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Path to unity through love 
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 Pre-Adamites jc  60.81KB  Bertha Dudde a.D. *1891 - 1965     

Pre-Adamites Revealed through the Inner Voice to Bertha Dudde in accordance with the promise of John 14:21 INTRODUCTION This booklet contains a small selection out of the 9030 revelations received from the LORD by one of HIS scribes and handmaids, Bertha Dudde. Bertha Dudde was born in Liegnitz, Germany. She worked as a seamstress to help support her parents and seven brothers and sisters and was therefore prevented from continuing her education beyond grammar school. Coming from mixed Roman Catholic and Protestant parentage she received little religious education and knew nothing about the Bible although there was a deep desire for the Truth in her heart. Often when she prayed the Lord's Prayer she would beseech the Lord to allow her to find His Kingdom. In 1937, at the age of 47 she began receiving revelations from the Lord through the "Inner Word". After sincere prayer and quiet devotion the Lord spoke to her inner being and she wrote down word for word what she heard. This continued almost daily until her death in 1965. The publication of these messages began in Germany shortly after her passing away and in 1978 has begun to be translated into English. Publication and translation is sponsored by "friends" of this New Revelation and is not supported by or associated with any religious denomination or sect. They are offered with the prayer that the Holy Spirit will enable the reader to discern the Truth of this New Word from the Lord in accordance with His promise of John 14:21. Translated and published by Margaret Cleave, 33 Wellington Str., Bloomfield, Ont. KOK1GO, Canada, in 1988 DIVINE WORD FOUNDA'l'ION Non-Profit since 1962 1999 Pine Grove Rd. Rogue River, OR 97537 Scanned into WORD 2000 and corrected by Ingo Schneuing, Floerekeweg 9, D-21339 Lueneburg, Germany, June 2002 e-mail: or for free download for further information in German Pre - Adamites From THE LAW OF NATURE to FREE WILL First Edition in German 1979 First Edition in English 1988 Scanned Edition in English July 8, 2002 INDEX B.D. 7881 To Take Knowledge of God ‘s Plan of Salvation B.D. 8919 What Is the World? B.D. 8770 The Creation Process has taken Eternities B.D. 8252 Concept Of The Evolution Of The Earth B.D. 6930 The Development of the Soul before Incarnation as Man B.D. 5125 The Path Of Development In The State Of "Compulsion" and in The state Of The free Will B.D. 6295 Development of the Earth…. Pre-Adamites B.D. 2513 Pre-historic Beings…. Their Responsibility. B.D. 9015 Pre-Adamites B.D. 9016 Time Estimation concerning the Pre-Adamites is not possible B.D. 9022 More About pre-historic Beings B.D. 6591 Knowledge of the Pre-development Of The Sou1. B.D. 7259 Pre-Development of the Soul B.D. 8819 Who will believe in the long path of Development? B.D. 5228 MY Will That light be brought to Mankind B.D. 7881 April 28, 1961 TO TAKE KNOWLEDGE OF GOD's PLAN OF SALVATION When I reveal to you MY Plan of Salvation you will recognize the importance of this time. Truly, I bring you a knowledge, which gives you an insight into MY working and governing, which also explains to you the purpose of your existence, and the meaning and purpose of all creations. This is knowledge so tremendous and far reaching, that human beings cannot give it to you. Only through the way of the Spirit it is possible for you to receive this pure Truth. I bring Light to this Earth which will drive away darkness, if you will open yourself to it and let it influence you when I speak to you. The reason I bring this unusual knowledge is because you are nearing the end. When you are introduced to MY Plan of Salvation you must understand that a redemption period must soon come to a close. Then you will learn to consider it all from this point of view: that all the apostatized spirituals must be given the opportunity to strive for their return to ME, be it as human beings or as spirituality still bound in the creations that in their primal substance as beings were brought forth out of ME, and will also return as beings to the House of the Father. If you know MY Plan of Salvation from Eternity, then you also know of the long path of development the apostatized must travel to return to the heights. You will also think with great mercy about those Who have still not reached the stage of man and suffer in their bound state. They originally came forth out of ME as free spirits. Then you know also that it is the people who fail in their free will in this earthly life, and that this free will also creates its own destiny. Their lives on Earth is unjustified if they fail to use the Grace of embodiment as human beings. You can see that spirituals forfeit their earthly lives through their own folly. Closing a period of redemption is truly an act of Love on MY part, because I want to lead upwards those spirituals who are longing for their last re-forming, to free themselves finally through their path on Earth as human beings. I will lead you in this end-time into the knowledge of MY Plan of Salvation, and this is a special grace for you, because you will then believe more easily in an end, when you acknowledge this concept. Even though a thousand years are for ME as one day, still the last day that has been determined since Eternity must come. I will then separate sheep from the goats. Whoever remains true to ME shall be saved. None of them have to fear when the Earth trembles. Their life is secured forever. Understand MY Word well, do not doubt ME or MY Word, which comes from Above announcing to you: the approaching end shall come, because this is the Truth. When you take notice of MY revelations and see what is going on around you, it will not be hard to believe. This is why I am revealing MY Plan of Salvation. This unusual knowledge is brought to you to give you Light so that you may believe. You cannot hinder the fulfillment of MY Plan of Salvation. You cannot delay the end for it has been determined from Eternity. But everyone can belong to those to whom I promised MY protection, if you are true to ME. You can belong to the few righteouses whom MY Arm will protect and take away when the final hour has come. This will mean an end of everything throughout the whole Earth. My power is great; MY Love for all spirituals is boundless. MY Wisdom truly knows the right time when change is necessary, so that the upward development, according to MY eternal Order can progress. MY Love Wisdom and Power are continually at work for all the apostate spirituals to the House of the Father. AMEN B.D. 8919 Jan. 28, 1965 WHAT IS THE WORLD? Look on the world with all its creations as a kingdom belonging to MY opponent. It contains all the apostate spirits, but his power over them is taken from him during this period, when they move from one form to the other. still, the world is created in MY Love, Wisdom and Power, and MY adversary had no part in it. The control over his kingdom is taken from him, although it belongs to him. It has arisen in all its beauty containing marvelous creations of all sorts. MY Love, Wisdom and Power can be seen everywhere. Even if I have bound all spirituals still, creating the world gave ME great pleasure. Here was the possibility that the power, which once flowed out of ME, could again become active. The power which once as a being came forth out of ME rebelled, refusing to be active, and because they rejected the power of Love were unable to be active. I gave this power a purpose once again by bringing a