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 Suffering and Healing jc  56.54KB  Bertha Dudde a.D. *1891 - 1965     

Suffering and Healing Revealed through the Inner Voice to Bertha Dudde in accordance with the promise of John 14:21 INTRODUCTION This booklet contains a small selection out of the 9030 revelations received from the LORD by one of HIS scribes and handmaids, Bertha Dudde. Bertha Dudde was born in Liegnitz, Germany. She worked as a seamstress to help support her parents and seven brothers and sisters and was therefore prevented from continuing her education beyond grammar school. Coming from mixed Roman Catholic and Protestant parentage she received little religious education and knew nothing about the Bible although there was a deep desire for the Truth in her heart. Often when she prayed the Lord's Prayer she would beseech the Lord to allow her to find His Kingdom. In 1937, at the age of 47 she began receiving revelations from the Lord through the "Inner Word". After sincere prayer and quiet devotion the Lord spoke to her inner being and she wrote down word for word what she heard. This continued almost daily until her death in 1965. The publication of these messages began in Germany shortly after her passing away and in 1978 has begun to be translated into English. Publication and translation is sponsored by "friends" of this New Revelation and is not supported by or associated with any religious denomination or sect. They are offered with the prayer that the Holy Spirit will enable the reader to discern the Truth of this New Word from the Lord in accordance with His promise of John 14:21. Published by DIVINE WORD FOUNDA'l'ION Non-Profit since 1962 1999 Pine Grove Rd. Rogue River, OR 97537 Scanned into WORD 2000 and corrected by Ingo Schneuing, Floerekeweg 9, D-21339 Lueneburg, Germany June 2002 e-mail: or for free download for further information in German Suffering and Healing The Cause, Purpose & Blessing PART I WHY MUST I SUFFER? Purification Through Adversity… The Soul Matures Through Suffering PART II HOW CAN I BE HEALED? Surrender to JESUS CHRIST… Savior … Redeemer… Healer First Edition in English 1988 Scanned Edition in English July 7, 2002 INDEX WHY MUST I SUFFER? B.D. 0579 Diversity of Life On Earth - --praying For Suffering? B.D. 0373 The Purpose of Suffering and Trials --A Slothful Spirit B.D. 6987 Purification Through Adversity B.D. 4672 The Soul Matures Through Suffering B.D. 3610 The Cause and Purpose of Suffering – --The Transient Nature of the World... B.D. 8593 Suffering Produces Spirituality In Soul and Body B.D. 5282 JESUS Came to the Weak, the Sick In Body and the Needy B.D. 0839 The Blessing of Being Handicapped HOW CAN I BE HEALED? B.D. 6084 Serious Words From the Heavenly Father ---Doctors ---Medicine B.D. 5358 Power of Love to Heal the Sick And Perform Miracles B.D. 5966 Healing of the Sick ---Signs and Wonders ---Proof B.D. 8508 Bearing Suffering For Your Fellowmen.. B.D. 6508 Surrender to JESUS CHRIST --Savior --Redeemer --Healer B.D. 7042 Proclaiming CHRIST Through the Healing of the Sick B.D. 6844 The Right Physician and the Right Medicine. B.D. 4626 Savior of Body and Soul B.D. 6290 The Purpose of Misfortune B.D. 7071 Prayer of a Child to the Father B.D. 4082 With GOD Nothing is Impossible B.D. 0579 Sept.11, 1938 DIVERSITY OF LIFE ON EARTH… PRAYING FOR SUFFERING? You see MY child, you chose your lot in the choice of your parents, to achieve much higher maturity, and your earthly life is rich in experiences to stimulate your thinking so that your pathway upwards can be more easily revealed to you. Often circumstances of life will be very difficult for men, with mountain of needs and sorrows in great measures, but these are for those still in an immature condition who can only be purified through such difficult circumstances. And so the burdens of people are all different as are the results. Thus each soul has what it needs in its embodiment as man, to enable them to utilize their embodiment as quickly as possible and therefore take up residence in a body to which is assigned a difficult lot on earth. Also many souls must go the path of purifying which requires still other circumstances of life, which will lead to their goal sooner through an easier and more pleasant existence but are up against other dangers, which the soul must encounter and overcome. And this your heavenly Father has ordained in Wisdom, even though it may not be understood by you on earth, who often resist the unequal sharing of earthly goods. But HE Who knows all, and understands each deficiency of the soul wants to see perfection in everything, knows the right help required and gives to each only that which is beneficial and necessary for his soul. Each day is a step closer to happiness, so cherish it and climb one step after another so that you may not slip backwards. You will thank ME, your Creator in Eternity for each sorrow that I have given you, and you will praise the wisdom of HE Who created you and wants you forever in HIS presence. You should know that I, your Father will not lose one of MY children, and MY concern is for the care of each being and in this care I often use methods that seem hard to you, since you do not suspect the greatness of the disaster that threatens you. If you would fully understood, you would pray for suffering in order to avoid the disaster, but you must go through your life in ignorance of this in order that your free will strives upwards to achieve the highest reward. AMEN B.D. 0373 Apr.11, 1938 THE PURPOSE OF SUFFERING AND TRIALS…. A SLOTHFUL SPIRIT So many happenings in life make one discouraged. It is like a bond; which binds the heart. Again and again doubts in the goodness and mercy of God will arise when so much grief and suffering occur. But still it gives you an inner maturity; which would otherwise take a much longer time to accomplish. And because your earthly life lasts only a short time it is necessary that such painful and depressing occurrences must take place frequently, often one after another so that you may derive blessings from them and that you look upon your life carefully and earnestly, and that you turn more and more from the world and its attractions which are a danger to you. For some life seems often unbearable and sometimes such an earthly child is so discouraged that he loses heart and gives up without making even an effort to change his disheartened condition. Yet it would be so easy when you have the right attitude toward God to be shown which way you have to go. But consider the many seemingly insurmountable obstacles in your life. Could you ever escape from them if you did not have help from above? But you do not always recognize this help as sent from above, yet every occurrence is a flow of the Grace of God whether good or bad, it always has the same purpose: to have an ennobling effect on you, MY earthly children. If you can see in every test a means of improvement then you will also recognize your own shortcomings and failures, and with this recognition comes the will to overcome