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Path to unity through love 
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 I will guide you into truth III jc  90.46KB  Bertha Dudde a.D. *1891 - 1965     

I will guide you into Truth Part 3 Revealed through the Inner Voice to Bertha Dudde in accordance with the promise of John 14:21 INTRODUCTION This booklet contains a small selection out of the 9030 revelations received from the LORD by one of HIS scribes and handmaids, Bertha Dudde. Bertha Dudde was born in Liegnitz, Germany. She worked as a seamstress to help support her parents and seven brothers and sisters and was therefore prevented from continuing her education beyond grammar school. Coming from mixed Roman Catholic and Protestant parentage she received little religious education and knew nothing about the Bible although there was a deep desire for the Truth in her heart. Often when she prayed the Lord's Prayer she would beseech the Lord to allow her to find His Kingdom. In 1937, at the age of 47 she began receiving revelations from the Lord through the "Inner Word". After sincere prayer and quiet devotion the Lord spoke to her inner being and she wrote down word for word what she heard. This continued almost daily until her death in 1965. The publication of these messages began in Germany shortly after her passing away and in 1978 has begun to be translated into English. Publication and translation is sponsored by "friends" of this New Revelation and is not supported by or associated with any religious denomination or sect. They are offered with the prayer that the Holy Spirit will enable the reader to discern the Truth of this New Word from the Lord in accordance with His promise of John 14:21. Published by DIVINE WORD FOUNDA'l'ION Non-Profit since 1962 1999 Pine Grove Rd. Rogue River, OR 97537 Scanned into WORD 2000 and corrected by Ingo Schneuing, Floerekeweg 9, D-21339 Lueneburg, Germany, July 2002 e-mail: or for free download for further information in German I will guide you into the truth Part 3 First Edition in English 1988 Scanned Edition in English July 14, 2002 INDEX B.D. 3159 Religious divisions -testing is essential B.D. 8371 Clarification of traditional doctrines B.D. 5824 The light of Truth -lamps without oil B.D. 8758 Who has the right 'to teach'? B.D. 8749 A teacher is educated by God Himself B.D. 5627 Fight with the sword of the tongue B.D. 8832 The task of fighting false doctrines B.D. 8818 Fight against error B.D. 5335 Special mission: fighting for Truth B.D. 5764 It is easier to convey the Truth to the ignorant than to the erring B.D. 8238 Ecclesiastical organizations B.D. 6402 The building of churches B.D. 4519 God is not present in dead matter   B.D. 5456 The one true church B.D. 8829 Pretended worship B.D. 5571 True worship -formalities B.D. 5982 Spoiled doctrine -commandment of love B.D. 8845 An interpretation of the divine Word B.D. 8769 Which knowledge is dross? B.D. 8540 The Lord looks after His servants B.D. 7647 John 21, verse 25 B.D. 3159 June 15, 1944 RELIGIOUS DIVISIONS.… TESTING IS ESSENTIAL Very few people recognize the value of divine revelations, and such messages are rarely accepted without misgivings. Countless possibilities remain undeveloped. The result is a limited knowledge, and often deadlock, where progress could have been made. The spiritual blindness of mankind could be removed, the state of darkness could be removed into one of enlightenment, but still they prefer the darkness and shun the light; they stand in opposition to the light-giving world that provides everyone who entrusts himself to it. Man lacks faith in God's mercy and confidence that He is willing to help men in their need. This need is proven, and it is brought about by the countless errors, which prevent people from recognizing God properly, loving Him, and proving this love by lovingly serving their fellow men. This need may also be brought about by a lifeless faith that fails when put to the test. When a man has to make a serious decision, he can only be steadfast if he has the unshakeable conviction that is knowledge and faith" is worth more than that which opposes him. Therefore, his faith and knowledge must be in agreement, i.e., that which man is supposed to believe in must be credible it must reveal wisdom when man ponders it. God does not expect man to believe anything that he could not accept after serious consideration. Therefore that which appears unacceptable, which after serious examination does not reveal any wisdom, must be the work of man himself - perhaps added to what God has asked men to believe. A doctrine can be recognized as credible if it emanates love, the love of God for all He has created. It must reveal a love and wisdom that point to a divine being caring for His creatures. Every religious doctrine can initially be examined from this perspective, indeed everyone who wishes to teach must carry out such a test because he should teach only that which he himself has recognized as the truth. This antecedent is usually a fact which considerably spreading of errors. Every teacher must be fully convinced of what he teaches… and conviction can only be one by serious examination. Then the teacher can safely convey the truth he has recognized to his fellow men who may be less capable of carrying such test, but who are capable of carrying recognizing that the teaching is credible because it confirms to them God’s love and wisdom. Those who possess the will to find the truth and who seriously wish, to test a doctrine will not lack the ability to think provided that they, too, move within love. Otherwise they could never be advocates of truth, but only advocates of falsehood and error, for through their lack of love they have given themselves into the hands of him, who opposes God. In view of this it is understandable how and why a doctrine, originally passed on to mankind pure and unspoilt, has been considerably changed and how it was not possible to retain teachings uncontaminated whilst the serious testing of their credibility and truth was evaded by the demand to believe without question everything that was being taught. Pure truth will stand up to any kind of test and thus will remain unchanged. Gradually there have arisen divisions. The possibility always existed to weigh the different spiritual movements and their doctrines against one another, but if they had been confronted with divine wisdom and love, every serious examiner would have recognized which doctrines were only the work of man and should have been branded as false. Therefore, those people must be blamed -and they will be held responsible - who were capable of verifying the truth, but who failed to do so and unscrupulously handed to their fellow-men doctrines, which, if seriously examined, they would have had to reject. Thus was the spread of falsehood and error caused. However, from time to time there have been people who have undertaken such investigations and who, as reformers, have tried to abolish the old religious doctrines. And here again it has depended upon their degree of maturity how far they were advanced in truth and could pass it on. Thus, time and again men have been given the opportunity to form an opinion about the religious doctrines, thanks to the controversial questions arising in the different creeds and the divisions within the church, drawing their attention to the differences in the doctrines, which they were expected to believe. If verification were to be carried out, the intellect and the heart had to become active which required the person's will and his desire to recognize the truth. Every adherent of a doctrine will defend his own doctrine, but several doctrines can never claim credibility because there is only one truth. And everyone should endeavor to find this truth. Therefore, it is essential for man to form a personal opinion about every religious doctrine that is conveyed to him; otherwise it can never become his spiritual possession, even if he could defend it with words. Such words would not represent innermost conviction since for conviction to be formed a dialogue the intellect is essential, and can be guided properly only by the divine Spirit. If, however, a teacher offers pure truth it is much easier for another person to gain inner conviction compared with acceptance or false doctrines which require a stronger will and a desire for the truth to be discounted as errors. Consequently, a teacher carries a heavy responsibility if through in- difference or negligence he fails to examine his teachings, and spreads a doctrine of which he is not fully convinced himself. Having offered himself for a ministry he must teach only that which, after serious examination, appears to be acceptable to him, otherwise he sins against those who believe that they receive the truth from him and whom he is guiding into wrong thinking by his false doctrines. . Furthermore, it is his duty to encourage people to examine what they are receiving so that they might gain conviction, develop a living faith, and be able to distinguish error from truth. (June 17, 1944) Knowledge which man has acquired through his intellect, without praying to God for enlightenment, is incomplete and inconsistent. There are unexplained subjects, which create doubts because different representatives give them different interpretations. Therefore, it goes without saying, that a person who strives after pure truth must weigh the different interpretations against each other. Human knowledge is never incontestable, and inasmuch that controversial issues always deals with human knowledge, the human origin of some disclosures will always be proved if controversy surrounds them; for pure truth, which originates from God is always in harmony and never shows different results. A person who lacks the good will and desire for truth will already receive the pure truth from God in a spoilt state, for this thinking will be influenced by evil forces confusing him and rendering incomprehensible what he is receiving. On the other hand, a person who seriously strives after truth will doubt spoilt knowledge. He will find that it lacks the assurance of truth and he will investigate it -provided that he is not forbidden to do so or ordered to accept it without question. This is always the work of Satan for it will never be an offense before God to seek the truth seriously. It is a part of this seeking that man should form an opinion about is that which being presented to him as truth. Thus a person should never be guided by what others consider to be the truth, but he must form his own opinion, especially when he is asked or offers himself to spread knowledge and teach his fellow men. God always helps those who meekly ask for His grace. However, even though a scientist may be highly regarded in the world or may hold a high position, be it in a spiritual or profane office, even though he may have bent in deepest humility before God as the sole giver of truth, thus creating the antecedent condition for its receipt, he must be doubted if his teachings do not offer complete explanations or if they contain any contradictions; whilst there are divisions and different interpretations, error is presented because there is only one truth. To find this sole truth man has to establish a contact with the Eternal