, and this life you will never lose in Eternity. Amen B.D. 7019 January 17, 1958 The sacrifice on the cross was offered for time and eternity I have accomplished the work of Redemption for all time. As long as the return of the once-fallen spirituals is not completed, there will come again the time for this spiritual to walk on earth as man. And then it needs My help, which is assured through the Redemption-Work of Jesus Christ. The Grace gained on the cross has to be used during this time if man wants finally to shed his fetters caused by the fall into the abyss, which My opponent put on him, and could do so, because those beings had followed him voluntarily. - Therefore, again and again, a short time will be available for this once-fallen spiritual, when it need only to turn to the divine Redeemer Jesus Christ and thereby acknowledge MYSELF in Jesus Christ. And this short time is the walk as man over the Earth, when this being again receives its free will and thus has another chance to decide. It would never be able to make this decision without My help, because My opponent still keeps it captive. But because of My Redemption-Work, this decision is possible for man on account of the Grace that I acquired for him so as to enable him to resist and to break away from the opposite power. As long as the Earth serves the spiritual as a location to gain maturity - as long as people live on it - so long will the Sacrifice on the cross of Jesus Christ be the only guaranty for man to be freed of all fetters - for the Sacrifice is done for time and Eternity, and never for the present alone. Also, all future periods of Redemption on this Earth will be under the sign of the cross, and will be successful only for those souls that live on Earth embodied as humans. And also in the beyond the Redeeming Force of Jesus Christ can still be used; in the beyond the divine Redeemer must be implored too, because then My Sacrifice on the cross will still be recognized, and with that also MYSELF in Jesus. Then this means the liberation from My opponent, which finally has to happen if the being wants to reach Bliss. I accomplished as man the Redemption-Work on this Earth - and this was an especially blessed Earth-period in which many spirituals, once fallen, could have returned to ME. But their will was not forced, and never can be; therefore, uncounted Creations must still arise or endless Creation-periods must follow. But all of them will stay under the sign of the Redemption-Work - because without Jesus Christ no Redemption can take place. However, My merciful Love will endlessly convey the knowledge to humanity about the Sacrifice on the cross and about the Mercy- treasure that was earned on the cross. Enlightened people will be able again and again to receive instructions through My Spirit, and will be able to under- stand all this, and, conforming to the Truth, can explain to their fellowmen the meaning of Jesus Christ's Redemption - Work - the act of My "becoming man' on Earth and the deification of the man Jesus. And this knowledge will be taken over from one Earth-period to another, and will nevermore be lost, because the Mercy-Work was accomplished for all people, for humanity of the past, present and future - and no being, once fallen, can return to ME if it does not in free will let itself be re- deemed by Jesus Christ. Amen B. D. 7034 February 2, 1958 Redemption only through Jesus Christ You will never gain freedom without the Redemption-Work of Jesus Christ. These words have to be said to you again and again, and you must know, that you are in a state of unredeemed are still held by My adversary. As human beings you are not fully aware of his fetters be- cause you do not know of any other existence. Existence in Freedom, Light and Force is completely unknown to you - but such an existence was yours from the beginning. You were once free and could operate in the Light, and with Force, and you enjoyed boundless Bliss. As man you cannot recall this state, and you may or may not believe it when you are informed about it. But if you do not believe it you cannot try to shed your fetters, because to shed them you would have to believe in your Divine Redeemer Jesus Christ, and call on HIM for help. But all humanity should desire to live in Freedom, Light and Force, because everybody can indeed recognize that he is not happy in his existence as man on Earth; that he is in need of force to do everything he desires - and that he has not the necessary enlightenment, the highest wisdom and boundless knowledge. Man is not perfect as long as he walks the Earth separated from the Divine SPIRIT of his FATHER. The being itself once caused this disconnection, through its alliance with My opponent, who was the first to apostatize from ME, in unlawful attitude. And he now keeps the being imprisoned, and it can no longer liberate itself from him. And this being must be helped, because it is too weak to do it alone. But this help is only and solely Jesus Christ. If you humans want freedom - which is indeed possible on Earth - then you have to call on Jesus Christ for assistance. You have to recognize Him as conqueror over my opponent and as the earthly vessel in which I MYSELF dwelled to fight My adversary. That fight was possible only in earthly clothing - in the form of a man that, like you, was weak and needed Divine Force to be able to vanquish the enemy. And this Force was Love - My Ur-Substance - so that the Redemption-Work was thus accomplished by Love, i.e. by MYSELF. And just as the man Jesus received from ME the Force that replenished HIM, so you, too, must ask ME for it, because Jesus acquired that Force for you through His death on the cross. Only through Jesus Christ can you receive this Force, or, in other words: You have to beg ME through JESUS that I again give you the Force that you once rejected. And this you cannot obtain without the recognition of the Redemption-Work, because only through this will you be forgiven for the immense ancient sin of apostasy from ME; for the Sacrifice of the cross cancelled this immeasurable guilt. For one who is of good will it is not difficult to under-stand, but the unwilling cannot grasp the connections and believe them. However, he should not totally refuse this problem, but humbly confess his ignorance and, incompetence to reach a correct understanding. He should desire to receive the true enlightenment so that he may receive the necessary comprehension; he should take to his heart the constantly given exhortations that no one can become blissful without Jesus Christ. And he should desire wholeheartedly to be set free from his bondage state while still on Earth, for every human being realizes that it is not free. Nobody feels perfectly happy on Earth, and every, human being suffers from periods of weakness. For every man is burdened with the ur-guilt, which can be cancelled only through the Divine Redeemer, Jesus Christ. Amen B.D. 6938 October 7,1957 Don't let the sacrifice on the cross be in vain! My suffering and death on the cross too could have been in vain for you human beings. That Sacrifice on the cross could have brought nothing for you who are unwilling to be truly convinced of it - you who do not recognize the divine Redeemer Jesus Christ - you who take notice only of the "Man Jesus" but without believing that He had a divine-spiritual mission. With all this you split yourselves outside of those for whom the Redemption-Work was accomplished. You must consciously turn to HIM in order to participate in the Graces of the Redemption-Work. The "Redemption" depends on you, despite the fact that I died for all men on the cross. You humans do not realize that you are in captivity, that without the Redemption through Jesus Christ you never can enjoy the freedom in Light and Force, but must remain bound even if Eternity passes. You do not know that the condition of bondage, without Light and Force, can never be changed in any other way than on the way passing Golgotha. And even if you deny the divine Redeemer Jesus Christ, and if you leave His work unobserved, He alone remains the authority for how long you will remain in your unhappy state. You may not even realize that your being as a human is disgraced, and therefore you do not strive for THE ONE WHO can make your fate a blissful one. But your existence on Earth as man does not last long, and then you will become conscious of the torment of your chained state; that the life-force that you possessed as a human being is taken away from you; and beware that you are not confined in quite hard matter, where you must also feel the torture of your bound existence. But as long as you are still self-conscious, there is yet the possibility that you can in free will call on Jesus Christ, your Redeemer - be it on this Earth or in the beyond - as long as you are not captured by the most extreme darkness. And therefore My Love endeavors always to direct your thoughts towards the ONE in WHOM I embodied MY-SELF in order to redeem you. Again and again I will try to bring the deed of Jesus before your eyes; again and again I will take care that His Redemption-Work will