world into existence with all its innumerable creations. The beings, which remained true to ME, participated, because they also had the power to create. They knew MY thoughts, MY Plan of Salvation, and took great pleasure in working with ME. In Love they were concerned about their fallen brothers, whom they wanted to help lift out of the depths. This process requires an unimaginably long time when reckoned with human eyes. This did not trouble them because they were perfect therefore they had no concept of time. For this phase of man there was no concept of time. This only began when men, as self-conscious beings, came into creation, and they will not lose this time and space concept until they become perfect again. All creations are subject to this concept of time. Every form whether mineral, plant or animal is bound to time. Therefore their upward development depends on duration of time. This explains the continual changes seen in nature. This is also demonstrated by the forever-recurring seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter. Everything took place in unsurpassed Wisdom, which will forever be unchangeable as long as creation exists, because it is all carried out according to Divine law. For other worlds and beings there are different laws but each one contributes to the upward development, and respects the degree of maturity already obtained. Therefore I look upon MY creations with pleasure because I do not see the apostate, but rather the means to help the apostate spirits upwards. I consider all these as an expression of MY Love and Wisdom, and as a means through which I will one day bring about the return of all the fallen to ME. You can enjoy MY creations. They offer you marvelous things, which you could never create. You constantly see and are amazed but seldom consider how all this bears witness to MY Love, Power and Wisdom. Yet this creation exists for your sake and you are the crowning of it, when as once fallen you take the last short road which lead to your restoration. All that you see around you has served for this purpose, for you have overcome all these forms. But in the last stage as man, MY opponent has again power over you, and this I cannot take from him. But you yourselves can accomplish this when your will is surrendered to ME. Again all the Light-beings will stand by you to support you in your battle against the enemy, because they all want you to be free from him who alone was the cause of the existence of this Earth. He drew you to the depths. But you must decide which power you want to join, and this decision determines your lot through Eternity. AMEN B.D. 8770 March 4, 1964 CREATION PROCESS HAS TAKEN ETERNITIES. The act of creation was not the work of a moment, although this would have been within MY Power, but then creation would have missed its purpose. Creation must guarantee a slow, upward development, which needs eternities. You must understand that the description, given in scripture, the Book of the Fathers, gives only a pictorial description, because people could not grasp anything deeper. They would not be able to understand the true nature of these events, but should be taught that the creations were brought forth by MY Hand, that they were and are the work of MY Will and MY Power. Whoever wants to delve deeper will come to a deeper understanding. It is first of all necessary to know about the Power which brought everything you see around you, into being, even creations you do not see. Before a deeper meaning can be explained one must know about the original beginning of all that flowed out of ME as the power of Love to become~ independent beings. And one must know about their fall from ME and the great original sin with which these beings are not burdened. Only then can the process of creation and the course of return be explained. However, those who are of an unawakened spirit and hold on to the letter will never clearly understand. This teaching is difficult to under-stand, even for those who are spiritually enlightened. Such a creation needs endlessly long times of predevelopment for the spirituals who must develop higher in each work of creation. They had fallen so deep that it has taken eternities to find their way upwards in creations of different kinds from the most primitive to the most beautifully formed works brought into existence by MY Will, to contain spirituals and to make it possible for them to reach a higher maturity. So the creation work was in the beginning a concentration of undeveloped spirituals, whose substances slowly became condensed to form a mass, which still could not be called hard matter, but could be understood as basic elements, without form but of enormous power, because they contained the total uncontrolled spirituality. But MY Wisdom distributed everything in the right measure, and used each element for MY creating work, so that separate forms came forth, which must accomplish their purpose. So began the slow upbuilding of the visible creations which took an eternally long time, until the Earth could support good vegetation and more and more matured spirituality could take their abode in those creations, to go the path of upwards develop-ment in the plant world. Then followed living beings, creations that could perform a certain task according to their nature, even though it was very little. Again unimaginable times of development passed from the tiniest living beings until the world of animals, who developed into constantly greater forms who had gathered within them much collected spirituality again to fulfill a task: to exploit the Earth for the last crowning work of Divine creation, for man who had to go through all those first stages. The soul is now the assembly of all those particles, which once belonged to an apostate original spirit and in a dissolved state must go through the entire creation to develop slowly upwards again. Consequently, man could not have been created at the time of "creating the world" even as all creation works was not the work of a moment. The slow development had to proceed first; otherwise the creation would have been without purpose. It did not come into existence for MY sake but for the apostate beings, to lead back the fallen. Thus, each creation was the creativity of MY thoughts, and always occurred when another form was needed for that spirituality which had reached a certain degree of maturity, so it could continue its development. So different creations came into existence through countless phases of evolution. The plant world was only necessary when mineral creations were freed and needed a lighter cover. Then the tiniest living creatures came into being, following the creation of the plant-world. I alone knew when the one or the other was needed, I knew also how much time the larger living beings, the animals needed from here on to the Pre-Adamites, to mature the soul-substances which were incarnated in them. So I knew when the time had come that the spirituals had gathered their particular particles to be incarnated as "Souls" in the last form. Again I brought forth another creation, "Man", who is created so magnificent in exterior form that maturing to the ultimate perfection is made possible. This creation work of man occurred a long time ago, because periodically great changes took place, which makes a calculation of the time since creation impossible. But this is certain; you can only come to an understanding of MY Eternal Plan of Salvation when you have reached that degree of Light, which is needed to understand it. But before you have received that inward Light you cannot imagine with your