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 God Himself beams the Truth to Earth jc  326.56KB  Bertha Dudde a.D. *1891 - 1965     

God Himself beams the Truth to Earth Part 1 - 3 Revealed through the Inner Voice to Bertha Dudde in accordance with the promise of John 14:21 INTRODUCTION This booklet contains a small selection out of the 9030 revelations received from the LORD by one of HIS scribes and handmaids, Bertha Dudde. Bertha Dudde was born in Liegnitz, Germany. She worked as a seamstress to help support her parents and seven brothers and sisters and was therefore prevented from continuing her education beyond grammar school. Coming from mixed Roman Catholic and Protestant parentage she received little religious education and knew nothing about the Bible although there was a deep desire for the Truth in her heart. Often when she prayed the Lord's Prayer she would beseech the Lord to allow her to find His Kingdom. In 1937, at the age of 47 she began receiving revelations from the Lord through the "Inner Word". After sincere prayer and quiet devotion the Lord spoke to her inner being and she wrote down word for word what she heard. This continued almost daily until her death in 1965. The publication of these messages began in Germany shortly after her passing away and in 1978 has begun to be translated into English. This booklet has been translated by Juergen Pless and word processed by Christine Huang, Friends of The New Revelation. Christine Huang Juergen Pless Tel: (03) 497-4106 P.O. BOX 112, IVANHOE, MELBOURNE AUSTRALIA 3079 Publication and translation is sponsored by "friends" of this New Revelation and is not supported by or associated with any religious denomination or sect. They are offered with the prayer that the Holy Spirit will enable the reader to discern the Truth of this New Word from the Lord in accordance with His promise of John 14:21. Published by DIVINE WORD FOUNDA'l'ION Non-Profit since 1962 1999 Pine Grove Rd. Rogue River, OR 97537 Scanned into WORD 2000 and corrected by Ingo Schneuing, Floerekeweg 9, D-21339 Lueneburg, Germany, July 2002 e-mail: or for free download for further information in German God Himself beams the Truth to the Earth Part 1 - 3 Second Edition in German 1974 First Edition in English 1988 Scanned Edition in English July 2, 2002 INDEX B.D. 0754 CHRISTIANITY'S FAITH TESTED FOR THREE YEARS B.D. 1081 CLOUD FORMATION IN THE SKY..CHRIST?S SUFFERING AND DEATH B.D. 1933 HEREDITY AND PREDISPOSITION B.D. 1950 STEPS TAKEN AGAINST THE CHRISTIAN FAITH B.D. 2301 THE FIGHT FOR SPIRITUAL SUPREMACY B.D. 2521 NOTICE OF AN EVENT..RELIGIOUS LOCALITY..SPIRITUAL TRANSFORMATION B.D. 3209 RUN OF EVENTS BEFORE THE END B.D. 3448 COMFORT AND STRENGTH FROM GOD?S WORD DURING TRIBUALTION B.D. 3610 REASON, PURPSE AND AIM OF SORROW? COGNITION.. MATERIAL EVANESCENCE B.D. 3681 ?CALL UPON ME IN THE DAY OF TROUBLE?.. DEPTH OF FAITH (Psalm 50:15) B.D. 3697 CANON LAW.. LOVE OF NEIGHBOR AN GOD?S COMMANDMENTS B.D. 3712 CLEVERNESS AND GENTLENESS B.D. 3716 THE PERILS OF IDLENESS B.D. 3773 GOD?S INTERVENTION B.D. 3995 ABOUT COMMUNISM B.D. 4001 APPARENT BURYING OF THE HATCHET? WORLD CONFLAGRATION? LIFE AND FAITH CONFLICT B.D. 4029 ANTI-CHRIST, DISGUISED AS A SAVIOUR? ANTISPIRITUAL ACTIVISM B.D. 4042 A LOVING PERSON NEVER BECOMES LOST B.D. 4073 LUMINOUS DISPLAY IN THE SKY?. THE CROSS OF JESUS CHRIST B.D. 4170 GOD?S CALL INSIDE THE HEART B.D. 4171 WORKING FOR GOD AND HIS KINGDOM B.D. 4360 PARABLE OF THE GOOD SHEPHARD B.D. 4468 POWER OF THE WORD OF GOD? ANTIDOTE TO SUFFERING B.D. 4493 DEATH OF A WORDLY RULER?. BEGINNING OF THE END WORLD CONFLAGRATION B.D. 4521 COSMIC CHANGES? SCIENTIFIC EXPLATNATIONS? AND SPIRITUAL FOUNDATION B.D. 4533 SPIRITUAL TURNING POINT? TOTAL TRANSFORMATION OF THE EARTH B.D. 4720 PROTECTIVE SHIELD OF FAITH? TRUST GOD?S PROTECTION B.D. 4768 COLLAPSE OF THE ECCLESIASTICAL HIERARCHY? THE TRUE CHURCH OF CHRIST B.D. 4878 ABOUT SEEKING AND FINDING GOD B.D. 5004 A ROCK SHALL BE MADE TO TEETER? A SPIRITUAL QUAKING B.D. 5015 SPIRITUAL MANOEUVRE B.D. 5062 RE-INCARNATION - YES or NO B.D. 5077 THE LORD?S RETURN.. PRESENT TIME.. WITNESSES FOR THE NEW EARTH B.D. 5102 SCHOOL OF SPIRIT B.D. 5136 SATAN?S POWER B.D. 5172 APPEARANCE AND REALITY B.D. 5233 THE DEIFICATION OF THE BEINGS TO CHILDREN B.D. 5243 FORGIVENESS? ATONEMENT? RIGHTEOUSNESS B.D. 5291 LAST JUDGEMENT AND PRIOR AWAKENING CALL B.D. 5318 PLIGHT OF SOULS IN THE BEYOND? INTERCESSION? CHANGES OF HEARTS B.D. 5367 GOD?S WORD INESTIMABLE GRACE IN THE END-TIME B.D. 5554 SPIRITUAL KNOWLEDGE? A BLESSING IN THE BEYOND B.D. 5565 SPIRITUAL DEPRAVATION ? FALSE THINKING B.D. 5605 AWAKENING THE DEAD SOULS THROUGH GOD?S WORD B.D. 5647 MAN?S JOURNEY OF SORROWS B.D. 5744 TO ATHEISTS B.D. 5796 THE OVERCOMING OF MATTER? KINGDOM OF THE SPIRIT B.D. 5825 LOVE OF THE WORLD B.D. 5920 GOD?S LOVE IS TO BE FOUND ALSO IN SORROW B.D. 5983 THE LAST JUDGEMENT IS ALSO AN ACT OF DIVINE LOVE B.D. 6012 SILENT PRAYER? PUBLIC CONFESSION? LOUD OR SILENT PRAYER? B.D. 6110 STRENGTH OF FAITH? ACHIEVEMENT? LOVE B.D. 6111 ?FEAR NOT!? B.D. 6158 WORK UPON THE SOUL B.D. 6194 SERIOUS WARNING TOWARDS THE WORLD B.D. 6324 APPROACH OF A STAR B.D. 6329 UNREMITTING STRIVING TOWARDS THE GOAL B.D. 6338 GOD?S PERPETUAL CARE FOR MAN B.D. 6340 THE WAY TO GRACE? WALKING WITH GOD B.D. 6405 CHANGES IN ZODIAK B.D. 6538 FAITH CONFLICT? HOSTILITIES? ANTICHRIST B.D. 6547 MERE CONFORMISTS UNSUCCESSFUL B.D. 6663 THE POWER IN THE NAME JESUS B.D. 6987 BUFFETING BY FATE? A PROCESS OF PURIFICATION B.D. 7096 DO NOT FORFEIT EVERLASTING LIFE B.D. 7258 PRE-CONDITIONING FOR HEARING GOD?S VOICE ? DETACHEMENT FROM THE ?WORLD? B.D. 7405 ANNOUNCEMENT OF THE STAR B.D. 7494 LOVE IS LIFE ITSELF B.D. 7496 JESUS AS LEADER B.D. 7596 URGENT FINAL WARNING B.D. 7604 THE FORERUNNER? KNOWLEDGE ABOUT INCARNATING B.D. 7816 THE RIGHT CONCEPT OF GOD B.D. 7916 REASON FOR EXCEPTIONAL KNOWLEDGE TODAY? PURIFICATION OF THE DISTORTED GOSPEL? END-TIME B.D. 7924 EMERGENCE OF THE WORK OF CREATION ?EARTH? B.D. 7954 GOD?S PROTECTION DURING THE FAITH CONFLICT B.D. 8054 IS THE BIBLE CLOSED OFF? B.D. 8201 ?MY GOD, MY GOD, WHY HAST THOU FORSAKEN ME?? B.D. 8316 HEED GOD?S MESSENGERS ALONG THE WAY B.D. 8353 MESSIAH, SAVIOUR OF MANKIND B.D. 8465 WHY DOES MANKIND AT LARGE NOT KNOW GOD?S SALVATION PLAN? THE IMMINENT END CALLS FOR EXPLANTIONS B.D. 8520 THE CONDITION FOR ATTAINING TO PERFECTION ON EARTH B.D. 8656 GOD CARRIES THROUGH HIS PLAN OF SALVATION B.D. 8691 THE ADVERSARY SHALL NOT BE HINDERED IN HIS DOINGS B.D. 8727 PUBLIC CONFESSION DURING THE FAITH CONFLICT B.D. 8734 EMERGENCE OF THE ANTI-CHRIST B.D. 8738 WHAT MANNER OF PRAYER SHALL BE HEARD? B.D. 8781 CHANGES IN THE COSMOS B.D. 8822 RECTIFYING FALSE DOCTRINES B.D. 8835 ABOUT SPEAKING IN TONGUES B.D. 8865 WORDS OF COMFORT B.D. 8840 UNIDENTIFIED OBJECTS (UFO?S) B.D. 9025 WORLD CONFLAGRATION? NATURAL CATASTROPHE? FINAL DECISION B.D. 0754 January 24, 1939 CHRISTIANITY'S FAITH TESTED FOR THREE YEARS With every task there goes a certain responsibility, and a child of the earth must strive with all energy to meet same and not allow mediocrity to creep in, because a work such as this demands deep commitment and is too immense to be lumped in with daily chores. And so let it be impressed upon you that you should summon all your willpower and commitment for this work, so that same may not be curtailed on account of trivialities. And so begin: It will take three years for Christendom as a whole to pass its test, so as to then either stabilise or to completely abandon its faith in Jesus Christ as Saviour of the world. And in those three years a clear separation shall take place, because the world and its proponents shall endeavour to push through a total severance from faith, whilst the others shall gather together ever more firmly, with more fervent inner devotion to the Saviour and Redeemer than ever. The latter flock shall indeed be much smaller, and hence a great depravation must come over the world still, in order to save what has not yet been fully bonded to Satan. The vast public denying the Lord is in for a terrible time. The Lord is merciless where no note at all is taken of His Word, and same is mocked and laughed off. It is of grave importance to realise how the Lord tries time after time to approach men with love and mildness, yet strikes upon ever more hardened hearts; how His concern is always for the return of His fallen children, yet this not being acknowledged; thus leaving only one means of making hardened hearts more pliable, all mildness and mercy being in vain, as these are not being taken note of. Only through great tribulation and distress do men find their way back to their Creator, but then the heart must speak. For the Lord shall not regard lip-prayer, and with the simultaneous separation in progress could, in the last hour, give an ignorant, undecided bystander a false picture. A deep sigh towards the Father of Infinity shall suffice to deliver a child from gravest peril. But those not praying in Spirit and in Truth shall be calling in vain, as their call will not be heard; and thus there shall not be many who in the last hour acknowledge their adherence to the Father, but it shall verily be for a blessing to a few. AMEN B.D. 1081 September 4, 1939 CLOUD FORMATION IN THE SKY CHRIST'S SUFFERING AND DEATH God the Lord of Heaven and Earth shall give you a visible sign, which is to testify of His Might and Glory. This was determined from eternity and will be shown so conspicuously that you shall marvel at this configuration through divine omnipotence and love. Insubstantial though this little cloud in the sky may appear; it nevertheless harbours life similar to that comprising your being. And this life also God guides in accordance with His will and forms also this cloud-formation with such wise purpose that the Lord's suffering and death shall easily be recognisable, and you shall identify the One on the cross whom the world wants to deny; you shall be either seized with horror, or shout with joy, depending on whether you reject Him or harbour Him in your heart. The latter shall pause in prayer whilst the former, standing aloof of Jesus Christ, shall try to shake off this image. And the Lord wants it thus, He wants to give mankind a sign of His grace and love because it facilitates their faith: to either resurrect their faith in Jesus Christ, Saviour of the world, if they lost same, or to even cause same to grow to unshakeable power. And mankind tries yet again to play down this wonder of divine love, it brands it as an appearance formed fortuitously and without meaning: attempts to undo the divine providence. But, defying all human explanation, the configuration holds fast, so that the entire world can view it. And the consequence shall be that even those of a most anti-mystical persuasion shall be provoked into pondering. The point in time has arrived when mankind can be offered extraordinary appearances without coercion into faith, because mankind's thinking has become so insipid that they would explain every appearance scientifically, i.e. with the intellect, denying all spiritual mediation through powers unprobed. And thus man's free will is no longer endangered by such appearances; indeed, scientific explanations will be accepted, over those that these are signs from above. And again, only the God-seeking and those walking within love shall recognise this visible agency of the eternal Deity; and hence, the grace of divine love again is offered to men, with only few recognising it as such. The Lord loosens the natural laws for a time, and precisely this should make the experimenters think; but where the desire to recognise pure Truth is lacking, there even the stars can leave their usual tracks, and the suns lose their shine without bending the hardened will of men, but make them seek instead natural law that much harder, and thus deviate still further ultimately from true cognition. Hence this sign extraordinary though it may be, also is a direct bestowal of Grace; nevertheless only for him who recognises the marvel of the appearance with his heart, or begins to think about it. But he who does not use this gift of grace, viewing yonder celestial configuration soullessly, without an attempt to draw any conclusion, - regarding this phenomenon as blind chance of an exceptional nature such a one, lacking love-action of the heart, resulting in intellectual non-comprehension, therefore is not fit for deeper wisdom either. AMEN B.D. 1933 May 29, 1941 HEREDITY AND PREDISPOSITION Man's earth-walk corresponds to his predisposition, i.e. defects and shortcomings adhere to his souls of which the latter is to free itself through its life-style on earth. These defects and shortcomings are not the same for every person, and this because every soul substance had activated a different external form, within which certain distinctive properties good or bad were developed, to a greater or lesser degree. Consequently men also will be different in their natures, necessitating diverse upbringings, in order to advance what is good and overcome what can be regarded as deficient and bad. It would be completely wrong therefore to assume that at the moment of incarnation on earth, all souls are of a similar nature. There are on the contrary diverse differences, which man however traces back to "heredity". It may indeed externally appear as though children had to take up a certain burden for their earth-walk, and properties at that which can be either conducive or a hindrance to their spiritual development; for which nevertheless they could not be held to account because, according to the hypothesis, the inheritance as an integral part strength to combat and overcome such inborn defects. Man, in order to attain to soul maturity, must combat all his defects, and work on himself. And if peculiar drives predominate within him, he should be cognisant of the fact that it is not the parental disposition which determines man's nature, but that it is those very drives which during his endlessly many embodiments before the human stage, caused him to obtain a nature which the being felt salubrious, doing nothing to rid itself of such defects and shortcomings. - He (man) regards his shortcomings as a right, because he regards them as given him without his doing. And yet it nevertheless was his own free will to join up with beings of a homologous nature, for his earth-walk. These complementary beings constituted an attraction for the soul seeking incarnation; consequently their is superficial talk about heredity, notwithstanding the fact that parents have no share in the nature of the souls under their care during the time on earth. Hence every soul has to tackle the task of upward development on her own. She never can be relieved of this even by her physical parents. Due to this, the parents are not responsible for the predisposition of their children, even though it may seem as if the children are weighed down with parental heredity. Each being is burdened with responsibility for itself, although man, while still under parental tutelage, should be instructed to work on himself. Because the work on the soul every man has to accomplish for himself, otherwise he cannot be freed from his primordial sin. AMEN B.D. 1950 June 12, 1941 STEPS TAKEN AGAINST THE CHRISTIAN FAITH Whoever entrusts himself to the Lord Jesus Christ in the ensuing time need not fear abandonment when confronted by difficulties. The adversary's power has indeed never had a more destructive influence upon believers than is now the case. Incredibly harsh measures shall be aiming at man's abandonment of the Christian faith - at his denial of Jesus Christ and at his adopting of a new agenda, which has completely different teachings to those of Jesus Christ. And much shall be accomplished by these measures, to the extent of many people losing knowledge, to the extent of many people losing knowledge of Him, if they do not stand up bravely to those who deem themselves mighty. There is One Who is much mightier, and those who entrust themselves to Him meed not worry. The Lord will give them everything, they shall be and speak shrewdly and wisely, and from fullest conviction for their Lord where necessary, and they shall be able to counter every challenge; because the spirit of him who fights for Christ is wakeful and shall manifest itself in the hour of need. Because even if everything earthly threatens to pass, God's Word, which HE Himself gave to men on earth, indubitably remains. For did not God say, "My Word shall not pass into all eternity". On account of this Word a pitched battle shall flare, but a battle that has nothing to do with worldly happenings. It is a battle exclusively about the confessing of Jesus Christ. This battle indeed shall also call for sacrifices, yet whoever wants to be strengthened through divine grace shall receive the power to also willingly bear yonder sacrifices. He shall stand up for Jesus Christ full of zeal and not fear, and face events undaunted. And the Lord has need of such people, who sacrifice themselves for Him and are ready to do God's will at all times. Because it is a grave time and requires full commitment. It brings events which can be borne only through faith in Jesus Christ, but which also cause man to ripen in his soul and bring him the greatest reward; because only the man of faith unites with the divine Spirit, and this will teach him and lend him strength through God's Word, and repeatedly exhort him to remain faithful to the Lord and Redeemer, the divine Saviour, when the world opposes Him and wants to displace Him from men's hearts. AMEN B.D. 2301 April 13, 1942 THE FIGHT FOR SPIRITUAL SUPREMACY Portentous is the fight for spiritual supremacy, which shall flare at a level not experienced by the world heretofore. The spiritually evil intend to displace the spiritually good by violence, and this is a daring which divine love can no longer watch dispassionately, but brings the fight to its proper conclusion. The aim will be to oppress the spiritual seeker to the point of giving up, thus giving in to a world which is to claim victory, so to speak. If the world were to succeed in extermination all faith in an actual Deity and Divine Saviour Jesus Christ, then it would also snatch victory from the faithful, and the repercussions should be incalculable, since mankind in aggregate would then be doomed, because all spiritual advancement would be severed. Often this fight had been conducted already, but never as ruthlessly as projected now. Because the adversary himself is now at work, i.e., he shrinks back from nothing in order to assume lordship over mankind, and he finds willing representatives, i.e., men who also will stop at nothing; and the affliction into which the faithful are precipitated is immense. The most severe and unfounded measures will be seized upon to make life intolerable for those who in their hearts still carry faith in God and the Divine Saviour. Because the latter have the edge over the unbelieving and can counter every deprecation; and since God avails Himself of able-bodied volunteers on earth, who are particularly exposed to worldly onslaught, He shall not permit the tormenting of those offering their services to the point of dropping their faith; on the contrary, He shall convey great power to them and strengthen their faith, and they shall for their part enter the fray and fight for the glory of God, and both camps shall find their adherents. And then the fight flares with full intensity, the good spiritual world struggles for ascendancy over the bad elements, and the world apparently prevails, to intimidate men to the point where they negate the possibility of bearing up to the proceedings. And during this extremity, God's love is especially concerned with mankind. He shall faithfully watch over His small flock and not let them become victims of powers, which have manifestly taken up the fight against God. AMEN B.D. 2521 October 22, 1942 NOTICE OF AN EVENT-RELIGIOUS LOCALITY. SPIRITUAL TRANSFORMATION Those of you who do not yet walk within truth shall have to give up much of your spiritual treasure, because the time is coming when you witness the collapse of much that had seemed indestructible. You shall acknowledge that the works of man are transient although capable of asserting themselves for long periods. It shall be beyond your grasp as to why, through divine providence a work of destruction is carried out, which will simultaneously present an immense spiritual reversal and greatly shake the thought of those who had deemed themselves as walking in the Truth. And you shall find no explanation other than that God wants to plainly show you that you walk in error. This error has taken hold of you too firmly for freeing yourselves easily there from, and therefore God wants to help you. He wants to show you that everything must give way to His will; hence also what has asserted itself for thousands of years. God gave men free will and hence had to withdraw His own will where human will assert itself. And hence He did not hinder and infrastructure, which did not correspond to His will. His will was heeded secretly however and performed unnoticed, little-known to the world therefore, yet resisting hostile interference. But mankind nevertheless found pleasure in yonder infrastructure, which asserted itself in pomp and splendour, finding many followers. But an ultimate end nonetheless has been set for this set-up too, and this end will come in full view of all men. A superstructure deemed indestructible shall be shaken, an event shall come claiming sacrifices in every direction: mankind's thinking shall be shaken. Through this divine intervention, god wants to prove to mankind that everything initiated by men is transient but that which comes from God endures. He wants to show men that they err, so that they should become receptive to pure Truth. And many men shall become sceptical in view of the catastrophic transformation; they shall query the credibility of what they had been taught because the collapse robs them of all faith. And this happening is not far off and the entire world will be involved and, to the extent of any faith recognise a sign, which God gives men on earth for the good of their souls. AMEN B.D. 3209 Aug. 1, 1944 RUN OF EVENTS BEFORE THE END It would not be beneficial to specify to mankind the time of the spiritual turning point, because precise knowledge thereof is an inhibition of free will, as man would then at the appointed time, feel coerced into changing his life-style. It is not God's will however that man should be acquainted beforehand with knowledge of when day and hour of His holding judgement have come - they should know only that he end is near, and recognise the end by the signs of the times. But where men of faith ask Him for clarification, He shall answer them as will best serve the good of their soul. Judgement-day is preceded by the end time, and the latter marked by a faith conflict of extraordinary rigour. So soon as this faith conflict is conducted openly, so soon as all secrecy is set aside and all spiritual endeavour ruthlessly proceeded against; as soon as orders and decrees are issued prohibiting men all spiritual striving, so soon as none of the divine commandments are kept; as soon as persecution against all believers sets in and rights no longer granted them, the last phase of the end time has come, and the last judgment can be daily and hourly anticipated. Before this faith conflict has flared up, however, mankind shall find itself in spiritual and earthly chaos and retrogression in every respect will be everywhere in evidence. Men who are under Satan?s control will initiate this regression; he will show in earthly annihilation and destructions, in unloving decrees, in profane life-conduct, in rebellion and insurgency against the rulers and brutal suppression again by the latter; in restriction of freedom and the circumventing of rights and justice. These conditions however shall ensue after a great earthquake taking place by will of God, to terminate a conflict between nations which men's will fails to end. For those men affected by this earthquake it will mean a change in customary life, a time of greatest deprivation and difficult life-conditions. This time, initially, shall be indeed conducive to the dissemination of the word of God, but shall not signify an upswing for an ecclesiastical hierarchy, as men will be zealously engaged in betterment of their life-conditions, and this striving shall not be compatible with spiritual endeavour - with faith in an Authority which holds them to account, and with divine Commandments that demand love. And hence everything hindering the restoration of former living standards comes under attack, and the faith conflict therefore sets in not long after God's intervention, which shall steer global affairs onto a new course. The events shall quickly follow each other because man's low spiritual level hastens this, and the low spirituality is recognisable in the unloving deeds of men, in their thinking, which attests to deepest depravity, and which prepares deeds that are to be addressed as satanic. And by this you men will recognise also the point in time when God's intervention is to be anticipated. You shall have in the global affairs themselves a time-piece, you will perceive in the deeds of which men are capable that they utterly distanced themselves from God, and this will unequivocally gainsay the view that a spiritual renaissance can be expected from this humanity. Those men standing in faith to God shall indeed strengthen their inner relationship with Him, they shall of a truth be "His Church", which shall maintain itself amidst misery and affliction, but of these there shall be only a handful. The world however denies God, and bears ill will towards all and fights everything that stands for God. And this spiritual want is indicative of the end. Heed therefore the signs of the times, heed men's conduct, their apostasy and their bent for the world, how men patiently stand under Satan's influence, how they are in his bondage and do everything offending against God's Commandments; how nothing is sacred to them any longer, neither the life of fellow men, nor their goods and chattels; how the lie celebrates triumph, an truth is spited. Then know that the end is not far, You will then be able to pursue the happenings as they are made known to you, because all will take place in the generation of one man, who quickens the disintegration so to speak, who embraces the destructive principle, who therefore is not constructively but destructively engaged. And with the end of this man has come the end of the world, i.e., the end of the earth in its present form, together with the end of those men inhabiting the earth presently, who stand astride those belonging to God. And thus you know that here is not much time, that no lengthy term is now given, that the end faces you soon. You must therefore prepare yourselves; you must live as though each day were the last, because you don't know when you will be recalled unto the Kingdom beyond, or whether you live to see the end of the earth. But if you are needed as fighters for God in the time of conflict before the end, God will lead your thinking aright and you will discern when the time has come - the time of divine intervention through the unleashing of natural forces, the time of the faith-conflict, and of last judgement. It is God's will that you alert mankind, and He will therefore illumine your spirit and so guide your thinking that you perceive correctly, and voice and convey to your fellow men what is correctly perceived. AMEN B.D. 3448 February 25, 1945 COMFORT AND STRENGTH FROM GOD'S WORD DURING THE TRIBULATION You shall find out in the hour of fear what grace and strength emanates from God's Word, conveyed to earth through His love, when you consider yourselves cut off from the entire world and communicate only with God through prayer. Then He shall speak to you and provide you with strength, He shall protect you and care for you, and His Word shall be sufficient eating and drinking, until help comes. Men shall not be able to give you the comfort which streams to you in His Word, because in His Word you sense His present well, and entrust yourselves to Him in faith. And when you hear His Word, the fear has gone out of everything. His love speaks to you; His Fatherland grasps you and never lets you fall again. His Word is full of mildness and goodness - it speaks hope to you and you recognise it as Truth, and hence all fear and worry leave you because you now trust Him unreservedly. The greater the earthly want, the nearer God is to you, if only you call upon Him. He does not leave you and emphasised this in His Word, which you may either constantly hear directly or through mediators, if you desire it. He does not leave you without spiritual food he does not close off the well whence the fountains of living waters stream - He guards it against destruction; He will not allow human will to bury it, allowing the well to dry up, which His great mercy-love opened up for those of you who hunger and thirst, languishing in depravation of body and soul, asking for refreshment. And thus God Himself descends to earth in His Word - to His own, when men have blocked off all access to you. Then He shall be with you and you shall be able to receive rich gifts from His Fatherly hand, you shall be strengthened physically and spiritually, and when you shall have relinquished all earthly aspirations and given yourselves entirely to God, He Himself takes your fate into His hands and delivers you from all want. Because His love embraces you, as it does with all who seek refuge with Him through prayer. AMEN B.D. 3610 November 22,1945 REASON, PURPOSE AND AIM OF SORROW - COGNITION. MATERIAL EVANESCENCE. Worldly-minded men are so far removed from the Truth that they also are unaware of the power to be derived from faith, and an intimate union with God; and hence they give regard to only worldly happenings and fail to recognise that it is the false attitude towards God which is the cause of every worldly event, causing men to suffer. So long as mankind lacks this insight, the state of suffering shall not change. Suffering shall simply take other forms, so that the thought would strike mankind that the diversity of want and afflictions suggests that a power other than human is behind all tribulations, and that not human will alone but a higher power comes into play, and that they should enter into some kind of relationship with such higher power. Knowledge of pure Truth explains all, making the great depravity comprehensible, because cause and effect are recognisable. And thus a change is possible as soon as people adjust to purpose and goal and hence try to eliminate the cause of suffering and want; which for the worldly-minded is and remains incomprehensible as long as he counts the world as first priority, as long as he concedes all prerogative to the body, consigning the soul to depravation. However, true knowledge can be conveyed onto him who separates himself from the world, because truth conveyed to the worldly-minded is not recognised as such, and rejected. Hence he has to be made receptive to Truth, making him recognise through sorrow and depravity the worthlessness of worldly goods, thus diminishing his craving for same. The desire for Truth rises proportionately unless he is being influenced by evil powers that completely confuse his thinking, diverting him from Truth and stirring up hatred in man, as the world with its joys begins to disappoint him. Such then no longer find the connection with God while on earth, and every means, which God employs, is in vain. It is nevertheless an advantage for man's soul to recognise the impermanence of earthly values while still on earth, learning to despise these and to be not excessively tied to the earth by them, at the point of leaving it, even if passing to the beyond with low maturity. The overcoming of matter in the spiritual kingdom is then not so difficult, and upward development can take a more rapid pace, once it has commenced in the spiritual kingdom. The soul will more readily accept the offered Truth in the spiritual kingdom - it is no longer as God-resistant as on earth. And hence the lot of the departed souls is not as hopeless, where they had recognised the impermanence of worldly goods on earth through much suffering, even where they became seemingly victims of adversity through losing their earth-lives. And thus also sorrow and depravation caused through human will is of benefit to the souls which are still God-distant, and that is why God allows men to rage against one another in free will, until He Himself calls a halt when it ties in with His plan from eternity. As long as men walk in ignorance, as long as they turn a deaf ear to Truth, He allows them to ripen through their own action and go through unspeakable depravation and sorrows, because they themselves want it thus and are themselves the instigators of their sorrows. AMEN B.D. 3681 February 9, 1946 " CALL UPON ME IN THE DAY OF TROUBLE " DEPTH OF FAITH. [PSALM 50:15] You only have to call Me trustingly in hours of trouble, and I shall be closer to you than ever. Every mental tie with Me brings you My proximity because I am a Spirit Whom you carry within you in the minutest measure. And when your call is deep from the heart, then it is the spirit spark in you which strives towards Me, the Father Spirit from eternity, inseparable as it is from Me and therefore drawing Me to itself. I am indeed near you always, but perceptively only if your will consciously strives for Me, asking for My presence. You shall feel My closeness, in that a peace comes over you from within which is based in a strong faith in Me and My help. Call to Me in trouble and I shall hear you! If therefore you believe that I am, and that I love - that nothing is impossible to My power and My will, then your call shall also come from the heart and you shall tarry for the granting of your request and My help without doubting. And you shall be helped. But all doubt weakens the strength of faith - you then make the working of the spirit in you impossible; you prevent it from yourselves from striving towards Me and it cannot transmit to you then the power which streams over you from Myself through the spirit spark. Children of true faith verily I call My own - those who trust the Father's Word without reservation; who entrust themselves to Him in every trouble and danger, not fearing and becoming timid, because they know themselves under a loving Father's protection. Such depth of faith makes you exceedingly strong in spirit, banning every physical and spiritual trouble, because an unshakeable faith allows Me unencumbered action and constant, perceivable presence. Then I can also act openly, I can let the seemingly impossible come into being, because deep faith results in the fullness of power, through which either man himself, or spiritual power on his behalf becomes the over comer of what troubles him. Believe, and you shall always be helped. Allow Me through your faith to stream you with My power, and through the spirit in you to grant you peace and security, because the increased power in you emanates from Me, it is an outpouring of Myself; and hence