be mentioned and that you are informed about it - you, who still stay entirely apart from the cross and give little or no importance to all, that which is connected with Jesus Christ. Every one of you will be addressed and directed to HIM; everyone can try to think about what he has heard about Jesus Christ and His Redemption-Work, and everyone can now make up his own mind about HIM. But his opinion is decisive for an endlessly long time, or even for Eternity. Because for an endless time he can remain in suffering and bondage or be eternally free in Light, Force and Bliss, thanking his divine Redeemer for His Work of merciful Love that bought freedom for him and settled him again into his ur-state where he was blissful. No human being is exempt from this decision, and every man prepares for himself his future life - but My Love constantly helps him to decide correctly; My Love always and again gives him indications, so that nobody can say that he was left in ignorance about the help for this Redemption. But My Love does not determine your will – because freely you chose your unhappy state and freely should you strive again out of this for your salvation. Therefore, the Redemption through Jesus Christ also pre- supposes your free-will; otherwise, the whole world would have been redeemed and none would be in bondage and weak, in view of the fact that the Redemption-Work was accomplished for all humanity. But your will can only take advantage of the Graces of the Redemption-Work if you voluntarily confess your adherence to HIM, WHO died for you on the cross - if you recognize MYSELF in Jesus Christ, and thus desire that I would have died for you. Then you will be truly free from your confinement; you will leave this Earth redeemed, and can enter the realm where then you can act unlimited in Light and Force and be blessed. Amen B.D. 8189 May 31, 1962 Christ's ascension My mission on Earth was accomplished when I ascended to Heaven. I had redeemed the world from sin and death. I was resurrected and appeared to My disciples to strengthen them for their way to announce the Gospel. I MYSELF was replenished by Light and Force and could then leave the Earth to return to My realm from where I came. - in the realm of Light and Bliss. Because My body was transfigured, it was My spiritual garment that was not bound any longer by the laws of nature, but the body could then remain where My Will wanted it, because My body now was Spirit as the SPIRIT of the FATHER since Eternity and was therefore also not bound to a form, but filled the universe and also MYSELF - the man Jesus, who had received in HIMSELF the ETERNAL DIVINITY, to give the latter a human cover that Divinity needed as it wanted to live amongst mankind. The cover was still dependent on the laws of nature, and therefore had to reach a high grade of maturity before being able to receive in itself the eternal GODHEAD. My mission was now ended, and testimony should be given also for this act of ascension to Heaven, because this was the crowning achievement; this was the proof for humanity that I had accomplished a Work of Trans-formation on MYSELF - that was to be proven visibly - for I disregarded all laws of nature when I ascended to Heaven, enveloping MYSELF with all Glory and yet clearly visible to My disciples. I gave them the force to behold ME; otherwise they would indeed have disintegrated. Only those disciples could see ME who were intimately connected with ME through their love and who therefore already possessed the degree of maturity that allowed such a sight. Several souls return from Earth in the same state into the realm of Light, and it is also possible for those to see ME in all My Splendor and Magnificence, because their degree of maturity admits a spiritual vision since for them no limitation exists any longer. They will be clothed in Glory as they will also be allowed to see God face to face and find themselves in their ur-element - in Love - which at the same time is Light and Force. That is their spiritual garment, that each soul can wear as soon as it leaves the Earth-life and enters, matured, into the realm of the beyond. And this you must believe, and you must not doubt the Love and Might of you, God and FATHER, WHO will indeed prepare all Blissfulness for you, which for you is unimaginable as long as you still live on this Earth. But I have given you an example of what man can accomplish through a life of disinterested love, and what his lot will be if he always lived on Earth according to My Will. If his conduct as a consequence of this example has produced a change in his being towards Love that is then equal to My Ur-being, then he will also radiate in all Brightness and in all Magnificence - and will be visible to all those who are at the Same level of maturity - those who are now united with MYSELF, WHO is a being that radiates Light and Force and will be so until Eternity. The occurrence of My ascension really took place and in Truth - the man Jesus with it gave the last proof of His Divinity on Earth as HE left it in a radiant flood of Light and returned to the realm from which His soul had once come - the realm of Light. HE was with God and returned to Him, WHOSE child HE was and continued to be, WITH WHOM HE was wholly united. And therefore the ascension was the last proof that I was not from this Earth, but descended from the kingdom of Light and Splendor, which again be- came My goal. And this should also be and should remain eternally your goal, for you too should return to the Light; you should, through unification with Me, accept My Light and My Force in all fullness, and therefore also be able to rise to Heaven, to your true home. Amen B. D. 6579 June 21, 1956 “... no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” (John 14/6) "No one can come to the FATHER, except through ME" The extreme importance of these words explains also the necessity of leading to the faith in Jesus Christ those people who are not yet believers, or exhorting those to a living faith to which the knowledge of Jesus Christ is al- ready present. For no one can reach ME who does not recognize MYSELF in Jesus Christ. There are indeed people, who pretend to believe in a God because HE proves HIMSELF through everything that surrounds man, but they do not want to admit Jesus Christ as the "Son of God" and "Redeemer of the World", and they do not consider themselves as unfaithful. But those people are still very far from their God and Creator. They are not yet in close contact with ME and therefore cannot be enlightened in their thinking. They still carry the burden of the sin of the ancient turning away from ME. And this sin binds them to My opponent; they will not get free from him without Jesus Christ - but very few people know about this sin of the ancient turning away from ME, and therefore they are not conscious of the signification of JESUS and of his Redemption-Work. Since men now know the teaching of the Gospel and the words that Jesus spoke on Earth, they could also meditate about those words: "No one can come to the FATHFR except through ME." And would people be eager to learn more about it, they would surely get clarity, and the thoughts about those words would never leave them. There is only one road: through Jesus to ME - for the sin- guilt must first be cancelled before I can accept you. Without Redemption through Jesus Christ, no being that acted sinfully in free will can approach ME. This is a law, which even My endless Love cannot revoke. Also, no man will feel in his heart a quiet security in the face of God, WHOM he indeed recognizes, but only with words or superficial thoughts. A serious meditation would reveal to him through his feelings that he has missed the right relationship with his God and Creator since Eternity. He will never embosom himself to ME like a child to its father; he will only believe that there exists a God, without establishing a close connection with ME, that presupposes Love. For Love would illuminate his spirit - Love would sharpen his spiritual outlook - Love would make him ask, but never let him make statements that are erroneous. A slight uneasiness will trouble every man who devotes himself to spiritual thoughts and has not yet found contact with JESUS CHRIST. He will know about the passion-way, and the death on the cross will be nothing new to him. Again and again he will start to converse with his fellowmen, or be reminded by them of Jesus Christ, because I direct his thoughts constantly towards the "man Jesus" WHO walked upon the Earth and ended in agony. Even if he himself has not yet acknowledged Jesus, he knows, however, about HIS time on Earth, and I bring MYSELF in Jesus Christ to his remembrance. And depending upon the level of love in which man finds himself, there will be acceptance, or defense. But where Love is, I MYSELF take hold of that man, and his resistance will gradually diminish, and finally he will also see the man Jesus in quite a different light from the way he felt in the beginning when he still stood, in full de- fence, opposed to HIM. But if he cannot be taught - if his will is still hostile in the