Godhead, pray for enlightenment and through a life pleasing to God become worthy of being taught by Him directly. God knows best in which way He shall teach a man striving and praying for truth, and the result will always be pure truth. It is God’s will that His creatures live within truth, and therefore He conveys it to them if they desire it. Amen B.D. 8371 Jan. 3, 1963 CLARIFICATION OF TRADITIONAL DOCTRINES You have repeatedly received the assurance that you can defend everything as pure truth, that you received from Me through the working of the Spirit within you. I shall not let you walk in error if it is your serious will to move in truth and correct thinking and if you keep asking Me to convey the truth to you. Often, however, men are not willing to abandon erroneous thinking because they have accepted a mental product, which they regard as irrefutable truth, having often adopted it and passed it to others for a long time. And since certain knowledge was not necessary for the maturing of their souls but would rather have confused them in their thinking, they did not have to be taught about it. But as the desire for enlightenment becomes strong in a person, it will also be received. I alone can give enlightenment and teach correctly those who allow the working of My Spirit within them. When men receive My Word any error becomes impossible; but a man who does receive My Word must free himself of every doctrine received from other sources. Truth can enter only where the heart is free from error, or: I can be only where My adversary has quit the field. You people rely on the 'Book of Books' believing that its contents have not been falsified, but I tell you that nothing can remain pure when administered by imperfect men. There will always remain an inclination towards that which comes from Me, but there is no guarantee of an unspoilt doctrine, even less so the farther you look back to the early times of mankind on this earth. What you are now taught about these times is only partly true, for pure truth is an attribute of the perfect, and men are not perfect. Therefore, you ought not to base your thinking on that which has been handed to you from ancient times and which you still hold to be the 'sole truth'. Truth will never keep pure through generations, but error will. A false doctrine is defended as truth with tenacity and will keep unchanged for a long time. Men build their lives on such false doctrines and are not willing to be taught differently until an opportunity arises to convey to men pure truth from 'above'. This, however, is not accepted if it deviates from the ancient traditional doctrines and only those who long for truth from the bottom of their heart, will be touched by it and will accept the teaching even if it contradicts the traditional doctrines. My Spirit is never wrong. However, it cannot always be active in a person if he has worldly inclinations or if he wants to know things that are not spiritual knowledge and are of no benefit for the maturing of the soul. Often man has already answered such questions for himself, and his own thoughts only hinder the working of My Spirit. This is a risk that can only be eliminated by a loving union with Me and repeated prayer for protection from error. If a doctrine is involved which -from time immemorial - has never been doubted, which has been adopted by everyone because no other explanation seemed to be possible, such an opinion cannot be refuted because I refrain from using coercion where the thinking of a person is concerned. But he who desires the pure truth will also receive it and gain the inner conviction that it is the truth. The idea is to convey to men in their ‘final time' knowledge of My rule and of My working in the universe in order to enable them to find the right explanation for everything, because this pure truth shall be transferred to the new earth. Therefore, the false doctrines must be exposed and confronted with the pure truth. This is only possible if I, as the giver of truth, can work in a person who is so devoted to Me that he will unconditionally accept that which I offer him and do all he can to spread abroad what he is receiving. Particularly during periods of religious controversy, it will be essential to have adopted this truth, for he who has done so will be able to withstand all attacks because truth furnishes him with the necessary strength to defend it. Not that man must know everything, but, struggle, every false doctrine carried among men by My adversary will enable him to destroy all faith in men forcing them to recognize that they were defending unreliable doctrines so that, after they have been confronted by their enemies with those doctrines, they will be compelled to surrender everything.. You do not know his cunning and malice, but I know how he proceeds against you who want to believe. Therefore, I enlighten you wherever possible and you who are receiving My Word will soon be faced with questions which you would not be able to answer were it not for the explanations received from 'above'. Then you will also understand why I gave you this knowledge, which appears to contradict the 'Book of the Fathers’, which should be the pure truth; but you are no longer able to examine the integrity of the origin of this book. When I Myself speak to you, I am the origin of the knowledge you are receiving and you need not fear any errors. For I am the Eternal Truth and I convey it to those who long for it. From the beginning men were taught by Me. The first men heard My Word within themselves, but they possessed only a certain degree of knowledge, enough to be able to recognize Me and to fulfill My will. By the influence of My adversary, however, the light of cognition kept fading as they began to disregard My Commandments. Among the first men, there were also beings of light incarnated who let their light shine among men, but with the growing of lovelessness, spiritual darkness increased. Again and again I spoke to mankind through prophets in order to enlighten them. When Jesus descended to earth, because the darkness had become almost impenetrable, a bright light shone once more in the spiritual night of mankind. You must know that in such times of spiritual darkness error could always gain a foothold, and so too could those men - not free from error - who made it their task to record the events which were compiled in the 'Book of Books'. Take into consideration the time that has passed since then and do not think that these records have kept to the facts. But through enlightened men I have always been able to tell you what you need for the maturing of your soul. These messages have always remained the same and were always passed on to men as My Word. And I will continue to convey My Word to the earth so that men may receive the pure truth. Historical records cannot be considered as My Word unless they concern the spiritual events that took place during and after, the creation of the beings that were brought into existence by My love. These events you must know because you have to learn about the aim and purpose of your life on earth. Therefore, I am giving you the full truth about the process of reclamation of that which has apostatized from Me and is now to return to Me. Thus too, the coming into existence of the creation has been explained for you as well as the evolution of the entire spiritual that apostatized through the works of creation until the state of man, about whose coming into existence you have also learned. (*) However, every process of creation has taken place countless, times since I have no limitations and My power works incessantly. Besides, countless (*) God's Household, 3 vol.; The Great Gospel of' John, 10 vol.; revealed through Jakob Lorber in the 19th century. spiritual beings, whose number man cannot even imagine, are in need of the works of creation. Man sets himself limits, not least in his thinking, and therefore he is subject to wrong conclusions that can be corrected only by Me if My Spirit is allowed to work in him. Then enlightenment can be given, but only if desired, because this has nothing to do with the spiritual maturity of a person; it is given because it was requested and a prayer is thus fulfilled. Amen B.D. 5824 Dec.10, 1953 THE LIGHT OF TRUTH…. LAMPS WITHOUT OIL It is up to you to illuminate, to carry light into the darkness all around you where it is night without any light. It is night wherever pure truth is not to be found, where men walk in error and have yet been properly taught about spiritual things. It is night where the spirit of man, which alone enlightens the human heart, has not yet awakened to life. All the spiritual knowledge that may be offered you is of no value whilst you do not live within love. Until this happens, it remains only a barren knowledge. And if you look around, you will not find many who live love and, consequently, there will be little light. For only love can radiate light and knowledge becomes alive only when it has been animated by love. Wherever love is preached My primary law is proclaimed and there is also truth. There are the true representatives of Christ who speak out of My Spirit. Whether they are successful in inducing their listeners to fulfill the commandments of love is up to the latter, but the state of a person’s maturity depends solely upon how far he fulfills the commandments of love for Me and his fellow-men. On this also depends the enlightenment of his spirit, the gaining of full cognition, and, the inner enlightenment. To fulfill these commandments of love means - to live in accordance with My will - to move within My order from eternity - thus to achieve an inner change from evil to good. This alone is My will, and My true representatives on earth are to encourage people to fulfill it. This is the work in My vineyard which My servants are to carry out: to make known to men that only a life in love can perfect them, that only love can achieve a union with Me. Therefore, it is essential that whatever is offered men 'as a gospel' must serve no other purpose than the ennoblement of man - his 'transformation' to love. Then are My servants doing true vineyard-work. Why is there so little light on earth, although My Gospel is preached in the entire world? Maybe more stress is put on ceremonies than on preaching My Gospel? Is perhaps the preaching of the divine doctrine of love treated as 'unimportant' whilst 'other doctrines' are put first? And do people perhaps pay more attention to the later added teachings and commandments than to My original doctrine? Ponder on these questions and draw the right conclusions! Since I made the fulfillment of My commandments of love the precondition for the attainment of spiritual maturity, since spiritual aspiration reduces earthly distress or makes it altogether unnecessary, and since you now find in the world more earthly suffering than ever before, there must be something wrong with the spiritual upward development. From this it can only be concluded that the most essential requirement - to exercise love, of which I keep reminding men - is being neglected! The gospel of love is not being preached to men with sufficient emphasis. So there must be but few true representatives of My love-doctrine - only a few faithful servants working for Me on earth - although everybody believes