them. Then each test will have fulfilled its purpose…. and then in all difficult circumstances you realize that they are necessary to achieve a higher level of maturity and that they are steps in the ladder which leads the soul to perfection. A life without a struggle would truly mean to stay in the same track, and the battle within against oneself is far more difficult than the battle against the enemy which comes from without. Every awakening from a slothful spirit is a step forward. The awakened man will remember his spirit and not let it starve, for lethargy brings you down and in such a state you cannot be considered "alive". It will defeat every urge to be active and can never have a beneficial influence on the soul. Therefore do not be alarmed when life’s difficulties seem hard to bear…. for through these you have discovered your shortcomings and fought against them and then in not too long a time they will disappear, for the Lord only allows such testing until their purposes have been reached and have done their work of making better the hearts of men. It is not HIS Will that you suffer except that through this you are made worthy of everlasting joy. AMEN B.D. 6987 Dec. 7, 1957 PURIFICATION THROUGH ADVERSITY Whatever the course of your earthly life…. it has been determined by MY Will to provide ever more opportunities for the development of your soul. But you will only develop the spiritual maturity if you yield in resignation to MY Will, when you humbly surrender and completely submit to ME. You will then certainly experience MY help in every earthly and spiritual need. Your life’s purpose is the spiritualizing of your soul, its purification from all defects which still cling to it, so that Divine Love and Light can effectively shine through it when it leaves its earthly body. This purification, however, will not take place if a man's earthly existence is lived without any struggles unless such a man leads an extraordinary life of Love. Then that one will have reached his goal when his earthly cover is dissolved. But often he must still pass through suffering and need through inner battles in order to accomplish this purifying process. And since MY Wisdom realizes this MY Love continually helps you to reach maturity. And so your earthly existence cannot always be led through peaceful paths, storms may roar over you and often you will be discouraged by such events that come upon you. But still you need not fear; you will be able to overcome it all if you constantly draw closer in union with ME the harder you are stricken by fate. I know about it all and you are never alone even when you stand completely alone in your faith and men have forsaken you. Truly I will never leave you and when you are united with ME you will be compensated a thousand- fold for all you have had to suffer and bear. But you must acknowledge ME in every trial that comes upon you. When I am your first and last thought then you are strong, whatever may happen to you. But if you separate yourself from ME by your complaints, murmuring and rebelling against your lot then you will only become weaker and more oppressed by your need and there is no other way to bring you back to ME than by you to again surrender to MY Will. I have truly only your highest good in mind and nothing comes upon you that is not MY Will or with MY permission. But you are able to bear everything much easier if you are in constant union with ME. Then everything will marvelously take care of itself that before seemed insurmountable to you. And through this the soul can achieve great gains, if it does not break its contact with ME through its greatest need. In these end-days there is a particular danger that men target ME and go after the things of this world. It is MY Will that they turn again to ME and I can use such means to reach them that may even surprise you. I may place them in a place of hard afflictions from which they will hardly know how to escape in order that they may turn to HIM, Who alone can help them. Because their souls find themselves in great darkness and they have done little for the purification of their souls, having neglected to live unselfish lives of Love. They are therefore in need of another cleansing process to make their souls receptive to the Light for which they will one day be extremely grateful. No human being is exempt from being afflicted by fate, for I Love all men and want to help so that they may one day find their way to ME if they are still separated from ME, or so that they may be drawn closer to ME to receive ever more strength to improve themselves and mature while still on this earth. For it is MY Will that they enter into the hereafter in a degree of Light so that they may be saved from the agonies of darkness in the king- dom of the beyond. It is MY Will that their earthly walk is not in vain. And so you must see MY Will or MY permission in everything that happens to you and trustingly surrender to MY Will. AMEN B.D. 4672 June 8, 1949 THE SOUL MATURES THROUGH SUFFERING What serves the benefit of your soul in your earthly life has been foreseen from eternity, and therefore you can consider everything as having been provided by ME, joyful and edifying, each experience, difficulty and tribulation, all serving only for the development of your soul. And if you look at the course of your life from this point of view, then nothing shall bother you, burden you or frighten you for it is all for the best. With each experience you can mature, drawing benefit for your soul if you always acknowledge ME as the One who allows it to happen to you, and so remain united to ME constantly directing your eye upward toward your Father. Fear and worry disappear if you submit them to ME that I may help you. Neither are you ever alone when you allow ME beside you, nor do you ever want to be alone if you do not exclude ME from your life, if your thoughts, your will and actions are totally entrusted to ME. Then this will I do for you… I will lead you for you are a doer of MY Will. How free from cares and worries could your life on Earth be if you would only continually walk with ME. But so often the world creeps in, separating you and ME…. the world is ever before you and you put me in second place, even though you want to belong to ME. The world is too important to you and you do not understand your weakness since the world surrounds you. However, as soon as you value ME above the world, as soon as you put ME first in everything then the world will bother you no more, neither disturb you and it will not be difficult for you to overcome the world and be master over whatever it offers you. Try it, let ME care for you, and trust yourself in complete faith to MY protection and care making your first duty toward ME. Live according to MY Word, diligently working for ME and MY Kingdom and at the same time proclaiming MY Will also to your fellowman, constantly pointing out to them their true destiny, urging them to work for their souls, bringing them what you have received from ME, MY Word, which shows them where they