intellect the time that you call "Eternity". Because your spirit is not sufficiently matured, you can only receive a simple description. It is only possible for an awakened spirit to have a deeper insight. But all this knowledge you will comprehend when your spirit has entered the realm of Light and everything can be revealed. Then you will have the ability to understand. AMEN B.D. 8252 Aug. 26, 1962 CONCEPT OF THE EVOLUTION OF THE EARTH. The evolution of the Earth required an extremely long time. You cannot think that far back because you do not have the ability to grasp such a concept of time. The time period taken for MY created beings to fall away was so long that the concept of "Time" is totally inadequate to describe this slow evolution of the Earth. Only the self-conscious being in his state of imperfection understands the term, "Time". For the perfected being the concept of time does not exist. Therefore, people can only estimate the time of the evolution of the Earth. But unless they think in terms of Eternity it would never come near the Truth. The falling away from ME took a very long time and a similar period of time is needed for the leading back of the apostate spirituals. When you realize that you are coming close to the time when you will be united with ME again, with eternities behind you, when you realize you will soon conclude your path of development resulting in your freedom from exterior form, and when you realize that your fall from ME took eternities and you can become free from your great guilt through JESUS CHRIST, then you must truly have only one thought: to surrender earnestly to the Divine Redeemer JESUS CHRIST, and ask HIM for strength to unite yourself with your Father GOD. You see HIM in JESUS CHRIST, so trust yourself to HIM in Love and humility, destroying your sin of self-love and pride. Your thoughts are always limited, therefore you cannot understand that endless time has passed since you were taken from the power of MY opponent and bound through MY Will, to develop upwards. You cannot be given the memory of that extremely long path, for then it would not be possible to continue your journey on Earth in free will. If you had such knowledge, fear would drive you to live according to MY Will and you could never become perfected, for this requires a free will. However, if you know about the course of your soul before your incarnation as man, your sense of responsibility will be stronger. The result of scientific research of people is of value if they think they can prove to you that it took thousands of years for the evolution of the Earth and the development of its inhabitants, it might help you to see how long you have traveled through this Earth, though not as self-conscious beings. You know also that the entire creation contains spirituality which is taking the path of higher development to become what it was in the beginning, free beings with self awareness, who were active in strength and Light as was their destiny when I created them through the power of MY Love. This can only be accepted by faith, because it cannot be proven. But it can become a strong faith if man in his last state on this Earth seeks to adopt the nature of his GOD and Father, and change his nature to Love, thus uniting himself to ME. As long as I am present, and I am Love itself, you can be convinced in your faith and know that you are going through this Earth to bring this endless former path and its mission to an end. When you strive toward ME with all your strength and find union with ME, your Eternal Father, you will be indescribably happy. AMEN B.D. 6930 Sept. 29, 1957 THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE SOUL BEFORE INCARNATION AS MAN. You have gone through the most diverse forms. Your real I, your soul, had to go a long path of development before it could incarnate in a human body. This way of development was through the entire creation. The soul must be dissolved into countless individual substances to pass through the creations proceeding slowly in its upward development. They had to again and again take on new forms when the different particles had gathered together. The countless creations contribute to the maturing of all these soul substances until at last all particles join together and as a human soul may incarnate in their last form, the human body, and enliven it. All of you went through this phase of development because the separation from GOD, since your original sin of apostasy was so great that your soul could never get over that because of its powerless condition, caused by the fall. Your soul must first be brought to life. But that life could not be given to the being that became sinful, it must strive for it through serving. However, that being would never serve in free will because GOD's adversary, whom it once followed into the abyss, would prevent that. But it cannot be subjected to death forever; it must be given the opportunity to come to life. GOD took those apostate spirituals away from HIS opponent and made them useful to HIMSELF. HE gave each creation its task according to the laws of nature, leaving the apostate one in a "state of compulsion" to fulfill its purpose. Consequently, it must serve to obtain again, even after a very long time, a little life to enable it to progress steadily toward a higher activity. MY activation power flowed out of ME to all beings that emanated from MY Love. But the beings that joined the opponent resisted the flow of GOD's Love required for their life and activity. Therefore they fell into a state of lifelessness. If they had left to themselves they would never have come to life again, because they were powerless through their fall into the depths. So GOD called a work into being, which at first excluded the free will of the beings who are not placed under HIS Will in the state of "compulsion" to fulfill their purpose according to the law of nature which HE assigned to each creation. HIS plan was to slowly bring to life what was lifeless, to give it the possibility of being active again. So they were all joined into creations as tiny particles, and obliged to be active. They were bound in the creations not able to resist, and obliged to serve. Through this they could reach a degree of development, which gave them ever-increasing freedom, finally receiving the state of free will. Through free will they could freely decide to strive upwards or choose the depths. GOD indeed will help these beings upwards, but HE does not force them if their desire is for the depths. This decision takes place in the last stage of development; when the soul is incarnated and once again able to use its free will to its own discretion. So men should acknowledge the great mercy shown in the former path of evolution and make the best use of their earthly life. He must prove himself worthy and have the desire that this last period will bring him to his goal. He must strive for his perfection and prove his belonging to GOD. He must do everything not to fall into the hands of the one from who GOD's Love has helped him to become free, through this ever so long time of pre-development. He should not live this life carelessly but must continually think about its spiritual purpose, to be loosened from every bondage, bringing restored union with GOD, in Light, strength and Blessedness. For this reason your earthly life is given to you, that your soul may be set free from the fetters with which you were bound by GOD's opponent from the beginning. But you were guilty. Therefore, you must do your part to gain this freedom and everlasting life. AMEN B.D. 5125 May 5, 1951 THE PATH