himself to be working in My name. Too much stress is put on appearance and too little on truth. Where people should proclaim Me and they believe themselves to be doing it, there is death. There is no life left, nothing but traditional appearance, a mere reflection of what once shone brightly and full of vitality. As a result there is no life among men, no cognition, no truth, no spiritual progress; all that is left is a 'threadbare raiment' that is useless but is being' respected' in an exaggerated way. They are lamps without oil, falsely presented to men as 'illuminators’, but unable to give forth a single ray of light. Therefore, there is darkness everywhere. There is spiritual night all around, and only seldom a small light flares up. It is only seldom that a true representative of My Kingdom has access to the darkness with his light, but their light is going to shine brightly. They will be able to enlighten and present the truth: the light of knowledge that will be a blessing for everyone who seeks light. Amen Addition by publisher: Ps 43,3 O send out thy light and thy truth: let them lead me; let them bring me unto thy holy hill, and to thy tabernacles. B.D. 8758 February 20, 1964 WHO HAS THE RIGHT TO TEACH? A vast knowledge may be conveyed to you indirectly, but you will be able to comprehend it only according to your degree of love; for to be able to comprehend what you receive your Spirit must be awakened. For this an active life of love is the basis, which will make you receptive and capable of understanding. Therefore, spiritual knowledge cannot be conveyed to everyone in a scholastically way, it all depends on the individual person's level of recognition and to which extent he is willing to love, for every human being is capable of loving. If spiritual knowledge is conveyed to someone directly, this person has reached that level which enables him to comprehend what he is receiving. Such a comprehension is a prerequisite if he is also to teach for which I Myself prepare through My direct address. Explanations from such a person you people may accept without misgivings, for as My vessel, as a receptacle of My divine love-light he must himself be enlightened. In such a vessel no error can gain a footing as it would soon be revealed and rejected by one who wants nothing but to serve by passing on the truth from Me. You must realize that I always choose Myself a vessel for the reception of the spiritual flow from Me, for I know who Is capable of receiving the pure truth and defending it. And the intellect of such a person will be well able to recognize what is not in the interests of pure truth and what he can stand up for as a human being. His task is and will remain a connection link between Me and those men who are walking through life in darkness, but do want to find the truth. Mind this: only such people can receive the truth, that earnestly desires it. Not everyone though can receive the truth from Me directly, for I demand of such direct recipients of My Word what not everyone would fulfill. But when a person seeks the truth he will also receive it through such mediators to whom I can convey it directly. The latter will always be able to give the right interpretation; for being as My servant, active for Me and My Kingdom, he will at all times be taught by the Spirit within him, which is in constant union with Me, whenever he has to debate or teach subjects concerning spiritual knowledge. If he did not have this assurance that I protect him from error, the result could be a terrible confusion for as a human being he would be defeated by those representatives of adverse opinions who possess a sharp reasoning power and a great oratorical gift. A person who can be taught directly by Me through the Spirit is sanctioned as My servant and representative on earth and need fear no arguments, for whilst he is defending Me and My Word against his fellow-men, his thinking is guided by Me. This could not be any different as there cannot be room for error in a vessel chosen by Me. Therefore, he will resist the acceptance of error from his fellow-men, and endeavor to prove to them how wrong their thinking is. And he has truly a vast knowledge at his disposal and, provided his opponents seriously search for truth, he will emerge as a victor from every such debate. The direct transfer of My Word is a slow process of education for My servant. I introduce him to a knowledge he will comprehend because it is being offered in all wisdom and keeps deepening the extent of his recognition. Thanks to the reception of My Word he keeps gaining most profound knowledge, growing into a teacher well equipped to guide his fellowmen into truth. And only those who are searching for truth themselves and are endeavoring to live a life of love whilst loveless people will reject everything and rely solely on their intellect, which, however, does not suffice for spiritual knowledge, can again comprehend such knowledge. If you people would but believe that I want to speak to all of you and also do it if you will only listen to My servants who bring you My Word conveyed to earth directly. You would then accept it without misgivings and gain a lot, even if your way of life is still far from what it should be. However, you would be hearing repeatedly of the power of love and would be experiencing it as you do works of love. And your comprehension of spiritual knowledge would be growing; this would make you very happy and eventually give meaning to your life. Then I Myself could speak to you because you would be consciously opening your hearts to Me and invite Me in. Then I could communicate with you and you with Me, I could pass you the bread of life directly and give your soul to eat and drink, and you would be fulfilling the purpose of your life. Amen B.D. 8749 Feb. 10, 1964 A TEACHER IS EDUCATED BY GOD HIMSELF I shall fill in all the gaps in your knowledge as far as you need such knowledge. As human beings you are still incapable of penetrating into those most profound depths of wisdom where a high degree of perfection is needed which a being usually attains only in the spiritual realm where it can be fully enlightened by My love. On earth a person whom I entrust with a ministry must be equipped with sufficient spiritual knowledge such as will leave no gaps and will enable him to answer any questions that may be put to him. Whatever a man would like to know, he will always be able to obtain an answer from those whom I teach directly through the Spirit and who will have all the necessary knowledge. However, they, too, will be introduced to it slowly; I am always aware when they require certain knowledge to answer some questions. So I always prepare them answer in due time, or I answer questions directly - as when I invited you to ask Me for advice when a problem is bothering you. But you who wish to know things should always go to the source for there you have the guarantee that you are receiving the truth from Me. Do not allow ignorant people to teach you, those who have not been called to the ministry by Me. Everyone who wants to serve Me is welcome as a worker in My vineyard. However, I assign him to that particular place where he is most suited to work for Me. And so every, one of My servants has a different task. Not every worker in My vineyard can be teacher, but he can help to spread the truth by passing on the right doctrine and seeing to it that the truth out of Me is spread abroad. He can also, in order to pass on this doctrine verbally, render My directly conveyed word faithfully to his fellow men, which will radiate strength and show itself to be My direct address. But not everyone should think that he is fulfilling My will when he is making use of a knowledge received through My Word thinking to possess the right and ability to teach. He must first ask from the depth of his heart for enlightenment of his spirit, so that I Myself can speak through him, even if he should use his own words. Then his speech will be simple and clear and touch the heart of everyone of good will. But as soon as man begins to give intellectual interpretations, he is no longer passing My Word and will not have much success. Then he is not working in My vineyard because he himself is too much in the foreground, where he should leave the work to Me. A ministry requires constant direct instruction by Me, which provides the teacher with comprehension and a proper judgment that enables him to teach. When I convey My Word to earth directly so that it can be written down, then that which has been written must also be passed on to fellow men. For this task I need faithful servants who do everything to spread My Word, and I shall bless them for it because the spreading of 'My Word' during the final time before the end is the most effective counter-measure to curb the activity of My adversary who keeps endeavoring to keep men in utter darkness through falsehood and error. You shall help to spread the light abroad so that many people may gain strength through My Word to help them find their way out of the darkness. And verily, I choose the right servants that will fulfill the task assigned to them, each according to his ability and willingness. However, if a man should ask Me from the depth of his heart, I can also give him the ability to speak for Me and My Kingdom. Then he will, in a straightforward and simple way, bear witness for Me and endeavor to guide his fellow men to faith and love. He himself will live a life of love and as a result his spirit will be awakened so that I can use him as a mouthpiece and he renders with his own words what I make him say. These speeches will not sound scholarly; they will not be guided by the intellect, but come from the heart, for I only speak through the heart. When I, however, convey My Word to earth directly I Myself educate a suitable teacher whom I equip with a knowledge that he can comprehend it himself and pass it on to his fellow men. Then he is the right vessel into which My Spirit can flow. As man he also has the gift to enlighten a fellow man that seeks enlightenment. I have assigned him this task and he will work in accordance with My will and, consequently, he will be able to answer truthfully any questions put to him because he does not lack the necessary knowledge. Everyone who earnestly wishes to serve Me, I shall put in the right place assigning him his particular task, which he should perform as best he can and My blessing will always be with him and his work. Amen B.D. 5627 May1, 1953 FIGHT WITH THE SWORD OF THE TONGUE Take up the fight against everything, which spiritually has a tendency contrary to yours. Fight with the sword of the tongue for it is a 'holy combat'! You are fighters for Me and My Kingdom and while representing Me and My Word before the world everything that is against you spiritually is actually against Me. My pure gospel had to be proclaimed to mankind and for that purpose I sent My disciples into the world to teach all the nations who could win the Kingdom of God in no other way but through the pure gospel - the pure truth. This gospel proclaimed Me and shows the way to Me. As soon as truth is spoilt, the road to Me becomes a rough one; I am hard to recognize, men are no longer clear about the goal and, therefore, they do not strive for it. If now men are