hour of his death - then he cannot expect any Bliss in the spiritual world, for, despite a correct conduct in life, he will enter only into that realm where dwell all those who deny Christ. Because he did not permit himself to be redeemed on Earth, he therefore enters bound in the world beyond. But even so, he can still find there his divine Savior and Redeemer. And this is again a great Mercy on MY part: that I face all those also in the spiritual world that had theretofore rejected ME - that I hear each call that will be sent to ME, as the Redeemer - and I then take the caller by the hand and lead him from that sphere in My divine planes. Because I still fetch souls from the depths if I am only acknowledged - if only one soul has found its way to Jesus Christ, WHOM it rejected on Earth, but without WHOM it cannot reach ME. The realm of Light is closed to every soul as long as Jesus Christ does not open the door for it - but it is understood that He must be acknowledged as the Son of God and as the Savior of the world, in WHOM THE ETERNAL DEITY ITSELF is incorporated, to free humanity from the violence of the enemy. Man is too weak to free himself alone; he needs the help of Jesus Christ - and he can get it only if he himself asks HIM for it. However, this requires the acceptance of MY- SELF in HIM. Therefore, the man Jesus spoke the words- "No one can come to the FATHER except through ME" - because I MYSELF spoke to them through the man Jesus. I MYSELF wanted to be acknowledged within HIM, HE Who served only as cover for Me, during the time of His walk on Earth; that I also kept in the spiritual realm in order to be a visible God to all My creatures, though I was indeed a Spirit and am a Spirit from Eternity to Eternity - Who, as such, was not visible to the created beings. In order to be a visible God for you, I MYSELF chose a form, and in this form I accomplished the Redemption-Work. Therefore, you must also acknowledge the form in which I hid MYSELF. Then you will take the right path to ME, to your FATHER in Eternity. Without Jesus Christ, My opponent will not set you free, because you are still his, through your will! Amen B.D. 6860 June 29, 1957 No liberation without Jesus Christ! You need ME, if you want to be freed from your opponent - you cannot do it alone; you have to have help, and there is only ONE Who can bring it: Jesus Christ, WHO has conquered the adversary through His death on the cross - in HIM was I MYSELF - HE and I are ONE. Therefore, you have to call to ME for help, in Jesus Christ - and surely you will be helped. If you now acknowledge a "God", without being able to reconcile Jesus Christ, the divine Redeemer, with this God, then your acknowledgment of a God is not yet convincing. Only your mouth speaks something without having conviction in your deepest heart, and then you still walk an Earth without ME and you will not be able to be freed from My opponent, who opposed ME and still dominates you and whose might you alone cannot break. You need ME! This you must accept - otherwise you do not fulfill the purpose of your life on Earth: The Separation from My opponent whom you once followed voluntarily - and the return to ME, your GOD and FATHER since eternity! I am always ready to help you to break away from him, but you have to ask for this help, because your will is a contributory determinant that I free you, for My Opponent has the same right to you as long as you agree with him, which means a turning away from ME! But there is a remedy for your weakness as a fallen being: A man died for you on the cross out of Love and Mercy; HE knew about your weakness, and also that it was impossible for you to break the shackles that were put upon you by My opponent - although out of your own guilt. In this man Jesus I had embodied MYSELF, because I had Mercy for your weak, helpless and tortured state, and I wanted to give you the possibility to return to ME and to enter into your ur-state, which for you is Freedom and Bliss. Thus I as a human being offered for you an Expiatory -Sacrifice - in the man Jesus, I MYSELF carried off the guilt of your ancient apostasy from ME, and I offered to My opponent the ransom for you, that he should set you free when you yourself long for it. But you must manifest this longing too; you must desire to return to ME, and you must wish to join those whose souls I purchased from their master. You have to claim the help of Jesus Christ; you have to call Me in Jesus Christ. And you will be able to do it, too, when you believe in HIM, in His Redemption-Work, and in My "becoming man" within HIM. Only then is your belief in ME assured. Then I become alive in you, then you do not pass your earthly existence without ME, and then surely you will reach your goal. Therefore, you should ask yourself sincerely about the purpose, and aim of your earthly life and about your true task. And you should only have the earnest will not to have been a failure when your life on this Earth draws to a close. And if you have this will, then pray for help to THE ONE WHICH alone can help you: JESUS CHRIST because HE and I are ONE, and if you call HIM, you call ME too, and your call will be heard. He who sincerely yearns to reach the goal of his earthly life can be certain that his thoughts will soon be guided in the right direction, and he will realize that without Jesus Christ, there is no Redemption. The innermost will, the most intense longing to be free, cannot be subjected to My Will, for it must be free. I can only warn you and admonish you again and again. I can stimulate your thinking, but it is you who must act according to this innermost longing, and in conformity with this will, your state of maturity will be, once you leave this Earth. Amen B.D. 6951 October 21, 1957 Jesus came as Savior I descended to Earth for there was a great spiritual need, and I took Mercy on men whom My opponent kept in fetters, and who could not resist, and cried to their God for a rescuer. But only a few still believed solidly and firmly that the Messiah would come as it was written - and those few waited for HIM. In intense longing they waited for HIM as a rescuer, out of the deepest need and affliction. And it was for them that I descended, because their calls for help reached My ears and because I did not want to disappoint them in their faith. And besides, the time had come for the mission of the man Jesus Christ. I wanted to redeem the whole humanity from the bonds of the opponent, and wanted to redeem those who had passed away as well but could not enter My realm before the great sin-guilt was paid, which was the cause of the existence of men on Earth. I MYSELF descended to Earth in this man, to bring release to all people, and to free them from the fetters in which they had been bound since Eternity, and to open to them the path to My realm - the realm of eternal Peace and Bliss. When I descended to Earth, only a few people were ready to receive ME, i.e., only a few recognized ME - those that had led a life in love. Therefore, the flock of My adherents was small in spite of the fact that I incessantly strove to inspire people to activities of love, through which they could have recognized ME as their GOD and FATHER since eternity. What made the misery so great was that there was little love amongst men; they were entirely in bondage to the one who himself was totally without love – who faced ME as an enemy, and whom I wanted to fight in order to wrench by victory the souls that he held captive. Therefore I lived in selfless Love amongst mankind, for Love was the weapon that I wanted to use against My opponent, and that also gave strength to men to resist him. Without Love they were wholly dedicated to him. But he could not hold out against Love; Love is the only weapon that can vanquish him. However, at the time of My appearance on Earth, there was very little Love amongst men. Love was the only tie between them and ME, their GOD and FATHER of Eternity, and this relation had to be restored if men wanted to hear My Word. They could no longer hear my Word because through their missing Love they had lost their faith in a GOD WHO wanted to speak to them. Therefore, I MYSELF came to Earth to speak to them; to give them again a message of My will and to offer them again My Love-commandments; to preach to them again the Gospel - the divine teaching that would lead them to Bliss. But I still had to bring mankind abundant help: I wanted to set them free from the power that bound them, the power that weakened their will and prevented humanity from fulfilling My will. I wanted to redeem them from Satan's power. And for this purpose I chose the form of the man Jesus, so that in HIM I could accomplish a work of Love and Mercy that would free mankind from all misery. But all people who wanted to be free from their torturer had to stand by My side. Those who remained with him voluntarily, I could not rescue, but those who turned to ME received the Force from ME to loose their chains. But this Redemption-Work also had to happen within the frame-work of the humans, because men should not be forced in using their will. They should be