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Path to unity through love 
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 I will guide you into truth I jc  101.7KB  Bertha Dudde a.D. *1891 - 1965     

I will guide you
Part 1

Revealed through the Inner Voice
to Bertha Dudde in accordance
with the promise of John 14:21


This booklet contains a small selection out of the 9030 revelations received from the LORD by one of HIS scribes and handmaids, Bertha Dudde.

Bertha Dudde was born in Liegnitz, Germany. She worked as a seamstress to help support her parents and seven brothers and sisters and was therefore prevented from continuing her education beyond grammar school. Coming from mixed Roman Catholic and Protestant parentage she received little religious education and knew nothing about the Bible although there was a deep desire for the Truth in her heart.

Often when she prayed the Lord's Prayer she would beseech the Lord to allow her to find His Kingdom. In 1937, at the age of 47 she began receiving revelations from the Lord through the &quot;Inner Word&quot;. After sincere prayer and quiet devotion the Lord spoke to her inner being and she wrote down word for word what she heard. This continued almost daily until her death in 1965.

The publication of these messages began in Germany shortly after her passing away and in 1978 has begun to be translated into English.

Publication and translation is sponsored by &quot;friends&quot; of this New Revelation and is not supported by or associated with any religious denomination or sect. They are offered with the prayer that the Holy Spirit will enable the reader to discern the Truth of this New Word from the Lord in accordance with His promise of John 14:21.

Published by
Non-Profit since 1962 1999 Pine Grove Rd.
Rogue River, OR 97537

Scanned into WORD 2000 and corrected by Ingo Schneuing, Floerekeweg 9, D-21339 Lueneburg, Germany
June 2002
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B.D. 8710 St JOHN, CHAPTER 14:15-26.




I will guide you into the truth
Part 1

First Edition in English 1988
Scanned Edition in English June 2, 2002

B.D. 7916
June 11, 1961


When you receive My Word from Above, wide fields of knowledge are opened up to you, for I Myself introduce you to a knowledge which you could never acquire in a rational way.

You, who are to teach your fellow-men again must yourselves be instructed in everything that is necessary for men to know.

When the sole truth has to be defended and rationalists are endeavouring to invalidate the spiritual conclusions, you have to be able to refute every objection.

You must be able to explain all correlations and, therefore, you must first be introduced to profound spiritual knowledge, which can be done only through My direct address.

I can only address you directly if, thanks to a life in accordance with My Will, you have developed yourself in such a way that My Spirit can flow over to you... and only then will you comprehend the profound knowledge which you receive, just as this same knowledge when passed from man to man will be comprehended and recognised as the truth only by him who leads a life of love and has also awakened the spirit within him.

Spiritual knowledge is vast, but it will be conveyed to you to such an extent as is necessary for you to help yourselves mature and then carry out the mission which you have accepted of your own free will.

Considering the nearness of the end, an extended knowledge has become necessary. My eternal plan of salvation shall be submitted to mankind so as to make it understand the significance of its existence on earth and do everything possible to avoid the lot of being enclosed again into matter. This plan of salvation comprises the evolution of all that was created: the origin, the present state and the goal of all that has been brought forth by the power of My Love. This knowledge is extensive and new for many people, for until now there was no need to impart it. However, the final time makes it necessary that people are informed so as to live with an awareness of their responsibility.

Therefore, they shall learn about the endlessly long earthly journey they have already completed with their soul-substances. This was not known to them and thus they do not easily accept it. They will not be forced into believing, but it will benefit them if they contemplate it.

No man can ever gain such knowledge in a rational way that concerns My working, explains My nature and gives a reason for everything also for the coming events, the transformation of the earth, the change taking place spiritually as well as materially.

Such knowledge can only be submitted to you from above, from Me personally. It can only be conveyed to you through `the working of the spirit' and therefore, it must be considered as a very special favour which still is granted you in the final time.

You people should understand that only My very great love makes me tell you all this to help you to return to Me voluntarily, to recognise My Love and respond to it. You must understand why I urge you more and more to spread My Word, and why I wish to convey this strange knowledge to all mankind.

Only where certain conditions prevail, can this knowledge be conveyed to earth. However, where this is possible people should seek enlightenment, recognise My direct influence and receive the gift of grace which still can help them to perfect their soul shortly before the end.

For they truly receive a knowledge that I Myself am submitting to them and which also exposes every false doctrine which managed to gain a footing in the spiritual darkness, but is unable to withstand the brilliant light of truth.

The true knowledge that My Love offers you provides explanation and clarity and leaves no need for any additions from a human mouth no further explanations have to be added by the reasoning of man.

My Word from Above is presented very clearly and gives you a true picture of Me and My nature, of My rule and work.
My Word from Above introduces you to all truth, as I have promised, and therefore it shall be spread so that all people may know about the end, about the complete transformation of the earth as intended in My plan of salvation which will definitely be carried through when the time has come.


B.D. 8074
January 7 1962


The will to gain truth guarantees you success; however, such an earnest will is rarely found! People accept without misgivings what is presented to them as truth and adjust their thinking accordingly, i.e., in accordance with the knowledge presented, they move either in the light or in the darkness, for the light can give only pure truth, whilst error will always obscure the spirit.

This concerns spiritual, not worldly knowledge: the latter can be strengthened by proofs, but has no influence on the life of the human souls that has to mature during its existence on earth.

Aspire only after pure truth and you are sure to obtain it! However, what is now being offered to you as truth, who can guarantee you that it is really truth?

This you must keep asking yourselves. You must realise that there are numerous intellectual movements that will all advocate their doctrines as the truth; everyone of them teaches something different, but there can be only one truth.

Therefore, you must not believe anyone unhesitatingly, but must turn to the highest authority, ETERNAL TRUTH ITSELF! He also wants to give light to you, His creatures, because He loves you. He did not create man in spiritual darkness but neither did He prevent him from tending towards the darkness of his own accord and following the Lord of Darkness, Lucifer, to his realm.
He who gave you life does not want you to remain in darkness! He wants to lead you towards the light, and you can receive it from His hand at any time; He is always willing to enlighten your thinking and clarify for you all the questions that burden your mind, to give you a light on all spiritual meaning and the reason and purpose of your existence.

And if ETERNAL TRUTH ITSELF teaches you, you cannot learn anything else but the purest truth, and you will be convinced and know that you walk in truth. Be assured that truth will be yours if you only desire it earnestly. This is the foremost condition, for if man recognises God as eternal truth. Thus he opens himself consciously to the shining of the light, he establishes the relationship, which is the purpose and fulfilment of the life on earth. This was once broken off voluntarily and the result was the fall into depth, into darkness.

But now man consciously opens his heart to be enlightened by the love of God, which also means that his &quot;lightless state&quot; changes into a &quot;state of light&quot; and man attains to a knowledge that until now had been concealed from him.

You can be assured that this process is possible and does take place and that everyone can experience it. However, not everyone can meet the necessary requirements, in which case the conscious, direct receipt of the truth may be limited, but not the supply of pure truth in an indirect form, everyone who desires truth shall receive it. But everyone can develop himself directly who lives an unselfish life of love for his fellowmen. Thus he awakens the spirit within himself which as a part of God lies dormant in every soul causing unselfishness through love and, being a part of God, the spirit is omniscient and can teach a person &quot;from within&quot;.

Do turn to the &quot;Supreme Authority&quot; and do not be satisfied with what men offer you, even if they are convinced that they represent the truth. If truth had gained admission with mankind, there would not be so much darkness on earth. It is so very obvious that darkness prevails, otherwise there would be on earth a state of harmony and peace, whilst in fact the opposite is the case.


B.D. 8284
September 26, 1962


I will reveal Myself to you', thus runs My promise which also you, who would like to disavow such revelations, cannot deny. But how can I reveal Myself to you if you do not believe that My Word is the truth which I Myself spoke to you as I walked on earth?!

I want to reveal Myself to you, and My sole condition is that you love Me and keep My commandments. However, you disregard My promise, otherwise you would faithfully listen and welcome My revelation. You learn on the Scriptures, the book of books, but do not believe what is written there, for it contains many more promises announcing My working through the Spirit through which I want to reveal Myself.

How then do you interpret My Words:
&quot;I shall send you the Comforter&quot;...
&quot;I shall be with you unto the end of the world&quot;?
And the words:
&quot;From your loins shall flow streams of living water&quot;? And,
&quot;I will pour out My Spirit over all flesh&quot;?
Why do you not believe that the Father keeps talking to his children? Why do you limit My activity to a measure that is admissible to `you'? You should realise that with rational thinking you can do a lot of harm if you ignore your heart - if you do not allow your heart to speak and be a much better teacher for you.