to be shown once again the road to eternal life, truth must first of all force its way out and it must be possible to recognize Me quite clearly. Only then will men again strive for the right goal and they will be able to reach Me, gain beatitude and everlasting life. I am the way, the truth and the life! And you, whom I have chosen and educated to be My disciples during the final time, you know the truth, you received it from Me and are aware of the dangers of error and of falsehood as well as of the great spiritual need in which people find them- selves who are not instructed in the truth. Therefore, error and falsehood are My great enemies and also yours, you who live within truth. You must oppose them, and I keep demanding of you to fight for Me and My doctrine with the sword of your tongue. You will make many enemies who will stand up for their false doctrines with conviction, but you can refute their false doctrines with pure truth and, unless they are open adherents of the prince of darkness, not seeking light and truth and fighting only for themselves and for power instead of for what they have "recognized as right, you will always be able to beat them. Your sword will be razor-sharp and you will be able to refute all that is wrong. My Spirit will guide you and will put the right words into your mouth. Thus I Myself am at your side as Commander-in-Chief, and truth will be victorious, but it may cost the enemy many a casualty as some would rather perish than abandon error and lose power. These are not concerned with pure truth; as representatives of My adversary they seek to darken the light which is held toward them. Therefore, they will perish in the battle which will have to be fought out at the end of this time, for the prince of darkness will be declaring war on Me, seeking to dethrone Me with falsehood and calumny. Then you will have to step forward and I will speak through you to those who are ruled and guided by My adversary, showing them the way to the goal -to everlasting life -a way which can only be walked through truth. Amen B.D. 8832 July 19, 1964 THE TASK OF FIGHTING FALSE DOCTRINES It is your task to oppose false doctrines, and I am giving you My proclamations in such a way that everyone can understand them clearly and recognize the absurdity of that which they have been taught, pro- vided they are willing. My special concern is for those who have already some doubts, and to those I will convey the truth. The others, however, who do not want to give up their church, will not recognize the pure truth if they receive it because they do not desire it. But it is still good for them you that nothing will benefit of their souls that does not its principle. And while you allowed speaking make use of and speak openly. You shall form an opinion of these doctrines and know that I Myself am the giver of the truth and that you are operating with knowledge out of Me which gives you every right to defend it. It is a gift from above which has already in itself the power to give cognition to those who do not resist it. And if you succeed in drawing people's attention to the error, a lot is already achieved, for such knowledge can incite doubts and shake their wrong beliefs. Pure truth gives a bright light to these who earnestly desire it, but only to those. They will not resist enlightenment. Therefore, it is My intention to help those who are willing to receive the truth. And there are many who are not satisfied with the traditional doctrines they are being offered, who are aware of a God who gave them life and sees to it that men may reach the goals set to them for their life on earth. They also know that there can be only one truth and that it must have its origin in Him Who is Eternal Truth Itself. As soon as they have cognition, it will be simple enough to convey to them knowledge which they will not resist because they recognize its origin from the true source. Therefore, you are to expose false doctrines relentlessly because it cannot lead men to beatitude. On the contrary, there is no blessing in it for men because they rejected the pure truth when it was offered to them. What I am offering you is intended for the spreading of pure truth, but it is up to you in what way you pass it on since everyone reacts differently. However, I shall bless whatever you do to help guide men into truth. Amen B.D. 8818 June 22, 1964 FIGHT AGAINST ERROR You will have to fight hard against the error, which has already saturated the World, and it could not be any different since God's adversary is ruling and influencing men’s intellect in accordance with his or her own will. Satan can influence them because their thinking has already turned away from God, and he will keep doing it to spread darkness among men in an endeavor to extinguish the light of truth. It would be quite easy to live within truth if people would only allow. God Himself to teach them; if He were admitted to all of them. Then, there would also be unity in men's thinking. But as things stand there is great confusion and people are not aware of the purpose of their life on earth: the maturing of the soul. All concepts have got confused! There are only a few to whom God Himself can offer the truth, enlightening their thinking so that they know the purpose of life on earth. These, however, are unable to get their message through and enlighten their fellow men by offering them the pure truth out of God and exposing the many errors that darken their spirit. Even in those circles were men want to serve God, the adversary is active through people in whom there are still traits similar to his own nature. All these also strive for truth; yet, they do not turn to God directly but seek to obtain it in a roundabout way. They associate with beings in the universe who belong to the adversary and who guide men in the wrong direction. As long as God Himself does not convey truth to the earth -which can also be done through beings of light possessing the knowledge and accepted by God - men cannot be offered pure truth and, time and again, they will have to come to terms with false doctrines. Darkness struggles against the light, and with the low spiritual level among men darkness will triumph and the will triumph and the end will be a re-encapsulation in matter. But while God Himself is still speaking to men, He delegates the recipients of His messages to be active in the spreading of the truth and take His Word to all who accept it. You need not be afraid if you meet hostility for He Himself is with you and will guide you to convey the light to all those who are in great need of it and who desire to move in pure truth. You, who are being taught by God - either directly or through His messengers - are fully aware of the fact that the doctrine is spoilt and no longer conforms to the words of Jesus Christ. It has been explained to you why erroneous thinking has crept in. Now, you are meant to pass on the pure doctrine as it is given to you, so truth is going to force its way. Whoever receives it must also spread it and do everything possible to expose error as the work of God's adversary. You will be helped in every way, since it is His will. He will direct your thoughts so that everyone is given that which he needs for the benefit of his soul. Error does not lead to Him; even if people are good and do not sin consciously, if their thinking, is wrong they will not gain beatitude in the beyond until they have recognized the pure truth and freed themselves from error and falsehood… for God Himself is eternal truth and only to be found through truth. Error and falsehood can never lead a person to the goal -the union with Him, the glorious everlasting life. Amen. B.D. 5335 March 12, 1952 SPECIAL MISSION: FIGHTING FOR TRUTH As a result of your readiness to serve, your mission is being carried out conscientiously making you true workers in My vineyard. Therefore, you have been given tasks not suitable for everyone as they require a special willingness and are of extreme importance. You shall fight for truth. Although it is most essential to preach love, as no can gain beatitude without love, spiritually enlightened people can handle the preaching ministry, even if they are not fighters. Everyone who has love can incite love. The fight for truth, however, requires special faculties: a knowledge of truth and a spirit prepared to fight for that which is right and true. In addition to these it needs an extremely strong faith in My Word, for man can only stand up for something he recognizes as the truth, where he has no doubts that it has been conveyed to him by the Eternal Truth. To enable him to stand up for truth, he himself must be firmly convinced, and this will be so, if he leads a life of love so that My Spirit can work within him. Thus love for his fellow men must induce him to bring them truth, too, and therefore he will attack falsehood and error zealously. Such servants I do need during the 'final time' on earth. This mission is so important that I shall help these servants in every way so as to prepare the field in which they are to work, that I help them in spiritual as well as material difficulties, smooth the way for them, strengthen them and urge them to more zealous spiritual activity to make their mission a success. It is hard for the light to penetrate falsehood and error. Where the field has grown weeds, good seeds cannot develop and such a field becomes useless for its owner. Therefore, My servants must first remove the weeds from the field, which is an extremely laborious task and requires perseverance and strength. Where falsehood and error have settled in human hearts the cleansing work will have to be carried out relentlessly. The representative of truth must unceasingly expose everything that is contrary to pure truth; therefore he must himself possess that which he wants to bring to his fellow men. He must not present the product of his own thinking, unless My Spirit enlightens him. A wonderful Working of My Spirit within him shall give him the assurance to fight courageously against error and falsehood. And he will know without doubt where there is error and falsehood. He will oppose it with pure truth and not allow himself to be disconcerted by opposition, hostility or persecution. He will fight with the sword of the tongue, boldly and fully convinced that he is right. I need such servants on earth who fear no one and serve their master devotedly. I need people with a strong faith and a firm will, with an absolute honesty and capacity to recognize great spiritual need. Wherever I find such servants I prepare them by conveying the truth to them, making them acquainted with their mission. I educate them to become fearless advocates. I enlighten their spirit so that they may clearly recognize where and when they have to set to work, where and when they will be facing falsehood and error that they might publicly denounce them. Not every worker in my vineyard is fit to this task because the opposition has already grown too strong; many people feel happy in falsehood, which allows them a comfortable life, whilst pure truth demands self-denial, which is often unpalatable. Knowing this, My servant must relentlessly reveal the consequences of false doctrines erroneous thinking, and he must not be afraid to tell the truth to the faces of