are still walking in darkness. Draw to the attention of your fellowmen that I lead the destiny of all men, that nothing happens to a man without meaning and purpose, that the purpose of every occurrence is for higher spiritual development, and that everything is bearable if I am asked for help and acknowledged as the controller and Creator of Eternity and prayed to for MY Fatherly care. Warn them not to forget ME for the sake of the world then the way will be easier for each and every man on this earthly pathway and their souls will derive benefit from their earthly life. The development of your soul is MY only purpose when you have to go through suffering. But you can make it bearable if you give heed to MY Word and always let ME go with you. For I am your Father and want only what is best for MY children. AMEN B.D. 3610 Nov. 22, 1945 THE CAUSE AND PURPOSE OF SUFFERING…. THE TRANSIENT NATURE OF THE WORLD Earthly minded people are so far separated from the Truth that they do not know the power of faith or what it is to be drawn into close union with GOD so that they observe only worldly occurrences and do not realize that their wrong attitude to- ward God is the cause of their physical happenings, which have a painful affect on them. And as long as they lack this knowledge their painful condition will not change. Suffering will continually take different forms so that through their many various needs and afflictions they may same day come to understand that another power, other than human power is behind all afflictions ---that it is not only the human will that is the author but the will of a Higher Power is working at the same time, and that they must take a certain attitude toward this Higher Power. The knowledge of pure Truth will explain everything and make this great need understandable and through this come to recognize its cause, purpose and goal. It is only possible to change when men adjust to this purpose and goal and seek to remove the cause of suffering and need, which still goes unrecognized by worldly minded people and will remain so as long as they consider the world as most important, as long as they give their bodies first priority, letting the soul starve. The knowledge of the Truth can only be brought to those who separate themselves from the world, because when knowledge is brought to worldly-minded people they will not acknowledge it as the Truth and there- fore reject it. So such an one must be placed in a condition of increased suffer- ing, in order to be willing to accept the Truth, so that through sorrows and needs he will learn to acknowledge the worthlessness of worldly goods and loose his desire for these. And so his desire for Truth increases assuming that he is not influenced by evil powers who will totally confuse his thoughts and seek to lead him away from the Truth stirring up hatred in them the more they are disappointed with the world and its pleasures. For it is an advantage to men's souls if they on earth learn to acknowledge the transient nature of worldly values and learn to despise them so that they no longer are bound to the earth when the soul departs from this earth, even if it is in a low state of maturity when it enters the beyond. The overcoming of matter in the spiritual realm is then not so difficult and the process of higher development can more quickly take place, when he has entered the spiritual realm. Such a soul accepts the Truth in the spiritual realm more readily and does not resist God as much as he did on earth. Then the lot of this departed soul is not so hopeless because they on earth recognized the value of great suffering and the transitory nature of earthly goods, even though it seemed as if they had to lose their lives as victims of hard times. And so even the afflictions and suffering caused by the will of evil men is useful for the soul who is still far away from God. And so God allows men in free will to rage against one another until He puts a stop to it when such fits in with HIS eternal purpose. And as long as people walk in ignorance, as long as they close their ears to the Truth, HE allows them to go their own way and experience inexpressible suffering and need, since they do this to themselves and are therefore the cause of their own suffering. AMEN B.D. 8593 April 1, 1963 SUFFERING PRODUCES SPIRITUALITY IN THE SOUL AND BODY You need only to come into the flow of MY power by consciously submitting yourself to ME and opening your heart to the rays of MY Love in order for the power of MY Love to become active in you. But it will be your soul more than your body that will experience this flow of strength and take a spiritual step forward. But remember that you can help the body for there is still immature spirituality in you, because you are not yet perfect. And this spirituality needs your help so that they can come to maturity while on earth. And you can help by entrusting this spiritual task using this unspirituality to depress you in body or spirit. But you should know that your prayer for this immature spirituality in you will always bring results. So you must always turn to ME for help and protection from all attacks of MY opponent. And believe ME that nothing is impossible and that I can work the unusual if you have such strong faith. ---Then these un- spirituals must flee from you if they do not allow themselves to be softened and spiritualized by you. But in so doing they forfeit for themselves a great grace which has been offered to them in the privilege of being allowed to join you in your external form, your body, in order to come to maturity. Point out to them constantly this grace and urge them to join you with your will, so that as your soul matures their path of development can be shortened if they take your advice to heart. But whatever suffering you can bear, accept it in patience and trust, because it will certainly bring you to maturity, and you will one day be thankful for this suffering that you had to endure. When however this spirituality comes to maturity through your submission and patience then you can achieve a high state of maturity on earth and come closer to perfection when you must give up your earthly life. MY power is at all times at your disposal and it is sufficient for the spiritualizing of all substances, which are at the beginning of their development. But you must constantly ask for MY strength and let it flow into your heart. You must pray to ME turning your thoughts to ME and seeking only MY presence. There must be a longing in you for MY Love-rays, which I will gladly fulfill. You must trust in ME alone and be willing to accept MY Love-rays, which requires close contact with ME. When you immerse yourself in spiritual thoughts of ME, your God and Creator, then you are ready to accept the flow of MY power and opening your heart I can touch you again as in the beginning when you in ardent Love for ME were extremely happy. My Love for you has remained the same. It is only your Love for ME that has diminished and it must again reach the level, which originally made