You want to thwart My creatures' direct contact with Me and want to think of it as impossible that I Myself speak to My children, although I also said: &quot;My sheep know My voice&quot;. Therefore, I must speak to them, I am doing it and shall be doing it through all eternity.

Only what issues from My mouth is the pure truth, therefore, you must accept also as truth that which is written is the Scriptures and which you call my Word.
I have to keep speaking to men in view of the fact that as a result of your imperfection you keep distorting or misinterpreting My pure Word.
Therefore, aspire first after the awakening of your spirit, endeavour to live My gospel of love which I taught on earth and then your thinking will become enlightened and clear, and you will desire that I reveal Myself to you.

You will be asking for evidence of My presence and you shall, indeed, receive it, for your faith will have become alive and a living contact with Me will have been established. What previously you were unable to believe will now be quite obvious to you, namely, that the Eternal Father, your God and Creator reveals Himself to His creatures because He wants to be known and loved by them. That is why He makes Himself known and `reveals' Himself as a God of Love, Wisdom and Might.

And if you people earnestly wish to come closer to this supremely perfect being, He will grant you enlightenment so that you need no longer walk in darkness as a consequence of your apostasy from Me. Even if you read the Scriptures eagerly, if you learned by heart every letter, it is only your intellect that obtains a knowledge which is of little use for your soul.

Only an awakened spirit will attain complete enlightenment, i.e., the adjustment of your whole being towards love; the fulfilment of My divine commandments of love alone can give you enlightened knowledge. Then will you also apprehend the Book of books correctly in its spiritual meaning, whilst until you have achieved this, it will remain for you nothing but `a knowledge of the letter', and it is only `the Spirit that gives life to the letter'.

If you people earnestly want to serve Me and be good workers in My vineyard, then you must first of all establish a close contact with Me, your Father from eternity, and only then you will yourselves be enlightened and know that I reveal Myself to you as I have promised, for My Word is truth and must be fulfilled.

And it also comes true as soon as the necessary basis is given and you live a life in love longing for My presence. The you will listen inwardly and no longer doubt the love of the Father who reveals Himself to you through His Spirit.&quot;
B.D. 8375
January 8, 1963


My disciples received the gospel of Love from Me personally as I walked over the earth and therefore, they could take it out into the world in a pure and unabridged form after My task of redemption had been completed and I had again ascended into My kingdom of light and bliss. My disciples also kept My doctrine pure and people came to know Me as their Redeemer from sin and death. They were taught by My disciples that in order to fulfil the purpose of their life on earth and to be able to enter My kingdom after their death, they had to take the road to the cross and live a life of love.

My disciples were introduced to truth by Me, and because My spirit could work within them, they also passed on the same truth. In the beginning people accepted My pure gospel, endeavouring to live a life of love and thus awakened the Spirit within themselves making it possible for Me to work in their souls.

Thus, for a certain time, My doctrine was kept pure. My disciples passed on their teaching ministry well aware of the mental quality of those whom they appointed their successors. However, it did not take long before men assumed such a teaching ministry themselves, partly for selfish reasons, partly out of over-zeal to fulfil My will without waiting for the 'inner calling'. Thus it came to pass that this teaching ministry was conferred indiscriminately.

No longer was the inner ability - the mental quality of a person - essential, but external circumstances were of consequence, too. This more and more endangered the pure truth, but was not realised because of the unawakened spirit of those teachers.

The people, however, to whom the gospel was preached, were deprived of the right to form their own opinion and to express any doubts as to the absolute truth of what they were taught. Those, who looked upon themselves as spiritual teachers were firmly convinced of their mission and did not allow any contradiction, whilst those who were being taught were obliged to accept everything that was offered to them as the truth without investigating it. Truth could be maintained pure only as long as its keepers themselves were enlightened.

Soon the number of those on whom teaching offices were conferred without being enlightened by My Spirit prevailed and any objections on the part of a spiritually awakened person were rejected.

The unawakened became more powerful and the pure truth was interspersed with false doctrines, with ideas which had originated in the human intellect and were proclaimed as divine truth.

And although at all times spiritually awakened men endeavoured to eliminate this error, My adversary succeeded in gaining ground, for his adherents were already mighty and pure truth was no longer recognised as such.

This explains to you how with the passing of time something quite different from what I had established on earth came to be called the CHURCH OF CHRIST.

This explains how an organisation came to power, now this organisation fell again and again into schisms. I want the `church that I established' looked upon as a spiritual edifice comprising those people who move within truth as a result of a life of love, which produces a living faith and the awakening of the Spirit.

And this My church has kept alive to this day, for My Spirit could be poured out time and again over those people who were endeavouring to live within love and fulfil My Will.

And so to these, the pure truth, which exposes all false doctrines, could be submitted and to every earnestly truth-seeking person an explanation will be given: how mankind came to this confused thinking and why it is not at all prepared to free itself from it.

Everybody will understand that the masses are never susceptible to truth, but willingly accept error and, therefore, every individual should seek to free himself from false doctrines when My Grace is bestowed upon him by pure truth.
If he has only the earnest desire, he will be able to distinguish truth from error and will then be a member of that church which I Myself established on earth.


B.D. 6841
May 28, 1957


The will to find truth is also a guarantee that it will be received. Do believe it, you people, that He who is the essence of truth, who is full of love and mercy, who wants to help all men towards the light - for light alone can give beatitude - wants to give truth to everyone who seeks it that he may walk within it.

Believe that He has also the might to force away the prince of falsehood and darkness as he keeps trying to overwhelm; but one thing is essential: the longing for truth.

Because this longing is seldom found, the prince of darkness has succeeded in spreading error and falsehood in the world.

If you are indifferent and accept unthinkingly whatever is offered to you, then you do not possess the longing for truth and you will hardly walk in truth, for then God's adversary has the priority which you yourselves have conceded to him.

But where the longing for truth prevails, you must not dispute God's might nor shall you doubt that His love wants to give what is of benefit to you.

It is so simple to accept this explanation that God will always prove His might and love where people submit to Him. And it is foolish to assume that because man is imperfect he cannot possibly receive pure truth from Above.

It all depends on a person's will which cannot be substituted by fine words. And so you have only to ask yourselves whether you seek nothing but pure truth and that from the depth of your heart; if so, you are seeking God and He also gives Himself to you.

Even if your thoughts should have strayed and given room to error, He can still give you a light to enable you to recognise wrong thinking and turn towards the only truth. A person who does search for truth is also being protected from erroneous thinking, but is not under compulsion.
However, the spirits of light, the messengers of truth have much more influence on his thoughts than the forces of darkness and are able to protect such a person against false doctrines. They can send him mental impulses, which are accepted willingly and help to invalidate such wrong ideas.

The longing for truth entitles them to this, for by it God Himself is recognised Who is `Eternal Truth'. Men should never forget that it is God's aim to lead them to beatitude, that everything which is immature and imperfect is not beatitude, that error and falsehood only prove imperfection and are a part of the one who brought all evil into the world.

The darkness of the spirit and the lack of cognition, too, are signs of imperfection. But all this is nothing but the result of the perverted will of the self-conscious spiritual.

However, if this will is righteously directed, which is proved by the longing for truth and for God as eternal truth, then the effect of the perverted will is neutralised. Then God Himself must free the being from its state of non-recognition and lead it to cognition.

To achieve this, truth must be given, and thus people can always count on it, that man is put by God in a state of light as soon as he seeks it. The will to receive it, however, is a condition, which has first to be fulfilled by man himself.
When this has happened, he will be definitely led to truth, his thinking will be enlightened and he will be able to clearly distinguish error from truth.

God's love wants to lead its creatures to happiness if they themselves strive for light, and not throw them once more into darkness.


B.D. 4993
November 2, 1950


The greatest danger for man is spiritual coercion which prevents the recognition and free decision of his will. Each man is an individual being that has to perfect itself and, therefore, everyone is responsible for his own way of life on which depends the attainment of a degree of perfection.

Everyone must decide freely and testify to Me of his will. I demand this testimony and am not agreeable to it that one person determines for his fellow-men in what direction they have to think, will or act.

A man's freedom of will must not be violated, but it is, when the aim of a person's will is determined by laws and he is directed either by promises or threats to move only in a particular direction. I will never accept such coercion although I do not openly oppose it so as not to use coercion Myself.

Man is a thinking individual, and I have given him the ability to will and think freely so that in the last stage of his spiritual development on earth he can make his decision, in accordance with which he will then be rewarded in eternity.

If a man makes known to his fellow-men the consequences of using their will in a righteous or wrong way, it is good and in accordance with My will. It is also My will that light is given concerning the relationship that exists and that should exist between man and his creator. However, a good instruction concerning the divine doctrine of love and the importance of practicing unselfish love of one's fellow-man is quite sufficient. And all this must be done without coercion.