OF DEVELOPMENT IN THE STATE OF "COMPULSION" AND IN THE STATE OF THE FREE WILL Nothing is without meaning or purpose. Everything that is, is created by ME and brought into being to fulfill a purpose. So everything has its destiny. It must serve one way or another, to fulfill its purpose. Even the tiniest creation, the smallest living being, has its function, which it must fulfill, and to a certain extent is forced to. All beings are subjected to the law of nature and so cannot act against this law. Still, what is fulfilled in this lawful way is in a way also serving, because it is always to the benefit of one or another creation. This is necessary for maintaining the creations. So nothing in the entire universe is without purpose or created without meaning. The last purpose and destiny is, however, the liberation of all spirituality. The entire creation contributes according to GOD's wise Eternal Plan. The entire creation was brought into being only for the liberation of spirituality and each single part of creation fulfills its des- tiny in the state of compulsion. It is a much different matter regarding man, who although they are a creation of GOD, still are not subjected to compulsion in his thinking, will and actions. Although the exterior of man, the body, is still under compulsion, because it is built up of spirituality which is in the beginning of its development, his soul has a certain freedom in that it can mature in free will and is not subject to a GOD given law. Thus in its maturity, it is liberated from the bondage of the Earth. The material serves man's free will, for serving is the real purpose of the earth's existence. Because man is not forced to serve, Love must be developed, which is the usual motive for service. What occurred in the period of compulsion and was completed, will now experience it’s crowning as man, but all in free will. Man must serve in Love to finally become free from the bondage that the spirituals experienced as a restriction of their original power and Light. The soul of man can reach this goal because GOD has given him free will so that he can decide for GOD or HIS opponent, who has made him unfree, and from whom it must free himself. Serving in Love is the key to liberation from this long confinement. What the spiritual being, according to GOD's Will, was forced to do in the long path in the entire creation it must do now in the last stage, in free will. It must serve in Love. In this he proves his divine origin. Love characterized the Divine being, and the human being transforms itself again to what it initially was. He accepts again what he in arrogance gave up in free will. As soon as man serves in Love his offense against GOD is lifted. He is redeemed from sin and finds his way back to GOD, from Whom he had separated. He recognizes his son ship and longs to come into the right relationship with the Father and become, through his Love, a true child of GOD. But it must all occur in free will. These are the trials, which he must unconditionally endure. Man can reach his goal because he receives help from GOD in every way possible. However, he can also travel the long road of development in vain if he in the stage as man strives downward rather than upward. Then he misuses his free will again. He does not use the many opportunities, which are at his disposal to reach his destiny, and must bear the consequences of another path through the entire creation. Some day he will reach his goal, but the being itself determines the length of time in his bondage. GOD gave him the opportunity to become perfect, but will always respect his free will. AMEN B.D. 6295 June 26, 1935 DEVELOPMENT OF THE EARTH…. PRE-ADAMITES You can come to ME in confidence with all your questions and I will answer them as is necessary for you. You can only receive a little knowledge, but what I give you is enough to provide you with a glimpse into MY everlasting Plan of Salvation. The knowledge I supply is enough to enable you to teach other people. It is enough to reveal to you MY Love, Wisdom and Power. The more you progress the more I increase your wisdom, and the better able you are to receive MY Light and Power. MY goal is that you become perfect as you were in the beginning. For this purpose you need deeper insight and a special knowledge about your purpose and MY Being, MY Kingdom and MY workings. You needed a very long time to come out of the depths to the heights, enabling you to become a human being. Consequently an extremely long time was needed before your development as a human being could take place. Upward development must take place in the described order. No period of development could be left out at will. Every phase must take place according to MY everlasting Plan. Suitable creations were needed for this upwards development, which has become for you the concept of "Pre-historic" time with only limited results. It took eternities for the slow development of all the spirituality and the creations as you see them now. Eternities are certainly the right word for it. Concept of time as we know it only began when the creature, "Man", was called into being by ME. Before that living beings on earth were not endowed to the extent that they could think and act independently. They also did not live with self-awareness nor did they have any conception of the past, present and future. Only a being that is equipped with intellect can be called a "Man" and live according to this concept. Only from that time on can you speak of a conscious development up- wards, in which fallen spirits are given the possibility to return to ME again. The creation of Man was the beginning of a redemption period where free will came into effect, not compulsion by ME as in pre-historic times. In that period everything took place in lawful order, and the upward progress of the soul was the irrevocable result. Now you will ask the question: how long did the human beings live on earth, meaning "Man" with intellects capable of deciding for themselves as you see man today. The first man who could take responsibility for his thoughts and actions was Adam, while there were manlike beings before Adam on all parts of the globe. They already performed many things, which could be considered human thinking, but all their actions were instinctive, but could not be called responsible for their actions. They helped to set the spirituals free, which could not embody themselves. They also served to make ready a place for people suitable for man to go through the last test of his will. These man-like beings were physically much like the form I held ready for Adam. The time came for the primal fallen spirits to be given back their free will, and to finally become free from the human form. Again and again the pre-historic creations gave spirituals further development in their bound condition. And for this, spirituals, the time came that they could decide for themselves. That was the beginning of the redemption time, which is of such great importance for you. Now the intellect and free will can be used while the being lives consciously. The beginning of this period all took place so long ago you cannot imagine it. In MY Will I am revealing to you the most important periods with their happenings. These are divided into easily understood phases but they are unimportant for your development. The endless number of fallen spirits takes an endlessly long time of upwards development. Therefore the pre-historic time cannot be estimated, for the embodiment of souls, as man has to take place in such a large scale that it will take eternities. It is not possible for you