I am Myself in you and with you according to the strength of your faith and the sincerity of your call upon Me. You shall not be able to understand, while on earth, how I Myself and the spirit spark in you and love, power and light all are One; that I am therefore ever present where the spirit can work within you, where love is practiced and I can be recognised as power and light?. because, if all of this were comprehensible, you could no longer doubt. But you should strive to grasp it and you should engage the spirit within you for advice, that it may teach and enlighten you about what is still incomprehensible to you. And the spirit within you will teach you. And again, it is I Who is teaching you, Who wants to draw you to Myself and bring you Truth, so that you may find your way to Me - that your senses would turn spiritual and you become anxious to enter upon union with the Father Spirit. Then your faith shall grow stronger, you shall always and constantly recognise Me; you shall constantly feel My presence and hand yourselves over to Me and My guidance, fully comforted; you shall verily be guided correctly on this earth, you shall be walking the right path which leads to the everlasting Fatherland, and reach your goal with certainty. AMEN B.D. 3697 February 25,1946 CANON LAW, LOVE OF NEIGHBOUR AND GOD'S COMMANDMENTS You shall not through ordinances or teachings initiated by man raise the degree of your soul-ripeness; for I assess man solely on his will to live the way that pleases Me, and to therefore keep the Commandments which I gave him in wise recognition of their effectiveness. If man's ordinances therefore conform to My Commandment of love, and hence aim at spurning man towards love, so that abiding by them signifies the practice of unselfish love of fellow man, then they also meet with My approval. For then the working of My spirit becomes evident in those men who enacted such statutes. Every other law has no worth before Me, and I place no store by its fulfilment, because the life-force streaming to you is to be used exclusively for love-action, in order to attain to soul-maturity on earth. Your goal is to become perfect; but how are you to become perfect without love? - How can you expect graces to flow your way through the keeping of ordinances whose non-fulfilment is no offence against love? It is the love of neighbour that proves to Me love towards me, your God and Father from eternity. He who does not love his neighbour has no proper love for Me either, which would prompt him towards deeds of love for neighbour. If therefore you pretend to, out of love for Me submit yourselves to regulations demanding performance of various external motions, then I do not recognise such love, since these are mere formalities you keep up, to secure for yourselves rewards promised by men. This is no love-action, through which alone you can substantiate to Me your love from the heart, through which alone you can gain beatitude. All external formalities, everything recognisable on the surface has not Myself but human will as its author. To Me only unselfish love of fellow man is well-pleasing, although this also requires external deeds. That with which you pretend to please Me I do not demand of you, wherever same is not based on My commandments of love. I want only the fulfilment of these Commandments together with sincere prayer demonstrating a will devoted to Me. Only then can you gain possession of grace and power, for there are no ways to grace other than prayer and unselfish love. Then however this flows to you without measure. Your entire life should be an interior one, without any pomposity; you nevertheless are called upon to witness of Me openly, you are to confess My teaching, which you must strive to follow; you are to openly stand up for your faith in Me, My name and My salvation works before the world: hence speak to fellow men, so that they too recognise your mind and what you strive for, and that this is not for the terrestrial world but the kingdom of the spirit. You are to prove yourselves as My adherents, as My proper children, in that your style of living corresponds to the demands I made on you, and still do time and again, through My Word which is conveyed from above to those who as mediators proclaim My will to you. And if you want to fulfil My will, then your action has to be a constant acting from love, by which I shall once assess you in eternity, and not for external gestures and transactions that bring you no benefit for your soul, but rather permit man to become careless towards keeping the only true commandment - to be active from unselfish love. AMEN B.D. 3712 March 13,1946 CLEVERNESS AND GENTLENESS Be clever and gentle, and you shall score the greatest successes, if you want to be active for Me and My kingdom. And if you want to bring people My Word then you have to convey it to them the way I conveyed it to you. You have to proffer it to them in love. - Love nevertheless remains always the same; it shows in gentleness and patience, - in the desire to bestow happiness, - in selfless giving. He who would proffer My Word needs therefore to be prompted from within to make fellow man happy, and then carry it out with joyful heart; and if agitating for its acceptance, then this needs to happen gently. His desire to bestow happiness upon him needs to stem from innermost conviction, - then his campaigning is commendable; not however where he wants to prevail against resistance by using harsh words, this not being helpful to My cause. He needs to always feel as My messenger and hence also disport a loving nature, and if seized with indignation it must be a just one, directed not at fellow man but at lies and error which he is fighting and hence trying to stamp out. The products of satanic works indeed are able to call forth deepest repugnance and contempt, and should also be branded as such. Yet the Gospel from the heavens has to be presented to fellow man with gentleness and love, or it shall be without effect. And hence you have to be clever in going about your office, even if the spiritual state of fellow man repels you, and their resistance takes a toll of your patience, since what you proclaim is taught by Love. Hence love has also to come through, making the bearer's loving nature discernible. But you are nonetheless to stand up for My teaching in all firmness, otherwise the task I assign you would not work. You have to be keenly active everywhere with every man. You are to spurn them to love action, and highlight this as the only divine service pleasing to Me, drawing blessings and graces after it from on high?. because, My Word simply teaches love, and if you stimulate fellow man towards that, then you are already spreading My Word. Whether man then establishes a connection with Me through the proffered Word is up to his free will, although a teaching given in gentleness will not miss its mark, being more likely to penetrate than the overzealous defence of spiritual goods which are incomprehensible to fellow man as yet due to his lack of love. Gentleness and cleverness are important concomitants to the spreading of My Word. Nonetheless, where confronted by people?s overbearing spirit, there you shall become aware of that spirit who is My adversary speaking through them, necessitating a fight with sharper weapons. - Then however I Myself place My words on your tongue. If in stillness you call upon My support when confronting persons who carry this spirit within them. Because these must be worked over in a special way, they have to be stirred out of their complacent arrogance and diverted into different thinking. With them, gentle speech is of no effect. But in your heart you shall distinctly recognise it whether and when such people can still be changed; and if you are linked with Me, working for Me and My kingdom, then you shall also be illuminated by My Spirit, which places My Word on your tongue, enabling you to then speak from your heart without misgivings. Cleverness and gentleness and inner prayer to Me bring sure success, because I then bless your work for My kingdom on this earth, and yourselves in eternity. AMEN B.D. 3716 March 17,1946 THE PERILS OF IDLENESS You must not in the end-time abandon yourselves to idleness; you must not remain inactive, apathetically awaiting the end, but instead work tirelessly in accordance with need, spiritually as well as terrestrially?. because your soul derives benefits only from activeness and not leisure. The end-time shall demand bustling activity, due to the great extremity, which shall compel participation in every type of work. Only those shall be well off who shall deny Me, who have fallen away from Me completely. My faithful are having to struggle with extremity, terrestrially as well, which however they shall be able to overcome with My support, if keenly active. But even right up to the end I want to keep up their keenness, not wanting them to be in danger of falling away from Me, by making comparisons between themselves and the godless and begin to wager in their faith in Me. Keen activeness guards them against erroneous thought, as activity is life; and so long as action is for the benefit of fellow man it also is a blessing for man' soul. And the want of the time shall demand intense activity on behalf of fellow man; Mine shall have to be greatly on the move, and the proponents of My Word themselves, My servants on earth, shall have to be so, and I shall bless the efforts of all and take excessive depravation from them even though it will seem like their self-help before the world. Because My help shall manifest openly in them only where the power of faith is to be published. Every person however shall be able to act and strive spiritually, in spite of the greatest demands on his physical strength before the end. - Because if he strives towards Me then My spiritual power shall carry out the work of man, and he can let his thoughts roam into the spiritual kingdom; he can have close ties with Me always, he shall not through physical labour be prevented from acting for the kingdom of God, where feasible. For I place everyone where he can act in accordance with his abilities, spiritually and terrestrially. Besides, time to an active person will seem shortest, whereas in inactive person prolongs his own time through lethargy. Idleness registers no success, neither spiritually nor terrestrially. The prince of the underworld takes an idle person into possession; he entices him through worldly promises, and deflects him from his actual task on earth. And the idle person follows him only too willingly, because of trying to improve his worldly lot. I earnestly warn Mine against idleness. want to bless any activist, which does not consist in downright lovelessness, and My blessing manifests in constant help out of spiritual and earthly want. Hence be untiringly active, considering there is not much time to the end and that every activity is life. - Do not terminate the condition of life before time, - use the life-power streaming to you in the proper way, then the spiritual power also shall be multiplied, you shall hold out to the end and shall not have to fear and want, because you then fulfil My will also in this aspect, and shall be constantly assured of My protection, love and power. AMEN B.D. 3773 May 17, 1946 GOD'S INTERVENTION Human will shall be put to shame by My will: what men are striving for shall be stopped by My intervention, and shortly all powers that he will experience an abatement to the extent of impotence, when confronted by My will. Because I intend to show the world that it cannot leave Me out, and that I steer world events unto a new course when men no longer have the capacity to do so by themselves. I permit events to take their course, until it transpires which power is striving for ascendancy. Then I tarry no more and shall break that power, even if only transitorily, so that the time should be fulfilled. I assert Myself visibly, i.e. I again approach mankind making Myself known to them as an invincible Might, which manifests in a destructive manner because only fear can still move men to call to Me, the fear of death, to which they fall irretrievably victim without My help because their senses can no longer be turned towards Me in any other way. And all worldly power shall come to naught because incapable of resisting the natural forces through which I will speak. And a sudden change shall set in; what hitherto had moved men's thought shall become redundant; new problems will be there to solve, new afflictions will make their appearance, and much strength needed to master the new emergencies. And this is My will. It grieves Me for a mankind which has not in spite of grossest earthly misery found its way to Me, and which takes notice only of worldly affairs and does not recognise in it the outcome of deluded thought and utter God-distance, and attributes all cause to man's will but not to his own spiritual depravity occasioning it, and which every man should make it his task to eliminate. And thus I want to confront men with My will, that they may see themselves delivered up to a different power; that they would then approach this Power for help; that they would acknowledge Me, because only then can I helpingly stand by their side. Men need help urgently but close their minds against the Power they need and in order to make them receptive to same I allow great affliction to come over them. And yet a little while, and you shall hear Me, you shall hear the truth of My word substantiated. Happy those who believe before I deliver them the proof, happy those who prepare and who constantly draw strength from Me, because them the affliction need not frighten, just as the natural forces will not harm them as that is My will. AMEN B.D. 3995 March 10, 1947 ABOUT COMMUNISM As seen from the communist viewpoint, there ought to be differences neither in external life conditions, nor in the life-style of the individual. Yet this shall never correspond with God's Will, Who has Himself allowed for manifold differences in men's destinies. Men certainly should strive to see their neighbour, obtain their due of what they themselves possess and makes them happy, but it must be left to the individual at all times to elect his stance toward the commandment of neighbourly love. He must not be compelled to share his property, nor must his property on the other hand be taken away from him, if he has acquired it lawfully. And there shall always be differences in size of property, and remain so as long as men's work capacity and will to work vary, and these shall never be reducible to a common measure, if free development of the individual is not to be brought to a halt. A world of monotony there would be, had God been indiscriminating in His Creation, and had not He given man the capacity to fashion variably his life after his own will and strength. Because both must find application, it is purpose and aim of earth-life. The will of men may assume various directions; the life-energy flowing to man can variously be utilised, as also God variously distributes it. Men's activity, therefore, must be variegated, as also, understandably, worldly success. And from this ensue differing life-conditions, because these must be present in human existence. Everyone should, of course, strive to see justice done to fellowman, but this does not signify absolute equality, as it is the very differences in success, which are the spurt to heightened activity and activeness is always beneficial, whilst the urge to activity suffers inhibition of success there from is never augmented. And life-energy unused signifies standstill or even retrogression, for man himself as well as for the development of the spiritual bound in matter. God, therefore, allowed for destinies to be acted out differently, in order to heighten the individual's drive towards activity, as He also variously provides mankind generally with earthly goods, with abilities and worldly successes. Because in communal life the thought of live for fellow man is to be aroused and impel to activity. But as soon as men attempt the levelling sown of life-conditions, by dispossessing the one to bestow upon another, when men are bent on removing all differences, the urge to creative activity is neutralised, just as righteous thinking and acting is put into question. Because men are not then assessed on their merit, and a man who through his attitude or laziness has become redundant receives in equal measure. There have to be differences; there must be men high and low, so that "serving out of love for fellow-man" can unfold. There have to be riches and poverty, or mankind would lack all striving, and the drive to activity would sink to a minimum. Want and misery of the individual should be alleviated only through Love, and never by action extending to many people, the aim of which is the equalisation and egalitarisation of life-conditions, which is never a blessing for men. This would also be tantamount to a will to interfere with Divine Plans of Destiny, wherein men shall never succeed, because even where equalisation on a worldly basis is achieved, God sets the individual increased demands, or His Will puts to shame what men's will attempt to implement, if same is not in accord with the Divine Will. AMEN B.D. 4001 March 17, 1947 APPARENT BURYING OF THE HATCHET?.WORLD CONFLAGRATION?. LIFE AND FAITH-CONFLICT World affairs are determined by higher laws, even if human will plays a large part. It is the lawgiver from eternity Himself who directs and rules and Who adjusts the effects of human will to His eternal plan. And thus, apparently, the hatchet is buried, yet the fire is not extinguished - it smoulders - to suddenly flare into a mighty fire with devastating effects. And, what has been prophesied through the Spirit is then fulfilled. A new human phase takes effect, and well for those who do not rate earthly life too highly; well for those who have recognised the world of appearances and not become its slaves; well for those who know the sense and purpose of life, who have set themselves an aim higher than the fulfilment of worldly lusts and joys. These shall take up the life-conflict, which the ensuing time brings with it. They shall become and remain victors. Mankind shall enter upon a new phase; a heavy struggle for the individual shall set in, he shall have to live through great earthly depravation and spiritually withstand the last faith-conflict preceding the ultimate end. And this shall irrevocably come to pass as foretold, because the time is up, - the spiritual depravity dictates a halt; judgement day shall break the spiritual development on earth in aggregate, so that same can continue on the new earth. Soon mankind enters this last phase, and those initiated into spiritual knowledge shall know its inception from the run of worldly events. Because worldly happenings must first come to pass - the conflagration has to first flare anew so that extremity should reach its peak - laying the foundation for Divine intervention, so that God Himself rebukes the combatants, wresting the weapons from their hands, causing a great disaster to come upon all, so the attention of all men shall be directed to the nations where god has clearly spoken. Because He shall identify Himself, He shall speak a language understandable to all who wish to understand. And He will also manifest Himself to the believers; He shall be with them in Spirit, shall act among them and fill those with power who are full of faith. Because these shall need His presence, they shall require His help, because the time of extremity will affect them as well, since the fight against the faithful escalates as the end draws near. The last phase will only be of brief duration but press heavily upon mankind, bearably only with God's help. But all those shall bear up to the conflict who live in and with God, loving Him and keeping His Commandments, and they shall feel God's presence and constantly draw upon the power of His Word, which in His love He conveys to men, so that they remain faithful and abide to the end. AMEN B.D. 4029 April 23, 1947 ANTI-CHRIST, DISGUISED AS A SAVIOUR?. ANTI-SPIRITUAL ACTIVISM. The spirit of the Anti-Christ, who approaches men under the guise of a saviour but is utterly astride of God's Will, is such that he will not acknowledge a God of love, just as he also rejects spirituality as supernatural and therefore unverifiable, and hence non-existent. And so foreign shall be Christ's nature to him that he is not capable of faith in His work of salvation and Ministry on earth, seeking therefore to present Him as a utopian, and shying no efforts to displace this identity from the hearts of men. His own nature does not tally with that of Christ, and hence he understandably fights Him as a spiritual adversary. The awaited Anti-Christ is someone emerging from the natural ranks; an exceedingly gifted man, whose strength is his worldly assurance in his traffic with those entrusted with statesmanship. And for that reason he shall register success; they will cede supreme control to him, to which he aspires; they shall feel entitled to expect extensive reforms for the majority through him. And all men of the world shall thus give him recognition, which he shall exploit for measures of all kinds. Especially will he stand up against the spirit of transcendence however: against all religious association, as against churches and spiritual movements, which profess Jesus Christ and His teaching as their base. Because he shall present the love of the neighbour as feebleness, which must be fought at all costs. And whoever merges with his efforts also counts as an Anti-Christ; he counts as an adversary of God and proves without love towards neighbour, and walks in spiritual blindness therefore, belonging to Satan's kingdom. The Anti-Christ as a ruler over many shall cause great uproar, with measures devoid of all humanity, designed only to bring hatred and discord to mankind: to throttle love and sink man into deepest spiritual affliction. And God's counter-measures then shall be of the greatest priority, explaining God's manifest action through His servants on earth; because He too has to be recognisable to those belonging to His camp. He has to manifestly act thus so that He is not rejected but acknowledge, where men are willing to tread the right path, consciously or unconsciously turning towards the Creator of Heaven and earth to ask Him for help during spiritual want. And then the wrestling between good and evil becomes especially vehement, the last hour approaching ever closer; and the separation of the spirits for judgement-day must take place. And this separation can take place only where men are purposefully driven towards either choosing, or denying god. That question shall force them to a decision, and in order for this to become acute, the adversary makes a public appearance, by influencing his emissaries on earth to institute and enforce measures, which exhibit apostasy. And so begins the last conflict on earth - the faith-conflict, a struggle against Christ, resulting in a decision for or against Him. And then comes judgement - because they have turned towards or away from God out of free will, for which they shall be brought to account. This conflict is unavoidable, as it shows up the Anti-Christ's nature distinctively, when mankind at large can now assess his thinking and action of him who appears in the guise of a saviour in order to carry out his despicable plans; who openly fights God and shall in the end be bound for a long time for this, whence he shall not be able to free himself until he is helped again through men, who loosen Satan's fetters by their false love of matter. But Jesus Christ shall not be capable of displacement ever. He shall remain Victor on judgement-day and His teaching shall fill all loving hearts and His followers shall take it with them on the Rapture, and it shall be praised highly as a spiritual knowledge on the new earth and shall be lived out; and men shall be in the highest spiritual cognition thereby and aglow with deepest love for God. And it shall be capable of displacement of God's adversary no more, because all power shall be taken from him for a long time. AMEN B.D. 4042 May 17, 1947 A LOVING PERSON NEVER BECOMES LOST Men who have made love the guiding principle of their life-conduct will never be lost, even where in their thinking they still find themselves on the wrong track, and confront pure truth rejecting. They are influenced by powers who fight especially hard for such souls, because their will has not yet made a clear decision, and since such men do not yet consciously strive towards God, those powers seek to influence them in their thinking, and succeed in the degree to which the thinking-activity of a man is less alert who lacks the will to fathom truth. Nevertheless, love protects him from being led astray. Since he has, by acting out of selfless charity, made himself God's own, who will henceforth neve allow him to fall again. Love is the greatest force, and all other forces fight it in vain. If, therefore, a man lives in love, the wrestling for that soul by yonder powers comes to nought, because God holds the soul, as He has a large claim to it. And perception of truth is secured him when he obeys the impulse to mentally assume a position, in relation to the spiritual treasure offered him. Where a loving person thinks about it, his judgement will also be righted, and he will be able to separate error from truth, and consciously strive toward the latter. Therefore, a loving person is never lost, as love protects him, because through love he is united with God and will not deny Him. And thus God also manifests Himself to him, by making Himself perceptible in a way, which will stimulate the person, and he awakens from spiritual lethargy. The spirit within a loving man wants to be active; it has awakened to life through love, but is not admitted to action so long as the will of man is undecided, so long as man resists thought about questions concerning the spiritual domain. But with the slightest change of will, man's spirit starts to function, and then puts man's thinking in order, gives him explanation from within, it gives man the power of perception, and thus first pulls the soul and then the body to its side and its influence will truly not be negligible. A loving person is never lost, because God holds him, and does not leave him to His adversary. Only man must have the will to enter upon the road to God. And this road will be shown him. God truly guides the fate of each individual, so that he always finds the opportunity to enter on the right road. So obviously does He meet him; because through a life of love, God is so close to man that He can be perceived at all times, and whoever seeks Him in earnest finds Him. He will recognise truth as such and earnestly crave it, and his soul is saved for eternity. AMEN B.D. 4073 June 30, 1947 LUMINOUS DISPLAY IN THE SKY?. THE CROSS OF JESUS CHRIST You should be heedful of end--time appearances. And thus, changes in nature shall soon become conspicuous, you shall be able to observe a peculiar power-play, a phenomenon which must make you think if you regard it with the right attitude towards Me, the Creator, Who causes also these appearances to take place in order to turn all men's attention to Himself. And you shall be astounded at how small the number of those who have the right attitude towards Me - how they seek to explain everything in the material sense - unimpressed even by extraordinary phenomena. It shall be a luminous display visible in daytime, which shall appear in the sky without prior signs and shall appear in the sky without prior signs and shall not allow of any interpretation other than Christ's work of Salvation, because it is in the shape of a cross, with the unmistakable countenance of the Saviour. And this luminous phenomenon shall give rise to much debate, and My servants shall then be ready, for this appearance is the prelude, it is meant so to speak for all men, because it can be seen by all. But how differently shall it be regarded, and how little understood. I cause a visible sign to appear in the sky, and yet find very little attention; I place the work of Salvation before their eyes that they may find beatitude, but faith in Him is as good as gone and shall not be found even through this luminous appearance. Because mankind has become too worldly-minded and does not want to believe - they want to shirk all responsibility, which they could not do if they had faith in Jesus Christ. And thus this luminous appearance too shall serve as a sign from heaven - a sign of the end-time for the few. An inner disquiet shall indeed take hold of most, yet only fleetingly, making way for tense vigilance, which however holds good for only the appearance as such. They will not believe that same is tied up with the imminent end and only deride the believers who make these predictions known to fellow-men to prepare them for the end. The former shall find little credence, yet must not slacken in their work for My kingdom, because such opportunities are a special grace for men to contemplate, and to formulate the notion of possible intercession by supernatural forces through natural phenomena of an extraordinary nature, and that the phenomenon is intended by Me for a pointer to the end. Science shall be offering an explanation which will be accepted, but whoever strives spiritually shall recognise My hand therein and shall cheer and rejoice the imminent end because the world has nothing more to offer him; yet his heart is full of hope for life after death, and he longs for the last hour, which shall free him from worldly affliction - as I promised - to come in the clouds to gather Mine elect to My kingdom. He knows when the earthly tribulations increase to a point where no earthly help can be anticipated. The I shall shorten the days of My elect that they may remain faithful and endure to the end. AMEN B.D. 4170 November 18-19, 1947 GOD'S CALL INSIDE THE HEART You should heed the needs of the moment, i.e. you have to hold yourselves in readiness, so that when My call resounds in your heart, you can be of service to Me without hesitation, as the hour of assuming your ministry is near. And this is a sign and proof of My Word, that worldly obligations no longer seem important to you when you have heard My voice, which clearly directs you what to do. You will have no hankering after this world but find your joy exclusively in your spiritual activity, and you shall be helped in keeping up with it because it is My will. A spiritual drought shall precede this, a time when you shall hunger for My Word, and for lively activity in the spiritual field, and when you shall lack all opportunity for spiritual debate. You shall be receiving My Word indeed, and My love shall constantly and always look after you, yet you shall stand isolated amidst a life-hungry world which can give you nothing. You will get little understanding from your fellow men and feel crushed, but you shall be more firmly conjoined to Me; and thus your hunger for My soul-food shall constantly grow, until you will suddenly hear Me within you. Then your hour has come, the start of your ministry. And I shall see to it that you are able to commence your ministry, that you drop all inhibitions that all misgivings and fears leave you. (19th). You shall be speaking, thinking and acting only in accordance with My will, you shall represent Me personally on earth, i.e., speak what My spirit gives you, you shall be living witnesses of My Word. You shall again go before men as My disciples and proclaim My Word to them with this addition - that the end is near and that I shall come Myself to fetch Mine, when the time has come which I had determined from eternity. And in order for you to speak freely and unhindered, I shall put people at your side who shall be supports to you materially - satellites, as escorts, being protectors and umbrellas against the world, even though you shall always enjoy My protection, and I shall not leave you till the end. Yet My care extends to you also materially, and you shall attend you your ministry without worldly cares, as same shall completely absorb your vitality and hence you shall be made rid of all worldly cares. But one thing I do demand of you, that you pass on the gifts you receive from Me, making them accessible to fellow man; that you carry My Word in to the world verbally as well as in print, that you spread the Truth and acquaint mankind with My administration, so that their thoughts are directed to the spiritual kingdom. And I want to give you strength till the end and once reward your work in eternity. AMEN B.D. 4171 November 20, 1947 WORKING FOR GOD AND HIS KINGDOM And thus, a new period begins for you, a time of brisk activity for Me and My kingdom; and you shall not regret to have offered Me your services, as you shall sense blessedness - you shall multiply My church - the flock of faithful shall expand and you shall be able to teach, and My spirit shall steadily manifest itself through you; you shall always be certain of My presence, and this awareness makes you confident among fellow men of hostile mind. The fight between Truth and the lie goes on, because mankind is already too deeply entangled in the latter. Men shall nevertheless lend an ear initially, and this phase following the catastrophe should be exploited to the full, due to freedom of speech being unrestrained by worldly power. That is why I need faithful servants for this period and enlist them all the time, as it is a question of bringing help to those whose hearts were hardened by their lot, and who are looking in all directions for reasons and purpose of yonder natural phenomenon, as they still possess a modest idea of God's justice; it is then of paramount importance to provide these people with what they are after: light and strength, fullest cognition and a living faith in Myself, Who speaks to them through you in order to draw them unto Me and bless them with My presence. You shall have to put in much work, and shall be so guided materially that you can devote yourselves fully to your task. And you should therefore hold yourselves ready and hearken for My call, and not hesitate when it resounds within you. Because I shall so guide your destiny that you can place yourselves at My disposal at all times, as time demands urgent work. You shall however be gaining brilliant insight and a refined sense, and always be conscious of where and how your work will succeed. And I shall be leading the people I want to help to you - those willing to believe. Because I look after all those men who are not yet fully dominated by My adversary and who are of goodwill. Them I approach with My Word. To them I want to speak and win them over to Me and My Kingdom, to bless them everlastingly. AMEN B.D. 4360 July 2, 1948 PARABLE OF THE GOOD SHEPHERD I want to give you a parable, and from this you should learn how I wish My Word to be understood: My children of the earth are as a flock of scattered sheep, chased in all directions out of the shepherd's view by the wicked will of the enemy. And the shepherd goes in search for them, because he loves his