Man must be taught, but never forced into accepting a doctrine because he must use his own judgement and impulses in directing his will. I gave man a free will, but you take it away from him, thus using your own will in a wrong way, although you believe that you work for Me and are commissioned by Me.

I have never commissioned My disciples to spread My doctrine by way of religious intolerance because this could never lead to a faith beneficial for the soul in its upward development.

Besides, I demand of mankind only the belief in Me as the Supreme Perfect Being and faith in My omnipotence, wisdom and love as well as the power of love.

If you believe this, you will yourselves experience the power of love and recognise also everything else that is essential, for then My Spirit which teaches truth will work within you.

However, a faith that has been forced upon you will not lead you to perfection. Such a faith will seldom become alive, and I cannot look upon a compulsory faith as the decision of a free will because your will could not become active within you if you only confess a certain creed as a result of your education without having evaluated it as to its worth or otherwise.

What I demand of you to believe is that you can win beatitude only through love, but you have to acquire this belief by yourselves. You may accept the doctrine about it, but have to practice love in order to gain the certainty within yourselves that love is the redeeming power; and only this inner conviction is faith, which is life-giving because it was won through a free will.

Any type of coercion is a sign of imperfection because it violates freedom, which originally was a property of the spiritual being and which it has to regain if it wants to win beatitude.

How can a coercive measure that deprives a person of spiritual freedom be claimed to be in accordance with My Will, if a person is virtually compelled to believe something which, as far as I am concerned, needs completely free deliberation and acceptance?

I as the supreme lawgiver have given mankind no other commandment than that of love, which comprises also Moses' ten commandments, because that would bear witness against Myself or cause doubts in the free will of man.

However, men presume that they can give laws for which they have no authority, thus they infringe upon man's free will.

Every law is coercion, and every kind of coercion is against My will. If a man has no freedom of thinking, but is forced to believe in some doctrine, his volition-test on earth comes to nothing, for it must be his own decision, not a decision into which he was forced.

Every dogmatic doctrine is coercion, irrespective of whether it is true or not. Every dogma is a violation of the free will, which at the moment of a spiritual decision is unfree because this decision has already been dictated and can only be evaded by committing a sin. I afford everyone the right of a free decision.

I only demand deliberation concerning that which a man is asked to believe. If after deliberation he cannot accept it with full conviction, I do not rate it as a sin. However, he does sin, if he confesses a doctrine with his lips without having asked his heart.

Everyone is responsible only for himself, and it is presumptuous if one person wants to determine the faith of thousands by a precept which must always be considered a dogmatic doctrine. Whatever violates man's freedom of will, can never have My approval, for not even I Myself demand of people the acceptance of truth if their own will does not desire it.
I do keep teaching them and offering them the pure truth, but everyone is free to accept or reject it.

And this is how you should teach your fellow-men, lovingly, but allowing them spiritual freedom for their decision, for a coerced faith has no merit before Me.


B.D. 8676
November 17, 1963


The reason for My speaking like this, conveying the pure truth to the earth, is the contaminated doctrine which is preached on earth as the doctrine of Christ.

This is no longer the pure gospel as brought to mankind by Me through Jesus. His words have been subjected to many changes, a lot is no longer understood quite clearly and much of it is interpreted in a wrong way.
The word, which is described as `My Word', has in time called forth differences of opinion thus bringing about dissension among those who were defending the truth of their personal opinion.

Words with a spiritual meaning got a worldly interpretation to which people are holding fast with tenacity because they simply cannot grasp the spiritual meaning any more.

The result is an edifice of faith which is totally different in its doctrines from that which I Myself brought mankind when I walked on earth.

As a consequence of all this, many people can no longer be reached spiritually at all because their intellect refuses to accept obviously false doctrines where errors have crept into the truths and which are still advocated as truth solely by fanatics.

Such a spoilt doctrine must be purified if it is to be of any benefit for the souls of men!
And this intention is at the bottom of My new direct revelation which can be recognised by every willing person as a divine revelation.

However, only the one who is willing will accept it, thus regaining possession of the pure truth and correcting false doctrines can, however, only be accomplished in a natural way. There must be no unusual signs that may have a determining or coercive influence on the faith of men.
And that is the reason why this instruction is not connected with any peculiar phenomena but is conveyed from Above in the most natural way whereby a person hears with his spiritual ear what I Myself tell him and writes down My Word as received from Me.

There is also evidence for this procedure, and this person can not be accused of confused thinking, imagination or an intended literary work with which he means to mislead or stupefy his fellow-men.

The procedure of receiving spiritual messages cannot be denied for there is written evidence for it, but every individual has still the choice either to accept it as credible or to reject it, thus retaining his religious liberty.
However, it is essential that light is thrown on the false doctrines that have crept into the thinking of men showing that they are useless or even dangerous for the development of the soul.

For error can never lead to Me who is the Eternal Truth!

So the majority of people walk on that road which leads away from Me and, therefore, they are to receive enlightenment provided they desire it and are prepared to accept it.

And I shall in every way support the person whom I have chosen for this commission which is a necessary counterstroke against the activity of My adversary who will always fight truth seeking to contaminate it with error so as to prevent men from reaching the light of recognition.

Therefore, I shall bless everyone who takes part in this important work by endeavouring to spread among his fellow-men the truth that I convey to the earth.

For truth is a light that shall shine to all those who want to enter upon the right path leading to Me, their Father from eternity, who can, however, never be found through false doctrines. Therefore, error must be opposed and so must he who brought error into the world.

But truth will gain entry only into those human hearts that seek it, because their longing for truth proves that they are also longing for Me and endeavouring to free themselves from the one who would like to keep them in spiritual darkness.

These men shall receive the pure truth, and therefore Christ's doctrine as it is now being preached shall be cleansed, and My Word in all its purity shall once more be made accessible to men so that the truth can help them to win beatitude, for only the truth is from Me and only truth leads back to Me.


Now there are diversities of gifts, but the same Spirit.
And there are differences of administrations, but the same Lord.
And there are diversities of operations, but it is the same God which worketh all in all.
But the manifestation of the Spirit is given to every man to profit withal.
(1 Cor. 12:4-7) (added by Ch.H.)

B.D. 8687
November 28th, 1963


As long as people cannot make up their minds to cleanse the Christian doctrine of all human accessories, as long as not every creed has the earnest will to embrace the fullest truth and get rid of every error, no unification of the churches will take place.

For the different creeds can meet only within pure truth and only then they can be united!

However, none of the creeds is prepared to give up any of its doctrines, and usually they persist particularly on the false doctrines, for as long as they are governed only by their intellect, they are unable to distinguish. And what is so striking is that none of the creeds advocates the working of the Spirit, the working of God within man, accepting only knowledge obtained in this way, but on the contrary, only that appears to them of value, which was produced by the intellect and from which they cannot detach themselves.

So the characteristic of that church, which I Myself founded on earth, can only seldom be found as proof for the authenticity and truth of that which is preached.

The organised churches lack that very factor which warrants the truth, otherwise they would all find themselves in the same truth and any dissension would be eliminated.

Thus, it must be observed to man's great misfortune that the pure truth can no longer be found anywhere where people hope to receive spiritual knowledge. There is only a thin thread of truth running through these doctrines when the commandments of the love of God and one's neighbour are preached. This faintly shining knowledge could still suffice to make truth accessible to men because the observance of these commandments of love also guarantees the working of God within man, who is then taught from within and who becomes quite able to distinguish truth from error.

However, only the love-doctrines has preserved itself as a divine teaching, and it does give everyone the chance to live within truth as long as he observes it. Then he will also know that everything else is the work of man and leads to false concepts; that they are only an earthly form of what God demands of man spiritually.
Men have, however, not the will to thoroughly cleanse the edifice, which they themselves have erected in a state of spiritual blindness.

No creed desists from its doctrines and rules, and they all retain their purely worldly nature while they advocate outward ritual and performances, which can only be classified as symbols for which there is no proper interpretation. Still they are all fully convinced of the truth of their own religion and this is the real disaster, for it shows their loveless attitude, which prevents them from recognising the truth, also their indifference and irresponsibility towards their souls.

Everyone who lives within love will value truth highly and be anxious to earnestly convince himself whether he is embracing truth. And already an earnest query and request would bring to him the light of recognition.

However, where can one find doubts concerning truth in those circles that have made themselves leaders of men, who took a teaching ministry, which they superintend?

Why does no one pose the most important question: What is truth, Do I Myself possess it?

Everyone advocates with a certain stubbornness what he himself has received without expressing an opinion about it. He believes to be `pious' if he accepts without objection everything that was conveyed to him by others. He shakes off any personal responsibility and does not permit his own intellect nor his heart to become active and examine the veracity of that which he is supposed to advocate.