you extremely happy. And therefore you must come to ME and I will always be ready for you, and I will give you that which makes you happy: MY Love-force flowing through your body and soul leading you to maturity and fulfillment. In union with ME you can no longer suffer even though it may seem so to your fellow- men. A close union will make you insensitive to suffering. Then MY power is stronger and will flow through you to bring you complete healing or when your hour has come to bring you to a painless crossing to the spiritual realm…. because if you are closely united to ME you have achieved your purpose on earth. AMEN B.D. 5282 Dec. 27, 1951 JESUS CAME TO THE WEAK, THE SICK IN BODY AND THE NEEDY I came to the world for the weak, sick and needy, because the strong did not need ME, they could find their own way, at least they thought they could. Only when they themselves went astray would they acknowledge their weakness and call on ME, when their strength was no longer enough for them to be the master of their lives. Everyone who calls upon ME, who needs ME, who is weak and sick in their souls, to all such I came to help, for through their cry to ME they express their need and hope for rescue from their ills. But you are all weak and sick, and blessed are those who admit it. And those who feel strong and healthy in themselves are indeed in a worse condition because they cannot be helped. And many there be who believe they need no help, many there be who are convinced of their own power and treat lightly the power of him who would bring them out of their sickness and strengthen them in their arrogant faith and give them power but who expects service in return. He wants their souls and therefore gives their body what it wants. But I am the Physician of the sick and weak, I am the Comforter of the sorrowful and the hope of the discouraged. All may come to ME and will not come in vain. I offer you all MY help even if you do not accept it immediately. In such case I understand why, and you are still not forsaken for no one calls on ME in vain who calls on ME from the heart. Come unto ME all you who are weak and heavy laden and I will refresh you. I have promised you MY help and I will certainly give it to you. Always remember this when you have needs, when you feel physically or spiritually distressed, when this earthly life weighs heavy upon you and you need help. Then remember that I came to the poor, sick and weak and still come, and that I only wait for your call to reveal MYSELF to you. I want to be called upon so that you freely acknowledge your weakness and long for ME, your Physician and Healer, that through your cry you show your faith that I can and will help you and such faith will never be disappointed. AMEN B.D. 0839 March 31, 1939 THE BLESSING OF BEING HANDICAPPED A man must undergo an involuntary yet very beneficial life-test if he, because of physical condition, is unable to enjoy earthly pleasures, when because of same handicap, life’s amenities are denied him and he is forced to give up earthly joys. He is now in great danger of thinking of his Creator in bitterness or completely rejecting HIM because it is incomprehensible that the will of a Divinity, in his opinion should impart gifts to HIS earthly children so unjustly. But if he in spite of his misfortune keeps a strong faith, spiritual progress for him will be much sooner possible, since it is easier for him to resist the world with all its temptations and in the absence of worldly pleasures he can occupy himself far more with spiritual matters, which will lead him all the sooner to maturity. So these people are able to come to a proper understanding of their life's existence in a shorter time. They do not require complete fulfillment in this life but wait patiently for the end of their earthly existence convinced that only then can the true life begin and will work itself out in the beyond according to their walk on earth. So their handicap on earth has a certain advantage in that it becomes easier for them to deny earthly pleasures than for the normal person who is constantly confronted with the temptations of the world, but only if he himself does his part in surrendering to the will of God, hearing the burden assigned to him, and thanking his Creator Who gave him life If such a person is spiritually alive he will no longer consider his handicap as a misfortune but see in the spiritual life a desirable purpose. He will always be trying to increase his spiritual knowledge, love his fellowman, and not grumble at his fate or rebel against God. AMEN B.D. 6084 Oct. 20, 1954 SERIOUS WORDS FROM THE HEAVENLY FATHER…. DOCTORS…. MEDICINE What I administer, is for your soul truly a healing medicine with which you can be healed and gain happiness and everlasting Life. But what good is this medicine to you if you do not accept it, although you know about its healing power, but never put it to use. How can you benefit if you hear MY Word but do not live according to it, so that the power of this Word cannot become effective in you. You have a very effective means of healing but you do not put its effectiveness to the test. You consult with ME, your soul's physician, but do not follow MY advice, and so you cannot be healed even though you are under the care of the best Physician. You do not carry out what I have prescribed and so remain in your unfortunate condition, the needs of your soul therefore undiminished, you must continue to suffer since you yourself have withheld this help. And this need of your soul has its effect on your physical needs, because I want to stimulate you to take notice as to whether your life-style is the right one and to see that your soul is in danger, and it must be careful not to lose its life. I can only offer you what will help your soul, but if you do not accept MY methods then your soul will remain in sickness and will not be able to enjoy the Spiritual Life. It will also not benefit you much if you listen to MY Word but make no effort to live according to it. Only when you put MY Word into practice by fulfilling MY commandment of Love can you receive MY power. Only when you move in Love can you be filled with MY Love-force, which will result in the healing of your soul and a life in Light and Power. And to this end I want to help you, so I seriously exhort you to let MY Word move in your heart and act according to it. I warn you not to treat your soul carelessly but to give it the nourishment it needs without delay and help it to become healthy. I exhort you to ask ME for help when you are unsuccessful or when you are too weak to do this. I will supply the needed strength if you cry out to ME from your heart, if you will only turn to ME in trust, call upon ME, and confess your weakness. I am your Physician, I am your helper Who never will leave you alone to fate but will redeem all who are sick in soul and body. AMEN B.D.5358 April 9, 1952 POWER OF LOVE TO HEAL THE SICK AND PERFORM MIRACLES Whoever has Love has power within and will be able for every task, if he does not lack in faith. Love