through research to determine the beginning of this period, although it is in man's nature as long as he is imperfect, to try to limit everything. Man tries to limit everything to what he has observed through history. However, he will not admit there is a limit set for the time, which lies ahead of him. So man does not reject a "beginning" but an ending for them seems impossible. The former is unimportant, but the latter is so extremely important that man should direct his whole attention to what is ahead of him. This period of salvation has an end, as did so many before that. However, MY Plan of Salvation stands forever. There is never an end to the work of redemption…. because the endless number of fallen spirits need an endless time for their return. I offer them again and again the possibility to strive upwards out of the depths to the Light, to ME, from Whom they once came. AMEN B.D. 2513 Oct.16, 1942 PRE-HISTORIC BEINGS -THEIR RESPONSIBILITY The evolution of the Earth took place during many very long periods, was developed and could be used as a dwelling place for innumerable beings, and could also be used for the development of the spirituals. In this period of evolution the living beings were of a different nature. They were, so to speak, adjusted to the development of the existing Earth, to the extent that the Earth could support living beings. The phases of development were many. Only at a certain stage could the Earth-surface contain living beings. They became more numerous the further the development of the Earth progressed. Thus the development of the Earth advanced as well as the living creatures, which were assigned to it for the purpose of higher development. It took an unimaginable long time. Such development was necessary because spirituality in and over the Earth must first be tried in bound condition. For this reason creation was important for the living creatures. In this time of development all spirituality must be tested. It could slowly develop to a living creature. The living conditions were more difficult but they maintained themselves and evolved slowly to become men. But at this time they were totally different than "Man". They were still beings acting according to their instinct. In a sense they were led. They had no free will or intellect. They were beings that in form resembled human beings, but in other ways were on the level of the animal world, which moved in the Divine law of nature. They did everything instinctively without being conscious of their actions. These beings were still not accountable. They lived their lives after the law of nature, driven by their instinct, which dominated them, which expressed itself in each being, according to the Divine Will. These living beings corresponded to the primitive conditions of the earth-surface, but contributed, to a certain extent to the development of the earth. They multiplied and through their activities quickened the change of the earth surface, so that it became suitable to contain more advanced living beings, until the first human beings, equipped with free will and intellect, could possess the Earth. They could use everything on this Earth. They were taught by GOD and lived conscious lives, which was the very purpose and meaning of their incarnation on Earth. However, now the people had to be accountable to GOD in their thoughts and actions. They had reached certain maturity, and were able to live lives according to GOD's Will. According to their ability they were responsible as to how they would use their lives. They were absolutely free in the use of His gift of Life. But the consequence of their incarnation was pointed out to them so that they could now choose how to use their free will. AMEN B.D. 9015 July 14, 1965 PRE-ADAMITES Long before the first human beings equipped with a free will and intellect lived on this earth, human-like created beings existed to make the earth habitable for human beings. They did their work instinctively, that is, driven by their nature, to maintain themselves. They gathered fruits, harvested field products and built dwelling places. They did instinctively what was necessary for them. But they could not be called responsible for their actions, because they had not as yet been given a soul containing all particles of a fallen primal spirit. Those beings were already much like human beings, they were bodily of the same form, but they had no self-consciousness, nor could they communicate with one another. They had a strong instinct for self- preservation and often lived to a great age. They served in the creation. They changed the surface of the earth to prepare it as a dwelling place for human beings according to their needs. Those beings did not receive a task to perform. They only served the still imperfect primal spirits as a final possibility to mature, which development they could continue as human beings. Those prehistoric people should not be considered as real human beings because their nature-appearance and their actions were more like an animal, still far behind in its development, only their form was like a human being. That was the reason why later people called those creatures pre-historic man who indeed could never be compared with the real human beings who possess a free will and intellect, which they are able to use according to their ability. It cannot be said that these prehistoric beings evolved into human beings. Because human beings were a new creation which God brought forth when many primal spirits waited impatiently for their embodiment. The prehistoric being was one of the many creations who had to fulfill a task to prepare a dwelling place for mankind which was to come and insure them a proper earthly life. The Pre-Adamites were those man- like beings but could not be called responsible because they lived instinctively like animals. They lived long before human beings on this earth. They had no intellect. They could only live in groups in places where later mankind made their abode. They prepared an area through regular activity, which they performed automatically according to their nature. They cultivated great regions and after planning, sowed essential crops, to harvest them later. They performed their task by instinct to provide for themselves. They fought with one another and the strongest survived. Thus they contributed to the fact that new spirit substance could embody in these beings; even for a short period prove their strength. Their more or less strong impulses were present but became weaker the longer they lived. They progressed slowly until they could come to the embodiment as human beings. Manlike beings that could not be related with the real human beings existed long before the first created man. In appearance they could be compared with people. They lived like animals in their impulses as in their way of reproduction. The spiritual substances within them developed further. They belonged to the many creation works, which disappeared when they had fulfilled their task and were not needed anymore. Finally they died out to make place for new creations. It should never be said that man in his present form has developed from prehistoric creations. Man was and is a New Creation, equipped with free will and intellect to prove them. They also received back their self-conscious- ness. To a certain extent, the pre-Adamite possessed some intellect which depended upon the degree of maturity of the soul particles which they contained. Those pre-Adamites were not rational beings but what intelligence they had expressed itself in their productivity which they per- formed automatically. They