He commits a sin against the spirit! For this is within him and wants to be awakened through love to be able to express itself and give him light and clarity. This would make him truly wise as he would be receiving enlightenment from Me personally. But why are there only so few people in this light of recognition? Why does the majority defend a doctrine which turns out to be so very `shabby' when seriously examined?

Why are people satisfied with doctrines that have really not come from Me and why don't they accept the precious truth from My hand which may be asked for and received by everyone who earnestly searches for pure truth and who can, through a life of love in accordance with My Will, establish a direct contact with ME to be taught by Me directly?

Because you men all lack the knowledge about the `working of My Spirit within man'!

This alone is proof enough that you have not been taught correctly, that also your teachers lack this knowledge and that they consequently were not commissioned by Me.

If I commission a person to become a teacher to his fellow-men, I also equip him with the right knowledge. But this you, who imagine yourselves to be called to superintend your religious creed or confession and who want to be looked upon as leaders, do not possess.

I did not call you, and you will never be able to introduce your fellow-men to the truth because you do not possess it and make no effort to receive it.

Therefore, take notice of what I tell you: Only where the working of My Spirit within man is evident is there the true church which I Myself established on earth, and this is not recognisable from the outside.

However, it comprises members from all the different religious communities, from different creeds; for they all embrace the living faith, which they have won through a life of love.

These will also be aware that My church does not present itself outwardly, but it guarantees the closest union with Me and I also dispense the truth: a clear recognition of spiritual things.

This, however, is lacked by all those who do not belong to this church, who cannot dissociate from a doctrine that cannot possibly have originated in Me, but is human accessory, inspired by My adversary who will always oppose truth, but is never accepted by those who rely on Me in love and faith.

And so you will understand that there will never be a unification of Christian churches because every one of them will stick to that doctrine which it has so far represented, that the quarrel between creeds always concerns only false doctrines which each one guards anxiously not willing to relinquish them.

However, truth alone can lead to beatitude and only he who earnestly desires this truth will also receive it as soon as he takes the road straight to Me and asks Me for it in all earnestness.


B.D. 8688
November 28, 1963


Human thinking has an earthly tendency and, consequently, men interpret all that as earthly, which has a deep spiritual meaning and which I, Who have always spoken to mankind, either directly or through messengers, have given them as spiritual guidance.

My teachings, however, were always intended for the salvation of the soul, and whenever I spoke to mankind, be it in ancient or more recent times, My Word has always a spiritual meaning.

This was understood quite correctly at the time, but soon this spiritual meaning was interspersed with worldly thoughts and, eventually, interpreted in a purely earthly sense.

And thus, My word could never be kept uncontaminated; performances and rites grew out of it which no longer correspond to the spiritual meaning, and it has also lost the power of healing since it is no longer My pure word.

What was demanded of you spiritually - because I expected its fulfilment to be a blessing for your souls - you people have turned into earthly performances. For every one of My demands on your souls, you have invented and instituted an earthly activity which you have then called 'sacraments', attaching too much importance to them. As a result many people conscientiously comply with your regulations believing that they are accumulating a 'treasure of grace' by fulfilling man-made laws!

However, all this is only a matter of form and appearance and completely unessential for the maturing of the souls; and still you people stick with great tenacity to such formalities which you have created for yourselves and which have never been demanded of man by Me.

All My Words which I spoke as I walked on earth had a profound spiritual meaning and can never be substituted by external performances. But you have not grasped the profound meaning and are satisfied with external rites, which can never be of any benefit for your soul.

Just think of the effects you attribute to 'baptism'. You perform a simple outward act and are convinced of its spiritual beneficial results, be it the deliverance from the original sin, the reception into some religious community.

However, man has to gain all this by his own effort during his temporal life; he must gain deliverance from sin by his free will through JESUS CHRIST!

Consequently this requires more than just the act of baptism performed on a child. And only with his free will he can join My church consciously living a life of My imitation, gaining a living faith through love, the characteristic of the church founded by Me.

Think of the sacrament of confession and of the altar, what you have made of that and through what superficiality you hope to obtain forgiveness of your sins.

Think of what I want to be understood by the words that you should invite Me in, so that I may hold communion with you and you with Me.
How you made My words: &quot;This do in remembrance of Me...&quot; into a rite which again can have no effect on your soul unless you live a life of love, deep enough to be united with Me; only then be present within you.
Everything that I asked of you in a spiritual sense, with which your souls alone had to cope, you people have blended with earthly concepts thus constructing for yourselves something which you claim to be My Will and eagerly fulfil as you think is demanded of you. You have to be constantly enlightened on this point; however, you do not accept such enlightenment, but keep fulfilling the man-made commandments with ever growing zeal whilst My commandments concerning the love of God and your neighbour are being ignored. As a result you are getting spiritually darker all the time and finally you will become quite incapable of recognising the error of your thinking.

And besides, by accepting without objection everything as the truth that is presented to you as 'My Word', you have only fettered yourselves. You ascribe a purely earthly meaning to all My words and ignore their spiritual meaning.

And that is the reason why errors have arisen which can only be rectified if you are filled with love, for then you grow light within and recognise if you walk in error.

All the man-made commandments and sacred acts will then be recognisable to you as misleading. You will understand that only a dark spirit could allege them to be the will of God, and you will then endeavour to free yourselves from error in the recognition of pure truth which alone can benefit the soul, and which can be recognised as truth only by him who lives within love, firstly fulfilling My commandment of love and, as a result, you will think correctly.


I am the door: by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture.(John 10:9) (added by Chr.Huang)

B.D. 8692
December 4th 1963


I shall further teach you how to free yourselves from error when it is explained to you that you have interpreted My Word earthly and not spiritually. You should know that 'external ceremonies' do not invite the expression of My Spirit and that through external ceremonies nobody can be appointed to a teaching ministry or become a leader or principal of a community.

Many are called, but few only chosen, and these few I Myself instruct; I Myself put them in the right place where they can be active for me and My Kingdom.

However, these people must also fulfil conditions, which will enable them to become teachers and leaders of their fellowmen. My Spirit must be able to act within them, so that they walk within truth and as My representatives on earth administer their office in accordance with My will and under My direction.

It cannot be denied that among those who call themselves My representatives on earth, there are also some who live in accordance with My Will and serve Me conscientiously.

These, however, were appointed to their ministry by Me Myself and did not become My servants through external ceremonies performed by their fellow men. For their calling is an inner matter of their free will which surrenders to Me completely, so that the man is closely united with Me through love and I Myself can appoint him to the office he is to administer.

This loving submission and the resulting life of love then also guarantee the awakening of their spirit and entering into truth. They resist error of any kind, the distortion of all that has gone forth from Me and will always turn away from error.

So you will now understand that My true representatives are not to be found where people believe them to be and accept them, for they exclude themselves by representing error and not searching for truth in all earnest. They cannot be My servants and representatives because they walk in error and do nothing towards gaining possession of pure truth.
And so you will know what to think of the sacrament of ordination. Even though a man may be of good will, he must prove this by declaring to Me his readiness to surrender to My will completely.

This means that he has to follow up any doubts arising within him. I Myself put these doubts into his heart to enable him to draw close to Me and truth. And if he is afraid to ponder over these doubts, he keeps himself forcibly blind. He could receive light, but closes his eyes and his heart is not opened for Me to send a ray of light into it.

You should never say that it is not possible for somebody who earnestly seeks Me to free himself from error, you all are aware of My Might and love which surely helps everyone who strives for Me, the Eternal Truth.
However, you must first accept instruction, get acquainted with pure truth, find out about the activity of My adversary and the error into which he traps you, and you have to have the earnest will to free yourselves from error asking Me for help.

Could you doubt that I give you My help, when I am at all times endeavouring to deliver you people from spiritual darkness and enlighten you? And as soon as you willingly activate your intellect you will also recognise how threadbare all that really is which you are expected to believe.

The intellect, however, has been given you to distinguish you from the beast that cannot be made responsible for its actions.

You, however, will have to answer one day for the way you have used your intellect. It can help you towards recognition provided your will is sincere and you desire to be enlightened. As I keep emphasising, doubts about the truth are necessary wherever external ceremonies are to result in a spiritual success.

And your soul will never achieve such a success, neither on earth nor in the beyond, if before the death of a person, acts are performed on him which are nothing but ceremonies and rites without any benefit for the soul.

I Myself know every single soul and rate it according to the degree of light into which a soul enters after its physical death, unless it does not enter the realm of darkness being completely void of love and, therefore, an adherent of the one who governs the realm of darkness.