sheep. He looks for them in the most hidden nooks, he scales mountains and clambers down gorges, he calls and cajoles, and will not rest till his flock is rounded up. He helps the lambs that have lost their way back by themselves, he follows long tracks along which they have wandered too far afield, he takes the tired lambs and carries them back on his shoulders, he leaves none of them to their fate, to his enemy, that same might rob him of it and add to his own flock. He knows his sheep, and his sheep know him and follow his voice. And when he has found all his little sheep, heart is jubilant -- when his pen numbers it's full flock, when every little sheep that was lost has found it's way home. You are all My sheep. You belong to My flock, which has free run nevertheless, and can therefore go astray, if it strives for an aim other than Me. The hostile shepherd is My adversary who seeks to turn you away from Me. And often he shall succeed. My sheep stray from the path I take with My flock, they seek to scale the heights. It is honour and riches you men seek, and on their account you leave the path. You fall into chasms. Step by step you fall into the depths and can be grateful if you get caught up in hedge and underbrush, if second thoughts arise in you which you don't shake off, and are thus spared the deepest fall, till your Redeemer comes. Still others graze in strange pastures, they go astray and don't find their way back to their pen, they are the people who wander through their earth-life without thought, who are benefactors through deeds which do not correspond with My will, but bring them great worldly advantage. These deem themselves not bad, they are lukewarm, turned neither away from, nor towards Me. They wander through the earth-valley unmindful of their task on earth, they have to be frightened and chased back, that they may take refuge in My arms, Who Am ready, like a good shepherd, to take them up at all times. I must look everywhere for My sheep which have been lost, My call must penetrate everywhere for My sheep, and My voice must therefore, sound time after time, time and again I must come to men in the Word, and call them home to the Father's house. My Word is the call of the good shepherd, My Word is conveyed to men with love. My Word penetrates to all corners, wherever it finds entry to men's hearts. And whoever does not follow My call, strays more and more, or sinks even lower. The good shepherd's arm shall nevertheless once reach him, even if epochs shall pass first. The man who tarried in lengthy resistance to Me shall also once return to Me, he shall tire of his stray path, and allow himself to be lifted onto My shoulders, he shall once willingly follow the good shepherd, the sound of His voice shall entice him, he shall recognise it as the Father's voice and follow Me, and I will lead him to the Father's house and prepare a feast, for joy of finding again what had been lost. AMEN B.D. 4468 October 24, 1948 POWER OF THE WORD OF GOD - ANTIDOTE TO SUFFERING My l love for you is without limit, and I grant your every request, yet in a way now and then, where you do not immediately recognise it as such; yet it will transpire eventually to what degree I care for you. The end-time brings with it depravations and sorrows of diverse kinds, because you have to mature rapidly, otherwise you would not withstand the last, difficult test. You are being kept in constant distress and have only to keep in mind that it is I Who sends everything that I know of every need and affliction but that these also are blessings for you. Hence do not fear or complain, but remain devoted to Me in love, just as My constant love is also yours, and I want to make you happy. You shall sample the power of My Word and you shall soon realise that you have a powerful antidote against all sorrow, fear and sadness. I have blessed My Word with power. Why do you not utilise this? Why do you not avail yourselves of the power if you are in danger of weakening in your earth-battle and lose heart? Why do you not abandon yourselves to its quickening effect? You are constantly receiving proof of My love for you, you stand in the middle of an immense grace, yet are of so little faith, and fickle, so timid and weak. What could I offer you that is better than My word? If you had no physical wants or worries, you would not be capable of hearing My Word, because the world would hold you captive and stop you from inner contact with Me. Hence take this depravation submissively, if as a counter-balance you receive My Word because in My Word you possess a great treasure which you do not know how to mine. Let Me always speak to you in My Word, and take My Word as a sanctuary constantly - sink into the expression of My love; you shall feel a marked influx of strength, you shall harbour no more feebleness, fear and oppression and no further doubt; you shall master earth-life in full strength and praise and acclaim MY love and Grace, and then you shall be sprightly workers in the last battle on this earth. I bless your willingness to serve Me, but let this become active, by carrying out what I demand of you. And yet again I remind you to utilise My word, because I want to bestow the power of My Word on you, as I want to help you but need your will for this, if you are to get the right blessing from My help. You yourselves have to struggle because only therewith do you attain to faith - the deeper faith you need to be faithful servants to Me on earth. What you receive from Me - what you write down you have to evaluate in the heart; it must begin to live in you, so that you can stand up for My word with conviction; so that the effect is not lost on fellow-man, who then feels the power of My Word in himself. You shall be helped constantly during the tribulation - the more you fulfil My will. It is My Will however that you also frequently immerse yourselves in My Word, so that you become conscious of My presence and believe. And as soon as your faith is a deep one, the granting of all requests is also assured. AMEN B.D. 4493 November 23, 1948 DEATH OF A WORLDLY RULER?. BEGINNING OF THE END?. WORLD-CONFLAGRATION When you hear of the death of a certain worldly ruler, you have arrived at the point you can call the beginning of the end. The world then becomes a hotplate - the flames will flare - unbridled hate shall rage and mankind shall be gripped by dread, seeing no escape from peril. And then I shall urge you to speak because whilst all is in uproar, a great peace takes hold of you, and you shall clearly recognise it as the time of My appearance, and you will pass this on to those who will listen. Men shall perceive themselves surrounded on all sides by enemies without hope of a peaceful solution. There shall be immense fear where there is no faith in the only One Who can help. Hence notice shall be taken only of worldly events. Men shall anxiously provide for themselves as they se themselves entering great misery; they shall anxiously hunt for worldly goods and attempt escape although this appears impossible. And only the faithful remain calm, and I avail Myself of these in order to work on their fellowmen, who grieve and despair in their unbelief. I try yet again to approach them, I let My servants speak and Myself speak words of love and encouragement through them! I warn them against escape and against caring for only their physical well being; I demonstrate its futility and exhort them to tarry and to place their fate in My hands; and thus everything takes it course. The conflagration is kindled and cannot be extinguished by men, but I Myself shall put it out by countering it with other elements, confronting those who are about to tear each other to pieces. My voice shall resound from above. A natural catastrophe shall be visited upon the earth and wrest the combatants apart; a power shall confront them which none can match. The process shall take only hours but create a completely new world situation, totally different relationships and uncontrollable chaos - greatest earthly extremity and unspeakable grief and misery among men. But you shall have to bear all this, because the end is moving in and many salvation opportunities have to be created because of abbreviated life spans and the need to ripen in the fastest time. The end is near, and as soon as this point is reached you can expect the last day and the last judgement, so that what has been proclaimed through word and scripture fulfils itself. AMEN B.D. 4521 October 28, 1949 COSMIC CHANGES - SCIENTIFIC EXPLANATIONS AND SPIRITUAL FOUNDATION Where cosmic changes make their appearance, suggesting the possibility of a natural catastrophe, there you can be sure of My corresponding with men, through prior notifications, exhortations and warnings of every kind; through pre-visions of especially God-devoted seers, and interaction of light-beings with those open to their communications, by virtue of their surrender to Me and corresponding life-style. Where there are a greater number of natural phenomena, there people are also more open to My disclosures, and there also the basis for frequent changes in the Creation is established; because the spiritual bound therein strives for upward development where man's nature is more pliable, achieving more rapid maturing. In accordance with My Salvation plan from eternity however, the natural creations now also are affected by My direct agency, through the natural elements, where normally this is rare. The timelessly bound powers strive for freedom and find My support. There too is proclaimed now what is to unfold in nature: men are made aware thereof even if they are not open to My exhortations, warnings and hints. The cosmic changes too shall make their appearance, for potential contemplation by all men; and seers and prophets arise whose gift of prophesying calls on them to make known what they hear through spiritual connection. But due to free will and believing, everything takes its natural course; and cosmic phenomena too therefore are explained away scientifically, and thus do not disturb mankind. Yet every happening, every natural process, although accountable in natural terms, nevertheless always has a spiritual basis and explanation, and this it is more important to heed than the merely natural one, because you cannot hinder or weaken its natural consequences with your knowledge, but you can assess the spiritual effects to your benefit, and thus face the natural consequences comforted. You are in control, if you believe and therefore have drawn the spiritual benefits there from. Then you are also lord over nature. Do you know what that means? - to be able to command the elements with your own will, which is also My will, if you are intimately united with Me? - And the liberated spiritual also shall recognise you as lord, you shall be masters also over matter and the same shall willingly submit to you. This you cannot grasp in all its depth yet, but where you have reached a certain level, you shall comprehend what you can accomplish with My power - at your disposal to an unlimited degree. But how few men reach such maturity - through deep and unshakeable faith in Me and My love and unbridled devotion to Me. But to these My might and glory shall manifest itself and they shall witness to Me in all the world. They shall speak up for Me constantly and always because prompted by My spirit, as they no longer belong to this world and are close to their perfection. AMEN B.D. 4533 Jan. 6, 1949 SPIRITUAL TURNING-POINT?. TOTAL TRANSFORMATION OF THE EARTH You may regard it as a certainty that the world is poised before a change, spiritual as well as tellurian. The earth itself stands before a total transformation - a re-structuring of its surface as well as a re-shaping of its interior, and men likewise must prepare for a process with spiritual repercussions, because everything living upon earth, man and animal, shall have ceased to exist as soon as the re-shaping of its interior, and men likewise must prepare for a process with spiritual repercussions, because everything living upon earth, man and animal, shall have ceased to exist as soon as the re-shaping is under way. It will be understandable, therefore, that the grounds for an all-embracing transformation will be spiritual, that a new school for spirit shall be created, which however calls for the destruction of everything old, The earth cannot remain as at present, if it is not to circle through the universe amid other creations and heavenly spheres devoid of all purpose. A change has to take place, and those men shall live to see the act of transformation, upon whom God has bestowed the Grace of using the last opportunities for maturing, because God has blessed the final time of this earth's existence by heaping graces upon graces on men, and they are will able to mature by the last day. That the gifts of grace go unheeded - that they are unwelcomed and hence not accepted is only proof that the final time is come. Only few, therefore, shall be able to observe the final act of transformation, as these stand within God's will, and hence have knowledge of His Plan of Salvation from eternity. These shall incur no harm from the process of transformation, as they shall be lifted from the earth before the final work of destruction of the old earth, and are therefore only affected by the change to the extent of exchanging their habitation for a Kingdom of Peace until they are again led to the newly formed earth, as progenitors of the new human race. The others have, until the last day, ample opportunity to change, however, and thus to save themselves. Because as soon as the spiritual transformation has taken place in them - return of the soul to God, from Whom they were alienated through the firmest resistance, these souls also become aspirants tot he Kingdom of the Blessed, and need no longer fear the ruin of the old earth. Nothing of the creations of the old earth shall remain, neither any man alive who had not been previously lifted off. Complete destruction of the earth's surface as a whole also results in the end of every creature, and where a soul is still capable of change; the change will have been accomplished at the hour of the last judgment. Spiritual change, therefore, is a man's criterion - whether he will live to see the end of this earth-epoch, and is permitted to inhabit the new earth as a child of God. All men would still be capable of change, but only few are willing to change, and hence the act of transformation of the earth shall take place because men's wills no longer take the right direction, and the earth no longer accords with its destiny. Earth life is misused. And thus mankind collectively stands before a spiritual change which shall not, however, take place on the old earth, and which only few men will consciously live to see, whilst the largest part of mankind shall, indeed, enter a new stage of development, and therefore shall also be affected by the spiritual change, but in a most retrograde sense. They lose their physical life but continue their existence in an entirely different form. Life has ceased, and a condition of "death" enfolds the spiritual because, as man, it had failed, not having utilised the opportunity to change, to redeem itself. In the universe, however, the act of transformation signifies an entirely new period of Salvation, and the termination of an epoch supremely memorable, for God Himself incarnated on earth, in order to exemplify to mankind the transformation from man to a divine being, which all men ought to carry out on themselves. The earth, which carried His earthly body, must now also help the hardened physical, solid matter, to salvation, every creature must undergo a change of its outer form, everything bound in form beneath the level of man must be allowed to maintain its upward-impetus, which, indeed, is possible through a total transformation of the earth, because the love of the Divine Man Jesus held true also for the still unredeemed physical, and desired to help it also through His work of Salvation. If, therefore, this phase of salvation is coming to an end, it also signifies the end for all creations in, upon, and above the earth, so that forward development can take its inception in the creations of the new earth for all redeemable spiritual which shall animate the various forms corresponding with its attitude toward God until its ultimate salvation. AMEN B.D. 4720 August 22, 1949 PROTECTIVE SHIELD OF FAITH?. TRUST GOD'S PROTECTION I give you a genuine gift; and recognising this, you can be of good cheer. How can the world harm you, if I stand in front of you as a protective shield and do not let anything come near you? Hence take your stand behind the shield of faith, and you shall be safe against the onslaught of those who mean you no good. I constantly stand by your side, ready to protect you at the moment of danger. And this faith has to be so convincing that you banish every fear and distress. I am with you, and prevent you from being caught up in the undergrowth -which the many constraints of the world present to you and to which you fear succumbing. Just look up and call me mentally, and you shall never walk alone but always in My company, whereupon you walk free of care till the end of your days. The world shall still harass you much indeed but his must not make you anxious, because I am stronger than the world, and if the world pressurised you I nevertheless want you to be a t peace, they shall be unable to accomplish a thing against you. Hence be happy and of good cheer and scorn the world, i.e. regard neither it nor what comes out of it. My kingdom shall compensate you for what the world denies you, and to dwell in My kingdom truly is desirable, for you will not be disappointed. I am Lord also of this terrestrial world and I also arrange your earth-life, but leave this care entirely to me and do not be weighted down therewith too, because the state of your soul is much more important and this you should remedy. Earth-life I Myself can regulate for you, but the spiritual life you have to shape yourselves, according to your will; and so that nothing would detract from the work of your soul, I take over the care for your body with all its needs for its maintenance and fulfilment of the earth task. And since I am making this promise, you can verily entrust yourselves to Me - everything coming over you shall work for the good of your soul. And therefore I demand fullest trust in My assistance, and help shall be given you in whatever cares you may have. Because nothing is impossible to Me and I hold all the reins of infinity according to My Will; in Wisdom and outsize Love, for the greatest benefit of My beings, for whom I want to prepare a blissful lot into all eternity. AMEN B.D. 4768 October 23, 1949 COLLAPSE OF THE ECCLESIASTICAL HIERARCHY?. THE TRUE CHURCH OF CHRIST The ultimate end is preceded by a time when My Word and everything that refers to Myself as Creator and Sustainer comes under attack. They will try to destroy all faith in a Deity, signifying open battle against everything spiritual. Those most affected shall be the church organizations and their adherents, because everything outwardly identifiable as representative of My kingdom and teaching shall be proceeded against. I will therefore cause representatives of My Word to arise outside these organizations that have received My call to spread My teaching, because these are in possession of the full Truth, and therefore enabled in the end-time to instruct their fellow men. Because it becomes increasingly urgent in the time prior to the end to strengthen or awaken men's faith, as they only then begin to question the consistency of teachings handed down to them by tradition. And they shall recognise that I do not side with those who traffic with Me through the church - who consider themselves as especially advantaged through their adherence to a church. I do of a truth love each of My children, but if a child does not do the Father's will to the extent of utilising the gift of the intellect bestowed upon it, for activating same and the heart in the discernment of My will and to recognise false prophets masquerading as My messengers, then such child distances itself from Me to the point of rarely finding its way back to Me. These too I steadily provide with My Word, approaching them directly to bring them knowledge, i.e., I send them My messengers to clear them up; but they do not accept instruction and hence are not excusable for losing their way. If through the carrying on of My adversary however the people's church is taken from them, then only those of a true faith shall remain unshaken, and in sufficiently intimate union with Me to let Me be near them always. These shall not be affected by severity of measure or brutal decrees, because they know where to look for the true church of Christ and stand up for My Word with increasing fervour, even whilst also not safe against the persecutors of all faith. But all of you have yet to stand up, and the firmness of your resistance shall derive from inner conviction that you walk within Truth, supported by possession of My word which I Myself conveyed to you. And then you and all those hearing you and wishing to serve Me shall speak with the tongue of angels, and everything bouncers off their backs, because then they know also that they shall have to hold on for only a short time of their blessedness. They know that everything external can shake but not the church, which Jesus Christ founded on earth - the true church, which the gates of hell do not overcome. Countless men nevertheless shall fall away from faith - they will not understand why I should not protect a church which they regard as "founded by God", and they do not p[robe themselves on whether they are members of the church I founded, because they are denied free thought about it. And thus, something regarded by men as invincible disintegrates. It will collapse like a house of cards because it is the work of men, without substance. But Mine shall not be overcome, they shall have the power of faith, which stands firm because it finds My support. They shall draw power from Me because they believe in Me and hence belong to My church, which cannot be overcome by the gates of hell. Yet it shall be a difficult period, to which I refer time and again, to remind those of you belonging to Me to prepare, to repeatedly gain power from Me through receipt of My Word, and action in love. The time for yonder conflict is at hand, and then you must be armed and stand fast when all those of armchair faith fail, deeming themselves within Truth without ever thinking about what they are required go believe. They shall waver and fall away, but you re to stand fast and deliver proof of inner, living union resulting in a living faith which provides the power for enduring to the end. AMEN B.D. 4878 April 10, 1950 ABOUT THE SEEKING AND FINDING OF GOD A man's spirit cannot grasp Me - My Father-Spirit from eternity, until it has united with Me. - The unification with Me is an act presupposing maximum willingness to enter upon My will, an assimilation therefore with My primordial being. - Only that which has become one with Me can recognise Me, otherwise there can be no talk about recognition but only faith. Man's spirit has the capacity to recognise indeed, but not in isolation from Me, only in union. He carries a spark of My eternal Father-Spirit within him and hence is a share of Myself that has gone forth from Me, being constantly in contact with Me, but brought into operation only through man's will. And this will has to subordinate itself to Me - then the spirit-spark within man can become active. But it often takes a lengthy period for man's will to awaken the spirit within him, and this is time lost for eternity. - An earth-walk in ignorance is of no benefit for the soul, because then same lives only for the world - it does not recognise the meaning and purpose of the earth-walk - it has not been in touch with the spirit within it yet and is therefore completely blind. Only the awakening of the spirit-spark within man assures upward-development to the soul - its ripening; because where the spirit has been awoken it encourages the soul to turn away from the world and listen to its voice. Then there is a dawning - light has broken up the darkness. The spirit edifies the soul about My Being. My works and My perpetual care for My creatures. The spirit leads man into truth, it conveys knowledge to him, which cannot be brought to him from without, - because it would then be presented to him incomprehensibly, or he may lack the capacity to grasp it. The spirit then constantly urges the soul toward filiation with Me because, being a part of Me it also desires to drew the soul unto itself; hence filiation with Me should also be the aim of the former. Only at a certain level of cognition does man begin to acquire understanding of My Being - notwithstanding the fact that he shall not be capable of fathoming its full depth into all eternity. As man he does not grasp it, and a being of light also still stands at great distance to Me, flooded nevertheless by My power, making it exceedingly blissful. It is not possible to fully fathom My Being, because I outshine everything with light and power and Am therefore something incomprehensible to all beings - even where same have reached a high level of perfection?. because, were I to be capable of being fathomed, I should be nothing unlimited, neither in perfection nor power. - But it is My very unfathomability that makes a light-being happy - that it can look up to Me and feel an ever deepening love for Me; that it can steadily strive for Me, desiring Me and finding constant fulfilment of its longing. My unattainability to the being heightens its love, perceiving as it does My love as the greatest present in view of this My unattainability. But there again My creature is inseparably bound to Me. - Its self-inflicted imperfection, its condition of total contrariety to My primordial Being does not inhibit My love of it, and cannot move Me in all eternity to cast it out, hence to separate Myself from it. Unattainable as I might be to the being, it nevertheless is connected with Me - it belongs to Me, because it has gone forth from My power and is an innate part of Me, and this unity with me is to find its crowning in the conscious striving by the being for filiation with Me. - It is to place itself in a condition of bliss, through its striving for Me, because in order to feel My love and perceive same as blissfulness, the being's will necessarily must incline towards Me. There must be no more resistance in the being - it must desire to be with Me in order to be raised up by Me. And this raising up to Me - this drawing aloft to Myself is a state that never ceases in all eternity. The being never reaches the ultimate goal, yet steadily moves closer to Me - a certainty which to you men on earth is incomprehensible still. But the blissfulness of the being consists in constant longing and fulfilling. A completely satisfied being would not be capable of feeling further longing, and miss therefore the elation of fulfilment as well. But I want My children to constantly strive for Me - I want to be constantly in a position of giving and to be therefore constantly desired. And I shall, as the ultimate goal strive therefore to entice the beings to the greatest love and longing, yet always stand above My beings - not from a lack of, but overwhelming love - because I wish to prepare bliss which never ceases - because My love does not cease in all eternity. AMEN B.D. 5004 November 21, 1950 A ROCK SHALL BE MADE TO TEETER?. A SPIRITUAL QUAKING Mankind shall go through a great spiritual quaking, to enable it to recognise error, which heretofore it had presented as Truth. I shall openly point men to My Word, I shall bring a rock to sway and men individually shall decide which to discard: My Word, or an infrastructure which had grounded itself on same. Only one of the two is acceptable, and anyone can decide for himself independently. It is for mankind's sake that I bring this about in order for them to rid themselves of a bondage, which had made thinking and volition unfree, hindering the decision of free will for which they exist on earth. I shall bring a rock to sway, and when the foundation is shaken the entire structure shall crash, i.e. men shall no longer fear a power behind which they supposed God because they only then recognise Me Who am mightier than yonder power and do not side with same. Spiritually it will indeed mean chaos, and at the start error will attempt to assert itself, but then Truth shall flare as lightning and throw dazzling light upon false teachings, and these shall not withstand Truth, as everywhere proclaimers of Truth shall then emerge, light-bearers shall find listeners although they shall attract bitter hostility from the adherents to yonder power which suffered shipwreck. I proclaim to you men what is coming, and you can expect it soon; but everything takes its time, and this event too points to the imminent end, because the end of a great city had been prophesied by seers and prophets. It is a world-shattering event, which nevertheless has a spiritual foundation and is to have spiritual effect. Before the entire world it shall witness of me, Who am Truth eternal and cannot tolerate untruth beside Me, and proceed against same when the time has come. AMEN B.D. 5015 December 6-7, 1950 SPIRITUAL MANOEUVRE A great spiritual manoeuvre shall take place, so that mankind comes to grips with issues affecting the imminent end, because something is to occur which had been referred to by seers and prophets a long time since. These prophecies very evidently are coming to fulfilment, causing mankind to take note. Because they then heed alls signs as they begin to believe that the end is near. The spiritual operation will have terrestrial repercussions although proceeding from the spiritual kingdom, where beings of Light are engaged in bringing mankind to its senses. Those who are only worldly-minded see no more than a natural occurrence fortuitously affecting men who happen to feature in the spiritual limelight. But those who realise that nothing is by chance pause and recognise a sign pointing to the end. Because God's dominion and providence clearly are coming to the fore; it is not men manifesting their attention to accomplish something ungodly, but an evident identification with a power that attempts to manifest with special emphasis. This fact and the method of manifestation makes people think, and they shall be impressed or otherwise, depending on spiritual maturity and stance. The predictions of seers and prophets are fulfilling themselves, and the powers of heaven shall "shake". All spirit beings are participating and intervening in world-affairs with decisive influence, because the time has come of which it is written "The sun will lose its shine", i.e. that sun which for long enough shone for injustice, shall fade; because blind men permitted their blinding without resistance. But now, light shall shine from above and the false one shall not withstand its shine; yet the light shall emerge from the shadow of death, i.e. it shall shine only after a sick and brittle body has expired. Then the new arises from the old, and light shall come to many who will heed the signs of the times and regard everything that happens on earth as either God's will or His permission. Heaven and earth shall unite, when it comes to bringing light to men who walk in the dark. AMEN B.D. 5062 Feb. 12-13, 1951 RE-INCARNATION - YES OR NO Light will be given you from above, wherever you are still dark within. My messengers are instructed to make light accessible to all who seek it. Whatever contributes to illumination of the spirit shall be conveyed to them, to enable them to well distinguish between truth and error, and to always recognise Him Who is Himself Truth eternal. You My children of the earth are destined for the highest bliss I can prepare for you. But the degree of bliss will be constituted in accordance with your will, because I don't fix this. The highest bliss however presupposes also the greatest demands upon your will, because in order to attain to the childhood of God - which secures you the Father's inheritance, you need to be perfect, even as your Father in Heaven is perfect. I demand much from you children of the earth, but I give endlessly more still. What I demand of you is complete subordination to My will, and transformation to love in a high degree. In the eternal life, the level of bliss can vary endlessly - always in accordance with the degree of love you allow to blaze within you, and unfold to action. This active charity then determines the level of maturity, and hence the degree of bliss, whence it follows that the childhood of god demands a complete life of love one earth, so that man's nature is transformed to love during earth life, - to My image, to My true child, for whom I have prepared all delight, as I have promised. A single earth walk needs to have yielded the childhood of God to the soul, because this high degree of maturity will no longer be attainable in the Kingdom of the beyond, even though a being can there attain to an unsuspected fullness of light. A being of light re-incarnating on earth for missionary leadership nevertheless can gain the childhood of God for itself, which then calls for an exceedingly sorrowful and difficult earth-life, in addition to a receptive activity which was the occasion for repeated incarnation on earth, but solely out of love for erring mankind, whom they wish to bring help in times of utter spiritual destitution. In the spiritual kingdom on the other hand, every soul in receipt of light can be regarded as blissful to a certain extent, and this bliss is sufficient to kindle a desire to help in her, when faced with beings still languishing in darkness, of whose condition they are aware and wish to eliminate. There is not a soul of light without this desire to help, because receipt of light presupposes love, which desires constantly to express itself. Every charitable deed heightens the bliss of the beings in the spiritual kingdom, and such being therefore does not seek a return to earth, essaying full will the extensive functional scope for the expression of her love-power, and it also senses a rising fullness of light and bliss. And no being is transferred back to earth against its will, as this would be contrary to My divine order. One does not meet with such will in light-beings of a lower order but only in light-beings of uncommon stature, who descend to earth to carry out a mission as mentioned above. As soon as a soul possesses even a modest degree of cognition she also becomes aware of developmental potential in the spiritual kingdom, because love has been kindled in her or she would still be in the dark. If a soul is still blind in spirit however, a desire to return to earth may surface in her, but never for spiritual ripening. It is merely the craving after matter which draws her to earth, and I on My part do not conduce such craving, because this craving is easier to overcome in the kingdom of the beyond than on earth, and without the overcoming of such craving