produced great works, which can be seen often in nature. They built roads so that they could reach one another. They created ditches and underground passages to make conditions in which the first created humans could live when the time came for the first primal spirit to embody itself as man. The more primal spirits waited for embodiment the more the pre-Adamites disappeared. This all happened step-by-step until mankind populated the earth and their time of testing began when every fallen primal spirit had to prove itself. For that reason Man is equipped with self consciousness, intellect and free will, to be able to make his way on the Earth, in order to return to the Father from Whom they once turned away. AMEN B.D. 9016 July 16, 1965 TIME ESTIMATION CONCERNING THE PRE-ADAMITES IS NOT POSSIBLE. I do not want you to feel deserted by ME. I want you to come to ME with all your needs and cares. You will always receive an answer, because I care for you and know your worries. I am always willing to take them from you when you give them trustingly to ME. Do not worry, I care for you, I know what bothers you and what questions come to your mind. Long periods have passed in which people have inhabited the Earth. The estimation of time given in the Book of the Fathers reflects the spiritual condition of the people at that time. Mankind had inhabited the Earth for a very long time but only those happenings were recorded for information, which was beneficial for the maturity of the people. But it is not possible to determine the duration of time. You would never come to the right conclusion. However, this much is sure, that although many periods have passed, man is still the same creation today that he was then. He could use his intellect from the start, also the problems people are troubled with today: concerning the reason and purpose of their existence, are still the same as they were in those days. I have given to man the gift to think about these things from the beginning. In the beginning people discovered signs of beings who lived previous to them, but whom they did not acknowledge as their kind, for they differed considerably. Also, the first created human beings, "Man" knew that there were no people before them similar to them because they understood themselves to be a new creation. They knew that with their existence a new kind of creation began which had not existed before. They knew they could communicate, and this was possible for everyone. Pre-historic beings were unknown to them; also did they not understand that they had to go through the previous creations before they could incarnate as man. The pre-Adamites never lived together with people on Earth, because they had died before man inhabited the Earth. It was not in MY Eternal Plan that the pre-Adamites would live together with the first created men. It was not in MY Plan to create something defective in a time when perfected men as the crown of creation should prove themselves. Those first people were unconscious of their pre-development through all the creations of the Earth. Also, man must be a perfect new creation to receive a soul, because this was the beginning of a new path on Earth with the purpose of final reunion with ME. The fact that people failed to reach their goal has nothing to do with their path through the previous stages of development. Every soul, which may embody itself as man, has reached the maturity, which allows such incarnation. It is impossible for men to determine how people have lived on this Earth. They will not receive an explanation, because it is of no importance. So it cannot be determined how long, and where the pre- Adamites lived. But it is certain that they lived before men, that in the early time they dwelled everywhere as a creation, which served to develop countless soul particles, and contributed to the maturing of those substances, which could then incarnate in human beings. You cannot determine the time. You can only accept an estimated time but never know if it is right because life for each person is limited. MY creation, however, existed from Eternity, and will for you remain for eternities until you come to the Light. Now you can see that Eternity for ME is only a fleeting moment. AMEN B.D. 9022 July 22, 1965 MORE ABOUT PRE-HISTORIC BEINGS You only have to come to ME for an explanation and I will not hesitate to give it to you. You do not know how long a time it took forming the creations. Such a very long time cannot be measured by your concept of time, because it took a time you cannot comprehend. Therefore you are right when you suggest that the pre-Adamites lived long before human beings…. Human beings being recognized as such by their self-consciousness, free will and intellect. But the fact that they lived long before human beings does not mean that the first human beings did not know about pre-historic beings. They did know about their existence, although they recognized them as pre-historic. It was not until after the fall of man that I sent Light-beings who explained about their earlier evolution through the creations. They had no knowledge of this before then, neither about man-like creatures because by the time human beings were created they had died out. Because growth of population advanced slowly, in keeping with the maturing of the primal spirits the process of creating took a very long time. The Earth was not populated with people everywhere at once. The pre-Adamites disappeared only when the creation work "man" began. Pre-historic people have never lived at the same time as "man" together. The first "men" were created in a different time because the Earth was formed in different stages. This was necessary because the primal spirits developed differently. This you cannot quite understand as yet. It is not as if people were suddenly created on Earth, rather, it was, so to speak, a periodical creation. Each period produced certain beings, until the final creation work "man" with self-awareness, intellect and free will appeared. When I use the expression "the same time", I mean in the same creation period, which is so long it cannot be expressed with numbers. But the pre-historic beings preceded the real human beings. I do not conceive of time as you do. One thousand years are for ME as one day. The creation work took so long it is not possible to determine a time. But it cannot be denied that everything developed itself from matter, from the stone and plant world through the animal kingdom to Man. Again and again for the further development of soul particles I created different outer forms. The expression, "evolution", has to do only with the development of the spiritual part. Every outer form was a new creation which disappeared when it had served its purpose. For that reason many creatures have disappeared when human beings came to live, who could create and produce at will. Thus people did not live alongside the pre- historic beings. But that does not rule out the possibility that they lived on Earth at the same time. They were so far away from one another they did not know they existed. But they existed until the time that man could find the right conditions for their existence. But this you must understand, that the Earth was not immediately populated with responsible people. They came a long time later. The pre-historic beings still existed wherever the Earth was not sufficiently developed. It is difficult to form a picture of how the work of creation took place. You might be able to imagine the length of time in which this work was done, but not the endless space needed to give life to the soul particles