B.D. 8693
December 5th, 1963


If men are to move within truth, I shall still have to rectify a lot of errors. Human thinking has been led astray completely. One wrong doctrine entails many other wrong doctrines from which it is difficult to free people; they defend as the truth that which was handed to them by others who could not possibly move within truth because their spirit was unawakened.

Countless souls pass into the beyond in this lightless state. Even there they keep defending their doctrines and cannot be convinced that their thinking was wrong and will remain so unless they can accept a light that comes to them in the beyond, but this is subject to their voluntary acceptance of it.

Often their efforts are in vain because their souls adhere to their errors. And still the latter are unable to understand why they did not gain beatitude believing themselves to have done everything on earth towards attaining to it.

And until they do not understand that My real Will is truly different from what on earth had been described to them as 'My Will'; until they do not realise the worthlessness of that which was demanded of them, until they do not recognise that I expect other things from man than the observance of church-rites and ceremonies, that I demand of him only love and rate a man solely by the degree of his love which will also determine the degree of his bliss, - the lot of all these souls is not a happy one, even if they do not find themselves in complete darkness.

However, they keep quarrelling and do not comprehend their unblessed state; they even frequently reproach themselves for not having fulfilled these ceremonies and man-made commandments conscientiously enough and, therefore, are not yet admitted to beatitude.

If they would only accept the teachings of the angels or get themselves some light where the radiance of love is directed upon the earth, where purest truth is distributed and received avidly by all the hungry souls, then they could soon gain beatitude.

However, just as on earth, they are stubborn also in the beyond and reject everything that is contrary to their opinion, and over these fanatics the adversary still has considerable power, for also in the beyond they neglect one thing, namely to help each other. This would increase their degree of love and reduce their rejection of the light. Thus they are unable to make any progress in the spirit-world because there, too, love is the power that helps a soul rise towards the light.

Love is also light, and they could give each other love also in the beyond, for in a state without bliss, need and misery still prevail and one soul will always be able to help another.

In that case the soul's thinking will continue to get more enlightened and they will begin posing questions to each other, which will certainly be answered. Love always comes first, and the great spiritual error of those souls lies in the fact that they have put before love that which human ignorance has raised to a divine doctrine, that they have always fulfilled man-made laws first and ignored divine demands.

And their condition will never change unless they put love first and, through a loving will to help other souls, arrive at the recognition of pure truth which will then prepare for the unlimited bliss.
Therefore, everyone whose thinking was misguided on earth, but who achieved a high grade of love in his will and actions, will in the beyond suddenly recognise the truth, free himself from his errors and endeavour also to pass on his knowledge to other souls, recognising the great damage done by the errors and wishing to eliminate the spiritual blindness, for love urges him to help. The influence of such a person can be most beneficial, since on earth his thinking was the same and he can now prove to the other souls that they were wrong. Thus he can achieve success with those who at least listen to him.

Error is the worst poison for human souls and, therefore, the fight of the light against the darkness must go on relentlessly and, eventually the light will win the victory!

Man, however, is free to choose either the light or the darkness. He is not coerced and can make a free decision. But everything possible is being done to help him to the recognition of truth while he is still on earth.
Also, in the beyond, the beings of light continue with their efforts, for beatitude can be gained only by the soul that is within truth.


B.D. 8673
November 14, 1963


Many people believe to be thinking and acting religiously, but they lack the right attitude towards Me. The do look upon Me as their God and Creator, but not as their Father. Consequently, they do not establish the relationship of a child to its father.

Therefore, they will not pray to Me confidently, since they see in Me only the distant GOD, who is almighty and to whom they, as human beings, are subjected. They will rather fear than love Me, not yet recognising My true nature.
And again it must be stressed that the degree of love in a man determines his right attitude towards Me, that love will also recognise the Father who is Himself love! Then man will press forward lovingly to me and call to Me as My child.

Only then may one speak of 'a religious way of living', for then this will also lead back to Me.

But while I am still the distant God and Creator for a person, who must be feared because of His might, there is little chance of being approached with love. Such a person will merely fulfil, as a matter of form, all that his church demands of him. His upbringing will determine his attitude, not a change in his inner being, which is the very purpose and goal of life on earth.

Therefore, if you people experience heavy reverses of fate, they are only meant to make you come alive, to forego mere formality and start thinking more about Him Who created you; to start pondering why you are living on earth and then voluntarily surrender to that power to which you owe your life. Indifference towards Me cannot bring you any spiritual progress.

If you seriously desire clarification as to what your God and Creator demands of you during your temporal life, you are quite sure to receive it. And, therefore, your first step should be to ponder upon the nature of your God and Creator and the activity of love will be aroused within you, because it is My voice that speaks to you through your conscience making Myself known to you.

If you follow the voice of your conscience you get closer to Me and establish a connection with Me corresponding to the relationship between a child and its father. My gentle voice will always direct you towards activity of love, which will then bring you the light of recognition and through it the comprehension of My nature which in Itself is love.

Then you will leave behind the empty formalities and become alive in your essence and actions. You no longer perform any formal acts, but begin to lead a second life beside your earthly life. You have set out on the spiritual path, for your inner self presses forward towards Me as a result of your new life within love.

And so you know that everything is good and acceptable to me that tends toward love, is taught by love and is the activity of love. For love is the gauge of truth, and it is also the gauge of the spiritual maturity of the one who wants to lead his fellow-men on earth as My representative.

As long as he lacks love, his 'preaching' will be ineffective; it will be a formal, inanimate service of benefit to no one because I Myself am distant to him since only idle words are spoken that can never reach My ear. Only a close relationship with Me, established through love, will make your thinking, willing and acting come alive. Only then you yourselves come alive, who are dead as long as you have no love.

Consequently, the taking part in a 'divine service' is only an external formality and there can be no question of My presence as long as you people believe only in a God and Creator, but do not find the right attitude towards Me. You must first come as children to their father and converse with Me confidently, only then you can be sure that I am present. Then also your faith has come alive, for a child will always endeavour to fulfil its father's will, and it will no longer just comply with external formalities, but long with all its heart for My presence, which it will also enjoy.

I only want you to come alive, to abandon useless habits and rites, which you were brought up to observe, but which are and remain of absolutely no benefit for your soul. Only when you recognise Me as a father, will you be able to love Me, and only then will you fulfil the purpose of your life on earth. Only then can you mature which is always achieved by love alone.

Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me (Rev.3:20)

B.D. 8700
December 15, 1963


Long for the truth and truly this spiritual request of yours will be fulfilled. But do not search for this truth in books, which have human intellect as a basis, pure intellectual thinking conveying assumptions that cannot be proved.

For if you believe that men are capable of fathoming truth by themselves, you are mistaken, because pure truth has its origin in Me Who is Myself alone Eternal Truth!

Therefore, I say to you: ask Me for truth in all earnestness, and you shall receive it.

I want you to understand that the truth for which you should ask Me is of a spiritual nature. It is the knowledge that reaches into spiritual spheres and can never be substantiated with proofs!

It is the knowledge about your existence, its motivation and purpose. It is the knowledge about the power that brought everything into existence and the connection between you men and this power. It is the knowledge about the nature and the working of that power which has created everything that exists.

No one can explain these things truthfully with his intellect. Eternal Truth Itself can only supply such an explanation, and it is there that you must apply. It is I Who can give you an answer and will also do so. For I am the supreme power and also the love that wants to make you, My created beings, happy with this knowledge.

However, I can reveal Myself only to those who are earnestly searching for truth, and they shall not ask Me for it in vain. Only a few people desire this seriously, most are indifferent or accept without misgivings what is submitted to them by their fellow-men who let their intellect work, but cannot give any guarantee that their intellectual thinking is going in the right direction.
Not many bother about the basic questions concerning their existence, and their faith in a God of love, wisdom and might is not strong enough to ask Him for enlightenment.

The pure truth, however, can emanate only from Me, and their wrong attitude towards Me, their God and Creator, is the reason why men walk in error and do not make use of their life on earth which could lead them to perfection.

Their indifference concerning the truth only proves the great immaturity of human souls which are still dominated by My adversary who tries to prevent all that by which men could receive light, for he does not want to lose them and can dominate them only as long as their spirit is in darkness and far from the truth.

Truth alone leads men to perfection. Truth alone is bliss, light which illuminates the dark night covering the earth. I Myself am the truth and he who is within truth is closely united with Me.

As long as you people are not acquainted with the truth, you lack the necessary light for your earthly life. You do walk along the road of life; but where does it lead you without truth? It can lead only into the depth whilst you would irrevocably reach the height if you walk on the path of truth, which is brightly illuminated and leads you to the goal, to Me Who is Eternal Truth Itself. And as I have promised you while walking on earth, I am always prepared to guide you into truth. I will reveal Myself in My love, wisdom and power to everyone who in his heart desires to listen to Me and be guided into truth by Me.