the exponents of error…. for a good seed can be sown and ripen only after the field has been cleared of weeds which are useless and which must be relentlessly destroyed. Truth will and must force its way and, therefore, I shall bless every supporter of truth and sustain his work for Me and My Kingdom, and I shall smooth his earthly way, so that, without hindrance, he can perform the task for which I have chosen him. Amen B.D. 5764 Sept. 8, 1953 IT IS EASIER TO CONVEY THE TRUTH TO THE IGNORANT THAN TO THE ERRING It is difficult to enlighten people who hold erroneous concepts while they are convinced that their beliefs represent the truth, whereas a completely ignorant person will accept any offered knowledge willingly and happily if it appears to enlighten him. One who believes himself to possess the truth cannot easily be convinced that his thinking is wrong, and it is even harder to convey to him a different doctrine because he will stick to his original belief and be prepared only to accept something new if he begins to doubt. And so you find among your fellow men those without any faith, who live a purely worldly life, and those who believe to be religious and advocate their faith with zeal but who defend something that is far from the truth. The first are more numerous and, owing to their disbelief, their situation is deplorable because they do not seek any contact with that world which is their true home and which is their destination. The believers, however, do think about spiritual things, notwithstanding their false doctrines and erroneous concepts. The latter have just to be rectified, and here on earth as well as in the beyond they are often given the opportunity for that; but it is solely their free will that determines their mental trend. To those who are total disbelievers spiritual knowledge must be conveyed, they must be induced to ponder. First of all they must be acquainted with the reality of the spiritual world and its plausibility and, if the spiritual knowledge is offered to them in the right way, they can be won for it. The more a person has alienated himself from the ecclesiastical beliefs, the harder it is to convey to him even the true church doctrines. However, there is a successful approach to everyone, but it requires a vast knowledge to win such people and, eventually, lead them to where they can find God. Their disbelief does not always prove their remoteness from God. They may have been forced into disbelief through false teachings, which their intellect could not accept and which resulted in complete rejection of everything. These people must be helped again by their intellect to recognize the truth. Then they will become defenders of the truth and remain firm in their conviction. Both, heart and intellect must be capable of accepting spiritual knowledge. The truth that originates from God will stand up to any intellectual test and does not require blind faith, whilst erroneous concepts and false doctrines will not withstand a serious test by the intellect. Therefore, they demand blind faith, which can never be the will of God. It is much easier for the skeptic to arrive at the truth than for those who do not seek the truth because they believe they have it; who do not make use of their intellect but accept everything without probing its origin. Amen B.D. 8238 August 12, 1962 ECCLESIASTICAL ORGANIZATIONS There is still a lot I have to tell you because there is still much error to be eliminated if you people want to walk in truth. However, My Spirit can be active only to a limited extent depending upon the state of your maturity. In order to be able to receive a knowledge, which is still quite new to you, the recipient must surrender to Me so trustingly that My Spirit can flow into him unimpeded. You will ask why I allowed such a considerable contamination of the truth -which originally came from Me- resulting in this great spiritual darkness of mankind. In reply to this I must repeat that man's free will resists any limitation if he belongs to My adversary whose will he fulfills on earth. Since it is My adversary’s objective to prevent men on earth from recognizing their God and Creator, and he is anxious to extinguish or dim any light from Me, and has the same right to influence men's will, truth will always be contaminated eventually. My adversary wants to distort My image. He wants to represent Me to men in such a way that they cannot love Me, and in order to achieve this he leaves no stone unturned. When I had completed My work of salvation on earth, My pure gospel was spread abroad by My disciples. They had received truth in its purest form directly from Me and passed it on quite as pure because they where enlightened by the Spirit. However, people differed. Their souls were still burdened by the original sin and they were also still a part of My adversary although he could not force them to surrender completely to him. Their hereditary evils -arrogance and lust for power - had still a firm hold on them and he also used them to sow dissention among the followers of My doctrine of the pure gospel. So some became prominent, founded organizations, promoted themselves to be administrators and thus erected a structure with many worldly interests in which My adversary had a hand, whose greatest objective was to undermine the truth of the gospel. Thus the light kept on becoming dimmer and adverse influences set up 'other doctrines' which were not recognized as false, but were ardently defended as having been conveyed by Me to those leaders who then demanded faithfulness to them by every member of that organization, which duly became extremely powerful. Everyone could and should have recognized that a structure, where people wanted to dominate, could never have been erected by Me; My doctrine being to serve in love. The activity of My adversary promotes lust for power and the wish to dominate, and everyone can still form an opinion today as to where these characteristics can clearly be detected. However, you have your free will. If I had destroyed such organizations with My might, I would have interfered with man's free will, because the maturing of the soul during its life on earth must be the act of a completely free will if man is to gain perfection. My adversary has erected a ‘deception’, which has caused much harm to the souls of men. However, I equipped man with his intellect and provided him with plenty of grace. I gave him the grace of prayer and bent so near to men that they could call to Me in prayer. And if they had prayed only for truth and protection from error, their spirit would have been truly enlightened and they could never have got entangled in falsehood and error. Everyone should think, for that is what he has received his intellect for. If he does not think, it is his own fault if he becomes far removed from truth -if he has allowed himself to be captivated by false doctrines. Every human being is My creature and is meant to attain maturity through his life on earth. I long for his return to Me and shall give him every chance, but he must make use of it by his own free will. This I do not force, and My adversary cannot do it either. In view of all this you should understand that I keep conveying the pure truth to men. I see to it that false doctrines are exposed and proved to be false, so that anyone who earnestly desires it can walk in truth. But he must make every effort to free himself from the structure of falsehood erected by the one who will always endeavor to increase the darkness on earth and employ every possible means to extinguish the light. However, it is hard to get through with truth because men's thinking is already so distorted that it cannot free itself from the traditional ideas, and therefore every bearer of light whom I have commissioned to spread My light, will be attacked. But while men have not been given full explanation, there can be no clarity and men will keep fighting each other unless they come to Me with an sincere desire for truth. Only then they will receive a light and seek to free themselves from a doctrine, which they have defended as the truth, but which is a product of him who opposes truth because he is My adversary. Amen B.D. 6402 Nov.15, 1955 THE BUILDING OF CHURCHES It is not in accordance with My will if ostentatious and splendid buildings are erected for Me at a time when it is particularly important that men's eyes are directed inward and not towards things that are still of the world and do not induce striving for My Kingdom with its splendor and magnificence. Everything that captivates your eyes or appeals to your senses prevents you from introspection, from the contemplation of your inner self, which is so essential for you because the end is not far. I have to keep repeating to you that My Kingdom is not of this world. Why do you think that you have to honor Me by magnificent buildings? Why do you always aim at outward things instead of working on your souls with much more zeal? You men still do not understand that I am not to be found where you want to put Me. You all can experience My presence within you. You have in yourselves the place where I want to be. To every one of you I am as near as he wants Me to be, and he has the power to draw Me towards him if he only fulfills My sole demand to transform his heart to love. For 'who abides in love, abides in Me and I in him!' Love alone secures My presence for you, and I can never be where you seek Me if your heart is not alight with love. Therefore, it is foolish to want to build houses for Me which serve no other purpose than to assemble at certain times people who live in false ideas. For those who want to communicate with Me can do that in their hearts anywhere. They need no assembly halls that impress the eye and make meditation impossible. I am everywhere where My Word is conveyed to you, where you can hear a sermon that appeals to your heart; there I am and there I speak through the proclaimer of My Word to those who want to hear Me. To hear My Word is the most important thing for you who are so close to the end but still so far from Me. Only that which is able to awaken the soul from its slumber has My approval and My blessing. How can your soul awaken to life through outward performances, through worldly pomp and splendor, through constant delights of the ear and the eye, through all that affects the external senses, but cannot give life to the soul? Only love can awaken and heal the soul and, therefore, love should take precedence over all other things. Love must be preached and lived, for which there is plenty of opportunity. A soul that receives love, which inspires mutual love, has much more chance of finding its way to God. Do well to your fellow man, ease his burden, seek to help in every possible way. You shall look after your fellow man spiritually and materially and give him what he needs, but not erect dead structures which cannot be in accordance with My will because, while the material need on earth is so great, I would find it much more pleasing if you relieved that. What good do you think you are doing Me? All the riches in the world are My property which must be saved from the fetters of My adversary, but you exile it even more firmly. You want to erect structures that shall last forever; do you think you honor Me