of the fallen primal spirits. A rich diversity was needed that only MY providence could achieve. When I saw, even the least creation work before ME, immediately it was brought forth as finished work. I saw that the creations assumed greater forms in which the soul particles could mature, and it swarmed with creations of a different kind, which I placed where they could mature. So the pre-historic beings were a creation, which I always placed where future human beings were expected. The human race then would take possession of the Earth and bring its process of development to an end. To find the same conditions allover the Earth, is not in MY manifold creation-will. There are at present still great areas where no man can exist because it lacks the needed conditions to survive. For this I have MY reason. Truly the outer form of man was a work of MY Love. As I created man after MY image, so his soul will be eventually after MY image. This was not the case with the pre historic beings. They could not develop themselves into "Man", no matter how mature they became. (9022 cont.) If you think I leave you in the wrong opinion you should realize that you yourself made a wrong assumption. Your intellect cannot easily take this in, until union with ME is restored. I will always try to explain apparent differences, because you must be taught the Truth. The slow evolution always concerned the maturity of the soul, the ascent of the soul substance in each particular creation work. Thus MY creation work contains in- numerable outer forms, which can be seen in groups as the same creation, but differ in some ways from other groups. But within the groups there is a close resemblance. But a further development would never take place. But within the increasing development of the soul substances new outer forms again came into being which were concluded with creation-work, "Man". Man, however, had to fulfill the last task on Earth, to spiritualize themselves and to change themselves into the creatures they were in the beginning. To conclude their earthly path and return to ME whence they once originated. That all those pre-historic creations had to contribute to this change was for ME a happy process, which one-day will achieve its purpose. But to give people, who are simple in their thinking, this knowledge was only possible in a limited way. But people who are in the full Light understand immediately how it all fits together, and what purpose each outer form had. But for this earthly life it is only necessary that you receive enough Light so that you understand in a general way the process of your return to ME, so that you can give your fellowman a general picture of the purpose and goal of creation. Each person decides for himself how far he will go into that Plan of Salvation, whose only goal is the happiness of MY creatures. AMEN B.D. 6591 Sept 7, 1956 KNOWLEDGE OF THE PRE-DEVELOPMENT OF THE SOUL The knowledge of the path your soul has gone before your incarnation as a human being is significant in this end-time, for all who go carelessly through this earthly life, those who are not conscious of their responsibility. It can explain to them much that was previously not clear to them. It is true, people will not accept this knowledge, but still it may open to them a new point of view as how to look at their existence. It can be for them a revelation of things, which until now were unexplainable. It can urge them to think and make them uncomfortable when they think of later life, helping them not to doubt the truth of this knowledge. A thinking man cannot just reject it without consideration, though only few will accept it. But before the end it can bring many to their senses, and cause them to change their attitude toward GOD. To proclaim this knowledge is one of the means GOD uses, in HIS Love, so that people can take a look into HIS everlasting plan, because with the end of this period of redemption the gates to the Kingdom hereafter will be closed. Then there are only two possibilities of a further existence, namely: as a human being on the new earth, or as dissolved spirituality to be banished in the creation. Previously this knowledge was not essential and the soul could still mature in the beyond, having sufficient time to mature, but in the end-time lack that opportunity, therefore will GOD help them in other ways to reach the degree of maturity, which rules out banishment in hard matter. Many who are searching for spiritual things are given an insight into GOD's Plan of Salvation, mostly to benefit their own maturity, but also to teach others who are seeking for knowledge, whose petitions GOD will answer. However, in this end-time this knowledge must be spread among people as a warning. Even though the remembrance of former stages is taken away, to believe in an exceedingly long path of the soul previous to incarnation will awaken in them a feeling, of responsibility. Also, the unbelieving can still begin to think about his life's walk. This knowledge can occupy his mind as a silent warning. Besides, such explanations can fill emptiness for people, and they will be more willing to accept it, because the plan and purpose of creation will become meaningful to them. But this is only for people who will think, and who will believe, and want a logical reason for their belief. To such people GOD throws a lifeline, which can bring them to safe ground where they will find the way to come to knowledge. He will bring the knowledge of HIS Plan of Salvation and the endless long path of development of the soul only where needed, because not all people have need of this knowledge. GOD knows the thoughts and doubts of every person and HE will give them the answer to dispel their doubts. But nothing that HE undertakes will be without meaning or purpose. And the knowledge HE sends to Earth, HE considers of great significance. AMEN B.D. 7259 Jan. 18, 1959 PRE-DEVELOPMENT OF THE SOUL. It is difficult to convince you of the long path you have covered before you reached your existence as Man. It is difficult because this knowledge is not recorded in the gospel, which is the foundation of each church organization. But GOD knows why HE did not include this knowledge in the Bible. He instructed HIS disciples not to spread this knowledge. Although the disciples were well instructed in this, HE gave them only the task to proclaim the Divine teaching of Love. The gospel they were to bring to their fellowman was the commandment of Love to GOD and their neighbor, which CHRIST proclaimed when on Earth. Each one who takes this teaching of Love seriously will come to a deeper knowledge and will know about the long stage of development of the soul, who needs only to endure the last test of will here on Earth. Truly, the law of Love is the most important requirement. No knowledge will be of any use for those who do not live a life of Love, because then it would only be a matter of misunderstood intellectual thinking. Because Love is the key to knowledge and without Love everything will be misunderstood, which is evident in the present time. This knowledge will not be accepted. As long as Love does not enlighten men's thinking it will not be acknowledged. Everyone who is willing to Love will think about it and not reject it. You may ask why such knowledge was not brought to mankind sooner, why it is not mentioned in the Bible. The answer is, that this knowledge has value only when Love is awakened in the people. Therefore each loving person will be led into deeper knowledge at the right time. Since mankind lives near the end, they should live more responsibly. The knowledge