This is the most important prayer you can address to Me for it proves your earnest will to turn back. It also proves that you acknowledge Me as your God and Father, and it is a spiritual prayer which is sure to be granted.

As soon as I am able to convey to you the pure truth, you learn to know and to love Me. And I want your love, I am longing for it, but it can only be deep and pure when pure truth has taught you everything: about your origin and your former relationship with Me and about the goal, which is reunion with Me.
Then love will flame up within you and you will keep pressing closer to Me and become capable of more profound knowledge and, resulting from this, greater bliss.

You will learn about My eternal plan of salvation, about the Father's love for His children and the great task of redemption for which everyone can offer Me his services. You will learn to love Me and this love will make you happy, for it will lead you to the final union with Me, to eternal life.
However, truth alone leads to the goal! And after this you people should strive. You should lovingly surrender to Me and you will be taught by Me, your God and Father, Who is omniscient and, therefore, able and willing to teach you everything, because He loves you.


B.D. 8716
January 5, 1964


Who voluntarily offers to serve Me has achieved a certain degree of love which renders him suitable for service in My vineyard.

And so all of you who earnestly desire to work for Me and My Kingdom can be assured that I accept your service.

Many people claim to be 'servants of God', but they are not because they lack the basic requirements for working together with Me. For you people it is not always easy to distinguish and to recognise My rightful servants since the others, too, use fine words. However, they have no direct commission from Me.

They pretend to by My servants, but were not called by Me personally to My service.
And only the rightful servant, whom I Myself appointed to his office, will know who is speaking in My name and who is in truth working for Me and My Kingdom. It is up to My servants to establish a living connection with Me. The God of love must be recognised 'as the father' with whom the child can establish a direct contact.

But usually men, including those who believe in their calling to guide their fellow-men, look for Me from a distance. They have positioned themselves at a great distance from Me, do not establish intimate contact and, consequently, the one thing which characterises a rightful servant appointed by Me cannot take place, namely:
that he is instructed directly by Me,
that he receives every commission from Me directly,
in his close contact with Me, longs for My teaching and
is also provided by Me with the truth.

What nowadays exists in the world as a spiritual movement, ecclesiastical institution or organisation, all that can be considered only a shell without its kernel, pure truth!

Everywhere there will be people who do establish this close contact with Me and who can be taught by Me directly, but they will have no success with their fellow-men, either because these are bound to their spiritual movement and lack the resistance to oppose it when they have recognised the truth, or because they will be persecuted and prevented from working for Me and My Kingdom.

For he who is My adversary and enemy has considerable might for which he can thank those people who are blind followers accepting without thinking whatever is presented to them and sticking to it for good. Therefore, the number of My true representatives on earth is not large, but they alone can pass on truth because they move within it.

If people would just for once ask themselves if what they believe is true and in the desire to find truth pray to Me for enlightenment of their spirit!

But usually they do not care what they believe. They do not criticise the doctrines that are presented to them and do not realise the effect of such an indifferent attitude on their souls which have to bear the consequences when they pass into the beyond.

There are only few who work for Me in My name, but through them I convey the pure truth to the earth making it available for everyone who earnestly desires truth.

However, I do not force anybody to accept it, just as I do not demand of a person to accept the pure truth from Me. That is up to the free will with which I do not interfere. And this also answers your question why I have allowed such a distortion of the truth.

Everyone can kindle love in his heart and make it flare up brightly, and this love, too, will give forth a light. If he has the will to find the truth, he will recognise the work of My adversary who keeps trying to undermine the truth, and he will come to Me and ask Me for enlightenment, which he shall also receive.

And so people willing to lead a life of active love will feel an aversion against false doctrines and will receive the truth willingly and eagerly.

The loving man will at all times put Me before all church organisations, irrespective of whatever spiritual movement they may represent. He will always take the road to Me, thus joining the church which I Myself established on earth and which is built on the living faith founded on love.

All men should belong to this church for this is the only true church. It is a spiritual community of believers and its members can come from all spiritual movements as long as they fulfil the commandments which I Myself have given on earth: the commandments about the love of God and your neighbour. Then they will gain a living faith and make it possible for My Spirit to work within them - the distinctive mark of that church which I founded on earth.

Believe this, you people, that I rate you solely according to the degree of your love, and that this love guarantees you wisdom, the knowledge and recognition of the truth.
However, where this working of the Spirit is not found there are no rightful representatives of Mine, no servants whom I Myself have called and appointed to their office.

For those, who cannot receive from Me directly, are without any teaching material and use only what My adversary keeps interspersing with errors and which cannot be considered as the pure truth.

I Myself promised to introduce you to truth through My Spirit. And now ask yourselves why I made this promise, considering that I Myself had brought you the truth when I walked on earth as the man Jesus.

From these words you will have gathered that I knew that truth does not remain uncontaminated among men for any length of time and that I could not prevent this if I did not want to interfere with men's free will.
But time and again I made sure that the pure truth was conveyed to you knowing that only truth can gain you beatitude and also knowing the state of those who arrive in the beyond with false concepts.

In order to be really blessed, you must be able to spread the truth to those who still find themselves in spiritual darkness. Therefore, you must first be in possession of the truth and rid yourselves completely of any false doctrines. For you will understand that conditions in the world could never have been so confused if the hearts of men were filled with the light of truth. And from the earthly state of things you can draw your conclusion as to the low spiritual level of mankind, the sole reason for which is the absence of love, and the complete spiritual blindness resulting from it.

Whoever desires light shall receive it, but the will of him who prefers to remain in darkness shall also be respected. However, his lot in days to come will be painful!

...and his servants shall serve him: And they shall see his face; and his name shall be in their foreheads (Revelation 22: 3-4) (added by Chr.Huang.)

B.D. 8686
November 27,1963


It is just like the time when Christ descended to earth. The thinking of mankind is quite as confused. They are defending the same false doctrines. They believe to possess the sole truth whilst they are standing right in the midst of falsehood. Now, as then, they defend their hollow creeds all of which vary from each other. Each creed has its own beliefs and each one is convinced of the truthfulness of its teachings.

The number of spiritual movements has grown considerably. A great variety of opinions has created a great variety of creeds which are all endeavouring to win supporters and stick fanatically to the doctrines they teach.

And it is so essential that men receive the truth, that at last they learn what God expects of men. God's will must be revealed to them so that they learn to realise that the fulfilment of His will is the significance and purpose of life on earth.

However, each church or spiritual movement teaches that it reveals the will of God and still the various creeds differ.

Also, at the time Christ descended to the earth many rites were being performed, the divine service was fanatical and lifeless and people were not achieving a living union with their God and Creator.

The same is the case now: a formal service giving due consideration to all the usages and rites, demonstrating to the world the union with God whilst the heart of the individual is far removed from such a union with Him.

Everything is make-believe and deception and there is no longer any truthfulness in the life of men. They belong solely to the physical world, and even if they want to give the impression of a relationship with God, they only perform dull formalities which do not touch their souls.
And you, who are receiving the truth from God, shall oppose such a make-believe service and remember that Jesus, too, during His life on earth did not treat with indulgence those who were representing wrong doctrines and endeavouring to justify their make-believe service as the only one acceptable to God, condemning everything that was not in accordance with their teachings!

Now, too, people will not want to part with the doctrines handed to them by men and remain in their errors, refusing to accept the pure truth which can only be supplied to them 'from Above', from the Eternal Truth.

However, such a gift of grace requires a voluntary acceptance. The truth cannot be forced upon those who are not prepared to accept it. Therefore, it is difficult to root out false doctrines, even when they are proved to be wrong.

There will always be only a few who will accept the teaching of God Himself, most people do not want to believe in such evident working of God because they have no knowledge of the fact that God pours out His Spirit over those who willingly open up their hearts to Him for the receipt of His pure truth.

Prior to the coming of Jesus and to His death on the cross the pouring out of the Spirit upon a man was not possible and, therefore, the world was full of error, but after His death on the cross truth could find access to mankind and it became possible to fully enlighten men as to whether and when their thinking was erroneous. They could be taught by the Spirit and they could rid themselves of all error.

However, there was never any coercion and, consequently, error could creep in from time to time which was then passed on as truth and defended with tenacity, so that it is most difficult to convince people that their thinking is wrong, and they will always resist the truth from God and refuse to give up their errors.

And still, for the sake of truth as such everything most be done to make people think. Every effort must be made to shake their convictions and to convey to them the pure truth, for the final goal they can reach only on the path of truth!

As long as men remain in their wrong thinking they will not achieve beatitude in the other world, for this can be won only through enlightenment.