there is no light, no spiritual progress. However neglected to acquire a small spark of cognition on earth, which presupposes works of charity, is then in darkness in the beyond, and his transfer back to earth would be no act of mercy but rather a contravention of My eternal order, which pursues constant progress and excludes all retrograde moves through My will. A re-incarnation in such case would be an unrighteous compensation for the soul's failure on earth; it would be no love or grace on My part but an immense burdening of the soul, who must then take the responsibility upon itself for the second time without the certainty of achieving her goal. And she would understandably not achieve her goal, because for a repeated incarnation, much greater challenges would need to be set her, to make up for the exceptional privilege, whilst her will, would remain free again. Hence she would have to undergo a test of her free will twice, which would be equivalent to a desire on My part to grant an earth life of double duration, circumventing an existing natural law therewith. Moreover, having once failed on earth, a soul would come under renewed fettering by My adversary, weakening her will, because the path to Me as the Divine Redeemer would be blocked by Satan through the world, towards which her craving was directing, as it was for matter. As above, the will of the being is always decisive, but this will does not look towards transfer back to earth if the soul has even a glimmer of cognition. A re-locating on earth of a soul still straying in total darkness is not permitted, because My wisdom is cognisant of the danger and the usual lack of success of a repeated earth-walk, and My love does not encourage retrogression, but only progression. My law from eternity is build-up and progress. Opportunities for upward development only are fostered on My part, which, capable also of failure are nevertheless so as a result of the being's free will. Only the latter's will and never My own, can cause retrogression. Individual cases of transfer back to earth have their own grounds, but do not justify the assumption that such soul can arbitrarily return to earth at random once she has left this passage behind without or with limited success. But certain is it that the soul incarnates time and again, because she needs to continue her upward development in the kingdom of the beyond, and this necessitates her being constantly assigned an activity which she carries out in a new incarnation - on one of the countless heavenly spheres, all of which serve as ripening stations for the spiritual. But the activity and tasks are of a nature different from those on earth and cannot be made comprehensible to you people, although the redeeming and ripening principle remains always the serving from love. Countless possibilities for beneficial action upon souls who have passed on in an unripe state stand at My disposal. Life on earth had been uncommonly promising which, if unused, cannot be made good by the Being's re-incarnating on earth any number of times; wherefore the teaching of re-incarnation is misleading, and it cannot be concluded that will-justified individual cases lead to re-incarnation in general, of every soul, which would be a far likelier disadvantage than an advantage to the soul. A free decision has to be rendered by the soul on earth, with the help of the Divine Saviour Jesus Christ. Whoever rejects Him has forfeited an extraordinary grace and has to struggle in the beyond till he gains cognition and then avail himself of His help on the other side. The death on the cross of Jesus Christ is of such consequences for the salvation of the soul that only the ready will of man is needed for his redemption. But a failed will evidently also has to bear the consequences: an unspeakably difficult upward development in the spiritual kingdom, or a sinking to deepest depths, which draws after itself renewed passage through the material creation in aggregate, a re-incarnation of no desirable import, a tormenting state of endless duration - to the stage of man which again brings him free will, with the renewed opportunities for making a free decision. No being is lost forever, but the free will of man alone determines when he gains beatitude. The law of eternal order remains however, because grounded in My wisdom and love, unchanging forever. AMEN B.D. 5077 May 2 1951 THE LORD'S RETURN - PRESENT TIME ? WITNESSES FOR THE NEW EARTH You shall all be witnesses of My Power and Glory, you shall live to see, partly in spirit and partly in the flesh, My return, because time is inclining towards the end, and it shall take place as I have, at all times, and constantly proclaimed. You shall live to see My return, and witness thereof in the Paradise on the new earth - because I shall transfer those who remain faithful to Me to the new earth, where they shall also proclaim My word to their descendants, as they are doing now, by My commission. I know who is suitable for this, and should know how to protect My servants from the cataclysm. I will provide My disciples of latter days with extraordinary power, that they may successfully attend to their office, that they may courageously fight against all those hostile to Me, whose hate also carries over to My Own. But none of My servants shall depart form this earth until their mission is accomplished. But the last on this earth shall be the first on the new earth, where their task will also be the same - to proclaim My Word, although in a different way, because it shall be accepted joyfully and longingly - it shall be recognised for what it is - proof of the Father's Love, who want s to make His children happy. All will recognise My voice, when I speak through them to the people of the new earth. Because all of them shall have withstood the fiery test on this earth, and have remained faithful to Me. Hence their reward shall be great and blissful - a harmonious life in the Paradise of the new earth, which no man can yet imagine, but which has been awarded them, so that My might and glory should be made manifest. And I Myself shall be with them. I shall come in the clouds and fetch them home, and shall remain with them, because they have, by their faithfulness become My children, which they shall have demonstrated to Me in the last faith-conflict! Because they shall fearlessly profess My, they shall witness of Me without having first seen Me. And they shall therefore, also see Me in all Glory, before the final end is come. Because what I predict also fulfils itself, I shall return, and you will live to see it. You do not yet believe that the time is so near, that you will have to experience the terror of the latter days, and that, by My permission, this earth shall be annihilated. You still do not believe that the pronouncements through the seers and prophets pertain to the present time - and that you people of contemporary are to experience great things which no man can imagine, because this earth has not evinced such till now. But mankind soon shall pursue events with terror and amazement, which shall make an imminent dissolution to the earth believable, and thereupon the ultimate end shall come rapidly. Yet My elect shall overcome that time, because it is My will, and because this time shall also have witnesses, who have been chosen to speak of those happenings, that My might and glory should become manifest among the descendants of the human race on the new earth. Because it shall be preserved as common knowledge for posterity, since a time will come again when sin takes the upper hand, and I will not be thought of. Then it shall serve as a witness to warn and remind men of what fate befalls those who completely forget Me. Then mention shall be made of the eclipse of the old earth, and of the last judgment, which had decided over life and death, over bliss or damnation. AMEN B.D. 5102 April 9, 1951 SCHOOL OF THE SPIRIT You have to graduate at the school of the spirit, if you want to earn everlastingly the right to dwell in the spiritual kingdom, and as blissful beings flooded with light, be able to create with authority and power, in accordance with My will. This "school of the spirit" is your earth-stay, which sometimes is an unbearably heavy burden for you indeed, yet can also procure you a greater success if only you seek your spiritual perfection with determination, not letting yourselves by crushed by life's exacerbations, regarding earth-life not as an end in itself but a means thereto. You need to always keep in mind that whilst the phase of your earth-life in self-consciousness is short, it yet is decisive for eternity, - Keep in mind that it is in this short earth-period that your volition-test is demanded of you, and that this test can be passed only if you can be influenced from two sides, with one side winning you over. Understandably, this shall require a fight, which you yourselves as men bring to a resolution. Your spiritual perfection therefore lies exclusively in your own hand, but is being fostered by Me in every possible way, even though this may not be apparent to you. - Yet his destiny at all times is amenable to fostering his perfection -. Within eternity, earth-life is only a short interlude, and even carrying the heaviest of destinies, the suffering does not outweigh the bliss which man can create by correct application of his will. Not one of My beings do I arbitrarily abandon to their fate. I guard over each at all times, since it is My desire that the school of the spirit should be successfully concluded; and if man is conscious at all times of nothing happening and nothing being permitted without My will, which constantly pursues spiritual success, then he also at all times has a chance to enter into a mental connection with Me and to make Me favourably disposed towards him, since I am the Father for everyone of My creations, Who lovingly inclines towards his children if only a quiet call reaches His ear - an appeal in spiritual or earthly need, - You are not alone, surely! You have One Who loves you and only seeks your best. - Why do you not call to Him, voicing all your needs? Do not let earthly want push you away from Me, let it drive you to Me, then it verily shall not weigh you down so much, because I help you carry the cross which your destiny lays upon you in accordance with My wise counsel and recognition of what serves your spiritual perfection. - The quiet resignation to My will then is the correct decision of will you make, then you no longer stand against Me but have given up all resistance to me and acknowledge Me. You have graduated in the school of the spirit with highest honours and the outcome shall be easy. AMEN B.D. 5136 May 24-25, 1951 SATAN'S POWER Great is the power of him who wants to ruin you, but only when you yourselves cede it to him; because if you face him off and turn to Me, My love-light shall encircle you, making him utterly powerless. Because he is not able to withstand love, which also once shall defeat him when his time has come. Satan indeed perpetually strives to draw under his spell that which has gone forth from his will but from My power, in order to make it subject to himself forever; and hence he will pressurise to the extreme that which he fears to lose, - that which voluntarily wrests itself away form him, - that which strives towards Me in order to be united with Me forever. He will spare no means to work on this spiritual, he will cause confusion wherever he can, being always present where people conglomerate, trying to couple up with their thoughts, to transfer his will to them, in spite of realising that he has lost the power over such spiritual. He nevertheless confronts Me as an adversary, because his ambition is great enough for the delusion that his power can not be broken. - He does recognise in love indeed the weapon that wounds him, and he hence flees same wherever it crosses his path, and he stirs up antagonism at the slightest opportunity. He senses that his power is diminishing, yet will not let himself be vanquished. Hence his action often is unmistakable, because he always employs ways of creating enmity among those devoted to each other, or creating confusion where there is clarity; and the fault is to be find among men themselves who through small unkindnesses lend Satan a finger, whereupon he then tries to grab the hand, i.e. spur people into ever greater unlovingness. He has great power, but only where conceded to him - because you men do not apply the weapon that causes his impotence - you do not practice love sufficiently; because your self-love is still too strong, giving him a welcome opportunity. You then do not recognise him crossing your path: your eyesight then is feeble and you see him as friend and trust him. - He is not your friend for as long as he is My enemy, and he is My enemy so long as he is bereft of all love. Then he is to be feared. If you are yourselves without love then you are his, and still far from Me. But if the love-spark has been kindled in you, then you yourselves loosen the fetters that bond you; then you change masters, then you are conjoining with Me, and then he has lost all power over you. For this reason those of you who have become Mine by free will, which seeks Me out and repels him, need not fear him. Then he no longer can harm you, but you can even help him, by heaping glowing embers over his head - by extending your love even to those hostile to you, by returning good for evil. Because he then had to acknowledge that you have deified yourselves that you stand above him in brightest light and measureless power. Because when a being has grown over his head, he senses its power and mentally surrenders it, i.e. it shall no longer be harassed by him because unreachable for him when united with Me. The way to the Father's heart is passable to all, and the fetters that bond them can be loosened by all men through love, which at once is released and the means to unification that makes you My children, who shall everlastingly enjoy His return of love and therefore be eternally blissful. AMEN B.D. 5172 July 17, 1951 APPEARANCE AND REALITY Earth life only is existence in appearance. As soon as you men have achieved this insight, you have reached the point of ascent. You then live consciously, working towards the Light, which is actual being, which begins only when your body - the material casing of the soul, falls away and the soul is able to rise to the spirit kingdom. Everything that exists before your eyes on earth, everything visible to you, so only transitorily fixed spiritual substance which, as matter, is to serve its task of permitting the maturing of the spiritual. And earth-life itself also is a mere bodily function, for as long as your soul is without any cognition yet of what it had been, what it is and is to be. If the soul does not gain this cognition in earth-life, then the soul indeed believes even more in the reality of life, but regards only earth-life as meaningful, and hence strives after living really long and well upon earth. Only with the moment of cognition does this craving relent, because actual life then comes to her consciousness, with the earth-life then fading to the degree to which real life gains meaning. Only then can she distinguish between appearance and reality, to only then consciously live. Life was given her to test her will within an existence in appearance, to apply herself within a certain energy-level that enables her to utilise life-force in a God-pleasing way, earning herself thereby an entitlement to power and fullness in real life, for applying same in a God-willed sense. She has therefore to first go through a test-life, in order to prove herself for meriting unmeasured power-reception. Because only the command of yonder power is life proper, where the soul becomes creational active, acting also towards salvation on an all-embracing scale. Through failure in test-life, through wrong utilisation of the life force at her disposal, she forfeits the power-delivery in life proper, which she would then use in a perverse manner as well, if streamed to her unconditionally. She will have to have reached a certain level of maturity on earth, making her fit as a power recipient and steward in the spiritual kingdom. And earth-life was given her for this. Yet this usually is seen at an end in itself and not as a means thereto, and is then also used erroneously - it is regarded as the only desirable thing, notwithstanding that every man is aware of not being able to prolong this life by a day, when his hour has come. And precisely this should make him recognise the transitoriness of what seems exceedingly important to him. As a clever human, he should be providing for an "after" and not be satisfied with things subject to the law of transitoriness. Earth-life is only life apparent, something on loan which can be demanded back at any time; yet man should show proper care towards goods on loan, in a way that will bear him abundant interest, even if not materially, but that spiritual wealth should be earned therewith; then man is fit for a similar life - for life proper, which lasts forever. AMEN B.D. 5233 October 12,1951 THE DEIFICATION OF THE BEINGS TO CHILDREN It has been a law from eternity that I reign over all spirits in heaven and on earth, - over all beings in the kingdom of light as in darkness: over everything that I had created from love, wisdom and the fullness of power. It is a law that all is subject to Me, and that I therefore am the Lord, Whose power is without limit, and Who also could destroy what His will had called into being. But wisdom had been as much a part of creation as love, and hence I do not arbitrarily destroy, but let all being that is subject to Me endure forever, trying nevertheless to transform it into beings who can create and fashion with Me and hence become My images, because I am filled with immeasurable love towards what I have created. I want to Myself be active within these beings so that they would become conscious of their divinity and live in radiant bliss eternally. I am a God of love and approach all My beings in love; yet I also am aware of each one's willingness to accept My love, and My love thus acts upon the beings accordingly. Where there is love, there the being strives towards Me, but where love is lacking the being turns away from Me, and My love remains without effect, i.e. it does not exact its return. The being is found to be in a state of love if as man it searches Me out, of its own accord, striving towards Me and hence having a yearning for its Lord and Creator from eternity. Then My love can irradiate such being, finding it returned. Man consciously seeks an association with Me, consciously subjecting himself to Me, and therewith the transformation can commence, i.e. the education of a being similar to Me, - the deification of the "works" which had gone forth out of My hand as "works", but are to become divine children; which however can be accomplished only by man's fee will. He who grasps this mystery - the turning into Gods by the works of My power, can be counted among those on whom the transformation is already taking place, because it then is a degree of cognition possessed by man which is in turn a sign of divine power, already indwelling such person. And such cognition is magnified in proportion to the degree of transformation - the number of divine attributes he is gaining through self-change to love, since the divine is and remains love. The blissfulness of a being - My image, consists in its being eradiated with light and power, - that it is full of wisdom and power, which it shall always use in My spirit of love, having itself become love, without which it would have remained light and powerless. A divine being is a perfect being, not lacking in anything. Every restriction and limitation is a sign of imperfection. The beings' cognition always shall correspond to the magnification of love, because both invariably go hand in hand. Hence only that signifies spiritual ascent which has been effected by love, because the latter is also accompanied by cognition, - the knowledge taken up by man's heart and intellect. Love-action is the ladder to the heights, and man waxes by stages if he is transforming himself to love and is therefore constantly assimilating himself to the divine primordial Being. The primordial law from eternity was that love was the power that brought everything into being, therewith making possible the act of Creation and hence being also the deifying power of the created, a process which My beings must themselves accomplish, but are also able to, since the primordial power indwells also them, as a spark, only needing kindling in order to possess the same omnipotence evinced by My primordial Being. My beings can deify themselves through love. You men shall not comprehend this saying until you have reached a stage where as a result of a life of love all relationships shall manifest themselves to you like a brilliant light, even as your spirit lights up, which however only love can effect. Then you steadily approach My primordial Being. Then I am no longer your Creator, your Lord, to Whom you are subject, but am your Father Who full of love draws you, His children, to His heart, finding His will within you again, feeling unspeakable blissfulness, which also carries over to you. Then the law has fulfilled itself, which underlies the terrestrial and spiritual Creation in aggregate. AMEN B.D. 5243 Oct. 27, 1951 FORGIVENESS, ATONEMENT, RIGHTEOUSNESS I am a God of love and mercy?. yet righteousness also is part of My Being, otherwise perfection could be questioned, and therewith My Deity as well. Do you comprehend what I say? - In Myself, every attribute is present to the highest degree, for which reason everything to a certain level is subject to the law of eternal order, whose author I am Myself, i.e. out of My very perfection I have brought forth laws that are inviolable. There must be expiation of every sin, if My righteousness is to be vindicated. But how does My love - which is so profound that it would like to forgive all guilt to every sinner, tie in with justice? My love found a way: it was love itself that erased sin, in that it atoned in order to vindicate righteousness. One Man took mankind's burden of guilt in aggregate upon Himself. And I Myself did not refuse it, because it was love that moved Him, and love must never be knocked back, where it wishes to express itself. Never would I have accepted vicarious atonement, if it had not been offered Me out of love, for then the law from eternity would have been violated, since justice would have been by-passed; whereas a deed of love had to be accepted by Me, since I could not refuse love. One man therefore expiated the sin-guilt for mankind in aggregate, through an exceedingly agonising pain and death on the cross. This Man had no guilt, yet suffered so unspeakably for the guilt of others because He wanted with His sacrifice to reconcile Me, His outsize love causing Him to do it. And I accepted the sacrifice, and on account of His love I extinguished the guilt with had rested upon mankind in aggregate, i.e. all those men can be freed from all guilt who consciously avail themselves of His sacrifice, who lay the burden of their sin at His feet, requesting forgiveness in the name of His death on the cross. - Acknowledgment and conscious confession is demanded, in order to find full forgiveness of sins. The sacrifice of the Man Jesus was so great, and His love for mankind so powerful, that My righteousness found satisfaction, enabling My love and mercy to then come into operation. Those men therefore are freed of all guilt who acknowledge the Divine Saviour Jesus Christ, placing themselves contritely under His cross signifying that everything which weighed them down by way of sin is forgiven them. - Forgiveness of sin however means wiping out, complete cancellation of what actually should be made good. Forgiveness means extinction, disburdening, release, the restoration to the condition prior to the commitment of the sin, with every consequence of a transgression carried by the One burdening Himself with the guilt. Jesus Christ therefore took upon Himself the burden of all sin, presenting Me with the atonement for it. He negates all consequence of a sin. My love and mercy sets everything right again, and also can do so now, due to prior vindication of righteousness through the sacrifice on the cross, in place of its by-passing. All unrighteousness committed upon earth, as well as the sin of the erstwhile revolt against Me, had to have unlawful repercussions, and hence fall back upon beings who absorbed the effects and had to suffer therewith. The man Jesus voluntarily gave Himself up towards absorbing the total burden of sin, and to first, through superhuman suffering and agony, diminish and finally, through his death, completely wipe out the repercussions. Hence the law was not set aside but fulfilled. - Hence man can be granted full forgiveness of sins though Jesus Christ, and he can himself be completely freed from all guilt, and hence My love and mercy can have full reign, without setting justice aside. Because Jesus Christ has freed the world from sin, since His love of mankind was exceedingly mighty, and through this His love I was fully reconciled. AMEN B.D. 5291 January 8, 1952 LAST JUDGEMENT AND PRIOR AWAKENING CALL I always warn mankind of impending judgements, giving them opportunity to prepare. The judgement nevertheless comes suddenly and unexpectedly; suddenly because I never set a time, and hence of surprise and unexpectedly even for the faithful; because a judgement always is relegated to the future and an early fulfilment of predictions is never reckoned with. Whatever is conveyed from the sphere of the spirit demands fullest faith, which mankind however demonstrates but rarely. Whenever, through seers and prophets, I proclaim an impending judgement, only a minority undoubting, but these few are not able to persuade their fellow men and therefore shall stand isolated, until the occurrence has taken place. In the end-time, references to, and predictions of a judgement of vast dimension are accumulating. On My instruction through seers and prophets, again it is proclaimed; through manifold signs, a last judgement is being made credible: communication is established between heaven and earth for the purpose of alerting mankind, because I do not want them to rush headlong into disaster. But I do not find faith among men. And hence they also do nothing towards improving their state of the soul; they do not take the end and their physical death into view but reject everything reminding them thereof. The judgement nonetheless shall come! Irrevocably the day is approaching when judgement shall be held over the living and the dead, over believers, and non-believers who are fully dead in spirit and hence cannot expect more life. Often enough do I speak to mankind, and clearly enough, but always I must do so through human mouth; through natural phenomena or otherwise, I give signs in order not to limit man's freedom of will and action. It would be easy for Me indeed to speak to them from on high, making them anxious and fearful for the purpose of achieving their reform. But his would not serve their further development; My achievement would be nothing if not a coerced faith in Me and My power, which however would result no love but only fear, and which would never enable you men to become perfect. And yet I constantly speak to you and refer you to the impending time - to the end of this earth and the last judgement. Blessed be he who believes and arranges his life accordingly, he can await the last day without fear. But beware the unbelievers, those who turn a deaf ear to all My warnings who do not want to hear because they love earth-life and shall lose it for endless times. My clarion call, resounding before the end, shall penetrate everywhere. Do not stop off your ears to this last call, as not much time is left then; because what I have prophesied through seers and prophets fulfils itself, and everything shall come as told you by Word and Scripture. AMEN B.D. 5318 Feb. 16, 1952 PLIGHT OF SOULS IN THE BEYOND, INTERCESSION, CHANGES OF HEART The plight of the needy souls in the beyond is exceedingly great, because heavy darkness besets them, from which they are unable to find a way out, making their condition often unbearable. But the more a soul suffers, the sooner the possibility that she introverts, thinks about its guilt, and looks around for help, wherefore she then pursues every smallest light-ray of which she hopes deliverance. Only then can it be led to the light, after seeking to escape from darkness. It would not, prior to this, be capable of understanding instruction - it would, indeed, be so sullen that all loving efforts to instruct it would be of no avail. Every soul's volition can be recognised by the light-beings, and these, accordingly, guide those needy souls to light who yearn for it, for these souls are now in a state where help can be brought to them, since they are willing to accept help, and are also asking to be helped. Then the work of salvation of these souls may begin, even where they are form the depths. Then, for individual souls, the Grace and Love of Jesus have been effective also in the depths, and to bring deliverance to these souls is an extremely rewarding task, to which you men can contribute immensely, through conscious intercessory prayer and mental instruction of those who approach you for help. The deprived souls in the beyond know that men on earth are still in possession of life-force, which they themselves completely lack, and hence they surround these people to obtain power form them. Whilst not aware of how strength flows to them, they nevertheless plead with humans for what they lack, what they have not but can perceive in humans. Their great need impels them to men on earth time after time, although their recall of knowledge, which they had possessed while on earth, is often feeble. Instruction of these souls, therefore, is not easy, because their feeble thinking capacity and lack of perception, proportionate to their guilt and immaturity, needs to be taken into account. They are nevertheless starving for clarification, and make patient hearers when explanations are given them. There is a desperate want in the beyond which can nevertheless be alleviated by you humans, if you are prepared to help them, if these souls move you to pity and engage your willingness to help. Because they sense loving thoughts already as perceptible power-influx, and hence they will never leave a person who helps them by lovingly thinking of them, and who pleads help for these wretched soul from Jesus Christ. The divine Saviour Jesus is always ready to raise souls from the abyss, but the Commandment of Love cannot be circumvented, and where a soul is not able to gather sufficient love, He contents Himself with loving intercession, and accepts it as if exercised by the souls themselves - and they shall find salvation through His Love and Mercy. Men can contribute endlessly to the salvation of souls from darkness. They are asking you all for it, and as soon as they plead, as soon as they engage your thoughts, you know that they can be helped, that they can be helped, that they have reached a stage where they desire help, and that loving efforts then on the part of humans shall not be without avail. Help them, deliver them from their plight, and contribute thereby to the salvation of those souls who neglected working on their perfection while on earth, and are therefore in direst need in the beyond, from which only the love men can help them. AMEN B.D 5367 April 17, 1952 GOD'S WORD INESTIMABLE GRACE IN THE END-TIME You men verily are offered an immense grace when My Word from above is conveyed to you, because in the spiritual depravity of the end-time it is to you a means of inestimable value in bringing you the pure Truth from Myself, through which you can attain beatitude, if you receive it with your heart and arrange your life accordingly. My Word shall always have special effect when consciously sought and received; but those people also who were approached with it indirectly without seeking it shall spontaneously feel strength from My Word, if they only pause briefly and open the heart. My word shall touch them like speech from another world, to which therefore they pay attention because they suspect something unusual and do not wish to shut themselves to it. They could win endlessly there from - they could receive a measure of grace, which could yield them spiritual maturity in a short time. Yet mostly they are distracted by the world again, and then they thoughtlessly pass by a gift of grace without having benefited their soul. Oh, that you men would only believe that I Myself have addressed you when My Word was conveyed to you; that you would hearken unto My words and use the short time left you for life on this earth; that you would earnestly ponder the life of your soul after the death of the body! I cannot help you other than through the offer of an obvious gift of grace in your tribulation - you have to yourselves accept the gift and utilise it to full extent. Then you can also act for the benefit of fellowmen, you can impart to them what you have learnt through My love when I speak to you through My messengers; you can enlighten them as I enlightened you, and give the same instruction and make them aware of the working of My spirit. You yourselves shall derive rich benefits there from, because MY own blessings and those of your fellowmen - who found their way to Truth through you - shall follow you. In the chaos of the end-time many people shall thank you if you instruct them in My Name. And for this teaching ministry I am already preparing you, My chosen ones. Because you believe My Words; but you too shall be precipitated into doubt, when following world events and marvelling at My silence; when the world continues to sin unrestrainedly and unchecked from above. Irrevocably I manifest Myself and call men to order with a voice of thunder. And precisely for this reason, antecedent, I offer you men the fullness of grace, which can provide you with a degree of ripeness enabling you to fearlessly anticipate and survive the end. But you hardly take any note at all of My gifts of grace, and it is recognised as such only by the few: as a last love and admonishing call to the children of this world, who are facing their last decision. I shall convey My word to earth constantly, so that you who are Mine realise that I am not withdrawing but am watching over you all. And I shall always come to you in Word and Scripture, and also in My full glory on the last day when Mine need comfort, strength and help which only I can then bring them. Then all that I prophesied shall be fulfilled, that your faith may be strengthened. The old earth shall meet its end, and those who remained faithful to Me and had properly utilised MY gift of grace shall be taken up into the kingdom of peace. Because for them the end will mean a beginning of a new life, a life of peace and bliss in the paradise of the new earth, which I promised to all who believe on Me - who love Me and