thereby? If My love did not have mercy upon all this unredeemed spiritual entities, their suffering would be inconceivably prolonged by the will of man, who does not as yet comprehend the meaning of life, but assumes the right to be a spiritual leader to his fellow men. You are close to the end and therefore let My Words admonish you most forcibly. You who suggest and promote this, contribute to it so that many souls continue their sleep of the dead, from which they can only be awakened by My living Word which teaches love. Love must be preached and lived, and every one of you will know where an act of love is needed. All around you there is need and distress, which must be relieved before I can bless your actions. Amen B.D. 4519 Dec. 21, 1948 GOD IS NOT PRESENT IN DEAD MATTER You should understand that I do not abide in limited, specially designed places in earthly matter, at certain places during certain times, but that I am everywhere where a heart is developing love. Only a loving heart can claim to possess Me, to be blessed by My presence. For My primary substance is love and consequently, I can only be where love is manifesting itself. A material vessel can never be the holder of My Eternal Spirit. Such an assumption can only be the product of 'spiritually blind men' who have a completely wrong conception of My Being, which fills the whole of infinity with its omnipresence and which can never be contained in a limited vessel, as men are being taught. What is mankind making out of the eternal Godhead? Such a belief demonstrates extreme spiritual poverty and how far people are kept away from truth through misinformed teachers! How can a spirit that controls infinity make its abode within a material form, which, as the spiritually awakened person knows, contains that part of the spiritual, which is still on a very low level of development! If I visit the heart of a person I am making contact with the spiritual in its final stage of development. I fill the soul -the spiritual in man -with the power of My love, My personal emanation. And the influx of strength increases in accordance with the willingness of a person to love and thus fills the entire heart. Then I Myself am present in that person; I take possession of him as he harbors Me in all fullness. Why should I dwell in a vessel which is still dead, which in fact is part of the spiritual opposing Me? My presence would cause any shape to melt as it is irradiated by the power of my love, and every thinking person should recognize the absurdity of such a doctrine and reject it. However, human beings are very foolish, they do not want to, be taught but stick to what they are ordered to believe! They hold a dead object in veneration which they themselves credit with contents supposedly representing the supreme and most venerable Being! A pure human heart capable of love is the only temple wherein I Myself can make My abode and therefore, I must not be sought in particular places at certain times in a particular form, but instead everyone should prepare himself to become a suitable vessel for Me, i.e., everyone should develop love in his heart. Then I as ETERNAL LOVE shall make My abode within him. Amen B.D. 5456 August 4,1952 ONE TRUE CHURCH There is no 'one true church' if an organization is meant by it. Whoever belongs to the church, which I Myself established on earth will also gain beatitude. This is guaranteed him alone by the fact that he is a member of My church and as a result lives within the faith, which through love has become a 'living' faith. The church does not ensure man's beatitude, but rather his faith and love. These may be lacking all together - although a person may belong to a church that was established by men and, as the 'one true church', was supposed to have been founded by Me. Of course, true members of My church may come forth from every church or spiritual movement because faith and love are the only deciding factors. But no one can be a member of My church who lacks these characteristics: the working of My Spirit based upon faith and love. 'My Kingdom is not of this world', that is what I told the men of this world. My words had a spiritual meaning as they where meant to help establish 'My Spiritual Kingdom'. They referred to the kingdom outside of this world - which is everlasting. That which I demanded of, men was to secure for them an everlasting life in the spiritual kingdom. My commandments were to be fulfilled on earth, but not with earthly actions in which the soul did not participate. On the contrary: the soul had to fulfill My will. The soul has to transform itself, and if it strives for this faithfully, it is already a member of My church. Then will man already have faith and it is My Spirit that will urge him to strive and My voice which he will hear and endeavor to follow. This working of My Spirit is proof of the membership of My church, which gives beatitude. I brought the pure gospel to mankind. I enlightened men about everything that is needed to enter My Kingdom, which is not from this world. I taught them love for their fellow men, thus showing them the way to the realm of bliss. I gathered around Me all those who so far had been incorrectly taught. I was their minister, representing My church, wishing to convey to those who listened its blessed influence. Thus I founded the 'true church' while I walked on earth admitting into it everyone: Jews, Gentiles, publicans and sinners, all of whom believed in Me, accepting My doctrine and living accordingly. To those I also sent, after My death, My Spirit - the distinctive mark of My church that cannot be prevailed over by the gates of Hell. Where is the ‘working of the Spirit' in that church, which calls itself the ‘one true church'? My Spirit can be active there, too, provided that a connection with My church has been established; for I alone pour out My Spirit and always where the preconditions have been fulfilled which result in the working of My Spirit. There also, the 'true church of Christ' will be recognizable, for whatever' may be undertaken against its members, it will not be possible to prevail over or suppress them, even if the very hell proceeded against them. My church is unconquerable because it is 'My work' and the spiritual church, which alone leads to beatitude. Its members cannot be apparent Christians, for as such they would be excluding themselves from the community of the faithful and they could not be true followers of Christ and faithful representatives of My name when they are put to the test. This test of their faith will be required of them; it will be required of all those who call themselves believers, and then it will be clear who is a member of the true church -the church which I Myself have founded. Then it will become apparent where My Spirit is active and what strength it can give to those who are attacked for the sake of My name, but who gladly avow Me before the world whenever this is demanded. Then it will also become apparent how little of its promises that church keeps which calls itself 'the only true one', how all those will revolt who are its members, but not members of My church, who now recognize its weakness, but do not recognize the spiritual value of a church which is built on a faith as strong as that of Peter's. Every one of My Words was and is to be understood spiritually and can only be understood when My Spirit can work within a person. Then his faith is alive and he will strive for a kingdom that is not of this world. Amen B.D. 8829 July 13, 1964 PRETENTED WORSHIP How important it is to enlighten you regarding the contamination of the doctrine supposed to be from Me is shown by the fact that people generally observe that which has been added by man ignoring My teaching. I must stress again and again that only the doctrine of love is the essence of My Gospel. When you realize that the sole purpose of your earthly life is your transformation to love, you will comprehend the significance of My love-doctrine and free yourselves from all ceremony which in My eyes is nothing but ceremony, worthless formalities. How much time people waste with pretended worship, performing all the rites from habit, with a shallow spirit, not making the least effort to practice love, the only commandment I taught mankind as I walked over the earth! And that this is so due to the fact that love has died among men. What then is the use of I divine services' where you fulfill duties, which I cannot value! And you believe you can make up for all your loveless actions by more eager church going and performing rites that are invented by men. You believe that you think and act righteously, but you are in error, for there is no one among you who listens to the voice of the Spirit. This is so because you are exposed to adverse influences causing you to refrain from forming your own opinion, thus preventing you from finding the truth. And this applies also to you who describe yourselves as ‘leaders’ of men, but prevent them from allowing the Spirit to work within them. For what the Spirit would teach men is quite contrary to your system, yet you call a man taught by the Spirit a 'heretic' whilst in fact he is My disciple, who is called to bring the truth to men, chosen by Me as a vessel for the reception of My Spirit in order to reveal this truth to you. You men should only turn towards love, fight self-love and practice love for your neighbor. Then you will experience a blessing that is supreme. Your thinking will be right, your spirit will teach you from within and you will free yourselves from false doctrines. You will more often seek solitude and receive a richer blessing than by the divine service in which you now participate. He who has love will also recognize error as the work of man, except when he believes in it so profoundly and lively that I shall not spoil such a faith which brings him so close to Me that he wants to do everything he believes to be good before My eyes. Such people I shall judge according to the degree of their love and give them sudden enlightenment as they depart from this earth. However, such people are scarce, most just observe the rites while their faith is dead. This cannot come alive because they lack love, which quickens faith. Although I keep preaching love from above, men have become so unspiritual that they do not listen to what I have to say. Therefore, they will perish on the Day of' Judgment, for without love no one can attain beatitude! Amen B.D. 5571 March 7, 1953 TRUE WORSHIP…. FORMALITIES In all churches where I am proclaimed you learn the basic doctrines that can guide you to eternal beatitude. If you only hear them and let them fade away, they will be of little use to you; but if you allow them to penetrate to your heart, the seed will be fertilized and grow, soon covering the whole field - your heart - with abundant vegetation. Life is awakened in you and Christ's doctrine, MY WORD, which was preached to you, yields glorious fruit. Your soul matures and you are on your way to perfection. Therefore, every church that brings My Word to you can help you to achieve maturity. However, the prerequisite is the acceptance of My Word, which is being offered to you wherever Christ's doctrine, conveying to you knowledge about JESUS CHRIST, the Son of God and Savior of the world, is preached. You