completely free to recognize or to refuse the Work of Redemption through the man Jesus - in whom I MYSELF was incorporated. Therefore I walked on Earth as the human being Jesus, and I prepared humanity for the great Redeeming-Sacrifice that should expiate the immense sin-guilt, on account of which they lived on Earth. But only few recognized ME, and saw in ME the rescuer - the Messiah that Seers and Prophets had announced again and again. The misery was overwhelming as I descended to Earth; but the Work of Redemption had been accomplished because My love was also over-helming, and Love expiated the sin-guilt by sacrificing itself on the cross. And this Love searches endlessly to bring help to humanity, to those who up to now had not found Redemption, to those who have not made use of the Graces of the Redemption-Work and therefore still languish in the net of the enemy - those who never can liberate themselves without help - those whom I never give up, however, but steadily influence by pointing to the Redemption-Work of the man Jesus Christ, WHO, as "man", because of His Love recognized the spiritual need of His fellowmen, and offered the Sacrifice of dying under the greatest pain on the cross. And I will come always in the “Word” to men, and inform them about the supreme Love and Mercy-work of JESUS, WHO received MYSELF, WHO through Love united completely with ME, and WHO became the Redeemer and Rescuer from sin and death for all of you. Amen B. D. 7031 February 2, 1958 "All power in Heaven and Earth is given to Me!" I could speak these words with authority when I walked on Earth, for it was My FATHER, WHO was within ME, WHO has given this power to ME - with WHOM I became ONE, and WHO therefore permeated ME totally, so that HE HIMSELF acted within ME and through ME. And this power remained with ME even after My Life on Earth. For only My earthly garment, before My ascension, was of the human world; everything concealed in it was GOD, WHO made HIMSELF visible in JESUS CHRIST to all His beings. And so the "man" Jesus spoke the words: “All power is given to ME ... !" -, but it was the Deity in this man that decided about the power. I could therefore declare MYSELF as the ONE WHO had all power in Heaven and on Earth, for there was no separation between the ETERNAL CREATOR-SPIRIT and THE ONE WHO had received ME into HIM. - And this power I will not cede to any being aside from ME for it belongs to My ur- being, that is in Itself Love, Wisdom and Omnipotence! Whoever understands this also realizes that My will alone reigns, and that therefore only delegates of My will can exist - or beings that oppose My will - so that the first ones somehow reign with Me, while the others will have to be led. However, though My Will and My Might will not diminish in all Eternity, I use them not incessantly, but I sometimes permit those still opposing ME to act as well - but always only up to a certain limit - to make it quite clear whose Might is infinite. My Might alone assures the existence, as well as the progress and the possibility of accomplishment, while any adverse activity - if not ended at the right time - would mean total destruction. To ME, therefore, is given the power! That should be a hint for you to know to WHOM you have to go - WHO alone can give you everything - in WHOM you should confide if you need a powerful protector and helper! It is not the God in the distance Who will make you the gift of this help, but only THAT ONE, WHO stands in full Might as divine Redeemer, Jesus Christ, because in HIM has been incorporated the "ETERNAL DEITY" - the Spirit of the infinite. For only with JESUS CHRIST can you enter into relationship with God; for only when you call on Me in Jesus Christ can you recognize MYSELF; for there is no other God beside JESUS CHRIST, none more powerful than HE! And thus, there is only ONE, THAT reigns in the whole universe, to Whom all Creations are subjugated and on WHOSE order innumerable beings take care of these Creations, and WHO arranges everything according to His eternal Salvation Plan. From MYSELF they receive My orders; from MYSELF they are equipped with the necessary force for their activity; and from MYSELF everything will be guided as it corresponds to My Love and Wisdom. And no being will ever be active against My Will while they look after the maintenance and supervision of the many Creations. My Will flows through them, because they are perfect beings, glowing by My Will and by My Wisdom and nourished through My Force - and therefore they are always only executors of My Will. But where My Will retreats for a while, immature, still apostate beings press forward and act with hostility towards Me - but always under My control, so that they will be tamed by My Will whenever I consider that it is necessary. Only ONE reigns in Heaven and on Earth – only ONE has all the Might - before HIM all creatures of Light and dark- ness must bow - for My Might is without end, and will re- main so in all Eternity. Amen B.D. 6985 December 5,1957 The spiritual mission of the man Jesus When you have understood the high spiritual mission of the human being Jesus, then it will be clear to you why the divine Redeemer must be continuously mentioned - for only when man is free of his ur-guilt is ascension into the bright lights assured to him. People do not know about their ur-guilt, and therefore they do not know what the Redemption-Work means. They cannot find any connection between the death on the cross of the man Jesus - in WHOM they may still believe - and the Salvation of humanity. And therefore so many people refuse HIM, because this Redemption-Work has only been announced to them without any reason given. On the other hand, such a reason can only be given to those who seriously wish enlightenment, and of those there will always be only a few - for also the clearest explanation will be difficult to understand for those who cannot envision the spiritual world, those who accept only the earthly one, and only that which can be seen and proven. But the mission of the man Jesus was not solely an earthy matter, although it was visible to men. It had a deep spiritual motivation. And as long as people do not know about it, they do not face the divine Redeemer, JESUS CHRIST, as guilt-burdened brothers who burden HIM with their own guilt and beg HIM to cancel it. But this request must take precedence if they want to find Redemption. And therefore they must know about their sin-guilt, about the great offence against God that made them become sinners and that could not be redeemed in any other way except through the great Sacrifice of Expiation by the man Jesus. As long as people do not feel sinful, they, laden with their guilt, do not take the way that leads to HIM and to the cross, and therefore they do not acknowledge the divine Redeemer. Only the knowledge about their Ur-beginning, about their early state, and about their resistance to God - about their Ur-guilt - can make it possible for them to receive as a gift the understanding of the Redemption-Work of Jesus, WHO lived as man so that HE in HIMSELF could receive GOD. Thus was accomplished the Work of Redemption by the eternal Love that desired to set free Its Creatures from the fetters of the opponent. Such a presentation of Jesus’ mission will be more believable to men than speaking solely of the sins that are committed during their life on Earth, because those sins seem to humanity too small for such a Redemption-act to have been necessary to cancel them. Truly, each sin is a trespassing against Love and so against God, but the Ur-sin of the ancient apostasy from God was so tremendous that the being could not expiate it by itself, not even through all Eternity. To understand this is difficult for you. But such an enormous sin asks also for enormous expiation, that was in- deed done by a man, but HE could do it only because HE in HIMSELF harbored GOD. And so the Force of God enabled HIM to do this, and the Force was "Love" - the Ur-substance of God. Men, as Ur-created beings, have rejected the Love-Force of God and therefore they were left without any force. But the man Jesus consciously accepted God's Love-Force and used it for a Work of Mercy for His fallen brothers, to alone for their quilt. Humanity, however, does not know that their existence as men on this Earth is the consequence of that Ur-guilt, and that they will once again reach their Ur-state, but never without recognizing THE ONE WHO cancelled it, out of overpowering Love. Because their apostasy from God was a conscious "turning-away-from-HIM", therefore it is required that there be a conscious "returning-to-HIM" to make it possible once again to establish the Ur-relation with God. When you receive this knowledge, it will be a gift of un- heard Mercy, of which everyone should take advantage by occupying his thoughts with it, and accepting it as the Truth that is given to him. And then he only has to turn to the "man Jesus" and speak with HIM, and JESUS will answer him as GOD. HE will help him to reach the correct understanding of his guilt - and HE will remove it when he repents and asks HIM for help. Every