brings faith to life but first must be awakened, that is to say: one must first concern himself about what he should believe, then Love will give him strength so that he has no doubts and thus be able to accomplish all. So Love is very valuable because it makes all things possible. But you do not see the value of the power of Love. You could accomplish miracles, you could heal the sick, you could banish worry. ---Truly nothing would be impossible if you could bring the Love within you to its highest development and believe in its power. So it is not so much a gift that I have given you when you are able to do all this but rather it is the natural result of your Love-force when you have acquired power through that Love. You need not seek to acquire a gift to heal the sick, perform miracles or other such things since these are not abilities for which you can train. You must only allow the Love within you to become stronger, and strive for spiritual perfection, which will be evident by such abilities…. because Love can accomplish anything. Whoever yields himself fully to Love and through this becomes convinced in his faith draws from ME and feels himself as MY child, as belonging to ME. He can think nothing else but that all his work will succeed, for I am standing at his side. Love, however, must be in his heart completely filling his being, making him glad to deny himself for whatever his fellowmen lacks. True Love is totally unselfish and asks nothing for itself, constantly sharing and dominated by the principle of giving but still indescribably happy. Such Love which springs from the depth of the heart can accomplish anything it desires --- whatever it wishes shall come to pass. A strong living faith places its hope in ME and the fulfillment of its request will not be sought in vain. Also everyone can avail himself of MY power and accomplish the same as I on earth accomplished but only if he is filled with Love. Then, I did not give him this power but he has it in himself rightfully acquired through deeds of Love. He has then returned to his original state, he has not taken something unrightfully but rather has become again what he was in the beginning…. Light and Power….and man cannot help but radiate Light and Power if he has Love. So it is necessary for you to mould yourself to Love to be God-like and accomplish anything. And of course you want to do that which is in accordance with MY Will, since Love is also the source of Wisdom and can only act in MY Will. AMEN B.D. 5966 May 25, 1954 HEALING OF THE SICK SIGNS AND WONDERS…. PROOF. I know MY own and I know their will and according to this will I call them to work for MY Kingdom and ME. So just as the kind of work in MY vineyard differs so the nature of the servant differs, for each has his work corresponding to his nature, and each serves ME according to his ability and I accept the service of each one who is of good will and seeks ME. Furthermore, the hearts of those who need teaching differs and each field in MY vineyard must be treated differently, but it is only possible for ME to make this judgment, since I know even the slightest impulse of each human heart, and who can be used for a successful work of redemption. I am always the Author, the source and the origin. Sometimes I am barely discernable and other times plainly revealed but those who seek ME and do MY Will will always recognize me. And I always reveal MYSELF according to men's needs, according to their ability and desire to change themselves. Because what in one person will cause a complete change of will, in the other may have no effect. Such a one may require greater proof of MY Being, which MY love will provide to bring him to redemption. But I am also present even when no visible sign is noticeable. I dwell within the heart of one who gives his Love and his will to ME, hearing witness quietly and softly, for such need no dramatic proof of MY presence. He himself is conscious of ME, feeling the reality of MY nearness, in close relationship to ME, his Father, thus possessing all he needs for the earthly walk; an unshakable faith in ME and MY Love, which enables him to act in full accordance with MY Will. But where unbelief is still very strong so that words alone will not suffice, there I will help with signs and miracles, but this can become a judgment when such a one lacks the will to change. The faith of the sick and suffering how- ever often needs a little encouragement to become strong enough to acknowledge ME be fore the world. I can reveal MYSELF in MY Might and Splendor to many sick and suffering because through their infirmity they have been prepared so that their souls can more readily acknowledge ME. Such sick people do not bar ME from their hearts, and when MY Word is preached it touches them with such force that the very power of MY Word has a healing effect and because they believe they experience a healing. But the unbelievers who witness this must, through Love, allow the faith they have gained to come alive. And their faith will be worked out according to the degree of their Love, but their responsibility becomes all the greater if they let such a sign of MY working pass them by in indifference. Therefore do not seek too obvious a sign of faith, for along with an extraordinary work of grace comes extraordinary responsibility. But if it is given to you, value it and use such a grace to achieve higher maturity to bring MY Name to the world, and to become faithful servants in MY vine- yard, and I will bless all work which is undertaken for ME and MY Kingdom. AMEN B.D.8508 May 5, 1963 BEARING SUFFERING FOR YOUR FELLOWMEN I will give you an explanation concerning whether you can bear suffering for your fellowman or whether every person must bear his own burden, which was assigned to him for his souls benefit. You must remember that your soul must mature during your earthly life, that the immature sub- stance must spiritualize itself, which can only happen through Love and suffering, because only through this can the outer form dissolve which hinders MY Love-rays from flowing into the soul. At the same time such substances of the body, which lay behind in their spiritual development, still cause people trouble including a variety of sicknesses, which through patience, Love and yielding to MY Will can be minimized and so become spiritualized, which in fact is your earthly task so that your soul is helped to the greatest possible perfection. And each human being himself, which work can never be performed by a fellowman, must perform this spiritualizing of soul and body. And every person will one day be thankful that I have helped him or her to perfection through suffering and need. So you should understand you must do no- thing to hinder the soul of your fellowmen from being blessed. When you however through your love, are moved to offer yourself to carry the sorrows of a neighbor I will not hinder you in your Love. Such sorrow will temporarily be lifted from that person for whom you suffer, and for whom you are encumbered, and through this