And it is the truth alone that gives light and, as a result, beatitude, for it can make countless beings happy, and beatitude in the spiritual world consists in the giving of light!

Therefore you people should not fall victim to wrong thinking and the truth is being offered to you time and again. God does everything to straighten out your thinking; however, you must have the will to walk in truth. Whether this is the case or not is less noticeable on earth than in the beyond where you cannot be happy without truth.

And if on earth you may ignore your state of darkness, in the spiritual world it will torture you, for light alone is beatitude and light emanates from truth, from God Himself Who is the primordial light from eternity.


B.D. 8710
December 29, 1963

St JOHN, CHAPTER 14:15-26.
'He that hath my commandments, and keepeth them, he it is that loveth me: ...and I will love him, and will manifest myself to him.'

This My promise clearly points to the fact that I reveal Myself to those who comply with My wishes because they love Me.
And with this My promise I pointed to the working of My Spirit within you already during My life upon earth. It is this Spirit that wants to express itself to you and give you clarity about Me, My nature and my working.

I wanted to reveal Myself to you, to convey to you the truth about everything that originates in Me. However, only a very few ascribe any value to such divine revelations. Usually everything, which actually proves an inner contact with Me, is rejected.

I demanded of you nothing else but the fulfilment of My commandments of love, for as soon as you lead a life of true love, you unite with Me, the very love and 'he who will abide in love, will abide in Me and I in him.'

It should be easy to understand for you that if I abide with or in you I will also manifest Myself, and every manifestation on My part is a revelation.

And this must guarantee you truth, for nothing but the truth can go forth from Me. Therefore, you may without misgivings accept all that is presented to you in the form of such revelations which, coming from Me, can only be the truth.

You people should much more ponder the spiritual meaning of the words spoken by Me when I walked on earth. And if you do not quite understand it or can recognise only an earthly meaning, then you may pray to Me in spirit and in truth and ask Me for a light which you will also receive, for it is My will that your thinking should be right.

But especially you, who believe yourselves entitled and called to preach My Word, do not promote the understanding of My Word. You do not ponder the meaning and simply ignore that which you cannot explain with your intellect.

However, My Word has been spoken and remains valid. I have promised to reveal Myself to you and you cannot make Me a liar. You must believe in divine revelations after careful examination as to whether something can be accepted as a divine revelation. And in view of the fact that I did make that promise, you must not reject as the working of adverse powers every doctrine received on earth in an unusual manner.

'Try the spirits whether they are of God... Every spirit that confesseth that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God.'

Therefore, divine revelations, too, must bear witness of Jesus' act of salvation and My incarnation in HIM!

You may also believe without misgivings, especially if the subject of a revelation, a person claims to have received from Me, is the salvational work of Jesus.

You do not have to accept anything right away, it is your duty to examine all teachings carefully, or you would not have been told: 'Try the spirits whether they are of God...'

Everyone must form an opinion about that which he is receiving and should examine it by praying to Me. Thus he can achieve a living faith, which would not be possible if he accepted without objection everything that is presented to him as a spiritual doctrine. For My adversary is active, too, always seeking to contaminate the truth!

And it is every man's duty to form an opinion so as to be able to distinguish truth from error and then hold as much as possible to divine revelations.

For as soon as he desires the truth, I shall send it to him somehow and he will not resist it. He will feel it as light and strength since nothing that goes forth from Me remains ineffective.

If a person should earnestly seek the truth from Me, I will definitely guide his thinking, putting the right ideas into his heart because he has asked Me for the truth, and then he can also speak of divine revelations.
He can then rely on My promise: 'I shall reveal Myself to him.' He will conceive the truth in his heart and also his intellect will recognise it. As a result his thinking will be guided in the right direction and he will reject any wrong concepts. However, he must fulfil the necessary condition: he must comply with My commandments of love on which I have made My divine revelation dependent.
For I Myself am love, and if I am to reveal Myself, man must be united with Me through love so that I am present within him and he finds himself in the sphere of eternal truth and, naturally, can no longer retain any wrong concepts.

If a person leads a life of love and earnestly desires the truth then he is also sure to be walking in truth.

But even if a man's heart is filled with love, he usually lacks the desire for truth. The reason for this is that he believes himself to posses truth and cannot be enlightened because he thinks he knows and does not ask!

Therefore, it is good if man begins to doubt for then he asks himself questions which I answer him in his thoughts, for I reveal Myself to him who loves Me and who keeps My commandments. Often I Myself put such doubts into a man's heart, for I want only one thing: that man should walk in truth. And I shall help everyone to achieve this who is of good will.


B.D. 8212
July 12, 1962


There is not a chance that the different churches may unite because they stick to their spoilt doctrines and do not even try to give them up. They all concentrate on external rites and represent a Christian faith, which no longer corresponds to what Jesus describes as 'the church established by Him'. This church is a spiritual union! Its members live active Christianity, which transforms a person from within; however, it cannot be compared with that Christianity advocated by the churches, which sticks mainly to external rites, has taken over countless performances and ceremonies to which it attaches more importance than to the changing of human nature to love. As a result man can never enter into the right relationship with God nor achieve spiritual rebirth, which is the essence of that church which Jesus Christ Himself established on earth.
None of the creeds will relinquish its traditions. Not one of them will for the sake of the others renounce a thing, which is only the work of men and has no value before God anyway.

The quarrel of the churches is about those differences, which were created by them in the course of time, but no thought is given to the false doctrines which caused all the confusion and which are zealously defended as the original religion. However, this can only be found in the truth brought to mankind by Jesus Himself which meanwhile has been distorted and is no longer represented by any of the existing churches, and it cannot be represented, for it needs the working of the Spirit which can be won only by fulfilling God's commandment of love.

This commandment is being taught, but observed least of all, whilst all the later added man-made commandments are paid much more attention although they are of no value since they have not originated from God, but are only the work of man and, therefore, are insignificant and without influence on the upward development of the human soul which has to mature here on earth.

The divine word of Jesus on earth, which gave mankind the full truth, has been interpreted so incorrectly that these interpretations have resulted in many rites. Here God's adversary has played his part by confusing the spirit of men, which is noticeable in the demands of the different creeds and their divisions always taking place when men had their disputes over the spiritual meaning of the words of Jesus.

They fought for such controversial questions, every one of them according to the degree of his understanding or the spiritual state of those who believe themselves to have a calling, but they did not belong to the Church of Christ, or they would have been enlightened and would have dissociated themselves from the existing creeds and spiritual movements.

Some zealous representatives did fight for knowledge they had gained, when they were already more advanced in the maturity of their soul. However, they could never prevail because their opponents were not prepared to relinquish a structure consisting of erroneous human performances which could never be in accordance with the divine will because they did not comply with truth.
And even if a unification of the churches is intended, they will not give up their man-made establishment and endeavour to build the true Church of Christ which expects of man an inner life in accordance with the will of God, not dependent upon any external acts, but solely upon a life of love. This will establish a union with God, give man a living faith and a full understanding of the truth which is gained through the working of the Spirit within man and which is the sole characteristic of that church which Jesus Christ established on earth.

But as long as people do not abandon the formalities through which many lose their faith altogether, as long as they do not aspire after the inner awakening, which is followed by the working of the Spirit and enlightenment, to achieve unification will remain a vain effort, for they would then not unite in the truth, but stay with their wrong doctrines which are not beneficial for the soul.


B.D. 8814
June 18, 1964


It is My Will that you should spread the truth abroad and expose false doctrines that have crept into My Word. This can only be done by confrontation with the pure truth. You must keep asking yourselves who can guarantee you the truth of what is submitted to you as My doctrine.

You cannot simply accept words of man as the truth well knowing that they may be influenced by My adversary who is always anxious to confuse mankind. If you really care about the truth and do not want to walk in error, you can ask Me for clarification and you are sure to receive it.

And the first thing I shall point out to you is that you possess a free will which must never be kept under pressure or coerced either by good or by evil influences, and that you will have to account for the way you have made use of this will.

Consequently, every doctrine, which as a dogma forced you to accept it, is against My Will. You are free to determine for yourselves what you want to believe, and nobody has a right to curtail your religious liberty.

Thus you are free to compare the various faiths with each other so as to find the one that suits you best.

I shall always speak to those who are searching for the pure truth. All the others are indifferent and do not care whether the pure truth is presented to them or not. They are satisfied with the doctrines which have been added by men to My Gospel, but which could be recognised as totally absurd if people would only care to investigate. By forcing men into obedience, eliminating any personal religious opinion, My adversary has made a tight noose, as nobody dares to have an opinion of his own believing it to be a great sin.

But it is essential to set the will of God first and, therefore, I draw your attention to the free will, which you will have to give up if you submit to the commandments of man.