humans can achieve beatitude solely through JESUS CHRIST. Consequently, you have to be informed about Him and His work of salvation. And since you can gain perfection only through fulfilling His commandments of love, you have to be instructed in His doctrine. It is of no importance where and how this doctrine is submitted to you, but that it is done is most essential. Therefore bless all the proclaimers of My Word, who seek to bring Me closer to men, who bear witness of Me who walked on earth, as Jesus Christ, and brought salvation to mankind. Everything that helps to acquaint men with My suffering and death on the cross, with My incarnation and work of salvation, that helps to spur them on towards imitation of Jesus, towards a life of selfless love of their fellow-men, that is also in accordance with My will and is blessed by Me, what- ever spiritual movement may be behind it. However, what exceeds this, what does not agree with My doctrine of love and is felt as a burden because it interferes with the free will of men, everything that contradicts My simple life on earth and was at a later date added to My divine commandments of love, that I dislike, and it is not suited for the education of true members of the church which I Myself established on earth. Where love is being taught it must also be lived, i.e., where there is need or distress it must be alleviated and he whom I have given material wealth shall use it in the service of his fellow men to the best of his ability. If this first commandment is disregarded, no blessing can come of it even if My love doctrine is preached. For then they are nothing but idle words and no change of heart has taken place. Then My Word has not yet penetrated to the heart and has not become alive in the heart of that person, for it is the seed that fell on stony ground and could not grow. An eternal life in beatitude can only be gained through love, and only where this doctrine is preached to men affectingly is My Gospel being proclaimed truly. And where My love-doctrine is actually lived, there I am truly being worshipped, and such a worship pleases Me and gains you unexpected blessing. Amen B.D. 5982 June 22, 1951 SPOILED DOCTRINE…. COMMANDMENT OF LOVE You are being taught the pure gospel and are learning to recognize the difference between My pure gospel and that which is now being taught on earth as My Word. You learn to recognize that My Word has been changed insofar as it is being interpreted and, consequently, observed in the wrong way so that only slight attention is paid to what is essential whilst the inessential is stressed; the result is rather a poor spiritual advance. I showed mankind the only practical way teaching and living in accordance with My teaching, thus walking the path that all men should walk to come to Me. It is the path of love, which alone can secure heaven for a person, i.e., so that after his physical death he can enter the spheres of light where his soul will have a blissful existence close to Me. Now there is a deviation from My doctrine which can only be found hidden beneath a structure of man-made additions, wrong interpretation and the observance of unimportant commandments, which were never given men by Me and present the great danger that the only essential commandment is disregarded and thus remains unfulfilled. What good does it do you people if you castigate yourselves, if you perform compulsory rites or worship Me with your lips and if you do not recognize the commandment of love as the foremost and fulfill it? You believe to worship Me with countless ceremonies, but you can only worship Me if you do what I demand of you - love Me and your fellow men! As long as you still find a lack of love, when looking at yourselves - honestly, you are not yet on the right path, even if you keep bending your knees and crossing yourselves. This is demanded by men and performed only for men whom you want to convince of your piety. But you are far from true piety as long as you do not give your fellow-men that love which proves your love for Me, or while you let your neighbors live in greatest need and distress without trying to help, or indulge in outward gestures paying homage to the world through mundane pomp - through all that for which you invented the term: 'in the honor of God'. I do not want to be worshipped in such a way while there is still misery crying to Me which you could alleviate if you engraved My command-ments of love in your heart. Whilst I was walking on earth, I cared for the needy, the poor, the sick and the oppressed. You who claim to be “My follower on earth”, what are you doing for the poor, sick and oppressed? As long as you could help but do not, your are not My true followers, whether or not you call that yourselves. I rate only the fulfillment of My commandments of love because everything else: profound faith, recognition of the truth, union with Me and, finally, everlasting bliss, results from love and can never be gained without love, and this makes it obvious why the spiritual need on earth is so great and why people have no faith and walk in error. My pure doctrine is the doctrine of love, which I taught on earth. When this is taught and practiced, men move within truth and have entered the path of the imitation of Jesus. But if you disregard these commandments, no amount of outward performance will help your soul. You will remain in error and thus pass into the spiritual world. For I rate nothing but the degree of love attained by your soul until the hour of your death. Amen B.D. 8845 August 26,1964 AN INTERPRETATION OF THE DIVINE WORD The 'divine word' has been subjected to many changes, and this is still going on, so that My words were not futile when I said: 'I shall guide you into truth'. I knew that My Word would not remain unchanged, and therefore I promised to send My Spirit to those who kept seeking the 'pure truth' and made it possible for Me to reveal Myself to them. As far as possible I have protected My Word from distortions so that My teachings could retain their deep significance. However, My Word has always been wrongly interpreted, and this resulted in false doctrines against which I keep struggling and convey to men the correct explanation. And so it will no longer be of consequence whether, and to what extent, the writers of the gospels were commissioned by Me, but solely what you people have made of the words that where written with the best intentions and with the will to serve Me. Even My scribe John has been unable to ensure that the original text was not changed by men and that the translations were not without error so, consequently, they were interpreted in different ways. That is the reason why My words, which were preserved in the original texts, got quite different interpretations; they were usually spoken by My disciples and they were intended to be passed on. These, however, understood My Word in its spiritual meaning but in the course of time this was covered up by worldly concepts. Therefore, in view of the many translations that were carried out during this time, the gospels could not possibly be preserved in their original form. And if a spiritually awakened man had pointed out the errors when he recognized them, he would have been denounced as a 'heretic'. If My adversary has even succeeded in spoiling the prayer - I Myself taught you to an extent that it presents My nature incorrectly and men have not detected it themselves - it only shows how well he has made use of their spiritual ignorance and blindness. And thus today, even the words ‘working of My Spirit within man' have not been sufficiently clarified. My representatives on earth are still arguing as to whether the words I spoke to My disciples were meant for these alone or for all men and whether everybody should heed them. But I keep con- veying the pure truth to the earth, so that it is not important whether the original texts were preserved intact, because I knew what changes would creep in and kept giving enlightenment wherever it was necessary and the churches were faced with schisms based on difference of opinions. Such schisms always took place when My representatives on earth disagreed, when each one believed himself to have the right interpretation of My Word and a quarrel ensued. They could not change My Word, but succeeded in changing its meaning. A number of fundamental words of Mine were misinterpreted, and this resulted in one division after another and the establishment of many sects, each with different problems, but with none of their followers knowing anything about the working of My Spirit, or he would have undoubtedly turned to Me for enlightenment. If I want to give clarification once again and inform men of My will, I have to find a vessel that puts itself at My disposal to which I can speak Myself and through which I tell men how I want My Word to be understood. Today, the confusion is greater than ever, and everyone interprets My Word as it pleases him. If men are to be given light, then this can only be done through 'inner illumination', so that men may be taught by Me directly and can defend their knowledge against their fellow-men with conviction. Then every question is answered and every problem solved and you will be 'guided into truth' as I have promised. Amen B.D. 8769 March 3,1964 WHICH KNOWLEDGE IS DROSS? You who are to stand up for Me and My Word shall be instructed properly. You shall learn everything that is needed in order to be able to teach and answer every question and objection. And this knowledge is 'not imperfect', even if you cannot be given every detail because the most profound wisdom is incomprehensible for you. However, you will be introduced to all the correlations and be enlightened again and again to make you better informed. But I shall convey to you only what you really need, since I know best which knowledge to withhold from you as it would serve no purpose for your life on earth. If you men feel that you lack something, you like to use empty phrases rather than asking Me to give you that which is missing. Thus you often use the phrase: 'Your knowledge is imperfect... ", which is quite true if you look all mankind in general, at those who possess a sharp intellect but use it only to solve earthly problems. These, while they are not taught by the spirit within them, will indeed, have a very imperfect knowledge but where those are concerned, who are commissioned by Me to spread the truth, they are sure to be well prepared and educated for their mission, and I will convey to them whatever they should need for their task. There your objection is quite unjustified, for they will be able to answer all your questions, unless you defend an error, which you too claim to have been taught by Me. In such a case, however, I shall intervene and give you the right explanation for there is nothing, which you cannot ask Me to clarify for you. I wish mankind to walk in truth and therefore, I shall also convey complete spiritual knowledge to those who are to work for Me and spread the truth! The argument that the Book of Books does not contain some of the knowledge, which I submit to you, is justified only insofar as it cannot contain everything since it is accessible to all, but not everyone is capable of receiving more profound truths. The individual's way of life