single man can reach the realization that he must have once committed a sin - as soon as he thinks about the fact that he is an imperfect, weak and ignorant being, and searches for the reason. No question that is so deeply felt can remain without an answer - but the question has to be asked, which most people fail to do. Without scruple, they reject every hint concerning the divine Redeemer when their attention is directed to HIM and to His great spiritual mission. But God will announce again and again to humanity the divine Redeemer JESUS CHRIST', and all His servants who work on Earth for HIM, will always preach with ever growing zeal HIS name and HIS Gospel, in order to free all those from their great guilt who listen and draw closer to Jesus Christ in WHOM GOD HIMSELF became man - to redeem those who are bound by His opponent. Amen B.D. 7250 January 9, 1959 Proofs of the existence of Jesus an Earth The opportunity is given to every human being to discover the secret of the "becoming Man" of God, and every man. can then have proof -of the existence of Jesus, WHO, as "Son of God and Redeemer of the world" will be revealed to him, so that every other proof is unnecessary. But he who has once understood the "becoming man of God", also knows that, and why, faith is required - why proofs do not promote but rather harm the maturing process of the soul - for which purpose man walks on Earth. That GOD HIMSELF was embodied in Jesus Christ, in the man Jesus, is and remains unbelievable for those people who have no spiritual connection whatever, and to whom the spiritual strive seems strange. Under "spiritual strive", therefore, one can understand the process of the development of a soul that did not receive the Earth-life as self-purpose, but only as means to the purpose. He who is not spiritually motivated is also not awake, i.e., his thinking is more easily influenced by mistake rather than by Truth; he will sooner accept a mistake and let it act as truth. Therefore, the pure Truth, in return, will seem to be unacceptable- precisely because his spirit is still darkened, which does not mean his reason, but the spark within man that is a divine share. This person will not give any credit to a purely spiritual cause - and therefore, the becoming man of God, as a “consequence" of such a "spiritual cause", will be incomprehensible for him. But it took place! GOD begot HIMSELF in a man. And this human being was Jesus, the son of Mary; Whose Father was the Spirit of God. Nothing as permitted to force mankind to faith. And therefore the birth of Jesus was subjugated to human laws, but not the "procreation"! Humanity should have no doubts about this when they consider that all Created, as well as the complete complex of the Creation-Work, came about through God's Force, and that therefore it is also possible to, that Force to create a human being out of His Will. But this birth without procreation has also its spiritual causes that are very easily understood by an awakened spirit. And therefore man has to know that the whole Creation-Work had spiritual causes, founded on the free- will of the Ur-created spiritual beings; and that this free- will plays an important part also in the existence of man - the once created Ur-spirit; a part that is significant and is also the explanation for there being no proofs - or only a few - to be found of the "existence of Jesus". No sort of coercion should include man to take a positive or a negative attitude towards Jesus Christ, THE divine Redeemer - a complete freedom of will must decide the attitude towards HIM, because only on that depends the spiritual regeneration of man to the Ur-created being, for which Regeneration man lives on Earth. That which can be proven forces a decision to be made by man. But no man should be coerced to that decision if the formerly spiritual perfection of the Ur-being should once be achieved, which is the purpose and the goal of the whole Creation-Work. Therefore, man must know beforehand about the Ur-beginning and the goal of all that exists - about the sense and purpose of the Creation and of all the existing created beings therein. But he will n e v e r gain this knowledge from books - he must be made aware of it by the "Spirit of God" - WHICH is ITSELF the "eternal Truth". But this requires conditions that men are certainly able to fulfill, though only few want to fulfill them! God's Spirit can only manifest Itself where these conditions exist, such as: A living faith in God, that can come to life only through "Love" - and a conscious claim for the "Truth out of God" - to receive the Truth precisely in faith from HIM. And it will be given to mankind, for the Spirit out of God now unites with the spirit-spark in man - which is HIS share - and man will be taught through the Spirit. Whoever cannot, or does not want to believe such a thing will never enjoy wisdom - the light of knowledge. But to him who believes it, there will be unveiled the most glorious revelations, and he will recognize clearly what is for other people beyond understanding. He will be able to comprehend the links, and for him the becoming man of God in Jesus is now a wonderfully resolved problem, for which he no longer needs any proof - for now he can see through alt this more clearly, remaining more convinced than possibly by the most brilliant intellectual approach. For an awakened spirit, then, it is unimportant how much time elapses between the life of Jesus on Earth and the present, because this walk of Jesus was not an act which concerned a certain circle of people, but was undertaken for all men of the past, present, and future. - All men will know about this walk on Earth by Jesus, but will not need proof of it, as their spirit is awakened. But without the awakening of the spirit, the keenest proof would not be any good for obtaining the maturity of the soul, for faith built on proofs is not faith that respects the free will, which alone is to be valued. The "intelligence" of man has nothing, or only very little, to do with the "awakening of the Spirit" in mankind. The latter is the consequence of a life of Love - a life in unselfish love for one's neighbor. And, therefore, the exploration of the deepest secrets is never a privilege of intellectual activity, but the privilege of only those who live according to the commandments of God, that the man Jesus taught while HE was on Earth: "Love God above all and thy neighbor as thyself." The effect of the fulfillment of this commandment is the surest and most clear proof of the existence of Jesus, for then the spirit out of God leads man to all Truth and gives him all the explanations of the spiritual connections that will never be obtained through reason. Amen B.D. 8250 August 24,.1962 God and Jesus are one - "God becomes man" - Deification of Jesus The fact that the spiritual condition of humanity grows darker and darker results from the inability of men to understand the state of "becoming One" of God with Jesus; therefore neither does humanity have the right under- standing of the "becoming man" of God. Men came to the wrong thinking through the teaching of the "three per- sons" of the Godhead. It has to be repeated over and over again that the eternal Divinity cannot be thought of as a person; that therefore there is no other conception of it as of a force, which fills the whole infinity. This force cannot be limited, neither can it be thought of as a "form" - though it can radiate entirely through a form. The occurrence of total radiation through divine Force took place with the man Jesus, - HE was replenished with Love, and Love is the Ur-substance of the eternal Deity that is continuously emitted into infinity that creates and maintains everything. This divine Love-Force radiated through the human form Of Jesus and manifested itself in HIM. The Ur-Being of God took residence in the man Jesus, and thus became God "Man". And because Jesus was totally replenished by the Ur-Substance of God, HE be- came "God" - for also the human exterior cover could, as completely spiritualized after His death on the cross, unify with God, so that Jesus then became the visible Deity, and man cannot imagine God in any other form but in Jesus. However, it can never be a question of "two persons". The man Jesus reached His aim on Earth, the total Deification that all created beings should reach. - For God wanted to create "images" whose ultimate perfection must nevertheless be gained through the free will of the being. The man Jesus did not only reach this deification through a life of Love, but also blotted out the sin-guilt of mankind through His Work of Redemption. - HE used God's Love- Force, because without it HE would not have been able to endure the awful pain and the death on the cross. This Love-Force was the Ur-element of God, and so it was God HIMSELF in all abundance in the man Jesus that accomplished the Redemption-Work. If you, however, speak of a "God manifested in three per- sons", then you have an erroneous concept, for the eternal Deity cannot be personified. It is only Love, and this Love manifested Itself in Jesus; the eternal God-SPIRIT