about the previous development period of the soul might deepen the responsibility in people. In view of the nearing end this is very important. Also people who still do not believe could begin to think about it and so be urged to change their way of living. On the other hand this knowledge is not necessary when man live according to GOD's Will. In such case he will receive it in a split second on entering the beyond. He will clearly acknowledge what seemed unacceptable or was foreign to him on Earth. But in this end-time GOD will do everything possible to make it easy for men to reach their goal. People will be told the task in their earthly life and the significance of fulfilling their task. Therefore in this end-time the people will be told about the previous stage of development, although without proof. However, everyone can obtain this proof when they live a life of Love, which will give them a bright Light, making them capable of seeing spiritually. Men would then be able to see the spiritual activity in different works of creation. He would observe the life of animals and the plant world differently, and would not doubt he has gone through all those pre-development stages. Indeed, to understand this, a higher degree of Love is needed; therefore the teaching of Divine Love is required. In other words: the degree of knowledge and insight which man obtained on Earth depends on the fulfilling of the commandment of Love. Love is absolutely necessary. People do not need to be knowledgeable because they will suddenly be in the brightest Light, if they have lived a life of Love on Earth. Therefore, you do not have to wonder why the gospel has not mentioned this openly, although you can find it hidden in it. The Word of GOD has different meanings, which only men who live a life of Love can understand. Men can find many scriptures, which point to the previous life of man in the creations of the Earth. A man, who loves will always try to bring this knowledge to his fellowman. AMEN B.D. 8819 June 24, 1964 WHO WILL BELIEVE IN THE LONG PATH OF DEVELOPMENT? Since your apostasy from ME an eon of years has passed, a concept of time you cannot grasp. If you are definitely willing to return to me you can end that period. You have gone this long road back, dissolved into the tiniest particles. For this reason creations had to be brought into existence which required endless periods until once again the original spirit, as it had come forth from ME, had collected itself again. Each phase of your development contained innumerable periods, and no phase could be left out. Every flower, every animal must be passed through, and all of this has taken form in your soul. But who will believe this? Who will believe that they have passed an endlessly long time before their existence as man and who will understand that this is the last stretch of their return to the Father's House, to surrender their will to ME, to end at last their long stage of development? When you believe this you will do your utmost to reach this consummation, to become free from the exterior form. Indeed, who can disprove what you learn direct from ME? Who can better explain the purpose and meaning of earthly life? Why do you listen to those who describe life as an end itself? You are surrounded by spiritual darkness which is the work of MY opponent who urges you to turn from ME. This spiritual darkness can only be lifted when I give you the right explanation. But to respect your free will I must leave you free to accept it or not. You must acknowledge MY Love when I say: you will be banished again in hard matter, and warn you to seek release from the last fetters. Acknowledge that Love wants to win you back. But you do not believe this; you would rather believe in total annihilation after physical death. You will pass away but not in your spiritual substance. All consciousness will be taken from you and your soul will again go through the painful path of development. 0, if you would only believe! If you would realize you are immortal and everything will be transferred to where it belongs, according to its degree of maturity, so that it can free itself from every material form and finally after a very long time return again to the House of the Father. Realize that you must produce the Will to purify your soul in this short time of your life on Earth. Then truly you will try everything to reach your objective, because the splendors, which are waiting for you are incomparable. From where do you get the surety that all is over at the end of this life? You pit your own thinking against MY revelations. Your intellect is under the influence of MY opponent when your will is turned away from ME. Therefore he wants to keep you in great darkness and total blindness, so you would never find your way back to ME. I can only happenings influence you through unusual, which will affect you. But blessed is he who will believe in ME. I will reveal MYSELF to him and help him to understand. I have pity on MY creatures who could free themselves from their bondage, but MY opponent will not let them go and their will is too weak to free themselves without the power I will give them. But I cannot help them as long as their will opposes ME. AMEN B.D. 5228 Oct. 6, 1951 I WILL THAT LIGHT BE BROUGHT TO MANKIND. I have trained MY Light-carriers who will contribute to the enlightenment of the spirit of mankind, with great Light and knowledge of the pure Truth, which they receive supernaturally, for I MYSELF am the giver of that knowledge. I send this knowledge to Earth so that you will find your way out of spiritual darkness to enter into the Light. I Am a GOD of Love and Mercy. I know your sinfulness and failures. I will help you and try with great patience and longsuffering to lead you to know and change yourself, but one day the time, which has been granted to you to change yourself will be over. Therefore, I tell you constantly what you must do, how you must live and what lot awaits you if you resist MY Will. I tell you this through MY servants who also pro- claim ME and MY Will. I am a GOD of Love but also a GOD of Justice and I will not go back on MY Word. Do you know what that means? It means that I will fulfill what I have promised. But it also means that all that I have foretold will certainly come to pass when you resist ME. Justice must be done in MY Eternal Order and to that Order belongs the Truth: that a certain cause will produce a certain effect. Everything has its time. But when this time comes to an end GOD's Order will inevitably be restored. There is not much time left for you. Therefore it is good to consider the thought that you might be called away suddenly, however, if you experience a special Grace, you may live through the end-time. Whatever argument you use against this, is wrong, and it changes nothing of the everlasting Plan of Salvation, which anyone can know who earnestly seeks to understand. What I proclaim to you through MY servant is nothing new, because continual warnings and instructions have come to Earth through Prophets and Seers since the start of this Salvation period, and will come even more urgently the closer you come to the end. It does not signify shortage of MY Love when MY Word is fulfilled, rather MY Love is the motive of these occurrences in the world, making progress possible for those who failed to progress in free will. I would not be a just GOD if I did not set a time for this world, which is constantly ruled by the power of darkness. A world, which was destined to be a spiritual school, must become so again according to MY Everlasting Plan of Salvation. AMEN 5