keep My commandments. The last day on this earth shall be the first day of bliss, because I come Myself to fetch Mine when their life on this earth is in peril. AMEN B.D. 5554 Dec.12, 1952 SPIRITUAL KNOWLEDGE - A BLESSING IN THE BEYOND That which My Spirit reveals to you, is to you a spiritual knowledge, which shall make you unspeakably blissful once, if in the spiritual Kingdom you work with it, for a blessing to all who are still ignorant. Precedent to men being in a condition of Light, pure Truth rarely is to be found among them on earth, and hence not in the Kingdom of the Beyond either. Because Light means wisdom - the knowing of pure Truth - and every erring thought is a shadow darkening the light, even where a soul has become permeable to Light. But so long as the last erring thought has not been banished, the Light is temporarily dimmed, and the soul needs to open itself wholly and full to Truth, it must have acquired a true knowledge before it can, itself, act as a Light-bearer in the spiritual Kingdom. Hence, being able to enter the Beyond with spiritual knowledge is of inestimable Grace, as it is equivalent to wearing a bright gown of light, shining and spreading light everywhere. Now it can carry out its function immediately, it can instruct the ignorant and act with unspeakable blessing, where there is darkness or twilight still?. because in the spiritual Kingdom it will meet doubters and liars too, whom however it shall enlighten with its spiritual knowledge. Since this knowledge is the result of revelation through My Spirit. And in this lies a power of conviction which a being rarely is able to resist, unless, as representative of the prince of darkness, it is fleeing before Truth - because even such beings will be crossing the path of one who knows, to extinguish his Light, something they believe themselves capable of doing. And these beings can only be enlightened by a Light-bearer who received his knowledge from Myself. Hence, there lies a vast power in My Revelation, in My Word which I am conveying to you, which able to pull down strong walls, because I Myself address these souls where you lend My your moth, and where in My name you bring the Gospel to the souls of darkness, as you have received it from Me. Because it is the pure Truth which also convinces a soul steeped in false thought, since it feels an inner delight, it perceives Truth as a charitable deed so to speak, its understanding for it opens up, it cannot doubt what it receives from Me so to speak. The power of My Word acts manifestly, the soul becomes illumined suddenly, and that for which heretofore it lacked understanding suddenly becomes clear, and it accepts it with joy. As the misery and confusion occasioned by erroneous teachings is great, so conversely, Truth is gladsome and intelligible. The Truth shall always be where My Spirit can act, Truth shall always be that which I reveal to mankind through My Spirit. Therefore, you should remain conscious of the Grace which you have received in over-abundance, and work with this gift of Grace, pass on My Word, carry light into the darkness, give enlightenment to all, give them the Truth which you have received from Myself, and be active for a blessing to all who still walk in darkness of the spirit. AMEN B.D. 5565 December 26, 1952 SPIRITUAL DEPRAVATION - FALSE THINKING Mankind's thinking has gone astray. What is to be understood as spiritual depravation is that they lack insight; they are far removed from truth and hence far removed from Me, since they live without love; yet it is love that would conjoin them with Me and Truth. How other could they be helped than through exhortation and animation towards love. - Yet love cannot be forced upon them, but merely presented to them as the most important commandment, which as to be aware of not being able to progress one step without love, yet it cannot be compulsory, for it would then be no love, but merely a deed feigning love. You men should not forget that love is something divine, and that I therefore gave you the commandment of love to show you the way to the deification of your being. - But in no way do I employ the least compulsion, which nevertheless amounted to a commandment, in the strict sends of the word?. and so I leave it all to you for self-determination. Only through instruction can I get you to the point where you take the right way by yourselves. And hence I constantly strive to lead mankind into thinking aright, teaching them and conveying My world to them through fully and completely surrendered servants, to clarify all the pros and cons to them, so that they would then voluntarily make the right decision and do what leads to the goal - so that they would live within love and become again what they were in the beginning. Yet I find stiff resistance. - Men don't accept My loving instructions, - their thinking is in a state of such confusion that they are no longer capable of grasping the simple knowledge about correlations - and have indeed no will thereat. - My loving words are lost upon their ears and don't reach their hearts, preventing the power of My word from taking effect among mankind. The spiritual depravation is enormous, since man's will is free, and they no longer have the impulsion from within. They have no desire for proper enlightenment, feeling just fine in their spiritual darkness, seeking no light. - And when light reaches them they will not allow its beams to fall upon their hearts, they turn away and toward the pseudo-lights springing up all over. And full of compassion I look upon My beings - on whom I want to bestow happiness, but who will not accept anything from My hands. I watch them wander about, each along different tracks, yet not entering upon the way that, although uphill, nevertheless leads to Me with certainty. I watch also those who seek Me, yet will not accept advice on where I am to be found, having to walk many different ways before hitting the right one. I want to spare them all the futile ways, I want to make the road to Me easy for them, I want to provide everyone with a guide. - Yet I can but keep calling out them with enticing words, "Come to Me, all ye that labour, and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." - I can only call out, but not force them to take the right way. ? And yet they hear not My love-call, because they cannot recognise My voice so long as they are without love. And that is what I mean by spiritual depravation, in that there is help indeed, yet you men do not wish to accept it, and hence you yourselves fix the end that you are approaching, - I am able to help you, and I also desire to help you, but you have to permit yourselves to be helped. Because your will is free, and shall determine your destiny for evermore. AMEN B.D. 5605 February 18, 1953 AWAKENING THE DEAD SOULS THROUGH GOD'S WORD You are to awaken that, which is dead - you are to haul the lifeless aloft from the depth in order to breathe life into it. You are to touch it with a power that makes it alive. And this power is My Word coming to you from on high, which I convey to you Myself, so that you may pass it on as mediators, that My power would touch also those still dead in spirit. You possess something precious - a gift with miraculous effect; you are in possession of spiritual power and hence can awaken the dead to life therewith. But just as you yourselves receive it from love eternal, so you need to also pass on My Word in love; it has to be a desire to help that prompts you to hand out what awakened you to life yourselves; then you shall register success always and act blessedly on earth as well as in the spiritual kingdom. There is great darkness everywhere, and countless spiritually dead souls dwell in this darkness. Life on the other hand signifies Light. Only a soul touched by a light-beam, which radiates the warmth of love, can awaken to life, having an enlivening effect upon the benumbed soul. A love-light must touch these dead souls, then they shall awaken to life for sure. And this love and light-beam you are to bring them, by presenting them with My Word, which touches them most agreeably wherever proffered in love. It is a curative life-water, which flows to you ceaselessly through My love and grace - your souls are healed and find the right life, and hence you no longer have to fear the death of your soul. Yet the many souls resting in the graves, although walking the earth in their thoughts, nevertheless are spiritually still dead and in oppressive darkness; these souls surround you, and these you are to bring help; you are to help these aloft from the night of death to the light of life; because you have an effective means, - you have the exclusive means capable of helping them. You have My word, the power and light-radiation of My Self, which will never remain without effect if only it touches the soul. So long as My word reaches only man's ear it does not yet touch the soul, the latter alone being capable of sensing the effect of My Word. Yet only love opens the door, enabling Me to Myself touch the souls with My love-power. - And your love opens the door for Me when you try to bring help to these dead souls, by proclaiming My Word to them in all love. Think of what power has been given you with My Word; you can resurrect the dead. And as long as it is love that prompts you to distribute My Word, I shall bless your efforts. - Carry light into the darkness wherever it may be - look after all who are dead of spirit; think of your dead fellow-men as well as the dead in the beyond. Know that they can awaken to life, and bring them My word in love. - And the power of My Word shall work miracles - the souls shall awaken to life and light and never again lose life. AMEN B.D. 5647 April 9, 1953 MAN'S JOURNEY OF SORROWS Him who God loves He often lets go along stony paths, to carry burdens that nearly crush him, yet only for his best; for every burden under the cross can, with the right attitude towards Him Who guides his destiny, serve him for a blessing. His love verily extends to all His beings, but especially those not far from reaching their goal. He recognises every man's disposition and hence knows the individual's stance towards his God and Father from eternity; and hence He often seizes him with a view to helping him reach his goal with certainty. Only in this way shall you be able to explain how pious people often, notwithstanding their obvious devotion to god, have to suffer and often have a great struggle on earth, which, among other things, allows God's goodness and love to be questioned. God knows the purpose of everything. If men only were convinced of His love and goodness, they would recognise all difficulties as His providence, and not rebel; they would know themselves to be seized by God's love, and would patiently wait for their destiny to change. There verily is much suffering upon the earth; mankind is smarting under His pressure, yet they do not regard themselves as in need of nurturing and they therefore inwardly resist where they should submit, in order for their difficulties to be taken away, with God's help plainly coming to the fore, to make Him recognisable as a loving Father to all those who want it. - God allows those to suffer whom He loves. ? These words find little credence, for men do not consider sorrow an effective means towards nurturing, in a world where perpetually only what is agreeable to the body is striven for, and no love on God's part is admitted in sorrow and want. It nonetheless is a manifestation of His love in a way beneficial to the soul, for God knows the blessings of sorrow, and hence applies such means as will hold men back from the earthly world. He will rather see them suffer than sink in the mire of the world and sin. He knows that sickness and pain can bring about a change, but that the world can offer no spiritual progress; and that therefore the world has to first be marked down, whereto God lends His indirect help - by means lacking God's love in appearance only, but which are of no harm to the soul, - unless man rebels against his destiny and invokes God's adversary. Then same shall help indeed, but in a way different from that desired; same helps, but never without service in return, the return service consisting in the soul's giving herself up to him. Hence surrender yourselves to God's will when struck with want and grief; do not grumble and complain, and bow to His arrangements and set your sights on Him alone. And He shall take the cross from you; He shall make it easy for you as soon as you hand yourselves over to His grace-filled guidance with resignation. Because you can know yourselves guided by Him Who through suffering and want only wants to win you for Himself; Who wants to purify your soul and give it occasion to time and again test itself in patience and gentleness: for the help of God to then come visibly, so that His love would then visibly intervene and heal all your wounds at the right time. AMEN B.D. 5744 Aug. 11, 1953 TO ATHEISTS Now I want to speak to those who cannot yet decide aright, who nonetheless are not willing to believe, but cannot acknowledge Me with conviction either. To those who still oppose with their intellectual knowledge the knowledge with which My representatives wish to acquaint them, to those who would have everything proven to them and who believe themselves capable of fathoming or refuting all with sharp intellectual thinking. But their knowledge kills the spirit - since that which is described as higher Truth - which cannot be proven, therefore, in a worldly sense, because there must be no religious coercion in earth-life - cannot be fathomed scientifically, and hence the sharpest human intellect is no guarantee for right thinking in the spiritual domain. I want to address a question to you men - into which category of the works of Creation do you classify yourselves? Do you not recognise that you alone are beings capable of thinking and inferring, whilst none of the other works of Creation can boast of this thinking capacity? From this you infer already that you were created by a Power which likewise is capable of thinking and besides, is mighty in an unlimited scale - since you yourselves are not, in spite of your thinking capacity, capable of bringing into existence beings with similar thinking capacity. You cannot introduce your offspring as proof, because you did not "create" same, but only availed yourselves of existing natural laws - which in turn testify of a lawgiver. Consider furthermore; is a nature-force capable of thought? Can it bring into existence beings capable of thinking, whose organism testifies of the highest wisdom? Must not such natural force then be deemed as itself a being capable of creating and animating purposeful forms? Then in this way, is not the work of Creation sufficient proof in itself, event o the intellectually most astute? Or can you substantiate the non-presence of such an almighty Being? Or can you introduce a vague analogy even, by which a "force" brings forth ordered creations, unless this force finds its master in the will of a man? Permit a force unbridled action for once only, and you will have a fearful experience - but not obtain creations which you can admire for their expediency and order! Therefore, you can already acknowledge, by virtue of your intellect alone, a Being, which you must regard as the Creator from eternity. It truly does you no honour to deny this Being, to explain Its action - which becomes evident in Its Creation - as the effects only of an unguided force, when you, therefore, appoint something unconscious, and working blindly, as the cause for the appearance of Creation. It truly is no evidence of an intellect correctly utilised, it is furthermore a defiant evasion, which you seek who do not want to acknowledge God. Because where there is merely a weakness of will, there both possibilities are weighted in the first instance, and only then man decides - usually in favour rather than for rejection of a power-entity which is recognisable in the Creation. If you men know how fraught with consequences for your soul so your rejection and denial of a Divine Being, you would also understand why I wish to give you clarification, so that you could believe what seems unacceptable to you so long as you judge one-sidedly - so long as you believe yourselves capable of fathoming Truth intellectually. Faith in a God and Creator, however, is necessary in order to link up with Such - and the link with Him is the actual purpose and aim of your earth-life, otherwise you should really not have incarnated on this earth, which was truly created only for that purpose, that man would find union with God, which once he had given up of his own accord. But if deny a God, it means still the greatest distance from Me - it means renewed resistance with free will, which incurs you a fearful lot in the Beyond - or the re-banishment in matter even, if the end of this earth has come. Therefore, it is you I want to address and cause you to think before it is too late. And may your worldly knowledge be yet so extensive, you will be guaranteed penetration to far deeper knowledge, if you entrust yourselves to Him Who has created you, and who wishes to be recognised as God and Creator from eternity, in order to then stand by you helpingly. AMEN B.D. 5796 October 26,1953 THE OVERCOMING OF MATTER?. KINGDOM OF THE SPIRIT So long as you pander and strive after the world and its goods, you are not likely to gain My kingdom, because 'My kingdom is not of this world'. My kingdom can be gained only by the giving up of that which you men still covet. My kingdoms demands the overcoming of matter, because you can be liberated from physicality and enter upon My kingdom only when you have detached yourself from everything belonging to My adversary. The world of matter is his kingdom, although he has no influence upon matter as such. But that much greater is his influence upon men, who as souls harbour the spiritual, which had progressed to the stage at which it can escape his dominion, where by right application of will it can rid itself of all exterior form. Then he exerts his influence towards chaining man to matter in order to pervert his will towards striving or that which he had long overcome. The material world for you is a most powerful test of will, for you are to renounced it; you are of your own accord to forego everything you covet in the course of your earthly life - you are to seek the spiritual kingdom, and hence choose and decide: for My kingdom, or for the kingdom of My adversary. The latter tempts you with his goods; yet be mindful of these being transient, that they can in themselves perish, or of having to give them up at the hour of death, - You cannot lastingly secure them for yourselves, you shall sooner or later irrevocably forfeit them. Hence think of it, working towards and acting and earning in good time goods which cannot be taken from you - goods that are imperishable; this being capable of proper evaluation only in eternity, after death of the body, being then the wealth of the soul, which shall make it endlessly blissful. It is the hankering after matter that makes you blind towards spiritual goods, you are incapable of recognising them for what they are, because your thoughts point only terrestrially, spiritual currents being unable to touch you - because My kingdom is not of this world; yet My kingdom comes to all who seek it. Detach yourselves therefore from what prevents your entry into My kingdom. - Free yourselves from coveting earthly goods; live in want, and abstain whilst dwelling on earth, in order to then in all fullness receive My goods of love in the kingdom of the Spirit. AMEN B.D. 5825 December 13, 1953 LOVE OF THE WORLD To pay tribute to the world is to forfeit the kingdom of heaven, because they cannot both be gained simultaneously. He who pays homage to the world does not strive for the kingdom of heaven, because for him there is only the terrestrial world with its attractions, since he does not believe in a kingdom outside this. - Yet the way to the kingdom of heaven nevertheless has to go through this terrestrial world, it cannot be set aside, - man lives in the world and had to go through the last stage of his development on this earth, in midst of that kingdom belonging to God's adversary. But he can overcome this kingdom - he can pass through this terrestrial world without coveting it with his senses, he can experience it and yet be its master - and this is your task: to overcome the world, because it was assigned to you for that purpose, so that your soul may mature therein, so that out of free will she would sever itself from everything pertaining to the world; because this severance also on the one hand is severance from him who is the prince of this world, and on the other a turning to the spiritual kingdom and its Lord. And hence it is self-evident that he who enslaves himself to the world never can take possession of the spiritual kingdom neither in earth-life nor after man's death, - it is understandable that the prince of the world holds him in chains because man himself gives him the right thereto, since the loosening from the material world, - the severing from his power, man has to accomplish himself. He has to wage battle against himself, he has to be capable of renouncing, in order to win something precious, he has to in this short earth-life resist all temptations in order to then be capable of gaining the spiritual kingdom with all its glories, which shall then recompense him a thousandfold for his renunciations on earth. And he shall only be able to do so when he has recognised the worthlessness and transitoriness of what seemed to him worth coveting on earth. Only this recognition gives him the power to align his will correctly, and this recognition he can gain if he himself ponders the material world, since he cannot be coerced into changing his will; he can only be roused to inner contemplation through experiences, whereupon the result is up to him. And God can help him only by way of time and again showing him the transitoriness; that He time and again causes to pass away what is the subject of a man's passion - that He intervenes by seizing man in his painful side, taking away from him what his heart clings to, always to just prove to him the unsubstantiality of his aims. But they who learn from these experiences can regard themselves as fortunate, because they gradually change their motivations, giving up the world in order to once gain the spiritual kingdom. - But none should believe in being able to compromise; none should believe themselves capable of paying tribute to the world unpunished. Every type of striving shows up after death, and if it was after the world then it also brings him spiritual death; he has then given up the spiritual kingdom for worldly gain, and the world has brought him death; then he has repeated his surrender to the power of the one in the depths, and the ascent then is once again interminable. AMEN B.D. 5920 April 1, 1954 GOD'S LOVE IS TO BE FOUND ALSO IN SORROW Whichever way your earth-lives are shaping themselves, you must never doubt My love and care for you, which are always aiming only for your best. Yet only I Myself know what serves you best, knowing what dangers threaten you and how these can be diverted from you. If you were able to judge the love with which I surround you it would comfort you indeed, and you would walk your earth-life in good cheer, because then you would trust your Father in heaven to arrange your lives bearably and you would never by without help, if only you would turn to Him. Your earth-lot verily then would correlate with the depth of My love, because this seeks only the best and the greatest benefit for you and not to burden you with sorrow and want for no reason, which would only weigh you down and cause you doubt in Me. You need only to believe these My words and be still, i.e. surrender to Me in trust, and My love shall not fail to materialise. And you shall also be able to take note of soul progress, which otherwise you would hardly gain without sorrow. I still compete for the individual's love and will - mankind has not yet decided for Me: My adversary still strives for your souls and the danger of his victory is great. I therefore often make impossible of men to follow him rashly; I cause them to first consider what he offers and what he asks for it. I turn man's attention to himself, in order to distract him from what the adversary dangles before his eyes. I send sickness and want, trouble and sorrow because these are then a blessing in disguise. But I love him and do not want to lost him to the one who is devoid of all love: who gives you only dummy foods and whose plan it is to ruin you. He verily is bent upon only to keep you from Me, as he is without love. You men do not know him however and allow him to deceive you - when he tempts you with goods of this world but demands your souls for it. I too want to present you with goods, which are however imperishable and whose value you do not recognise. A good father nevertheless does not give his children what harms them, even where the child eyes them greedily; he rather stops it when it hankers after them in spite of reproof. Thus I must often hold you back when you imperil your lives yourselves through misguided aims; where your goal threatens to be other than me, because I love you and want to possess you and hence do everything not to lose you. AMEN B.D. 5983 June 23, 1954 THE LAST JUDGEMENT ALSO IS AN ACT OF DIVINE LOVE The last judgement also has to be counted among God's acts of mercy, because it too has as its foundation the upward development of that spiritual which failed in its last earth-test and has to be incorporated into a new ripening process, in order for it to once achieve its final goal. The last judgement is also as it were a terminal ordering of that which drifted into disorder, it is an assessment and an insertion into the multifarious forms corresponding to the degree of ripeness of the spiritual, it is the end of one developmental period and the beginning of a new one, in accordance with My plan from eternity, which has the deepest wisdom and love as its foundation. A God of judgement too remains a God of love, because My justice can only act in accordance with the way My love foresees benefits for the spiritual, and yet to also create a counterbalance for the wayward thinking and acting of men who become the target of this judgement, and the greatest sin has to also be expiated somehow, if not handed over to the One Who gave Himself as a sacrifice. A balance has to be created in order to diminish this great guilt, and this balance is established through this very judgement, by the transfer of the guilty into a situation where it has again to level down its transgression, since it did not accept voluntarily the gift of atonement. The last judgement is by no means an act of divine anger, and nothing other than an act of love, where My righteousness comes into play as well because the latter cannot be circumvented by a being Who is exceedingly perfect. I could without difficulty, let every individual feel My righteousness by himself, I could so to speak punish every sinner promptly, but this would not accord with My Wisdom and My Love would also be then recognisable only with difficulty. Because I am exceedingly long-suffering and patient and put off a judgement such as at the end of a development period as long as possible, in order to win people to Myself first. And I hold My protective hand over the unrighteous and the evil, because I seek to conquer them with My love, since I do not want to be feared by them as a God of punishment. But when the point in time has arrived when I restore order because there is no further hopes of a voluntary return to Me, then My love must seemingly step back and yet it alone is the driving force. My love terminates a satanic state and holds My adversary back from further destructive action. I rescue souls from falling into the deepest depths. I bind them again within solid matter and thus re-incorporate them into the developmental process - a judgement which yet again has salvation and not everlasting death as its aim, and which therefore highlights the more My love for everything I created - for everything that is dead but is to gain life eternal. AMEN B.D. 6012 July 30, 1954 SILENT PRAYER, PUBLIC CONFESSION?. LOUD OR SILENT PRAYER ? Let those who worship Me do so in spirit and in Truth. That which comes from the very bottom of the heart alone pleases Me and also reaches My ear. I therefore look only into the heart of man and do not regard the word spoken by the mouth, when the heart does not participate. If you can fully cut yourselves off from the world in order to hold dialogue with Me, then you already praise Me without words, through your willingness to enter upon a connection with Me; then a silent prayer which you direct to Me in thought is already the right worship, which brings in a rich blessing for your soul, as the connection with Me puts you in possession of power and grace, which the soul perceives as help for maturing. This kind of inner prayer is the prayer well pleasing to Me, because then you have voluntarily approached Me more closely, so close that the power of My love can touch you, drawing you ever more intimately toward me. If you want to speak to Me, then the speech of the mouth verily is superfluous, because this can easily try to hide or hush up something, which I detect indeed but may not be obvious to fellowman, whence the latter is easily deceived and then proceeds himself to adopt such form of prayer. Enter upon your closet when you want to pray. Withdraw into utmost silence; there you shall find Me much more readily, and relate to Me like a child to its Father. And you shall tell Me everything without fear and in child-like trust. And you shall find a hearing for your pleas because your prayers then reach My ear, as I promised you with the words: "Come unto Me all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." On whoever comes to Me thus, I make My promise come true, more obviously in proportion to approaching Me trustingly; the more inwardly he forms his union with Me an entrust himself to Me in silent dialogue. Let the speech of the speech of the mouth serve you for communication among yourselves. I need not words because I know all, I look into your heart and read your thoughts, and hence you cannot deceive Me with ever so beautiful words, just as words are not needed for praising and exalting Me either, because silent thanks, a humble call to Me, a life according to My will, a faith made alive through love, verily please Me and include praise and glorification as well. Yet confessing Me to your fellowmen you shall do with your mouth. Where it comes to your position on faith, you shall confess Me freely and openly and not fear the consequences of your zealous witness. Because this witness inturn is to spurn your fellow-men who still are weak of faith; and it is proof at the same time that you are with the Truth, that you are not trying to outwardly project an appearance that does not harmonise with your inner thoughts and convictions. You should be steadfastly true and set Me and My name above all else, where this confession is demanded of you. But whatever you may have to tell me, same you can present to me silently and secretly, because I want to hear the voice of the heart, not just words which the mouth prattles when the heart does not participate. And mighty power such prayers have if intoned in union with Me, where men get together to beseech Me in a certain matter, when all ask the same from the depths of their hearts, sending the same prayer up to Me even if it is nothing but a brief call. I shall hear it and accede to it so soon as they pray to Me in Spirit and in Truth. AMEN B.D. 6110 November 16, 1954 STRENGTH OF FAITH, ACHIEVEMENT, LOVE. Through firm faith in My help you shall achieve anything, even though it may seem impossible to you, because nothing is impossible to Me. But the spirit of love must be at work in you - everything you do or wish to achieve must be grinded in love. Then My own love-power, which you have earned through your love, undeniably has to go into action. And thus everything you want to do for Me and My Kingdom is realisable, because then the love for Me and fellowmen is the driving force, which in turn assures the influx of My love-power in you and clearly becomes effective, if only you believe. A large component of your success is a firm faith, which nevertheless shall be present wherever there is love. And if you weaken in your faith, then just imagine vividly in your heart that I am of a truth love itself, that I love you and hence deny you nothing except what harms your soul, which hover you would not be asking if you were living within love. Because then your enlightened spirit recognises why you should not ask such. But when you find yourselves in peril of body and soul, then come to Me trustingly, and you shall know My love, you shall find granting of your prayers, because I love you. You have to always remember the depth of My Love, when in danger of becoming hesitant - when your faith is weak. I do not turn away from you even when you sin, how much less if you are in trouble! Hence believe and trust, and material help shall come your way; and believe and trust that I stand by you also spiritually whenever you want to serve Me. You should never doubt achievement, as you can always avail yourselves of My power, which is constantly at your disposal when your designs are based in love for Mew and fellowman. You shall accomplish everything with My power, if only you believe firmly and undoubtingly. AMEN B.D. 6111 November 17, 1954 " FEAR NOT ! " Do not fear - only believe! Nothing shall frighten you, nothing shall oppress you if only you believe firmly and unshakeably. And thus a strong faith can mean an easier earth-life, because there is then nothing to frighten you and you can walk untroubled, your thoughts always turned towards the One Who helps you out of all trouble. You should be strongly convinced inwardly that you have a Father in heaven Who watches over His children and does not leave them in want because He love them. This strong conviction already is the certainty of its being so. And what could be more powerful than your Father in heaven? No man on earth and no being of darkness can resist Him, and hence you need not fear that any man on earth or any creature of darkness can do you harm, if you believe in God's outsized love and the protection which He had promised. Because His written words are, "Come unto Me all ye that labour", "Ask, and it shall be given", "Knock, and it shall be opened!" - Lift your sights to Him Whose help comes. [ref. Matt. 7:7] When you succeed in assimilating the Words of His love, when you feel yourselves thereby addressed by your Father, then you shall not resist through any doubt, and tarry in full faith till help comes. There is nothing He cannot ward off, anything that is impossible to Him. And hence there always is a solution even if you cannot foresee one. He verily finds the means; He finds a way out of all trouble. Let these words