your own soul's maturity will increase since you willingly take more suffering on yourself and are moved to do this in Love. In this you follow HIM Who has suffered all for you to set you free from immeasurable suffering which you would have had to take upon yourself as penance for your guilt, which was the reason that the earth has been a valley of tears and suffering. But now you have This One Who has taken on HIS shoulders all your needs and helps you to bear them. And on your behalf I have accepted this atonement. So you must go to HIM when suffering oppresses you and HE will help you carry it or take it from you according to what is best for you. The Love of someone who is willing to suffer for others is very greatly appreciated. It will assure the sufferer of an increased flow of strength since Love is a power, which has a noticeable effect to the sufferer. Also when someone offers loving intercession for you, when you must suffer, the strength of such Love so fills you that you do not feet the burden as much and the pain and misery passes away for a while, and your soul benefits from the power of that Love since it matures and becomes less sensitive to sorrow. The degree of Love always determines the benefit the sufferer derives from such a demonstration of Love. And because the development of the soul is the purpose of this earthly life and for this there are many opportunities so it must be recognized that achieving this maturity is most important and should not be hindered. True Love understands why a person must suffer, which helps him to be patient and so makes it easier for him to willingly submit to MY Will. Then I MYSELF take the cross from him and his soul has moved again a step forward because Love and sorrow have helped him to this goal. If there is lack of Love in a person then greater suffering often occurs to hasten the cleansing of his soul. Never, however, can the complete cleansing of a soul be accomplished through another person consciously suffering for this soul. But I will answer the prayer of he who offers himself to bear the sorrow of his fellowman, because he does this in Love. So I allow him to participate in his suffering but he bears it also for the purifying of his own soul. While he accepts in Love the suffering of others he serves to bring himself to perfection. And his fellowman must take care of himself and his own development, although he may for the time being relieved of his sorrow. No work of Love remains without result but where and how it will have its effect remains MY concern, for I know the maturity of every person, know the state of maturity of everyone and will remember him accordingly. I put on each person what he is able to bear, and if it seems too heavy for him he is able to call upon the cross-bearer, JESUS CHRIST, and HE will truly help him, HE will take that cross on HIS shoulders when he is about to fall beneath its load. But everyone must find the way to JESUS CHRIST himself, because HE is your Redeemer --HE will redeem you from Sin and Death, from Sickness and Sorrow when you call upon HIM for help, in Faith. And as long as you live on this earth you have the opportunity to repent and follow JESUS and through Love and sorrow reach your goal and be complete. AMEN B.D.6508 March 22, 1956 SURRENDER TO JESUS CHRIST…. SAVIOR…. –REDEEMER…. HEALER. The burden of your sin of having turned away from ME has made you an imperfect being and therefore unhappy, and you will only be restored to complete happiness when you have been set free from your guilt. Even though you may have paid part of your guilt before the time of your em- bodiment as man, you can still only be made completely free of all offense when you as man allow yourself to be redeemed by JESUS CHRIST. I can only erase your guilt when you have surrendered to the Divine Redeemer, in Whom I have embodied myself. Only through JESUS CHRIST can you come back to ME again, from whom you once separated in free will, and in HIM you acknowledge ME as your Eternal God and Father. Such surrender to JESUS CHRIST is what I wish of you for through this dedication you demonstrate your desire to belong to ME again. But do you sincerely want to flee to the cross and receive the forgiveness of your sin through JESUS CHRIST? Go to HIM in complete faith, Who is your Savior, your Redeemer and your Brother. Do you sincerely want to claim this Grace, which HE has obtained for you on the cross? Do you speak in Spirit and in Truth when you present yourself to HIM or are they merely empty words? Think about it, for this determines your fate in eternity. JESUS CHRIST is truly your Savior and Healer. He is your Redeemer from sin and death; He was the vessel, which carried ME so his Might and Power is without limit. And this JESUS is and remains for all eternity the visible Divinity because I chose HIM to become for you a visible God, for I am but Spirit from everlasting to everlasting. And if you call upon HIM you call upon ME and I will hear you, since I have given the promise through JESUS CHRIST; so if you ask the Father for something in MY Name I will give it to you. Trust these words in total faith and do not hesitate to trust in JESUS CHRIST your Savior and Redeemer, so that I can give you proof that I will keep MY Word. You must always remember that I will give you the occasion for prayer in Spirit and Truth and that it is MY Will that you come to ME with every need of your body and soul. So take this step to ME at last, consider MY Word, let it penetrate deeply into your heart and believe without any doubt for MY promises are Truth, but you determined their fulfillment. I Myself carried all your Sin, I took upon ME all your suffering and needs which you had to carry as penance for your original guilt. So man's life can be free of worry and suffering if he will surrender completely to ME, for I have carried his guilt. But his prayer must be accompanied by a living faith. He must understand that it is not MY Will that men suffer but I cannot remove his suffering against MY everlasting Order if his faith is too weak. Know also that a man's cry does not reach MY ear if he doubts MY Love and Power. I can keep everyone and I will help everyone who has a living faith. So take heed to this promise and surrender to ME. A living faith in MY Love is so important, which I have proven to you in MY work of redemption. And if you are convinced of this that I have carried your sin, died for this on the cross, so that you may be free, then all your doubts will disappear. Then I can take away your suffering and redeem you from sin and death. Only in this way is your return to ME accomplished when you acknowledge ME in Spirit and in Truth, then it will be done according to your faith. AMEN B.D. 7042 Feb. 14, 1958 PROCLAIMING CHRIST THROUGH THE HEALING OF THE SICK. He who has found true faith in ME will never lose it, even though temptations come to weaken ones faith, to which every- one is exposed as long as he walks on earth. He will turn again to ME Whom he has acknowledged as his God and Eternal