acted in Jesus - HE can be imagined for all beings only in Jesus. As the beings once created by God apostate from HIM because they could not see HIM, HE became in Jesus a visible God. But Jesus is not a second being that can be thought of as separate from God. HE is GOD! Since God is Love- Force which radiated through a totally spiritualized form, and this form was nothing but divine Ur-substance, which can only be pictured by those beings who have already spiritualized themselves in order to be able to see spiritually. When one speaks of FATHER, SON, and the HOLY SPIRIT, that indeed is valid as a description of the Being of God - if FATHER is acknowledged as Love, SON as Wisdom, and the HOLY SPIRIT as Force - as Will or Might of God. For God's Seeing is Love, Wisdom, and Might. But the goal that was set by God Himself with the Creation of the beings - the deification of these beings in free-will - explains, too, the "becoming man" of God in Jesus - the visible Deity in Jesus. But the "three persons" deity does not at all admit a right explanation, i.e., an explanation in accordance with the Truth. Mankind created concepts for itself that hinder therefore their spiritual maturing process, because only One God can be called on; three different Gods shall not be prayed to, because God Himself wants to be recognized in Jesus, and therefore HE can only be worshipped in Jesus. And HE demands this acknowledgment by all men, be- cause the acknowledgment was once denied HIM. At the same time the Redemption-Work must also be recognized, for without Jesus Christ no man can find forgiveness of his ur-guilt; therefore man has to confess himself to HIM; he has to believe that God Himself had compassion for humanity and has accomplished in Jesus the Work of Redemption. Amen B.D. 7024 January 24, 1958 The right attitude to Jesus’ Redemption-Work The manner in which you regard the Redemption-Work and Jesus Christ will be decisive for the success of your life on Earth. You received as a gift the grace of the embodiment as man, but you would not and will not accomplish anything if you finish your life without Jesus Christ and His forgiveness of sin - for the entrance into the realm of Light is forbidden to you if you have not previously been redeemed from your ur-guilt. Only Jesus Christ, THE divine Redeemer, can open the doors to you, but that presupposes the forgiveness of your sins - therefore also the acknowledgment of His Redemption-Work. And if you ponder the possibility that your life on Earth might be lived in vain - that at the end you could be in the same condition, concerning your soul, as at the beginning of your embodiment; when you realize then that your Earth-life was totally senseless - whether it might have brought you pleasures or sufferings - you must, however, try to give the Earth-life the right meaning. You must then strive more and more to form a beautiful life beyond - insofar as you believe, if at all, in a life after death. But those who live indifferently, who do not believe in Jesus Christ and in His Redemption-Work, will also be in need of faith in a further life after death. Nevertheless, the knowledge of Jesus Christ should always be brought closer to them, so that their thinking will be stimulated and they will repeatedly be moved to search and to find the right attitude towards HIM. And HE will also prompt the slightest willingness. HE will come toward the person and make it easy for him to gain faith in HIM. But the freedom of will, will not be taken away, for man himself must decide for Jesus Christ - if the Redemption is to take place. People do not know how important it is to have found HIM. - For life on Earth is very short, and it can set the soul free from every fetter, so that in the hour of death it can rise up as a Spirit of Light. And the soul consented consciously to this embodiment as man, for it was informed beforehand about its life on Earth, and also it was shown the goal. It had not been embodied by force as man, but every soul - once it has reached that Grade of development, which allows the state of being embodied as man - has the longing to get rid of the physical cover, and then it knows also that the walk over the Earth as a human being offers the last chance. But it will be deprived of this consciousness again as soon as it is engendered into a human form. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance for evil soul to stay close to Jesus Christ, WHO made it possible for it to be freed from its fetters through His Redemption-Work because, without the canceling of the Ur-guilt, there is no possibility of breaking away from the power of God's opponent. And that should be announced to all people, and humanity should know the Truth about the meaning of Jesus Christ and His Redemption-Work. - All people should think more about the purpose of their lives on Earth, and whether they live according to the purpose. And he who seriously contemplates these questions will also receive answers in his thoughts from the spiritual world, from God, WHO accomplished in the man Jesus the Redemption-Work to cancel that great Ur-guilt; to enable mankind to walk through the door into the realm of Light. But without Jesus Christ the door remains closed; without Jesus Christ no man reaches Bliss - for without Jesus Christ he remains in the power of the opponent who will never set him free. Amen B.D. 7066 March 14, 1958 Redeeming force of the name Jesus In MY name you should seek Salvation - you should know that you cannot find Salvation anywhere else but with ME; that by all means you must recognize MYSELF in JESUS CHRIST; that you must believe in THE Divine Redeemer and in HIS work of Mercy. In the man Jesus I MYSELF came to Earth; through His mouth I MYSELF taught humanity; through Him My Force became revealed. Through HIM I worked miracles, wakened the dead to life and healed the sick and helped man in his earthly misery. Within HIM I MYSELF died on the cross, for the man Jesus had received ME in fullness inside HIM, because HE became Love and also became a useful cover for MYSELF, in which I could accomplish the Redemption-Work to blot out the sin-guilt of the whole of humanity. Therefore, the name of JESUS is the name of your GOD and FATHER of Eternity, and therefore you must gather yourselves in this name and let ME dwell amongst you if you wish to reach Blissfulness that once made you unspeakably happy. But you are still in want of that as long as you live on Earth. It is therefore not enough to believe in "God", because such a faith means that you indeed acknowledge a Creator WHO brought into existence everything around you, and therefore also yourself. But this faith does not lead you back to Him unless you also recognize the Redeemer, WHO at first made the way practicable that leads to your GOD and FATHER. And only in this way can you come to your "FATHER". Therefore-, you must believe in Jesus Christ and in His Redemption-Work, because only then is your faith right - only then does your faith lead you to Salvation, i.e., your soul will only then be able to reach its former state, because Jesus Christ must thereby help, and without His help it can never reach the goal. You must therefore seek Salvation in My name. And you will now understand that it is not enough to desire to explore the existence of God or to want to prove it, because this faith can be won by any man who only looks around with open eyes and meditates about creation and about its origin. But what really matters is the Redeeming-Force of the name Jesus. You must first be versed in the significance of the Redemption-Work, to put yourself too under the cross of Christ and to call the name of Jesus as the name of your GOD - and FATHER for the Salvation of your souls. For a new time dawned with His coming to Earth, a time when through the death on the cross, the door was opened to the kingdom of Light and the first wholly redeemed souls could return to the FATHER. For many souls stood before the door to Blissfulness that had first to shed their Ur-sin-guilt in order to dwell again as blissful spirits in that place where their ur-beginning started from. And only the Redeemer Jesus Christ, WHO therefore must be recognized by every man who desires to reach his Ur-state, made this final homecoming into the HOUSE of the FATHER possible. Jesus Christ Himself is the door into Heaven - and His name sounds everywhere in the spheres of Light, because in HIM, I am MYSELF - HE and I are ONE. And he who pronounces the name of Jesus, in deepest devotion, speaks therefore to ME, and I truly bring him the Salvation. And therefore you will not pray without being heard when you call the name of Jesus in full belief, and bring your request directly to MYSELF. Because when you believe in HIM and in His Redemption-Work, you are also free from the burden of your Ur-sin, and then you will again have proof of My Love, and your childlike calling of My name assures you also of My acceptance and the fulfillment of your prayer. I am always and ever your God and Creator - but your FATHER, I could only become through the Redemption-Work; for only now you have