Thus the 'working of the spirit' within man, the sole means of receiving pure truth, is unknown to you. You do not believe that I Myself will guide you into the truth, and you reject all the knowledge gained this way. But only this knowledge is the truth and it exposes many false doctrines.

However, as long as you submit to a commandment of Satan that you may not decide freely for a doctrine which you have recognised as true, as long as you cannot free yourselves from that which I never demand of you, you will be slaves - completely unfree!

For I shall not force anybody to accept the truth, which he does not recognise as such, since I have given man a free will. You often bring up the argument that men should be educated in one creed. But then you should keep to the two commandments, which I Myself taught men on earth. Teach them only the commandments of love and you are doing everything that is needed for men to attain maturity of their souls. Then it will soon show who has the earnest will to live in love, and he will also experience the working of My Spirit within him. He will be introduced to truth and gain knowledge about the idea and purpose of creation and of the life on earth and above all the reason and significance of the act of salvation by Jesus Christ without whom no man can win beatitude.

You, however, are not Christians that are alive and practising an imitation of Christ, Christians, whom I can consider members of My church that was founded by Me, are convinced of the power of the salvational work, otherwise you would be hearing the voice of My Spirit which can enlighten you about the many false doctrines in the world which I shall always fight.

Truth alone leads to Me, and only truth can win you beatitude. And, therefore, I shall keep conveying the truth to My representatives on earth ordering them to spread it abroad, for man has to walk in truth if he wants beatitude!


He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water. (John 7:38 - Chr.Huang)

B.D. 8822
June 27, 1964


Truth does not remain pure once it has been conveyed to mankind, only a firm will would suffice to keep it that way. This I had foreseen, when I spoke the words: 'I shall guide you into truth.'

Men, however, lack such a firm will, and divine gifts in particular are spoilt by the adversary's influence. So also can it be concluded with certainly that My revelations do not remain unchanged, especially, when worldly interests are involved and when men do not exclusively serve these revelations with a firm will to protect them against adverse influences.

And thus My pure word can be conveyed to earth again and again. It will not remain uncontaminated, for there are only a few spiritual assistants, and if it gets into the hands of worldly inclined people it can be expected to be spoilt. Therefore, I have to keep conveying the pure truth to the earth and for this I select the right vessels, people who prepare themselves for the reception of the flow of My Spirit, whom I am sure will accept the truth without objection, not oppose it with their own opinions, fulfil their task conscientiously and also spread My divine truth abroad.

They will also be able to recognise any errors which, as the work of My adversary, under the cover of piety are presented to men as truth.

I cannot contradict Myself, nor can I make use of a man who denies My act of salvation and the incarnation in Jesus and claims to speak to a person as 'Jesus', as 'ascended master'. In all these people a false doctrine is being reared which is never in accordance with My divine teaching.

However, the vessels that I have chosen recognise all the connections and will not be deceived and, as the angels that act for Me, will teach you only in accordance with My Will, for from them flows the same stream of strength and light that emanates from Me and, consequently, their spiritual product must have the same contents, or you would have to doubt its authenticity. I shall for ever expound the divine doctrine of love, as I did on earth and explain to people the consequences of a life in love as well as those in a life of non-compliance with My commandments, for this is the idea and purpose of the life on earth.

And you shall be told repeatedly what was the cause of your mortal life. The vast knowledge about all the relationships gives you the light in which you recognise My love, wisdom and might and enables you to strive for union with Me. This is all that I want. The fact that My pure word keeps getting contaminated, forces Me to pronounce My will repeatedly. The truth of these pronouncements is guaranteed while I still have the use of a vessel serving Me voluntarily and servants assist Me in spreading the pure truth. And while this is so, false doctrines, which are always close at hand and endanger the pure truth, can be refuted. I shall always bless the will of those who strive after the pure truth. I shall enlighten their thinking so that they know the truth.

However, they must be sure to take the road to Me. They must not entrust themselves to beings that ask them for their help, as they do not know whether these have been commissioned by me to teach you. And, consequently, they do not know whether they are being taught the truth.
The work of salvation and its reasons is the evidence that you have the right thing. However, where this is mentioned only in passing and is not the contents of a message from 'Above' you should have misgivings. For I Myself have pointed you to the touch-stone: 'Try the spirits whether they are of God.' A spirit that acknowledges that Jesus came into the flesh is from God.

And this is the most essential doctrine! This is what counts that you find salvation through Jesus Christ who alone can take the original sin off you! HE and I are ONE! It is HE Whom you must acknowledge as your God and Creator to be able to unite with ME forever.

A bruised reed shall he not break, and smoking flax shall he not quench, till he send forth judgement unto victory.
(Matt. 12:20 – add. By Chr.Huang)

FOREWORD (out of the original translation)
Bertha Dudde was born in 1890 as the second eldest daughter of the artist-painter Carl Dudde at Liegnitz in Schlesien, East-Germany. At an early age she learned the craft of the dressmaker in order to support her parents and her seven brothers and sisters and so, she did not attend nay higher school but the Volksschule. Since June 15th 1937, she received revelations. Altogether more than nine thousand messages, from the LORD through the 'Inner Word'. She died in September 1965.
The publication of these messages in German and in English is being sponsored by friends of the new revelations. They nave not founded any organisation.
Bertha Dudde was not the only person who heard the voice of OUR LORD in her heart. There were and still are many others who received and are receiving God's Word.
There are more than one hundred books published containing nothing else but revelations from JESUS CHRIST, receive in the German language, among which there are most important accounts such as the youth and the childhood of Jesus, the account of His three years' teaching in full length (about five thousand pages), life in the beyond, how to pray, the coming events of the 'final time', the transformation of the earth and many more of which very little has been translated into English, to our great regret. However, there are many false prophets at the moment as Jesus foretold for the 'final time', therefore: &quot;Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.&quot; (I Thess. 5:21)
And &quot;Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.&quot;(1 John 4:1).
Heuchelheim, March 1975The Editor.

Bertha Dudde's own account of her writings is as follows:
&quot;I do not belong to any sect. I have received these messages during the past twenty-seven years as a dictation in a fully conscious, completely aware state of being.
I write down in shorthand what I hear, thereafter transcribing word for word exactly as I heard it.
This process is in no way carried out under any conditions of compulsion, such as a trance or an ecstasy, rather, it takes place in an absolutely sober condition; the only requirement being first to will it and freely to establish the communication through sincere prayer and quiet devotion. Then I may receive these dictations, which usually have a duration of half an hour to one hour, at any time they are not at all bound by time or place.&quot;

Where is the wise?
Where is the scribe?
Hath not God made foolish the wisdom of this world?
For after that in the wisdom of God the world by wisdom knew not God, it pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe.
For the Jews require a sign, and the Greeks seek after wisdom:
But we preach Christ crucified, unto the Jews a stumbling block, and unto the Greeks foolishness;
But unto them which are called, both Jews and Greeks, Christ the power of God, and the wisdom of God.
Because the foolishness of God is wiser than men; and the weakness of God is stronger than men.
1 Corinthians 1:20-25
I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you.
He that hath my commandments, and keepeth them, he it is that loveth me: and he that loveth me shall be loved of my Father, and I will love him, and will manifest myself to him. But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.
John 14:18,21,25.
Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.
John 14:6

Quotations from other revelations
&quot;I (Jesus) answered: 'You should believe that God, the FATHER from eternity, is of infinite goodness, and responds to everyone who calls to Him in all earnestness! You should believe that God does not need men in order to send His power to them but rather that every man, through his love to God, can take on this power so that it may unfold in him and be brought into operation!'&quot;
Great Gospel of John Vol.11, Ch.67
'However, I truly am the Father and shepherd of those who are willing to share all that is good, passing it on to everybody, for I once said that you were to pass on My graces without being paid. To those who love Me this way, I am a shepherd and carry them close to My heart. They may draw the infinite love-power from My heart, for when you unselfishly pass on the gifts you receive from Me, because you want to serve ME and everyone, then you will find yourselves within a never-ending current of My love-power.

The purer and more perfect your love, the more I will reveal Myself to you.&quot;
(Received by Johannes Widman, Nov. 1,1971)

New Revelations received through the
of Bertha Dudde
in accordance with John 14:21
&quot;He that hath My Commandments,
and keepeth them, he it is that
loveth Me; and he that loveth Me
shall be loved of My Father, and
I will love him, and will
manifest Myself to him.&quot;

These publications have no connections with any organised religion!

They don't want neither to separate anybody from his belonging to a religion nor proselyte for a religious community. Their sole purpose is to make accessible the word of God - which He gives to men of today - in accordance to His promise transmitted through John 14:21.

This booklet has been re-produced and word processed by Christine Huang, Friend of The New Revelation.

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