stir you deep in your heart until all doubts have vanished; until you have fearlessly entrusted yourselves to Him and tarried patiently, because His love is meant for you, His children, and this love never shall leave you. AMEN B.D. 6158 January 8, 1955 WORK UPON THE SOUL Your inner life is not fostered by anything external; nothing formal shall advance your soul-maturity and perfection. - The transformation of your being can be accomplished only from within, whence you men need to repeatedly turn to inner silence, for introversion and removal of everything spoiling you from within, - whatever still is persisting within you is defect. You can of course be made aware from without of how to accomplish the work upon your soul, you can be instructed on what to heed, and how to avoid what harms you, and what to do to become perfect; but you must carry it out yourselves, and this by shutting yourselves off from everything external, even though you stand in the world and have to carry out your responsibilities. This soul-work is to be carried out simultaneously, as it is entirely independent of your terrestrial activity, since it concerns your inner being, your faults and vices - it concerns man's inner life, - his thinking, volition and action which, even if directed terrestrially, has to radiate love, otherwise there can be no talk about the being's transformation. Your soul-work therefore has to consist in refining all your thinking and striving, and the directing of same towards divine aims - you need to constantly strive for a life free of self-interest, towards selflessness, mercy, gentleness, patience and peaceableness - you have to develop all good attributes within you, driving out bad thoughts and attributes. And all this demands an earnest desire to live rightly before God. - It does not have to become obvious externally, i.e. it should not become ostentatious, yet such life in accordance with God's will always shall radiate over fellow man. It shall spurn to emulation and be of better effect than a lot of talk and formal customs, which do not yet vouch for a change of attitude. Man can change only if he earnestly introverts, thinks about his short-comings and faults and resolves to remodel himself. And this inner transformation man must undertake himself, if he wants to achieve his aim of becoming perfect on earth. The resolve has to be followed by deed; otherwise the will is not in earnest. And from this in turn, you shall recognise that the attainment to beatitude is not determined by denomination, but by man's will to kindle love within himself, which then totally transforms him, converting all bad attributes into good ones, being the only means to perfection - yet which can nevertheless be exercised by all men, regardless of which denomination they belong to. - Indeed, all denominations teach love. - Hence they all can lead to perfection - yet none of them can guarantee same; only man himself can attain to it through earnestly working upon himself. AMEN B.D. 6194 February 21, 1955 SERIOUS WARNING TOWARDS THE WORLD Time and again I remind you of detaching yourselves from the world. Yet steadily you men chain yourselves more to it, hunting ever more after the goods of this world; more and more do you indulge in the pleasures of life, and ever more remote is from you the spiritual kingdom, which can never be gained simultaneously with the terrestrial world. And this is your ruin - delivering yourselves up to that lord who drags your soul down, so that you get ever more caught up in his snares which, being gilded, are not recognised by you for what they are. Your craving for the pleasures of life brings you death, as this craving is planted into your heart by My adversary, - he spurns you unto escalating lust, in abandoning yourselves to worldly pleasures - he fans all your sensuality into seeking and also finding their fulfilment in sin. All good thoughts are scattered by him, self-love is fanned to most intense glow; men are receptive to him alone, for they no longer ask whether they live in accordance with My will, to please Me. They have fallen victim to the world, and hence to him who is the prince of this world. Thick darkness overlays the earth, as no spiritual beam is able to penetrate, and in this darkness, work is easy for My adversary - he ensnares countless souls, preparing a fall for them which in their blindness they are unable to recognise. He indeed gives them all they crave for in their earth-life, but their fate after physical death is a terrible one, because then he takes full possession of them and, powerless, they are unable to free themselves from his power, paying for their ease during brief earth-life with a terrible fate in eternity. But regardless of how vividly this is brought to mankind's attention, and the urgency of warnings against the enemy of their souls, they turn a deaf ear and instead steadfastly fix their gaze upon the world, which tempts them with its glitter. And sin gains the upper hand, for whatever does not accrue to man by itself he seeks to acquire by unjust means. Nothing is sacred, neither the goods nor the life of neighbour, who serves him physically. And under such conditions, light cannot possibly break through to his heart - he is in thickest darkness and feels just fine therein. - It is a time of depravity, a time of sin where My adversary celebrates triumphs, where the impact of My light-beams are small, with only the powers from below succeeding. My adversary is reaping a rich harvest, and time moves towards its end. The work in the vineyard is more urgent than ever, so as to save those men not yet fully under his influence, and whose souls have not become his victims yet. AMEN B.D. 6324 August 3, 1955 APPROACH OF A STAR Open your hearts wide, make yourselves receptive for My love-beam from above, and listen to what I want to tell you: A sure sigh of the imminent end is the becoming visible of a star which is moving in the direction of the earth, and yet takes a peculiar path - often withdrawing from your view and then suddenly re-appearing?. because it is accompanied by impenetrable nebulae, which now and then dissolve, only to condense anew. You men will be experiencing something previously unknown, as the effects of this star upon your earth are such that dread shall befall you, because you sense that the earth could become a victim of this unknown star, which is calling forth perceptible disturbances on earth, which however are inexplicable to you. There are men who cannot be shaken by anything that befalls them - who now lose their tranquillity, as they feel that they, as well as the rest of the earth - is delivered up to natural powers, which they fear because they are unable to counter them. And on account of these people, the powers of heaven are moving. It is particularly these people I want to address, and secure their entrusting themselves to a God and Creator, as soon as they see themselves completely powerless. Whatever is occasioned by human will - be it ever so terrible in its effect - does not shake such people. But they become small and weak when seeing themselves delivered up to natural forces. And then it is possible that they take refuge with Him Who is Lord over all Creation - then it is possible that in their greatest need they find their way to Me. And this nature-spectacle shall arouse immense agitation among mankind, and the fear will not be unjustified, because regardless of the strange phenomena accompanying the star, it moves steadily nearer the earth, and a collision - according to the calculations of those discovering and trekking its career - appears inevitable. But this also I have predicted a long time since, that I will send you an enemy from the air - that a natural catastrophe of the greatest magnitude lies ahead of you - which precedes the ultimate end, i.e. the complete re-shaping of the earth's surface - costing countless victims. I draw your attention to it time after time, and My Word is Truth, and shall be fulfilled. But you are being referred to it beforehand sot hat you men may know that nothing can take place without My Will, and that nothing that occurs is without sense and purpose - and that My thoughts include those who are entirely without faith, but whom, nevertheless, I do not want to lose to My adversary. And that is why you people ought to know what is ahead of you, so that you might attain to faith more readily, when in great need you think of Him who is Lord over Heaven and earth - over all stars and worlds - and to Whose will everything is subject. You need to attain to this knowledge in advance, which will then help you with your faith, if you are of goodwill. A calamity is coming over you, but for each individual it can also be a blessing, if thereby he gains eternal life for his soul, even where temporal death is allotted him - if only he calls to Me in his need. AMEN B.D. 6329 August 9, 1955 UNREMITTING STRIVING TOWARDS THE GOAL Everything is to serve you towards maturing, and thus each day can enable you to ascend in your development, if only you are mindful at all times of God directing your destiny, and that everything comes as is best for your soul. The body of course shall often have to suffer; your life shall often seem troubled, worries shall often oppress you, and you shall become timid and disheartened. ? Yet nothing comes over you by chance, and your Father in heaven is aware of all, and hence also your condition, as it is He Who has predetermined same for you to help you aloft. But you yourselves can either improve or worsen your state, since you only need to take the right road to find help, just as you shall on the other hand, through resentfulness and aversion be burdened more by your state, and suffer doubly because you grumble. Yet there is One Who is always waiting for your call, because He wants to help you, but first wants to hear your call in order to then prove His love to you. This One wants to help you and can help you, yet demands your faith in His love and power. You should at all times acknowledge Him as a God of love, even if you have to suffer, or where His love for you is not evidently recognisable. Only love moves Him to action, and only love causes Him to among other things grab hold of mankind indelicately, so that they would not again be lost for eternities. But whoever entrusts himself to His outsize love shall soon be led out of affliction, because God asks no more than man's full devotion to Him. Hence he shall soon be rid of worry and suffering, since God's love takes this away from him again as soon as he has established the right relationship with God, or firmed it. Then the purpose has been achieved and another level reached; then the soul has ascended a step higher, followed by an ensuing period of peace, which is to serve man for self-determination. He is to unremittingly strive for the height and must not tire; he has to fix his sights on his goal, the achieving of which is his earth task. - And if his striving comes to a halt, then unpleasantries shall soon turn up which are to remind him of his earth-task. But whatever overtakes you, it shall of a truth be for the best of your soul, and you shall be able to overcome all with the help of Him Who carried the cross for you, He Who died for you on the cross. Call upon Him in every spiritual and earthly distress, He knows about your affliction, he knows about all human weaknesses and wants and is ready at all times to help you; and through your call upon the name of Jesus Christ, - And this road is certain to lead you to your goal. AMEN B.D. 6338 Aug. 22,1955 GOD'S PERPETUAL CARE FOR MAN How often do I approach you men, how often do I address you, how often do I pull you back from danger, offering you My guidance upon your life-path. But rarely do you recognise Me. My obvious guidance you regard as mere chance, whilst My address passes by your hearts. - Me you are not able to recognise because your sights are set past Me, towards the world. Yet My care pursues you? and notwithstanding your location in the world-bustle. I yet do not leave your side, waiting always for the moment you become conscious of Me, that you would voluntarily place yourselves under My protection: that amid the joys of the world you would yet feel your depravation, and start to look around for Him Who pursues you and Who can help you. I do not let up on revealing Myself to men?. even where the result is feeble and hardly perceptible. I yet take not of the faintest desire to approach Me, and I shall not leave his side again. - My love induces Me to not give you up, even when you move through life with the greatest indifference, not seeking a connection with Me. Yet I do not coerce you into hearing Me, and hence My words are only soft and unobtrusive, so that it becomes easy for you to overhear them if taking no note of Me. They do not resound with the loudness of the world, which gains your attention for that reason. And I do not impose Myself, so that you would turn to Me in free will; but I do not let you go without small contacts, I nudge you softly into paths where, lonesome and feeble, you would start looking around for help, in order for Me to then be able to emerge and offer you My help. I leave out none of you men whilst you have not found Me yet; and due to there being not much time before the end, men must tread shorter paths - and these are much harder and more strenuous to travel, because I want them to need and ask for My guidance. The blows of fate shall be piling up, men shall have to go through much want and misery yet, because they are further removed from Me than ever, even when I pursue them step by step. I shall not give them up before their life's end, and My knocks shall be ever harder, in order to scare them out of their indifference. But it is not I Who determines their reaction, although this shall once determine their lot in the spirit kingdom. Because your will remains free, and My love does not determine it even when it chooses death, where on the other hand it could earn itself everlasting life. AMEN B.D. 6340 August 27, 1955 THE WAY TO GRACE - WALKING WITH GOD It still is a time of grace - I still am trying by every means to affect your turnaround, or to lead you to perfection; but your will must not be totally belligerent. If you men rebel against me, against your fate and everything that can still benefit your soul, then the ways to My grace are without effect, and then your life also is at peril the life of the soul, for it lapses into spiritual death. You men have to submit to My will; you must realise that you are yourselves powerless, handing yourselves over to Him Who has power over heaven and earth. ? Only through such unresisting devotion shall you better your earthly life. - Then you shall also allow the grace to take effect, registering success in your souls. It is the time of the end - and hence of great extremity, precisely because I want to help men to turn around, and towards perfection. - It would truly not be love on My part if I abandoned you men to your fate, preparing for you an unhindered, carefree life without misery, for then your souls would be lost for sure; for the motivation towards ascent is present with only very few people. I have to stand by you, because I love you, and I can assist you only in the way I regard as a blessing - by taking hold of you in a rough fashion, to bring you to your senses, because you have only short time to the end, and haste is essential. But every man can improve his earthly lot by walking in unison with Me, when he conjoins more closely with Me, making any fall to the depth impossible. Then I also shall guide him in a way making his earth life more bearable, for then I no longer need to employ extreme measures, for I have won him to Myself. But as long as man still resists Me, he feels only the burden but not the help. But for such My love is meant as well, trying to win him, although by different means - which nevertheless are those of grace, since they aim only at the return to Me of My beings. How negligible are these suffering and extremities however compared to the torments of re-banishing inside solid matter - which is irrevocably appointed you if you will not bend under My will in the time before the end. Through suffering and extremity I want to achieve nothing other than your coming to Me, Who can and will help you at all times - You labour and are heavy-laden. - You know One Who is calling you to Himself. - Follow His call, "Come unto Me all ye that labour and are heavy-laden; I shall quicken you." And there is nothing that I deny you - if only it is for the benefit of your soul. - Join up with My host of children, do not stand astride in self-will or defiance, - you too come unto Me who still are far from Me, and give up your resistance; for verily, the path with Me is easier and nicer. I lead you in such a way that you effortlessly reach your goal; only My path leads astride of the world. ? But it is your true homeland that receives you when you shall have to leave the earth. - Because My kingdom is not of this world. Only a short earth-walk still lies ahead of you, sufficient however for reaching your goal. - Yet hand yourselves over to Me and My guidance for this short distance, and you shall not regret to have followed Him Who is the Father of you all, Who wants to lead His children to everlasting beatitude. AMEN B.D. 6405 November 18, 1955 CHANGES IN THE ZODIAC You shall witness a series of events at short intervals which shall greatly disturb you because unable to explain them, and hence come to fear powers against which you find no protection. Also, you shall not find the correct explanation, because it is My Will that you should reckon with every eventuality and adopt a corresponding stand. I want everyone's soul to benefit from it; concern shall be deepest where faith is lacking altogether, whereas believers shall abide in Me and feel themselves in My care. The above nevertheless are phenomena, which shall lead to much public discussion because cosmically triggered, so that all individuals will ponder them and share opinions with fellow man. Worldly interests shall recede from time to time, but as soon as the appearances pass, worldly men take to heightened craving for worldly joys and only a minority retain impressions which can lead to contemplation and possible change of attitude, until repetition of the events, with renewed fears. Because scientific evidence leads to fear of a threat to the planet earth, due to intriguing changes not observed in the stellar system previously and posing a serious threat to the earth. And human estimates of potential effects shall vary greatly. Men shall recklessly skim over this and consummate their lives with abandon; utterly vain precautions shall be taken, whilst others shall introspect and approach their God and Creator in serious thought. And I give them all free will, yet try unceasingly to point their thought towards man's actual life purpose, so that they may come to abide in My peace and them be guided for the good of their soul. What therefore is to take place? The Zodiac will change. Stars shall be guided unto new tracks, with new positions in relation to earth; and stars not observed before shall come into view, one of which will appear as a direct threat to the earth, because potentially crossing the earth's orbit. None shall want to believe such a possibility, and that natural laws can change; yet you men stand before the end. You are yourselves preparing something that will have even greater repercussions, because what you are undertaking threatens the entire earth. What takes place through My Will is only a preview of the end nevertheless, it is a serious warning, and I only give you evidence therewith of a higher power, so that you can all turn to same and take the opportunity to divert danger from yourselves, if you, i.e. your soul, draws the desired benefit there from. What takes place at a later stage however affects the entire earth with everything living on it. And hence I manifest Myself beforehand in an unusual way, without however forcing you to recognise me as the initiator therewith: it is something mighty but does not affect all of the earth?. because I know all natural laws and their effects, and also how to divert any happening or weaken its effect. But whatever I bring about serves only for your salvation: it is to drive you to Me, it is to enable you men to recognise a God with Whom you can take refuge because He is your Father. It is the last sign before the end. It is the last attempt of My Love and Mercy to save what can still be saved. AMEN B.D. 6538 May 3, 1956 FAITH CONFLICT - HOSTILITIES - ANTICHRIST I want to bless you, so that you may be My firm supports when the edifice of Faith, which for My elect is the essence of the church of Christ, is being shaken - when they shall shake what I Myself have built up, and concerning which I teach mankind time after time. There lies ahead of you a time when you shall not be only spitefully used by representatives of false doctrines, but when faith itself is to be rooted out, regardless of whether it is erroneous or corresponds to truth, because My adversary is bent on wielding his sharpest weapon: to stifle all knowledge and faith in Me and My Work of Salvation, and to replace it with materialistic views and plans. And a time shall then be set in which at present you would regard as impossible, because My adversary shall embody himself in a worldly ruler, and start his work so cunningly that he will be identified as the one he is only by the few. - And thus he shall win over to himself many who merely follow and blindly obey him, as he changes his plans inconspicuously. - Because he proceeds only against certain creeds in the beginning, and thereby gains the others to his side, who are only too willing to help when it comes to removing their opponents. And you shall, therefore, believe yourselves (to be) only exposed to the persecution of those who fight pure truth, because they themselves are representatives of error and lies. And then you will need to be cautious, and not rashly endanger yourselves. Not long thereafter, those others will themselves be persecuted, and then the Antichrist's hand manifests openly. - And many will then follow him, because they find themselves already under his sway, and with them he shall have an easy task. Not much time shall pass before the first signs become apparent. - Not an act of violence will herald the battle of faith, because My adversary proceeds by stealth and shall, indeed, deceive many believers who attach themselves to him, therefore to become his welcome servants at a later time. - But those of you of wakeful spirit he shall not deceive, because I will open your eyes, and channel your thoughts in the right direction.- Because it is then time to arm for the last battle, which shall be waged with a brutality you do not suspect. But I shall bless you - I Myself shall be with you, and leave none who stand up for Me and My name without protection, as this battle shall be decisive, for it is to separate the sheep from the goats, and shall be the last work of My adversary, by which he himself is judged. For as soon as he proceeds against Myself, as soon as he attempts to stifle the spread of knowledge about Me and My Work of Salvation, he shall have brought his own sentence upon himself, he shall be bound and irrevocably robbed of all power. - During his embodiment in a man he will be attempting to carry out his most malevolent plan against Me, and there shall not be many who stand firm and resist him, and who will not allow themselves to be led into temptation, because these are Mine, and shall remain so forever. But a clear sifting must needs take place, because too many men still are neither fish, nor meat - many deem themselves believers, but now, having to stand the test, they fail; because they do not stand in the truth, possessing too little love, and hence can neither receive nor recognisee truth. You My servants must therefore be exceedingly active, because many opportunities will still offer themselves then, and you can be edifyingly engaged among those who - precipitated into doubt, are incapable of discernment, and require your counsel. And you shall, indeed, succeed in strengthening the weak of faith, you will succeed in attracting a few into your camp, you shall be able to give clear and intelligible information, presenting Me to them as a loving God and Father, Who demands only a firm faith in order to also then stand by them in extremity, and to give them the strength to persevere until the end. AMEN B.D. 6547 May 15, 1956 MERE CONFORMISTS UNSUCCESSFUL Your success at the end of your earth-life shall not be worth the mention if you only travel the wide road, joining up with the strollers, without asking whither goes the way of the "masses". Because you then are mere conformists who think they can delegate their responsibility to fellow man - the ringleaders of the masses. Every individual in his earth-walk comes upon crossroads, besides some companions deviating, and then man has to decide which way to turn. - Because if he remains a conformist till the end of his life, he shall have won nothing for the good of his soul. That is why no church organization can guarantee beatitude for its adherents, because each man has to strive and attain to same, even though he can be given directions indeed; each man however having to then himself carry out the work on his soul ? i.e. each then has to take the path which leads upwards. It is a great mistake to try shifting responsibility for the soul unto purported leaders, always doing just what these demand, believing this to be "conscious work upon the soul". It is a great mistake to believe oneself not permitted to subject the demands of those leaders to scrutiny - to unconditionally accept and believe everything that these preset as truth. Even if it is the truth, each person has to form an opinion about it, because only then can he discern whether error has crept in, and guard against it. But he who relies on what cannot be left unexamined, cannot deem himself excusable - he cannot believe himself capable of shifting blame on those who have guided him wrongly. Everyone can see the paths that branch off, and can walk these just as easily as the trodden one, but he needs to always ask himself where the different paths lead and then consciously choose. But he who keeps his eyes to the ground and unthinkingly follows the masses can also miss the intersections, and it is then again his own fault, because he should look about himself and not wander blindly, having received the gift of sight. And he should think, since intellect was given him for it, which he should use for the attainment of his soul-health. - And you should know too that the road the masses take is never the right one. - Because the masses are steered by God's adversary, and truth never encountered there. If you men could only keep in mind that on the earth the adversary has the upper hand, and that by far the greater number of people are a adherent of his than of God. - If only you would recognise from mankind's evil, lovelessness and the low spiritual level how great is his hold upon mankind. Then you would, in your earnest striving for the good of your souls, not move with the crowds, but separate yourselves from same and seek a path in a different direction - you would heed the messengers who precede you with Light, to light your way. You would not be contented with empty rhetoric, - you would demand wise instruction, giving you a proper light - you would yourselves ponder and attain to ever-brighter Light. Shake off your indifference where the well being of your soul is concerned. Do not let others take over, because you yourselves carry the responsibility for your soul, of which no one can relieve you. Try to establish a connection with God yourselves, choosing Him as your leader, and free yourselves from those who deem themselves His representatives on earth, because His representatives shall be always urging you to establish a connection with God, whilst the false representatives want to relieve you of you responsibility and demand blind obedience from you, and the keeping of human regulations. If you want to attain to beatitude, then you need to also walk the way leading to beatitude - you have to ask God to show you the right ways, and ask for strength to walk them even if they go upwards. - And God shall send you the right guides, He shall Himself draw you, and you shall attain to the right goal with certainty. AMEN B.D. 6663 October 6, 1956 THE POWER IN THE NAME JESUS When you utter My name with deep reverence, spiritual power accrues to you in overabundance, because you manifest your faith therewith in Me, and the reverence and love you accord the divine Saviour Jesus Christ; and this faith I can reward with provision of strength, which you all urgently need. And when you meet in My name, you are streamed with power and your soul perceives My presence, because I then dwell in your midst, since through your faith-filled thinking you permit My presence. And you find yourselves within a development period which guarantees salvation, as soon as you confess Me in Jesus Christ. Since My crucifixion therefore, your redemption depends on whether you acknowledge this My redemption-work of the Man Jesus - on whether you believe that your God and Creator descended to earth in order to carry out the work of your redemption in the Man Jesus. Hence you are called upon to prove this your belief, and you do this when you utter My name in faith, when you recognise and express this in Jesus Christ by the calling upon My name. The call you make to Me in Jesus Christ I shall always hear and acknowledge and it shall permit My presence. And I shall bless every meeting in My name. I want to guide your thoughts and enlighten your spirit; I want Myself to speak to you, and I can also do it then because I can be in your midst, since you believe in Me. And you should therefore assemble more often, and where tow or more meet in My name, there I shall be among them. At any time therefore I can join in on your talks, your thoughts; I can provide everything you are in need of. I can clear you up where doubts remain, and I can advise and help you, because you all are in need of My advice and help: you still resemble feeble children who must be led by the hand to their right destination. But you then make such guidance possible, as soon as you utter My name with a faithful heart. And for this reason men shall not be able to say; "Christ is here, Christ is there", because I am not to be searched for by locality - I am only where a believing human heart allows My presence, through works of love; and where, in small circles, My name is uttered with living faith and reverence. And hence I can indeed by proclaimed anywhere, yet take abode only in a few hearts, when My Name is uttered with the fullest conviction by just a few: that I brought them salvation through My death on the cross. And only for these few has My name the power to penetrate their soul and truly make it live, and these obviously shall experience My blessing: they shall feel intimately united with Me and thus relate to Me as a child to its father; they shall be conscious of My presence, and their lot shall be harmony and inner peace, because where I am there is peace and bliss. AMEN B.D. 6987 Dec. 7, 1957 BUFFETING BY FATE - A PROCESS OF PURIFICATION Whichever way your lives on earth are shaping themselves, they are determined by My Will, to create for you ever-greater opportunities for the maturing of your souls. But you shall mature in your souls only when you resignedly submit yourselves to My Will, when meekly you bend, placing yourselves under Me, fully and wholly. And then you also shall manifestly experience My help in every earthly and spiritual need. The aim of life is the spiritualisation of your souls, the purging of the dross still clinging to you, so that My Divine Light may irradiate your soul when it has left its earthly body. This purification will not take place, however, if man's presence on earth elapses without a struggle, be it that a man leads an uncommonly loving life. Then the shells loosen and at the end of life the soul will have achieved its aim. But often it will have to carry out this process of purification through suffering, want, and inner conflict. And because My wisdom had recognised this, My Love incessantly concerns itself with helping it to maturity. And hence you shall not be able to lead lives of unbroken calm while on earth, storms will rage around you, and often enough you will be despondent over the fate befalling you. And yet you need not fear, you will be able to overcome everything, if only you would link up with Me ever more firmly, the harsher the fate dealt out to you. I am mindful of everything, and you are never alone, even where you stand in complete earthly solitude, when you believe yourselves abandoned by men, I truly shall never leave you, and any loss you are sustaining, or have sustained, is compensated for a thousand-fold by uniting with Me. But in every happening coming over you, you must also recognise Me. You will be strong whatever may befall you, where I am your first and last thought. But if you depart from Me, by complaining and grumbling and rebelling against your fate, you shall also steadily weaken, and want shall increasingly oppress you - because no other means are then available for winning you back for Me and for bending you under My Will again. I truly have only the best in mind for you, and nothing comes over you without My will, or My permission - but by constant union with Me you shall be able to carry your lot more easily, and then everything will turn out wonderfully which previously had seemed an inextricable tangle. And the soul shall have scored a great gain, if in severest need it has not severed its link with Me. In this very time before the final end lies the greatest danger for mankind to forget Me, above the rush for worldly goods. And if I would again have them think of Me, I can employ only such means as will shake all their thinking. Through hard blows of fate I must place them in a situation of wit's end, sot hat they may remember Him, who alone can help them. Because their souls still find themselves in the thickest of encasement, they have not undertaken much for the purification of their souls i.e. they have neglected to live a life of unselfish love, and a different process of purification is therefore necessary if their soul should become permeable to even a little Light, for which it shall once be very grateful to Me. And no man is exempted from a call of fate, because I love all men, and want to help them fid the way back to Me, when they still stand apart from Me, so that they may unite more firmly with Me, and be able to receive ever more strength with which to work on themselves, and to mature already while on earth. Because I want them to pass over with a degree of Light already, that they may be saved from the torment of darkness in the Kingdom of the Beyond. I am concerned that their walk on earth should not be in vain. And that is why you men should see either My Will or My