received the force to change yourselves in free-will to perfect beings, and only now, when you use your free-will to return to ME, can you become, instead of "creatures" - My children! - And this free will has been strengthened only through My death on the cross. Therefore, in My name alone lies Salvation for you. Therefore are, you only then on the way of the return to ME, by taking the path to Jesus Christ, because only this way leads back to ME in the House of the Father. Amen B.D. 6958 October 31, 1957 The right path will be pointed out to mankind I can only kindle a light to illuminate the way, but you have to walk it yourselves in free-will. And I can offer you My company, but again I will not force it upon you, precisely because I do not want to constrain you, for you yourselves must join ME and beg ME to walk on the path as your attendant, always at your side. Then you cannot miss the way. Indeed I have done everything I can, to enable you to rise up to the heights to ME, but nevertheless you have the freedom to want this and to act as you choose. But there- fore many, many people fail, because they misuse their freedom, and their obstinate will remains unbroken. You can force people on Earth to obedience; you can use your power when you believe that you are resisted without reason. But My Salvation Plan of eternity separates each power application when it is aimed to win back the spiritual. For what I want to reach as the final goal can only be realized with the free-will of the being. And My Love will always pursue this goal, and it will find the right means to win the hearts of the spiritual, so that the spiritual goes voluntarily on the path that leads back into the HOUSE of the FATHER. Love accomplishes a great deal, and every influence that a loving being exercises on the still undecided spiritual can be successful - but this is difficult to carry through if the being still leans towards My opponent. But the will of man is respected, though it is continuously solicited - a way is always shown to mankind, a light is kindled. Again and again My Word will be brought close to mankind, that, as a light from above, informs man clearly and distinctly about his task on Earth, and in its broad light the cross of the divine Redeemer can be perceived. If the glance of man would only once fall on this illuminated path, then the will could also decide whether he takes this way and strives towards the cross. Every man has to walk this path himself! It does not help to only see it, unless one steps upon it. It is therefore not enough to now of My Word or of the Redemption-Work of Christ, but it is necessary to walk on the way that passes by the cross of Golgotha. My Word has to be lived, as the man Jesus lived it on Earth; and then the way will be walked that will have been shown to you in bright light. And so, no man should believe that it makes no difference which way he goes - no man should believe that side roads lead to the same goal - no man should believe that he is allowed to walk without the right guidance, for then, without a doubt, his path will lead again into the abyss from whence he had come and from where My Love had already helped him upward. He must entrust himself to ME and must ask for My guidance; he must observe the way in front of him that he sees in clear light, and he should not recoil when he perceives the cross on it which shows him that he has to go through suffering. He should always think of the magnificent goal that can only be reached on this way, and he must - when he decides to take it - ask ME for strength and trust My guidance. And truly, he will be able to walk the way up to the height because I always guide him so that he will by-pass all dangerous cliffs, that he steps easily over each obstacle, and can reach the height without strain. For I will always supply him with strength, so that he does not need to get tired, even if the way seems very steep. But he cannot reach this goal alone, for as soon as he walks alone, somebody will join him who quickly and easily forces him to stray again from the right path, towards the depth. But My Love will pursue you forever, because My Love does not give up any of My creatures. Amen B.D. 7096 April 18, 1958 Don't forfeit eternal life! Do not give up your eternal life too easily - it is true that once all of you will be a part of it, but eternity may still go by - times of endless pain and darkness - when you find yourselves dead, in a state of complete weakness and without light. And you can prolong this painful time endlessly, so that you also can speak about "eternal damnation". It is not I that decreed it, but you yourselves cause it in free will, and will cause it again and again if you do not use your existence as a human being to gain eternal life. I do not give you up as lost forever, because you are My creatures whom I have loved from the beginning, and I will never cease to love you. But I cannot give you your life too soon, when you yourselves prefer the situation of death and are not ready to receive life from My hands. But you can easily acquire it, as you only have to have confidence in ME, WHO is HIMSELF the Life since Eternity. And, therefore, you were given life on Earth, where you are in possession of reason and free will; where you can be taught, as far as your task on Earth is concerned, and where you only have to want to leave the state of death. And this time of life on Earth is so short - and no great sacrifices will be asked of you for what will be a present for you by the right use of your will. The life span as man is very short, but sufficient to let man reach the goal. Endlessly long was the time of your pre-development be- fore you could enter into the state as man. And just as endless will it last again until you will receive again the grace to repeat the decision of our will. These are eternities the extent of which you humans cannot possibly form an idea, because your thinking is in an immature state, and therefore limited. And as you are ignorant of this torment - because the remembrance of the period of your pre-development is taken away from you for the time of your earthly life - therefore you ignore also the inexpressible Blissfulness that is included in the concept "eternal life". You don't know about the Glories that await you in My kingdom if you decide to return to Me - and about all this you cannot ask, nor get proof, because then it would be impossible to make decisions in free-will. Therefore, you should believe it without proof and pass your earthly life accordingly. You should not carelessly lose the opportunity of a blissful life in My realm. You all should include this possibility that indeed seems unbelievable in your reasonable thinking, and live so that you do not have to reproach yourselves when the hour comes and you have to depart from this world. You should also listen to all who talk about those things that have nothing to do with the material world. And you should meditate and picture to yourselves how you would face it, if they were to be right. Too much is at stake for humanity. It is not the question of a number of years - like your lifetime on Earth - it involves an eternal life; it concerns a never-ending state of highest happiness, a state of Light and Force that was your own at the beginning. And for this Eternity in Light and Force, you need only a very short time - a "moment" in this Eternity - to deny yourselves completely worthless things. For, if you value these things extremely highly - more than they are worth - then you forego the "life" and remain in death again through eternity. And all I can do to help you to live, is that I send My messengers constantly to you, to warn you in My name so that you may be induced to reach the Truth. They will direct you towards Me, so that I - as the sole Truth - can enlighten your thinking. They will advise you to establish relations with ME, so that I can seize you and can draw you towards ME. But you must take the first step, because I cannot force you, for the sake of your bliss. But I will support you and also strengthen the weakest will that turns to ME. In order to give you life, I let the entire creation arise. I do not want your death! I want you to live and finally escape from your eternal lasting state of death. Again I will make you the present of My Love and prepare for all of you a magnificent fate that will never end. But I cannot hinder you if you again take the path towards the depths, if you again voluntarily follow the one who once took your life and handed you over to death. I can only call to you again and again: "Don't forfeit your eternal life" - but you must decide freely to follow My call - you must try to win life while you are on Earth, and truly I will help you-, because I love you. Amen B.D. 7055 March 4, 1958 Preach the Gospel in the whole world (Math. 24/14) When your attention is drawn again and again to the happenings of the world, you should recognize therein the course of what you were already told a long time ago. - You should see in that the signs of the near end - and as you are of an awakened spirit, you will also