Father. But the majority of men still does not believe and are far from ME. To those I sometime come in an unusual way to help bring them to faith. Because they are the ones who are prompted to think through extraordinary acts of healings, or miracles of other kinds. But this happens only to believing people to whom I can prove MYSELF and MY Power, and through this their fellowmen are encouraged to believe and seek union with ME their Creator, when they will acknowledge through unusual occurrences. So many sick are only chosen instruments who, through their faith, allow MY working in them and at the same time will help their fellowmen to believe. To a total unbeliever I will never let MY Power become effective, for which reason MY chosen healer through his discernment can recognize if a healing by faith can take place or not. And therefore healings will not always take place even when a healer, awakened by ME, is at work, for the healing or the soul is most important and a healing in a total unbeliever is more likely to bring death to his soul, rather than life. Therefore worldly men who justify their negative attitude by the fact that not all healings are successful, and often a failure in healing is reported for this reason often attack MY faith healers. And so the subject of miraculous healing is a disputed subject and a healing miracle cannot force one to believe. People can believe through a miracle but they are not impelled to. Every believer will leave the result to ME, for his faith in ME gives him the assurance that I will do whatever is for the good of that soul. In the last days, before the end however, signs and miracles will increase in order to prove the Power of MY Divinity so that MY redemptive work will be seen and un- believers will find ME before it is too late. And so many marvelous things will take place. Those who have faith will be MY witnesses that MY Power is still active in them. Whoever believes must place his trust in the proclaimer of JESUS CHRIST for their earthly needs so that through them I can demonstrate MY Power and Strength, and thus help those who are still weak in faith or still in total unbelief. And this you should all know, that in view of the nearing end I will use in an unusual way those who are strong in Faith and in Love. AMEN B.D. 6844 June 3, 1957 THE RIGHT PHYSICIAN AND THE RIGHT MEDICINE. What contributes to the healing of your soul will always be given to you, but it will only be offered to you, it will not be forced upon you. Therefore many souls remain sick and weak because they pass up what I constantly offer them in Love; MY Word which is the best medicine for those who are deathly sick. Your soul is already sick when it begins its earthly life and must pass through this earthly life in order to be completely healed. But it can leave this earth in the same weak state and then still have to suffer for an endlessly long time be fore it reaches what it on earth could have reached, complete healing, a condition of fullness of strength which would make it indescribably happy. I MYSELF have walked over this earth to give you an example of the right kind of earthly life to live. I knew of all the weaknesses and defects in men and have therefore shown you the way and how you in spite of all your weaknesses and defects can reach your goal. I have taught you and spoken to you, I have offered to you on earth the medicine with which you could be healed. I MYSELF have returned again to MY Kingdom, but MY Word will always be available to you for I have spoken through the lips of MY servants, MY disciples whom I have commissioned to speak to you. I came down to you through MY Word, I am with you in MY Word, since I have pity on you for I look upon your weak and sickly souls and know that you need a physician who can heal you for He knows your condition and has the right medicine ready. But you seldom turn to this physician and so remain in your weakness and cannot be healed. And although I speak to you again and again you still do not listen and so your short stay on earth passes by without your soul taking a spiritual step forward. For this reason I must let MY voice sound unusually loud and as a strict physician undertake painful interventions to save your soul from certain death. Remember this when you experience things that seem cruel to you, which you cannot reconcile with a God of Love. Remember that I cannot force you to listen to ME and if you refuse I must speak to you in this way that you will be able to hear ME ---then do not forget that the most painful intervention is motivated by MY Love. But if you will give ME the opportunity to speak to you only once while your thoughts are directed toward HIM Who is above all, Who controls everything, then great danger could be avoided. Then you will have entrusted yourself to the right physician and healer, then HE can prescribe for you the right medicine when HE speaks to you and gives directions to you which, if you follow will certainly enable you to escape death. I only want you to turn your thoughts toward ME, for by so doing you open the door to ME through which I can enter and give you what you badly need. And because I will never use force I use other means, which can turn your thoughts to ME. All difficult experiences whether sickness, natural disasters or other misfortunes are the means used for MY creatures who think little of ME in their earthly walk and consequently do not realize what their real task is. Such people grieve ME, for their sick souls still have much sorrow to bear if they do not strive for their healing while still on earth. Although I am certainly a GOD of Love Who wishes to see all HIS creatures happy but must always respect their free will and there- fore must leave the souls destiny to the soul itself. AMEN B.D. 4626 May 1, 1949 SAVIOUR OF BODY AND SOUL. What you must do is bring all your cares to ME for I truly am the best Healer and Redeemer Who can take all your sickness, and make you healthy in body and soul, and will give you an everlasting and indestructible life. On earth you still often feel bound to the use of medicines but if I do not bless them, if you do not ask ME to bless them they will not produce their intended results and may even do you harm. I can help the sick to become healthy without outside means, and this I do, as soon as I see that suffering for him is no longer necessary, as soon as its purpose of purifying the soul has been accomplished. Sickness of the soul and the body are related. You cannot imagine what considerable influence in the development of the soul the sickness of the body has, and how grateful the soul one day will be that it was allowed to go this way in the flesh in order to reach greater maturity in a short time. Therefore when you suffer you must always pray "Father, Your Will be done." Then I will do MY part as you must do yours. Then I come to you, as Savior of body and soul and your healing is certain. But bear your sickness and your weakness so that your soul will be strong, so that your soul can develop upward