permission in everything concerning you, and submit to My Will with resignation. AMEN B.D. 7096 April 18, 1958 DO NOT FORFEIT EVERLASTING LIFE Do not forfeit everlasting life! Once it shall be granted you indeed, but eternities may still pass - epochs of endless torment and darkness, where you find yourselves in utter power and lightnessness. And you could prolong this time of torment endlessly, so that you might even speak of "everlasting damnation", which I Myself have not imposed upon you however, but which you create yourselves voluntarily, and repeatedly re-create. If you do not utilise your human existence in order to gain everlasting life. I will not allow you to become lost forever, because you are My beings, whom I have loved from the beginning and shall never cease to love. But I cannot give you life prematurely if you yourselves prefer a state of death, if you are not prepared to take life out of My hand. But you could gain same easily, because you only need to entrust yourselves to the One Who is life eternal Himself. And for this purpose earth-life has been given you, where you are in possession of intellect and free will, where you can receive instruction about your task on earth and hence need only to be willing in order to emerge from a state of death. And that time is short indeed, no great sacrifices are demanded of you, compared to what is given you upon the right application of your will. Hence the lifespan is very short but sufficient for attainment of your goal. But your pre-development stage - to when you could appear as a human, was of endless duration. And it shall take endless times again before you receive the grace of another volition test. These are eternities whose span you men cannot conceptualise, because in your imperfect state your thinking also is limited. And just as you are in ignorance about his torment, because retrospection is taken from you for the duration of earth-life, so also you are unaware of the unspeakable bliss embraced by the concept "eternal life". You have no concept of the splendours awaiting you in My kingdom, when you have decided for permanent return to Me. And neither the one nor the other knowledge can be proven to you, because this would prevent your free decision. But you should believe even without proof and put your earth-life behind you accordingly - you should not forfeit the bliss in My kingdom, you should allow for all these possibilities regardless of their seeming implausibility, and consider them intellectually and live in a way that precludes self-reproach at the hour of departure from this earth. You should also listen to those who speak to you about things not of this world. And you should also think and try imagining where you would stand if they were right. Too much is at stake for you men, and not just a number of earth-years such as your life-span, but an eternal life; it is about a never-ending state of highest bliss, a condition in light and power which was peculiar to you at the beginning. And in the exchange for this eternity of light and power you need only a brief time - a "moment" of this eternity to forego entirely worthless things. But you are rating these things unduly high and hence you are forfeiting "life" and remain within death again for eternities. And all I can do to help you to life is to repeatedly send you My servants, who warn and remind you in My name and are to spur you unto attaining to truth; who refer you to Me so that I, as the only truth, may enlighten your thinking; who advise you to establish the connection with Myself so I can then seize you and draw you to Myself. Yet you must take the first step, because I do not coerce you into your bliss. But I support and strengthen even the weakest of wills if same turns to Me. I caused the entire Creation to come into being in order to give you life. I do not want your earth; I want you to live and to at least escape the state of death, which lasted eternities. I want to again present you with My love and prepare a glorious destiny for you, which shall not end into all eternity. But I cannot prevent you from choosing the road to the depths again, when you voluntarily follow again him who once took your life and delivered you unto death. I can only call to you time and again, "Do not forfeit everlasting life", but you have to respond to this call voluntarily, you have to try and win life eternal whilst still on earth, and I shall verily help you, because I love you. AMEN B.D. 7258 Jan. 17, 1959 PRE-CONDITION FOR HEARING GOD'S VOICE -DETACHMENT FROM THE "WORLD" You must listen into your innermost, if you want to perceive My voice. This demands a complete sealing off from the earthly world, and a plunging into spiritual thought. It demands a complete emptying of the heart of earthly thought, so that it can then be filled sith thought-streams of a purely spiritual nature. It shall always be difficult for men to fully disengage from the world, by My voice will sound more distinctly, the fewer the thought-impressions of a worldly origin loading the heart. When the heart is emptied completely, My Spirit-stream can flow in unhindered, and this you shall feel as an uninterrupted address, as an overflow of My Spirit in you, and My direct address, which you now perceive as an uttered Word. The more you resist earthly thoughts, the clearer you perceive My voice. And this necessitates constant combat with the outside world, which time and again wants to intrude itself, compelled by My adversary, in order to disturb the dialogue between Father and child. You can avoid this world, - in that you immediately address Me in thought, so that I may prevent this interference. And your will shall be taken into account, as it is turned toward Me. Only those have a right to hear My voice who are able to detach themselves from the world, to whom I have become a Concept which cannot be replaced by the world, who have recognised Me as their Father from eternity, Who wants to make you His children, and does not let go of you till He has attained His aim. Once this detachment has taken place, the world will no longer succeed in winning a man back, because My direct address has given him light, and he no longer wishes to do without this light. But he shall, nevertheless, have to permanently struggle with the world, because he lives in its midst, and it seeks to act upon him in every possible way, as it is this confidential address which My opponent wants to disturb in every possible way. Hence it will always necessitate a strong will to establish the link with Me so intimately that My voice gets through, drowning out the voice of the world. Man's will brings this about; and man will sing nothing but praise and thanks to Him Who addresses him, giving him a gift of immeasurable worth. Because My Word is the visible, or audible, sign of MY endless love for you, My beings. It gives you proof that it lies within your grasp to establish such close union with the highest and most perfect Being that you are able to perceive His voice, and that you possess evidence of this address when you write down His hallowed Word, as you have received it. This supremely perfect Being is addressing you -think about what these Words mean, I speak to you from on High, you hear My voice, you understand what I Am telling you, and you can recognise the voice of your Father in it, Who loves you and wants to possess you forever. I address you so that you would return to Me, out of your own free will, that you may enter upon the road back to your Father's house to Me, which I want to achieve with My address. But in order to hear this My address, your will must be firm and strong, it must repeatedly seek out the intimate bond with Me Who Am to be found not on the surface of the world, but aside from it. Therefore, all worldly thoughts must be forced back, and you must listen to the stillness of your heart, and then you shall truly perceive My voice in all clearness, as will all to whom My love particularly belongs, who strive to reach My, who are desirous of hearing Me, and to whom I can reveal Myself as I have promised, that I shall come to Mine in Spirit, and that I will be with them to the end of the world. AMEN B.D. 7405 September 5, 1959 ANNOUNCEMENT OF A STAR What is given you through the spirit you can accept without reservation. And thus you are to know that in the universe also, the imminent end of the earth is making itself noticeable: that cosmic changes are taking place, because it is God's will that at the end of a terrestrial period all kinds of signs manifest themselves which man cannot explain in a natural sense, and which are to prove the might of a Creator and therefore, point most clearly to such a Creator. These cosmic changes concern mostly digression by stars from their tracks, which then assume different orbits, inexplicable to men yet irrefutable. The nearer the end, the more frequent the detection of such phenomena, faint at first but with rising prominence, so that at first but with rising prominence, so that mankind truly can say "the powers of heaven shall be shaken". This shall not be connected with the will of man, and only God's will shall come to the fore therewith, and therefore all men could believe in God if they would only conscientiously observe such phenomena. But whoever is not willing to believe is also not capable of a sounder persuasion of the existence of a God, Whom all natural elements must obey. But he who takes not also knows what hour has struck. And thus, a star shall leave its track and approach the earth, uninfluenced by the will of man, yet posing a grave threat to the earth and unrestrainable ion its path; because the earth is to suffer a quaking, to either the detriment or benefit of men living upon it, as many people shall lose their lives therewith, as foretold a long time hence. The earth shall receive a blow. The peril to the entire planet shall be incalculable, yet this natural catastrophe does not lead to its total destruction but will be of a dimension signifying the end of countless men. But whoever survives this shall, not long thereafter, face the final process of inhalation, which human will has precipitated and which, although permitted by God, whereas the former cosmic catastrophe still had a redemptive aim - to draw the atheist's attention for the last time to a power that guides everything, and to nothing happening by chance. They are to be given one final means of attaining to faith, so that they would not be lost. With this happening God Himself addresses those men who take no note of His gentle voice, but His loud voice often resounds painfully and also shall claim many victims, i.e., many shall find their death, who nevertheless are left with a chance to catch up in the hereafter with what they neglected on earth. But many shall also have the grace of surviving the final short period before the end; and there too it is the will to believe which is decisive, because the atheist draws no benefit from experience. In the end these shall reap the fate of re-banning, against which God in His love has attempted to protect men. And that is why He reminds and warns in advance and draws men's attention to all phenomena at the end, and blessed is he who takes note - who believes and lives a corresponding life-style. He shall be led through every difficulty, and his soul shall ripen on earth, regardless of what befalls him. AMEN B.D. 7494 January 4, 1960 LOVE IS LIFE ITSELF Within love you find the true life, - Love awakens you to life and love maintains your life forever. - Because he who lives in love lives in Me and I in him, and since I am Myself the Love and the Life from eternity, everything that stands within love must move within life. My arch-Being has to be in him who practices love. - You have escaped death forever once love has awakened you to life, because you have then also escaped him who brought death into the world through his lovelessness. He who has love also has life; life however is constant use of My power; life is constant calling upon this power and its use in accordance with My will. A man who stands within love and hence within life can therefore be no longer inactive, because he shall constantly be utilising the power streaming through him in accordance with My will, which is also his will, because love and life always signify union with Myself. And man therefore can attain to the full life of his soul already on earth if he tries to live within love, when he unites with Me through love and then constantly receives power from me, which then manifests life: a condition of constant activity and bliss. Such man does not have to fear death in eternity, since he has overcome same, even if in the world it may appear that a man lacks strength and is no longer suitable for carrying on terrestrially; yet his soul is no longer bound, it is free and can act and create in freedom, which however has spiritual rather than tellurian effect, because we are speaking about the true life. Life on earth however can still be a mere state of death, when only the living-standard of the body is considered, which however can sink any day so that the condition of death can overtake both body and soul, and life be lost eternally. - Care should be devoted to the life of the soul, and this comes about only through a life of love, which brings power to the soul and hence gives the soul life, which endures forever. Love alone secures you such life, and your soul shall be joyful in finding its way out of the condition of death into one of life, whence it can then be, and is, constantly active, the constant influx of power not permitting any further inactivity or standstill, because it works and acts within My will, and this work consists in helping those souls to salvation who are still in a condition of death, hence needing help in their impotence. This work the soul is accomplishing even where the body feels nothing of this, because it has its action, which is independent of the body, yet will not let a soul rest who has once attained to life through love. - Love alone is the true life. - Hence you cannot be in a state of life so long as you are without love, whence you cannot act and create for the spiritual kingdom if lacking in love. But if you are active for My kingdom then you shall not be short of love, and need only to try strengthening your power - you need only to constantly exercise love so as to be constantly flooded with ever more power, enabling you to then consciously or unconsciously work for the good of those souls still in want because they have not found the true life yet. All work that you carry out on such soul is a sign that you have found life yourselves, and all such work shall be blessed, because life breeds more life, and whatever you have wrested from eternal death shall witness of you and your life, since you could do nothing if you had not already found life through union with Me, and My constant flooding of you with My power. You live and shall live eternally, and shall be active in accordance with My will, finding your own bliss therein already on earth and also in the spiritual kingdom. AMEN B.D. 7496 January 7, 1960 JESUS AS LEADER Whither goes your way, if you have not chosen Me as your leader? This you should repeatedly ask yourselves, and desire nothing other than My becoming your leader, to Whom you can entrust yourselves and walk by His hand through earth life. And verily, you shall be led aright at all times; you shall not be walking wrong tracks or be diverted from your goal; you shall always be walking the correct ways by which you will reach the heavenly kingdom, because you are then on the Way to the Father's house - your eternal Fatherland. But you need to ask for My leadership. I do not force Myself upon you, I will not try to determine this or that Way for you, against your free will. I want to be asked in order to make My appearance as your leader, always and everywhere. I want you to ask me to guide and lead you over all uneven paths, and I want you to hand yourselves over to My guidance unreservedly and follow Me wherever I go before you, in order for Me to guide you to the eternal home. Because only one path leads there, one that is steep and costing much effort, demanding strength, a strong rod and support for your safe passage. Always allow Me to be your leader, and you shall soon be incapable of going wrong, - you shall have no misgivings about the path diverging or being impassable for you in your feebleness. Where I precede you, you can follow without reservation, as I know how it is best for you to reach your goal; and I shall verily shorten your way, clear it of all obstacles, carry you over all obstructions and always take you by the hand, so that you may reach your goal with certainty. But you need to entrust yourselves to Me unreservedly, you must not hesitate or fear erroneous guidance, because you shall never find a better leader in earth-life than I, regardless of any true friends you may find among your fellow-men, as these nonetheless do not know the upward path to Me. And hence you should always keep to Me, but then drop all apprehensions because once you trust Me, I reward your trust and take you into My protective care, along your path of life. You shall hardly perceive your ascent, for to walk with Me means to also receive My strength to hold unto My hand and then effortlessly put the ascent behind you, for which you dwell on earth; because your path has to ascend. So long as you tread even ground, your path is not the right one, because your goal is above and hence requires strength, which you can always receive from Me, once you have chosen Me as your leader for your earth life. But difficult this life is if you walk alone, or give My adversary the right of companionship, who shall know only too well how to decorate your path and fill it with temptations, so that you do not perceive that it does not lead upward but into the abyss. Then you are in great peril, because you prolong or make impossible your repatriation to Me, as I am not to be found in the depths, and the path through lovely meadows and effortless passes, trodden by the children of this world; this path does not lead to Me but inevitably into the depth, whence an ascent is then terribly difficult, taking endless times again. Yet the leader has to be chosen by yourselves; you only need to approach Me for taking over your guidance through earth life, and I shall be with you and displace that other one, if he tries to accompany you. Because if you call to Me as your leader, then you are relieved of all responsibility, then I act for you and steer and lead you upon proper paths, so that you reach your goal with certainty: that you return to Me, your true Fatherland, - that you stop off at your Father house, where I await you, to link up with you into all eternity. AMEN B.D. 7596 May 7, 1960 URGENT FINAL WARNING Receive My Word, consciously, as the utterance of your Father, and hearken to what I want to tell you: You find yourselves in the last phase of this earth, it is yourselves who are living in the end-time; it is you who can still experience the transition, if your maturity allows you to tarry in preparedness until the end. Irrevocably the time of the end has come, regardless of how incredulous you may be?. because in My salvation plan the day had been set, and it shall be kept because the time is fulfilled. There is no further holding over, as the adversary's operations are taking the upper hand, and an end is made of his doings when he oversteps his scope, when he will have swayed mankind to the point of losing all faith in a God who holds the individual accountable for his life-style, once. In earth-life man has to choose his master; he is to choose Me and shake off My adversary and hence has to be aware of both powers wanting to possess him, fighting for his soul. This knowledge is indispensable for a decision. But My adversary seeks to obstruct this knowledge and succeeds, because mankind opens up to his influence through its attitude and will. And he utilises this beyond his authorised scope; he incites men to violence against the faithful, against everything representative of faith in a God and Creator. He seeks above all to eradicate faith in the divine Saviour Jesus Christ. He unleashes the final faith-conflict and forces Me so to speak to put an end to his ploys, in order to save those few from eternal ruin who intend to remain faithful. And this time is imminent and hence the end. You aught to recognise this portentous phase from My repeated proclamation through My word, and avoid falling victim to My opponent's artful deceptions, because he manipulates in a frightful manner to effect apostasy from Myself and claims much success. And if I am now counteracting his proceedings by addressing men Myself, to enable them to have faith in Me or strengthen same, then that in itself explains My address from above, which verily ought to persuade you, because My love of you men moves Me to help you, in a time of spiritual depravity which is monumental and can cause you to become lost for eternities, and which I therefore want to divert from you. Although your free will is decisive, your ignorance, perverted thinking and indifference grieve Me and through My address I try time and again to rouse you to thought. Believe that unless you mark My words and confront your adversary, you shall find yourselves in grave spiritual peril. Believe that you could gain the strength not to fear your succumbing, in battle. But re-orientate your will - turn it towards me; aspire to find God and I shall let Myself be found, but if you are indifferent, then My adversary gets the upper hand over you, and then you are lost for eternities. Thus you are imperilled, and I know you are in need of exceptional assistance, but I can certainly not predetermine your will, I can only repeatedly address you, to warn and remind you; I can but let My merciful love come your way time and again, and inform you of coming events and the time you are approaching. I can but lovingly address you time and again, that you may recognise a God and Father, believe in Him and faithfully abide by such faith. But irrevocably the end comes, because My word is Truth and fulfils itself, and the last hour has been predetermined from eternity. Hence take up My Word into your hearts and desire to become blissful. And I shall not leave you, I shall strengthen you for enduring to the end. To My own I shall be a powerful protection and umbrella, and strengthen you when it comes to confessing My before the world. AMEN B.D. 7604 May 21-22, 1960 THE FORERUNNER - KNOWLEDGE ABOUT INCARNATING Those of you walking the earth in the end-time to serve Me, should not get lost in conjecture about whose spirit you are, incarnate. I shroud things not conducive to your earth-walk and mission. That's why the knowledge about the incarnation in which you had once walked this earth is withheld from you. Let it suffice you to know that I provide all who are ready to serve Me with great power and grace. It is due to the strong militancy of the adversary in the end-time that powerful spirits of light too are required to counter his works, and to stand firm where salvation work on earth is conducted. And these spirits of light need to abide by deepest humility to carry out their ministry, since it is precisely in pride and arrogance that the adversary finds his readiest target for undermining such mission. And all men are in danger of falling victim to this his hallmark and arch-evil. That is why I do not conduce, on My part such opportunities, but instead try to induce men towards deepest humility, because they can then resist My adversary and not be trapped. And it is of no advantage for a man to know of his previous incarnation; otherwise this knowledge would be imparted to him at commencement of his work for My kingdom. But one shall know about it, to him it shall be no secret, because he shall be carrying the heaviest burden in the end-time - as My forerunner to announce Me - as a voice in the wilderness to proclaim My return in the clouds, paying for his ministry for Me with his life. - But this knowledge shall not trouble him, because he is a supremely powerful spirit who consciously undertook his latest incarnation on earth in recognition of the urgency of his task, which he is prepared to perform out of deepest love for Me. He is one of the few who seal what they proclaim with death. - He has the strength because he loves Me, Whom he not quite recognised once, who had indeed once already to give his life for Me, but is ready to die for Me a thousand times; who goes this last earth-walk consciously therefore, conscious of his mission and descent. But he shall be certain of this only when his ministry commences, whereupon he, who till then had lived in utmost seclusion, steps out into the limelight, where his intimate bond with God shall suddenly illuminate him for the task he is to perform on earth. And he shall then witness of Me with fiery zeal, he shall do everything to alert people to the imminent end and last judgment; he shall speak openly and fearlessly against the rulers, whom he doesn?t fear for their power but denounces them openly, because he identifies them as envoys of Satan, against whom he officially campaigns. And this shall be My last sign, for he shall appear in the final phase, in the time of the faith-conflict which shall be waged shortly before the end. - Whatsoever you may hear beforehand - the time of his action on earth shall not eventuate until this faith-conflict has flared, when those lights shall shine that point the way for mankind. And he shall be the brightest light, which shall come on where you least suppose it - his luminescence shall outshine everything and hence shall be recognisable for all who don't shun the light. - Abide in patience however, and await the time, not abandoning yourselves to false conjectures. Because you shall be led astray many a time by My adversary, who wants to deflect your glances in order to derail you from your own ministries, which you are ready to carry out for Me as faithful servants. Do not be deceived - you shall recognise most clearly a time of things so unusual that I too must intervene most exceptionally in order to come to men's aid. Because if not adhering close to Me, handing themselves over to Me trusting in My right guidance, they too shall be shaken in their faith by My adversary's tactics. Then you shall also perceive My will in your hearts, so that you shall not have to ask what to do. My will shall be in you; you shall not be able to act other than within My will. Time and again I say to you: do not forestall Me, wait till I call you, till I put My will in your heart, because through premature actin you could also destroy what has been set up with much toil. Consider always that men are still too weak of faith; that lighter fare must be handed them, so that their soul would not suffer damage. - And to these you should only preach My Gospel of love, not presenting them with teachings they can't grasp. And to these latter belong also the knowledge about the incarnation of light beings, because they usually lack credence in a survival of the soul altogether. It is not always appropriate therefore to announce the appearance of the forerunner to such people; but where they accept My Gospel, there they shall also learn to believe and recognise him when he appears; because weighty events precede it, and a separation of spirits shall already become discernible - men who are either for, or against Me, with corresponding spiritual cognition. Not much time shall pass before all these words shall become comprehensible, and then you shall no longer be asking but know that My coming is imminent, since you recognise him who was My forerunner during My time on earth, and shall be again, as proclaimed through word and Scripture. AMEN B.D 7816 February 4, 1961 THE RIGHT CONCEPT OF GOD And this My Spirit will reveal to you, that there is only one God and that this God manifested Himself in Jesus Christ. Because God is a Spirit, I could not become visible as a limited entity to the beings created by Me, but in Jesus Christ I became a visible God for all My creatures. Therefore, you must not speak of Jesus Christ and the Father, for I am one with Him, so that when you speak of Jesus Christ, you speak of Me, your God and Maker, your Father from eternity... Already the infant Jesus was filled with My Spirit, and already after His birth I manifested Myself in Him in an unusual way, to make the people around Him realise that My Spirit dwelt in the infant. The man Jesus died on the cross, but His body was already spiritualised and rose from the dead - for all its substances had united with Me. My Spirit had permeated body and soul and nothing human was left in Him. That which had arisen from the dead on the third day was I Myself, the Father-Spirit from eternity. The God, whom the beings desired to see and who had manifested Himself in Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is God, for I am a Spirit and have become visible to all My beings in the Person of Jesus Christ. And you cannot imagine Me in any other way than as the Divine Saviour Jesus Christ. If you want to pray to Me, if you want to make contact with Me, you must pray to Jesus Christ - you must speak with Him, you must acknowledge Him as your Father from eternity, and then you will also have the right concept of God, which, however, can never be right if you pray separately to Me as "God" and to Jesus Christ as "God's Son". In the man Jesus there dwelt a soul, which was My "son", a supremely perfect being created by Me that remained faithful to Me when the great apostasy of spirits took place. And this "son of God" made it possible for Me to incarnate Myself in a human body - so that the complete unification of the eternal Father Spirit with Jesus Christ could take place. But subsequently there were not two separate entities, but only one God, for the Divine Spirit, the First Cause, completely permeated the human body, thus also spiritualising it. It was all "Divine Spirit", it was the Spirit that pervades infinity, but manifested itself in a form visible to men, so that they could form a concept of Me and rejoin Me. For their original guilt of apostasy consisted in the voluntary separation from Me, because they were unable to see Me. And thus I provided for them a possibility to rejoin Me of their own free will, by rendering Myself visible to them in Jesus Christ. You must never separate "Jesus Christ" from Me, for He and I are One and the same; whoever prays to Him, prays to Me, whoever sees Him, sees Me personally, Who Am, have been from eternity, and shall be forever and ever. Amen B.D. 7916 June 11, 1961 REASON FOR EXCEPTIONAL KNOWLEDGE TODAY PURIFICATION OF THE DISTORTED GOSPEL - END-TIME Wide areas of knowledge are being opened up to you: you are in receipt of My Word from above because I Myself am introducing you into knowledge which you could not acquire intellectually. Those of you who are to instruct fellow man in turn, first must be instructed yourselves in everything that is essential for men to know. But you are to be able also to rebut every objection when it comes to defending the only Truth, where persons of intellect are attempting to downplay the spiritual conclusions. Then you are to be capable of explaining the correlations, and hence to be first introduced into deep spiritual knowledge yourselves, which is only possible only through My direct address. And I can address you directly only if, through a life in accordance with My Will, you have formed yourselves in a way which enables Me to pour out My Spirit over you; and only then will you also understand what is conveyed to you as deeper spiritual knowledge; wherefore the one identical knowledge circulated among men shall be understandable and recognisable as Truth only to him who lives a life of love and has therefore awakened the spirit within him. The spiritual knowledge is of wide range, but conveyed to you always to the rate of your prior development, and to then carry our the ministry which you have voluntarily undertaken.