know the time in which you live. And everything will happen as it was announced through Seers and Prophets. There will be a great misery amongst people; love will grow colder and it will be as it was before the great flood: Accelerated lust for life, sinfulness and lack of faith. - Everything is proceeding in a way that people take it as a matter of course; they see nothing abnormal in it because their intentions and actions are directed only towards worldly values. But I have told you: you will recognize from the signs that the end is near, and therefore you should observe the omens. You may argue that the Earth has seen such crises many times, and that the described happenings could have been expected at any time as conditioned by the times. You will also recall epochs of greatest faithlessness and accursed behavior of mankind. - But you forget one thing: That I gave hints that My Gospel must be spread all "over the whole world" before the last screening can take place on this Earth. But you do not know what is meant by the "Proclamation of the Gospel". - You believe that it can only be done by men in such a way that they carry the knowledge about the Redemption-Work and about the divine "Love-teaching" everywhere, where it had not yet penetrated. This spreading of My Gospel is indeed part of it, but I MYSELF also take care that that knowledge arrives at places where people still do not know about it, and are unaware of Jesus Christ and His Redemption-Work. But I transmit this knowledge to them directly; I act through My Spirit, where people diligently endeavor to live - in Love, driven by inner longing. And this "direct action" occurs to a great extent, and often leads to more success than with men who have had previous knowledge about Jesus Christ for a long time, but who however cannot be called "Christians". The Gospel must be spread beforehand, and it will be spread; it will be taken everywhere through My messengers of Light, who have been especially active lately and who have been embodied for this purpose all over the Earth, and are allowed to be My useful vessels, into which I can pour My spirit - and establish in that way the connections between ME and those who have to obtain the knowledge of the Gospel. It would certainly be bad for mankind if it had to depend only on men as to if, when, and how the "announcement of My Gospel" occurs. And their endeavors would also be in vain if My Spirit were not also there effectively, so that spiritual awakenings could first take place; this, then, admits a direct action on My part too. But I remember also those who cannot be reached by the "announcers of the Gospel". - And everywhere I MYSELF descend to Earth in the Word to help My creatures. But this direct influence never took place at any time to this great extent. And it has also never been acknowledged when I MYSELF replenished a useful vessel with My Spirit. For My opponent steadily tried to extinguish the light, and he found acceptance by mankind. But it was not yet the time of the end, when he rages extraordinarily, and therefore I also act extraordinarily, in order to save mankind. And so, Love will be preached everywhere, and amongst all nations there will be a spiritual awakening - not only through "announcers", but also through My Love-and-Light messengers, who will be most eager to help those who have no knowledge at all of Jesus Christ and of His Redemption-Work. And those people will have at all times a teacher among them, who is replenished with My Spirit who will speak to them and tell them what they have to know in order to save their souls. And the Spirit of Christ, WHO HIMSELF has spoken to them through those teachers, will reveal everything and exhort them to a life in Love. And then in them there will be brightness. - But also for this, the time must first have come, and therefore the hour of the end could not be expected sooner, in spite of the spiritual darkness and misery. But you humans should observe all that happens on Earth, and then you will easily notice in which time you live. Because, as I announced a long time ago: once the future becomes present; once everything I predicted a long time ago is fulfilled; once the harvest has ripened and must be brought into the barn - and also, once the cleaning process has to begin and the old order has to be established again, the Earth must be made fit for its true purpose: to bring the souls of mankind to their maturity. Amen B.D. 6969 November 15, 1957 Faith in Jesus Christ is in danger! The faith in Jesus Christ and in His Redemption-Work is becoming lost more and more the closer the end is. The activity of God's adversary is directed only toward keeping mankind far away from the divine Redeemer" to prevent their calling on HIM - Because then the opponent has lost the right to own their souls, because Jesus Christ Himself then stands between him and those people who call on HIM for help. - And so it can be clearly noticed in the end-time that again and again, from all sides, work is done against the faith in Jesus Christ - that everything is done to undermine the knowledge about HIM and His Redemption-Work. Indeed it will not be at all successful, because obviously God's influence is also noticeable, WHO constantly proclaims through "His Word" Jesus Christ. But the enemy will do much mischief among men, and he will not hesitate to use any means to reach his goal. And as humanity practices little love, as love grows cold among them, it is also easy for God's opponent to destroy the faith in Jesus Christ, because if there is faith, but weak, there the faith is not yet alive enough to withstand the attacks of the opponent. Men succumb because they have no Love and their spirit is darkened, and precisely there- fore the opponent can easily win his game. But he uses dishonest means. - He transgresses the allowance that is granted to him. Even if he does everything to cause man to fall, without being hindered by God - in view of man's freedom of will - he has no right whatsoever to strangle the transmission of knowledge about God to mankind, WHO in Jesus Christ embodied HIMSELF on Earth, to redeem mankind. Where two opponents fight, i.e., where men have to decide freely between the one and the other power, they have to know too, about these two powers and about their beings and actions as well as about their aims, otherwise, a free decision is impossible. And therefore it will not be allowed that God's opponent continues any longer in his nuisance on Earth, because the ONE, WHO is stronger than he - WHOM all Forces in Heaven and on Earth have to obey - will call a halt to his undertakings because he trespasses the limits of his power. It is in the end-time, therefore, of utmost importance to bring to mankind the knowledge about Jesus Christ, THE divine Redeemer. And all those who want to serve God should consider this task as extremely urgent and should work against the activities of His opponent; they should bring to men the knowledge of THE ONE, to WHOM they have to turn if they do not want to fall into the hands of their enemy and destroyer. Because he does not want to take people away from God to make them happy - he wants to alienate them from God in order not to lose followers - in whom he sees his whole might. There is a sad state on this Earth: there are only a few people who still believe with living faith in the divine Redeemer, because most of them speak only dead words, without spirit and life, when they present themselves to their fellowmen as Christians. But they have no living relationship with HIM, and therefore they are also not re- deemed and are an easy prey for the opponent, if they have to decide seriously for or against Jesus Christ. - And this decision will be asked for, because the opponent also is able to induce his followers under his domination to act mercilessly against all those who believe. And then they have to confess openly before the world their relation to their Savior and Redeemer. They will no longer have any choice, and only a few will resist - those who turn in living faith to HIM and ask for help. But the humans themselves are responsible - those who fail in this last decision - because the knowledge about Jesus Christ has been brought to all of them, and the divine Love-teaching is also not unknown to them. And if they accept only the latter and fully live with it, then their faith would be awakened or strengthened, and they would have the force to withstand God's opponent. The will of each man is free, but it brings also the corresponding consequences. Amen Until now these pamphlets appeared: Who was Bertha Dudde? God still is speaking today The question regarding God The Christ-Problem Love, the highest Commandment God solves our questions about Space The Soul in the Beyond, part 1-3 Why must I suffer? How will I become well? as well as the following pamphlets on the End period of time The intervention of God The Course the Catastrophe will take The Conflicts of Faith The Forerunner of Christ The Antichrist The Return of Christ The Removal of the Chosen The Transformation of the Earth The New Earth Thus it will come 2