determines the extent to which he will understand the contents of the Scriptures. And the willing and more mature person will always be able to find a deeper meaning in the texts than the one whose spirit is unawakened. And because the Book of the Fathers is no longer for men what it should be: My Word ... I reveal Myself again to those who accept My working within them and enlighten them about things which are not mentioned in that book, but about which everyone could learn who, in accordance with the Scriptures, completely surrendered to My will and lived a life of love. Until you do that, your knowledge will remain ‘imperfect’ since your are only ‘readers’ and not ‘doers’ of My Word. While this is so, you will have to be satisfied with a partial knowledge, but you can augment it if you earnestly desire so. As far as I am concerned, I want you to wall in the light and escape the darkness. And light is true knowledge. Whatever I give you, I give without limitation depending on your maturity and your willingness to receive. And if I give this assurance already to everyone who fulfills My will and lives a life of love, I shall all the more convey a vast knowledge to him, whom I appoint as a teacher for his fellow-men and whom I Myself train for his teaching activity. A teacher has to be able to answer every question that is put to him. He must have an explanation for everything and he must - and will - be properly guided in his thinking, or else he would be unable to act on My behalf as My representative on earth who teaches men in My place but always using My doctrine. As he teaches, he no longer speaks of himself but uses My words which I put into his mouth. And surely, I cannot be described as ignorant! Therefore, My representative on earth must obtain his wisdom from Me because he speaks on My behalf' - 'in My place'. It all depends on who must be accepted as My true representative on earth - and you will soon be able to judge correctly. Wherever profound wisdom becomes evident, this can have been conveyed only through My Spirit, and wherever My Spirit is working - where I can speak directly to a person -there is also the guarantee that a missionary work is being done for which I Myself have chosen My servant whom I will support in the fulfillment of his mission. From such a person you will always be able to obtain enlightenment for, as you accept him as My representative on earth, you turn to Me directly and I Myself can teach you since you have become receptive to My explanations. Amen B.D. 8540 June25, 1963 THE LORD LOOKS AFTER HIS SERVANTS I am always prepared to relieve you of worldly cares if you want to work as My servants in My vineyard. Without Me you can do nothing! So My blessing must be with your work if it is to be successful. And since you strive only for spiritual successes, since you are willing to serve Me in your love for Me and your fellow-men, you may be sure of My blessing and My support. You will always be guided in the way I consider good and successful for your own soul as well as for the souls of your fellow men. And I will keep guiding your thinking so that it will move within My will and so that you will always fulfill My will. Whatever you may want to do, it will comply with My will because, by surrendering to Me, you have taken refuge with Me and shall always have My protection. If you encounter worldly difficulties and think that you are no longer able to work for Me and My Kingdom, place your trust in Me, because nothing is impossible for Me. There is nothing you could not ask of Me. My might is unlimited and My love is boundless. My wisdom knows the ‘pros and cons’ and will dispose of everything in such a way that it is of benefit. You do not realize how much I need you people who work only for Me and My Kingdom; you do not know how extremely valuable your work is, since it concerns the salvation of erring souls! I shall not take any servant of mine away from the earth before he has completed his task set by Me following his decision to work on earth for Me and My Kingdom. And when his missionary work on earth is fulfilled, he can leave everything else to Me. I shall fill every gap because I know whose love for Me and his fellow men is strong enough to enable him to take your place. In everything that happens to you, you will recognize My hand and My guidance, and this will make you very happy. However, I do not often work in an unusual way because I do no want to interfere with your freedom of will. In view of this, unconditional submission to Me is the most important and the only thing that I demand of you, although I can work in an unusual way - within the limits of the natural - you must not be coerced. Where it is necessary, I bring together those who are Mine that they may help each other and work together for Me. and My Kingdom. I only expect you to have confidence in My guidance and then you will experience it quite emphatically. Keep in mind that you are still living as men among men and that I cannot openly testify how pleased I am with your spiritual aspirations, as I would then compel your fellow men to believe in miracles. As it is, things happen quietly and approach you in accordance with My will, and you need not worry about them, except that you should ask Me every morning for strength and blessing for the day ahead. And you are sure to receive abundantly, for I am a good householder who lovingly looks after all his servants and gives them whatever they need for body and soul. But I am also like a father who endeavors to draw his child closer towards him, and I keep proving to you My paternal love which causes your love to blaze so that increasingly you seek My nearness and the protection of My paternal arms. Let things approach you and do not worry, for I look after you and I know what you need in order to serve Me in accordance with My will. Amen B.D. 7647 July 12 – 14, 1960 ST. JOHN 21, VERSE 25 To those who are Mine, I give a light if they earnestly desire it! In My plan from eternity there are many things hidden from men. Unlimited knowledge is always a sign of the greatest maturity of' the soul, for as love increases, so does knowledge, too. I am aware from eternity what a degree of love men will achieve, and therefore I did not say more during My life on earth than men could comprehend, for the comprehension of the most profound knowledge depends upon the degree of their love. However, I spoke of many more things, which have not been passed on. There were also people around me who were filled with love and capable of comprehending and accepting a deeper knowledge. But I kept repeating one doctrine: the commandments of love. I always urged men to live a life of love. This doctrine of love is still today 'My Gospel 'which must be submitted to all men of good will. A person's degree of spiritual maturity depends solely upon the way he fulfills My commandments of love, and on his maturity depends the degree of knowledge he possesses. Love guarantees true knowledge that can penetrate into the greatest depths. And the more a person is transformed to love, the more strange knowledge he could receive if he so desired it. However, there were not many people who desired knowledge. Usually they where satisfied with the knowledge that was handed down and could be found in the Book of Books. But the knowledge comprising the truth out of God is inexhaustible, and it cannot be limited, since I, as the most perfect being, know no limitation and thus do not limit the knowledge of man, if he earnestly strives for perfection and changes completely to love. Then will he learn about things, which are not to be found in any book, he will keep penetrating deeper into divine wisdom and this astonishment will be without end. It would be foolish to make such knowledge accessible to all people through books, for it requires a high degree of spiritual maturity to comprehend it, which only a few people on earth posses. However, it can be gained, and therefore My commandments of love must be pointed out to people time and again because these can gain them the maturity of their soul. Although life on earth is short, it suffices for the attainment of a high degree of maturity. Therefore, a person can depart from earth with a high degree of cognition, if he has fulfilled those commandments of love with zeal. For then I reveal Myself to him, put the right thoughts into his heart or convey to him the truth through the Inner Word. Then he will exceed that knowledge which he gained through learning or the work of his intellect, but he will also recognize that the truth is contained in the Book of Books because he will be reading it with an en- lightened spirit, realizing that alterations have occurred due to intellectual thoughts of men which can be detected and rectified only by an enlightened spirit. ‘Who loves Me and keeps My commandments, to him I will come, and reveal Myself...' And I shall truly guide him into truth and' give him the right understanding. That which is not essential to know for the life on earth and which was, therefore, kept hidden, shall now in the 'final time' be revealed to all those who want to be Mine. To them I reveal My plan of salvation from eternity, for I want them to understand the gravity of this time; they shall know what is ahead of them and be admonished and warned in all love to think of the end and prepare themselves for it. Therefore, knowledge is now conveyed to men, which they will believe and accept or reject according to their degree of love. They will not be forced to accept it, but they shall think about it. Because they ignore the Book of Books, they shall receive My Word, which teaches love and at the same time reveals to them more of My plan of salvation, because - the end of time has come. I will now submit to men a knowledge, which is unbearable to them if their faith is weak or has completely vanished, so that only those, whose faith is strong, will heed this and learn about My plan of salvation from eternity. I am now revealing Myself to them telling them that whatever seers and prophets have proclaimed since the beginning of this salvation period, is now being fulfilled. For this period must also come to an end and the future must become the present. And those whose spirit is enlightened will find it to be in full accordance with the Scriptures, for what comes from Me will always agree and never contradict itself. And just as the harvest is the end of a farmer's efforts I, too, shall reap in the end and gather in the souls that have matured on this, earth for a life in the spiritual kingdom or on the new earth, whatever My wisdom and love, sees fit: I shall judge the living and the dead. I shall place everything where it belongs according to its state of maturity! This will also mean that many people who failed in their temporal life and sank back into the state of death shall again be enclosed into hard matter from where they will have to find their wav back into life gradually through endless times. But nothing shall be lost forever and also that which has sunk the deepest will at some time come back to life, which it will not lose ever again. Amen Addition by publisher: 1Jo 4,16 And we have known and believed the love that God hath to us. God is love; and he that dwelleth in love dwelleth in God, and God in him. 8