and that it will long much more for unity with the spiritual realm when the body offers no resistance, which it would do in a healthy state. Then your soul will be much better formed through suffering when it leaves its earthly cover. When you are always conscious of MY nearness and MY working then the process of healing for body and soul will take place quicker. Then you can in faith expect a miracle to take place if you know that nothing is impossible for MY Might and MY Power, and that MY Love will always help. A strong faith is the best medicine and will never fail. So bring all your cares to ME and you will be set free of them. But come with a strong unbending faith and you will not be disappointed. AMEN B.D.6290 June 21, 1955 THE PURPOSE OF MISFORTUNE. The wounds that I must inflict on you to prevent you from falling into everlasting death, are truly not the expression of anger or lack of Love, neither are they indications of punishment for your defects, rather they are medicine for illness for which you yourself are the cause, and which you must endure for the healing of your soul. It is your own fault that you have departed from MY Order, for otherwise your destiny would be only happiness and blessings. Believe ME I would have much rather prepared happiness for you but you yourself have made this impossible when you stepped out of MY Order. Although I do everything I can to bring you back to this Divine Order to make you once again supremely happy. Need and sorrow, sickness and misery are present on earth to the same degree as the offenses against MY Order and in the face of such need you can see to what low condition you have fallen. I would surely rather see men happy than put on them unnecessary hard tribulation in order to re- store MY everlasting Order. And when many think that men were not such great sinners that such great misery was necessary to come upon them, then I say to you: You do not know the relationship, neither do you completely understand the effect of your misery or the maturing that your suffering serves. You also do not know since your memory has been taken from you, what you in free will, before your embodiment as man, offered to take upon yourself. I however know everything and will put on you no greater burden than you can bear. Besides I offer MYSELF to you as a cross- bearer when your cross seems too heavy for you. Love moved you once to offer yourself to ME to carry a burden in your earthly life, although you do not know this or why you must suffer and I say this in particular to you who believe that you belong to ME in free will. I would that you go your way without complaining, without knowing about the cause. That you bear your cross willingly and that you always place yourself under MY Will knowing that HE to Whom you submit yourself is a God of Love and that everything that comes from HIM is meant to be a blessing. Therefore do not resist whatever your destiny may bring. If you want to belong to ME then do not murmur or complain but know that it is for your good and is intended to help in the restoration of MY Eternal Order. Be certain that one day you will acknowledge and be thankful that I allowed you to go this earthly way with all its difficulties, with all its great misfortunes but also with MY Love, which is the reason for everything that befalls you and which seeks only your blessing. AMEN B.D. 7071 MARCH 22, 1958 PRAYER OF A CHILD TO THE FATHER. Bring your requests to ME in all simplicity and you will find a listening ear. Humility of heart will enable you to find the right thoughts and words, and in this way your prayer will be that of a child to his Father which I will certainly hear and will truly help you. But the manner in which I do this you must leave to ME, because MY Love for you is so great that I always have the best in mind for you, and as MY children I will always give you more than you ask fore And since I in MY Wisdom know how I can best make you happy, this I will do according to MY Knowledge. So you should truly pray to ME for only then can I work for you, when you have united yourself with ME. But after such sincere prayer in the Spirit and in Truth leave everything else to ME and everything will work out for your good. No prayer directed to ME will be in vain even if it is not immediately fulfilled. So you must always in your prayer seek this contact with ME and truly great blessing will arise from it. AMEN B.D.4082 July 1, 1947 WITH GOD NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. When all earthly help fails then the Love of God is often clearly revealed, Who even lets the seemingly impossible happen so that people will learn to believe and love HIM above everything else. There is no limit to God's power, what HE Wills will happen. There is nothing that cannot be realized for with God anything is possible. So people suffer unnecessarily through their earthly life because if they want to be able to accomplish or experience the unusual they need only ask God for help. And HE can and always will help. But such faith can only be acquired by men through the practice of Love for their fellowmen, for only good works can restore union with God, and only through this is the receiving of power certain, which radiated from God and inevitably must return to HIM. Thus man must learn to believe, which he will do if he strives earnestly upward. In the end-times great things will happen which seem to be supernatural but the explanation can be found in the will of men and the power of faith. In this lies the explanation of all that seems incomprehensible but is really only the result of a proper walk with God. It is not enough that people formally call themselves Christians or professes to belong to a church, but they must live out their Christianity and through their life's walk show that they belong to a community of believers who represent the True Church of Christ. It is also necessary to have a living faith, which results in deeds of Love to their neighbor. Such a man has at his disposal an unusual power, which is the Power of God to accomplish great things, and also through faith God can reveal HIMSELF by rendering supernatural help, often coming when no hope for help exists. With God nothing is impossible…. men must remind themselves of this again and again in every difficult situation. Then when their difficulties are overcome their faith will be strengthened. Through his attitude toward God, through his deep unshakable faith in HIS help, he is able to cast every care on HIM and face each threatening danger without fear, confident that God will help him, for HE will never put strong faith to shame. With God nothing is impossible. Everything can be accomplished according to HIS Will and everything will be accomplished when HIS children call upon HIM as their loving Father and trust HIM without reservation. HE will then provide for all their needs and help them in all earthly troubles and difficult situations. For HE is a God of Love and Love always wants to give help for it wants to bring blessing. AMEN 11