- And in view of the end, a wider knowledge has become necessary; mankind is to be presented with My Salvation plan from eternity, so that they would recognise the significance if their earthly lives and do everything to escape the fate of a re-banning. (see "The Salvation Plan of God" brochure - the translator). And this Salvation Plan covers the development of all beings, - origin, present condition and aim if all that has gone forth from My Love-power. The knowledge is extensive, and new to many people because there had heretofore been no need for such instruction. But the end-time demands that this knowledge is now conveyed to men, so that they would live more responsibly. And thus they are to know also about the endless antecedent terrestrial passage, which they had already traversed as soul substances. This knowledge too has been strange to them and consequently accepted only with difficulty. They are not coerced into believing either, yet mentally they can take a position and benefit there from. Man cannot however intellectually attain to a knowledge concerning My reign, providence and explaining My Being, and which outlines the foundation for everything, including coming events: the transformation of the earth and the spiritual and terrestrial transition. Such knowledge can only reach you from above - from Myself. It can be conveyed to you only through the "working of the Spirit", and hence should also be regarded as exceptional grace, bestowed upon you in the final time. And you men should also be aware of the fact that it is My outsize love which prompts Me to acquaint you with everything, in order to effect your voluntary return to Me - through recognising and returning My Love. You ought to understand why I want to bestow this unusual knowledge upon all men. This knowledge can be conveyed to earth only under certain pre-conditions. But wherever it is possible, men should provide themselves with illumination, and acknowledge My direct agency and receive this gift of grace which can help them to attain to soul-maturity before the final end. Because then verily, they receive knowledge, which I Myself bestow upon them and which exposes every false teaching that was able to assert itself in the darkness of the spirit, yet can no longer resist the brilliant ray of Truth. The right knowledge I give you out of My Love gives you elucidation and clarity, and there is verily no need for verbal supplements, - no further intellectual explanation needs adding. My Word from above is offered to you in greatest clarity, it is understandable to all and gives you a right concept of Me and My Being, of My reign and agency. My Word from above leads you into all Truth, as I had promised, and hence it should be disseminated; because all men are to know of the end, and the total; transformation of the earth, for which My Salvation Plan from eternity had provided and which shall also be carried out when the time is fulfilled. AMEN B.D. 7924 July 15, 1961 EMERGENCE OF THE WORK OF CREATION "EARTH" The progression of spirit substances over the earth extends over eternities, because spirit itself had turned into matter, of which the earth and all creations consist. Hardened spirit substance became matter by will of God; the entire work of creation "earth" therefore, as well as all creations in the universe as a whole, are erstwhile spirit energy formerly emanated from God, having been emitted from Him as beings, which nevertheless had altered to the extent of mere compacted spirit in the end, which was reshaped into creations of every kind. Endless times were necessary for this, as the transformation proceeded in strict order - the development of what can now be seen as the "inhabited earth" took countless phases of development - it was not a work of God's creative power cast up suddenly - slow development too pursues its aim. Ceaselessly, dissolved spirit-particles were apprehended and recast. A developmental process of unimaginable time-duration had taken place, before the earth had shaped itself into a work of creation that could serve the ever-ripening spiritual for an abode and for natural life, as provided in God's eternal plan of salvation. And this spirit substance also needed endless times to reach a level when it could be allowed to walk the earth as man, for final perfecting. This passage ultimately as man is as a moment compared to the eternities of the earth's pre-development. The creation of any form is, for God, indeed a moment's work, as any thought He sets forth as finished work, through His will and His power, but it is the resistance of the once-fallen spirit which determines the time-lapse to its material re-modelling. Because God did not compel this reluctant spiritual, but His love-power apprehended it instead, until it relented somewhat in its resistance, to then encase it in accordance with His plan - to give it some form within which it should carry out a certain function, which was nevertheless so minimal that interminable times passed before these forms could again be slowly dissolved and changed. It thus took endless times for the earth to develop sufficiently to be inhabited by living beings, and these in turn, after interminable times made the earth fit for man's ultimate training-ground. Man's sol had nevertheless in all its particles passed through the creations, because the fall to the depths, from the greatest heights, had been so immense that endless times were necessary for it to rise sufficiently to again be given self-consciousness which then makes possible its final perfecting, its ultimate ascent. First of all the creation came into being, and this now harbours the fallen spirits, whose numbers were without limit, and whose return to God also shall require interminable times, and thus an end to creation is not foreseeable. It shall be animated by ever-new spirit-particles, which by perpetual change of outer form are, in their development, forever in the ascendant, and hence manifest a constant emerging and passing of every material creation. And all works of creation are in this way constantly renewed, serving the spiritual they harbour in its maturing - whilst also serving man in his fulfilment, by supporting his physical life on earth. So long as free will is withheld from the spiritual, bound within the creations, upward development assumes its God-imposed path. The fettered spiritual serves within a given form, and it thereby gradually matures. But as soon as the spiritual passes over the earth at the level of man, it again possesses free will and may, instead of rising, also remain at a standstill, or even regress. In its last stage of development it can fail - and this retrogression can also lead to the spiritual in man - the soul, the once-fallen primordial spirit - to again harden it nits spirit-substance as heretofore, with the necessary consequence of its renewed dissolving into countless particles, demanding renewed progression through the material creations. And the necessity of this last resort presupposes also the dissolving and transformation of creations of every kind - which can be described as the end of an earth-epoch, and the beginning of another. And you men need thus to understand that, over time-spans set by God, violent acts of transformation take place upon the work of creation earth, which nevertheless are founded upon God's love and wisdom - and which always serve only for the salvation of the once-fallen spiritual. And you must also, at all times, reckon with such interventions on God's part, when men no longer recognise the true purpose of their existence - and therefore do not utilise their earth-life for the maturing of their souls, for final perfecting. Because that is the sole object of every creation, to bring man's soul to maturation, to help it to become what it was in the beginning - a supremely perfect being - which came forth from God's love, but fell away from Him in free will. It is to return to Him, and God Himself has forged the path for its return by a progression through all the creations of this earth. AMEN B.D. 7954 August 1, 1961 GOD'S PROTECTION DURING THE FAITH CONFLICT Stand firm and do not let them shake your faith, because I, your God and Father from eternity, am with you and remain so, when the great faith conflict has set in, through which My adversary wants to bring about the fall of those of you who are Mine. Everything undertaken against Me will always be aiming at presenting Jesus Christ and His work of Salvation as implausible. And the denial of Jesus Christ shall be for a manifest sign of the end, when all faith in Jesus Christ is to be stamped out, that mankind therefore should have no opportunity to depart from this earth saved. My adversary openly confronts Me by proceeding against Jesus Christ, in Whom I became a visible God. And the more this faith conflict flares, the more you can be assured of My presence, because I do not allow My adversary to become victor over those who want to be and remain Mine. And when they corner you for the purpose of denying My as the divine Saviour Jesus Christ, when you have to decide between Me and My adversary, then just trust Me fully and completely, because then I am nearer to you than ever; I Myself fight alongside you and you need not fear My adversary, since My power is supreme and shall protect you no matter how threatening undertakings against you may look. But then you can count on My deliverance by the hour, you can count on My return buy the hour and with the end of this earth, whence I shall remove you at the height of affliction and danger. Do not become doubtful but remember that I foretold that the tribulation, which you shall bear for the sake of your faith shall be great. But the firmer your faith and the more confidently you abide in Me, the easier the faith conflict shall be for you, because verily, I have the power to avert even the worst from you, and Mine shall experience My love and power and hence face this time comforted and fearlessly. But come it will, because the believers shall be under attack from the rulers and those who are slaves of My adversary. Mine shall have to give open testimony and should not fear, because the God of whom they testify shall manifest His power and help them in earthly want and distress. Those wishing to remain faithful to Me, be ready for brutal measures against you. But do not forget that I am Lord over life and death, Heaven and earth, and that verily I have means and ways to lead Mine out of earthly extremity even where there appears no way out. And no matter how much they deny subsistence to you, I shall feed you and quench your thirst miraculously, because verily this is within My power, who of a truth has created Heaven and earth and hence made all laws in accord with My Will. And thus I can also repeal laws, and feed you supernaturally; I can also surround you with a protective barrier, I can direct My angels to form such barriers around you. You only need to faithfully entrust yourselves to Me, your Father, Who does not abandon His children to peril but protects you against the enemy of your soul and against earthly and spiritual adversaries. Because My power and love are exceedingly great. And this is imminent. You shall until then be exposed to faith tests but these too shall strengthen you and make you capable of withstanding the final battle on this earth. And when this conflict flares you know that the end is not far, because My adversary will wage it for only a short time, and I shall shorten the days of My elect - I shall bind him and his adherents. Because the time set for his machinations on earth is fulfilled, and the end of the earth as proclaimed by seers and prophets is near. AMEN B.D. 8054 Dec. 3, 1961 IS THE BIBLE CLOSED OFF? How erroneous it is of you to assume that with the Scriptures - the book of the fathers- My Word is closed off; that I have set Myself a limit to the extent that I shall henceforth not express Myself a limit to the extent that I shall henceforth not express Myself, that I no longer speak to men. Who gives you the authority for such an assumption? Who would prevent Me, as the Father, from speaking to My children time and again? Who gives you the authority to set up the assertion that the Bible alone suffices, that you men have need of no additional Word? You, who reject every kind of New Revelation, you still find yourselves in the deepest spiritual darkness! And in this darkness you will not understand the Bible either - and thus also the latter is for you still a closed book! Because you do not understand the spiritual sense of the letters, otherwise you would find references to My perpetual Revelation also in this book - and the working of My Spirit would be intelligible to you. But so long as you are of an unawakened spirit yourselves, you cannot grasp the sense of the Word which I Myself spoke to My disciples when I walked the earth. How impoverished you men would be if you had to confine yourselves to a book, the unaltered contents of which you are no longer able to verify for yourselves; if the pure Truth from above were not constantly offered to you, by which you can set a gauge as to whether you move within Truth. You who want to validate only this book, you have not penetrated the "Word" yourselves; you have read it with intellect only but not allowed the spirit within you to speak, which teaches you and explains to you the sense of the word. You adhere to the letter and do not understand its spiritual sense! And when I Myself want to lead you into Truth, you deny My Word - and suspect My servants of dealing with My adversary. You dispute My Will and Power to speak with those who offer Me their service in full faith - and who are therefore able to perceive My voice within themselves. And you stubbornly persist with your opinion that My Word is closed off with the Scriptures, which you acknowledge as the only book through which I have revealed Myself. AND THIS IS YOUR LOSS! Because by your rejection of My Word from above you only prove: That you are dead Christians! Because a living Christianity is a "working in love" - and this would bring you illumination of the spirit - and therewith an understanding for My unusual assistance in times of spiritual want. Then you would also understand the words of the Bible, the promises which I Myself gave you, indicating that I manifest Myself to those who keep My Commandments (John, Ch. 14:21). How do you intend then to construe these My promises, if you deny all New Revelation? Do you want to give the lie to Myself when I announce to you "My Comforter that shall lead you into all Truth?" (John, 14:26). How do you understand these words, which must be fulfilled, because every promise which I made to men during My passage on earth fulfils itself. And why do you not want to believe? Because you are of an overbearing spirit. Because you lack inner animation, and an awakening of the spirit, and therefore you believe yourselves capable of determining Me and My Work, to limit it as it suits you. But you err - notwithstanding that you deem yourselves to have, through study, attained to a knowledge which entitles you to a rejection of My Word from above, you are of an overbearing spirit, and can therefore never receive a revelation from Me. Because only the humble receive the gift of My Grace, and this humility you lack. And that is why you still walk in darkness - and you will not break through it - because you avoid light, which could present you with cognition, if you were desirous of stepping into its gleam. My love for My beings never ceases, and hence I shall never miss an opportunity to address you men, where the pre-conditions are present. And My Word shall always resound to those who are of goodwill, to whom I, as the Father, can speak as to children who animatedly believe in Me. And to them I shall manifest Myself, and Mine will also recognise My voice. Because I can be present with them and reveal Myself - AS I HAVE PROMISED. AMEN B.D. 8201 June 27 1962 "MY GOD, MY GOD, WHY HAST THOU FORSAKEN ME?" My suffering and dying on the Cross was unspeakably painful, and any description of the agonies would be only a weak comparison with what I suffered, because I foresaw every stage of My work of Salvation, I knew what My final task consisted in, and I did not have the comfort of being able to ease the agonies for Myself, I had to see the last hours through as Man-Only. I did, indeed, possess all power, because God's Love-power - My Father's from eternity - flowed through Me to the last, but I Myself, through My will, no longer permitted the power of Love access, I allowed it no longer to act in Me, to lessen or eliminate the pain, because the work of Salvation which demanded the utmost degree of suffering, would then have not been entirely valid for expiating mankind's immense original sin. And the Deity within Me knew of My will and granted this - it withdrew Itself because I wanted it so, in order to attain to My highest degree of love for men, which was in turn meant for My Father, for whom I yearned in My greatest need, in greatest agony, and particularly in the last minutes of My physical life. And this longing grew because I no longer laid claim to His Love-power. And out of this longing for Him, My Father from eternity, I called out: "My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken Me?"! I wanted, Myself as Man, to bring the work of Salvation for sinful mankind to its consummation, because this was the greatest love I could show My Father: that I should permit Myself to be nailed to the Cross in His stead, since He Himself had descended to earth and taken abode in Me, as He had desired Himself to bring Salvation to His children, but could not suffer as "God". And thus I took on all suffering and pain for Him, and endured them to the end. Try as often as I might to intelligibly explain this to you - you shall never be capable of fully understanding it until the spirit Kingdom has received you, the Kingdom of Light and beatitude. And the simplest explanation shall always be the saying: "The Father and I are One" - unification had already been accomplished, and hence I could exclaim, "It is fulfilled" - the "Man " Jesus had given up His life, He had suffered as Man, and suffered an unspeakably agonising death. But He also had united with the eternal Deity because, to the very end, Love was in the Man Jesus, or He would not have said: "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do". And Love had kept silent - this was necessary in order to bring the work of Salvation to a conclusion, that death could also be established by the people in His vicinity, so that His body could be laid in the grave, from which it rose on the third day. - Any manifestation at the end of the God-Spirit would have permitted the people to still doubt Jesus' death on the cross, as His union with Me would then have been recognised, and the result would have been a compulsory belief in the work of Salvation which had to be, however, a decision of free will. This, too, you shall not be alee to comprehend aright, but as soon as you yourselves have united your spirit with the eternal Father-Spirit, you shall become illumined and shall also understand My Word, which tries to give clarification at all times, which you then become capable of grasping in proportion to the degree of maturity, or love in your soul. Because particularly in relation to the work of Salvation, pure Truth shall be supplied and full comprehension given you, so that you may grasp the greatness of My Love, which descended to earth for you men, for your sin-debt - accomplishing the work of Salvation, to clear the Path to the Father, expiating your great sin-debt which obstructed your Path back to the Father's house for ever. AMEN B.D. 8316 November 1, 1962 HEED GOD'S MESSENGERS ALONG THE WAY I shall always put My Will in your heart, if only you ask Me for clarification on what to do. Then I know that you are anxious always to do My Will and verily, you shall not be making wrong decisions. I look after every individual, for each needs strength for his ascent; but whoever is willing to take the way to the height has to also watch all signs, as well as the messengers standing by the wayside, because there always shall be deviations which lead to the abyss, against which it is necessary to caution. And it is precisely these wayward paths which are so enticing at first, they are so substantial to the eye, so stimulating that man is inclined to enter upon them in the hope of ever more stimulation. But they lead into darkest undergrowth, from which the traveller cannot free himself and has to ask for help. Hence I say, heed God's messengers by the wayside, who know the right way and whom I Myself send out to meet the pilgrim, that he may not be leaderless and go astray. And do no grumble if your path steepens or becomes harder to surmount. You shall always be endued with strength,, and your will can augment same at any time if only you ask me fervently for supply of it. Because verily, this request shall be granted, because I yearn for your return and shall do everything on My part to draw you the sooner to My heart, which longs for you since your apostasy from Me. Your earth-walk is strewn with temptations of every kind because My adversary wants to keep you for himself, and shall always parade only the goods of this world before your eyes - you shall see a broad, negotiable, exceedingly comely path ahead of you promising the beautiful goal; which you would enter upon without misgivings if you were not warned regularly by My messengers who have My instructions to guide you unto the right Way and to leave the broad one. Time and again these messengers point out your wrong path and exhort you to turn around and take the right one, provided you desire to reach the right destination, provided that at the end of your pilgrimage on this earth you want to end up in your Father's house, which shall truly unfold every glory and overly compensate you for the joys you forego, when you choose the narrow path leading to such glorious destination. Do therefore hearken unto these messengers, believe that they are sent by Me, your Father from eternity, to meet you, because I love you and want to enable your lasting return to Me. Do not be put off by seeming obstacles because they are easily overcome, if only you hand yourselves over to your leaders, who shall lead you past cliffs and abysses, the path seeming gradually easier the closer you are to your destination. Because I Myself want to lead you, and with Me verily, you shall overcome all obstacles - with Me even the steepest ascent shall appear easy, since strength flows to you uninterruptedly as soon as you entrust yourselves to Me, whereupon you move towards luminous heights and cease hankering after the depths. But you shall never reach this goal along the broad ways which you had taken at the start, and which indeed promised much, yet irretrievably lead to the depths, from which surely, you are to work your way up to the heights. And though you may take a long time deciding to leave this wide road, you shall time and again come upon side lanes; and yet again My messengers shall call out to you to set out along these, to reach the goal for which you walk the earth. I do not stop competing for you, and in these messengers I encounter you Myself and speak to you, because I do not want you to become lost on account of trivial joys and forfeit everlasting life, which can be attained only by turning away from the wide road, which My adversary has studded with the most beautiful scenarios, furnished with glitter, which however gives out no light, because he wants to lead you back into the depth whence My love had helped you up to the human stage, which you only need to accept. AMEN B.D. 8353 Dec. 12, 1962 MESSIAH, SAVIOUR OF MANKIND From luminous heights I had descended to earth, to carry My Light into the darkness, because the sun of the spirit had set, no light-ray illumined the dark night, and mankind found itself in greatest need. And those who had recognised their plight were calling to Me for help, they were calling for a Saviour who should deliver them, for these few were not entirely captive to My adversary yet, they lived a life of love and had not yet lost their link with Me, and therefore turned to me in their need, that I might send them a Saviour. And thus I sent My Son to earth. A spirit of Light, who had gone forth out of My love, and who had remained faithful to Me when the host of primordial spirits had apostatised from Me. He had offered Himself for a deed that was singular, but nevertheless brought redemption to all mankind. He descended to earth and took abode in mankind's midst. He began His earth walk like any other man, but had taken a great Mission upon Himself: To prepare Himself, i.e. His earthly mantle, so that it could serve Me as an abode, because I desired to attend to My beings Myself, I wanted Myself to expiate their great sin, which they had loaded upon themselves voluntarily by their falling away from Me. This Light-being, a child of My love, offered to carry out this work of salvation, and as a soul, He took abode in the infant Jesus, and began His earth-walk which was so uncommonly sorrowful because His earthly body was also to be spiritualised, to serve Myself, love eternal, for a dwelling. At His birth, the world around Him could already recognise that this Child was the promised Messiah, because His intense Light would break through from time to time and manifest itself in the excessively wise utterances of the infant. But His soul was signally harassed by My adversary, who incited every spirit particle still pertaining to him to take possession of His body, so that by this influence the body became subject to powerful temptations, which the Man Jesus then had to combat in order not to succumb. The Love in Him gave Him the power for it, but He had to contend uncommonly, and His entire earth-walk was truly a way of the cross, which He had, nevertheless, taken upon Himself voluntarily, out of love for His fallen brethren, with whose great plight He was acquainted. His life was, indeed, one of constant service out of love, and as I am Myself Love, I could always be in Him, and provide Him with the power to fulfil His mission: To perform the work of atonement for the sum of mankind's great debt of sin. He was My Son, He was a soul of Light Which found the complete union with Me, who accomplished the work of deification, the aim of every being created by Me: from a being to become My child, to enter wholly upon My will out of free will, and thereby to attain tot he highest degree of perfection. Jesus was an unfallen primordial spirit, but this deification had nevertheless to take place in free will, which the walk through earth-life - a walk through the depths, brought about. And, therefore, as His soul had to be exposed to every harassment by My adversary, because the latter also wanted to possess this soul, whose fall he had not been able to bring about. And since the earth was his kingdom, the kingdom of the fallen spirit, Jesus' soul had been exposed also to all luciferic instincts and afflictions, and the Man Jesus had to resist them, He had, in the face of all temptations, to hold to Me as His Father from eternity. He had to make Me His comrade-in-arms, and He did it by constantly claiming My Love and also, with His working from love, receiving it, because Love does not deny itself, and the great love of the Man Jesus drew Me mightily. And by force of this love - since love in itself is power - He was able to put up a resistance, and carry through the work of Salvation to the end. A Saviour had of a truth been sent mankind; the Messiah had come, as had been promised long before. The Light had descended to earth, to illumine the hearts of those men who accepted Him, who recognised Me in Him - the One who had wanted to bring them salvation from sin and death. And the light broke through the darkness. here arose in Jesus a fighter for My adversary Who conquered him, because His weapon was love, against which My adversary fights in vain; he shall always succumb to Love, for I Myself am Love, and truly, I am more powerful than he who once had precipitated you to the depths. AMEN B.D. 8465 April 12, 1963 WHY DOES MANKIND AT LARGE NOT KNOW GOD?S SALVATION PLAN? THE IMMINENT END CALLS FOR EXPLANATIONS. If only you would approach Me always, then you would be helped in every need and distress, whether spiritual or material, - you would be provided as will best benefit your soul, provided as will best benefit your soul, because only the pure Truth blesses. I have set you no limits, and if you desire to widen your spiritual knowledge, I shall always be prepared to instruct you. You ask why now knowledge is being revealed to you of which hitherto you had known very little, if anything. And I give you the reason: there have been people time and again whose spiritual level permitted them to be introduced into the deepest secrets of Creation, and who therefore were acquainted with primeval beginnings to all Creation: about the apostasy from Me, and My Salvation plan from eternity. Such knowledge however could not be passed onto fellowmen when these found themselves at a level of development lower than those who had received it from Me. It would have never been comprehended at its depth, and had men taken it over only literally, their intellect would have caused them to dismiss same as delusions of dreamers, since an unawakened spirit could not grasp it. And during My earth-walk too, people found themselves at a very low spiritual level because they were still dominated by My adversary, who was the cause of the great spiritual darkness. And hence there were only very few men whom I could instruct about such Creation secrets as well, and even these had difficulty grasping same, because they were still encumbered by original sin, and this signified deficient cognition. They did question Me time and again indeed but I could only keep referring them to the illumination of their spirit after My death on the cross, following the works of salvation, which lifted the heavy darkness from those who were devoted to Me in love. Therefore it was these who came to gradually comprehend what I had taught them, but they would not have been able to pass on the knowledge for the above reason - their fellowmen of unawakened spirit would have been incapable of grasping it. Since yonder teaching the outcome of an awakened spirit - was only the consequence of a correct life-style - the result of fulfilling the Commandments of love which I taught mankind above everything else, men had to first be stimulated towards fulfilment of these My Commandments of love. And you need to know, moreover, that My disciples wrote down for posterity what I Myself directed them to. Because even they could not yet grasp the deepest wisdom and hence adhered to My instructions to only proclaim what I had spoken to those who followed Me and regard Me as a prophet, expecting miracles of all kinds and healing of all their afflictions; who drew comfort and strength from My words and whose faith in the One and Only God I could strengthen because they were of good will. But of those who wanted to penetrate more deeply there were only a few, and these were moved more by their intellect than their heart, asking Me about things only I could answer. These indeed accepted My explanations, but without a deeper perception, except for a few whose hearts were love-prone and who recognised Me as their God and Creator. That these were initiated and very happy about such teaching goes without saying, but it simply remained as a pleasing spiritual treasure, which I Myself had taught them, without being passed on to their fellowmen or their descendants; because these were not capable of understanding, and such discussions were therefore not mentioned by My disciples. And furthermore, such knowledge about primordial beginnings and ultimate purpose of all Creation was not essential for mankind and indeed often not beneficial, because had it been given them as dogma, it could have under certain circumstances acted coercively upon man's free will; where if held to be true, may have evoked horror at man's pre-development stage; and men would not have felt free, or not have generated love for a God Whose plan was completely incomprehensible. But where I was able to convey divine Revelations to earth, such knowledge was also imparted to mankind. And the proximity of the end explains why a clear account is constantly being given, because man's responsibility cannot be set forth too vividly, concerning as it does the process of re-banning, which takes place only at the end of a salvation period and is extremely portentous for all souls in their upward-development. Prior to this, the souls who failed to ripen on earth still had the opportunity to do so in the beyond. But at the end of a salvation period this opportunity ceases; then something horrendous becomes the soul's lot - a renewed dissolving and the banning of the individual particles inside solid matter. What could be more natural therefore than My informing you men about what awaits you if you fail? You would be able to pass your earth-test without such knowledge, provided you were to live within love. But where love has turned cold and failure becomes inevitable, and the soul's fate sealed by re-banning, there I apply all means for rousing mankind; then also ensuring that men can obtain clarification about the great plan of Creation, even though the result is hardly more than men's hearkening to such knowledge with incredulity, rejecting more than accepting it. I am however also acquainted with the individual's will, and know therefore those who do not shut themselves off to yonder knowledge and who therefore derive the necessary benefit there from; and to these I verily convey same, just as I have always led all those into Truth, - into the deepest spiritual knowledge, who were in their hearts yearning for enlightenment and were also receptive to such through a life of love. Because you are to acknowledge a God of Love, Wisdom and Power in all happenings, and you should trust Me and always avail yourselves of My power, because the affliction shall still be great before the end; but whoever endures to the end shall be blessed. AMEN B.D. 8520 June 9, 1961 THE CONDITION FOR ATTAINING TO PERFECTION ON EARTH You men need to consider that you are weak whilst your soul still walks the earth in the flesh, and that you have to ask Me for strength at all times, if you want to achieve our aim - perfection whilst still on earth. Because only the power out of Me will strengthen your will, which is weak so long as the adversary can influence men - because he is not perfected yet. It is precisely your will which he always will weaken, and it was for the strengthening of our will that I died on the cross; that is why you must avail ourselves of the graces that were procured for you; power, and the strengthening of our will. And your feebleness of will, shall always manifest itself herein, that you are not yet capable of completely separating yourselves from the world. You do indeed still stand in the midst of the world and must therefore meet all demands. But there is a difference between whether you only carry out your responsibilities, or whether you still want to enjoy the worldly pleasures - whether your heart has freed itself completely from worldly wishes, or still craves earthly desires. Because then your striving for spiritual perfection is still weak, its aim for Me and desire to unite with Me not yet undivided. You still make concessions, but then have to apply force. You must earnestly seek severance from the world, for which you need power, which you must request time and again and which you shall also receive always. Your earnest will, whether it leans towards the adversary's kingdom, is therefore decisive. And there again it is your degree of love which determines the direction your will decides upon, because where love fills the hearts, there I and My Kingdom will always be more desirable to men than the earthly world. Examine yourselves therefore as to how far you have overcome self-love, to what extent you are filled with unselfish love towards your neighbour, because this is equivalent to love for Me. Only this love establishes union with Me, not the mere longing for Me, which also can be a form of self-love - to win the highest delights of blissful fellowship with Me. The right love for Me is demonstrated only through the unselfish love of your neighbour and this alone raises the degree of love. As long as you still crave small pleasures for yourselves, you should also strive to work small pleasures for your neighbour, but never from calculation of earthly or spiritual rewards, but driven by a desire from within to work pleasure and happiness. Such demonstrations of selfless love shall ennoble your being, you will find your own happiness in working pleasures because the love in you will grow steadily stronger and in the same measure, love of the world will diminish. And that is why you should earnestly take yourselves to task on whether you love your neighbour as yourselves. Your perfection is dependant only on the degree of love to which you attain on earth. You can be addressed as "Children of God" only when you acknowledge your fellow men as also having gone forth from the Father, and hence also show them the love, which one brother feels for another, and which does unto him everything that he himself desires to receive. Always subject your love of neighbour therefore to earnest critique and work on yourselves. Claim the power form Me, and you will achieve your goal, but form your own strength you will not be capable of anything. But I want you to perfect yourselves on earth, hence I shall help you in every way as soon as your will is in earnest. But you will have to apply force always, as long as the world keeps you in bondage. But if you can separate yourselves from the world, the attainment of your aim steadily becomes easier, and you can then rightly say: "My yoke is easy, and my burden is light". Then you will not need to apply force any more, since you are then filled with strength, and you strive then only towards Myself; because the love in you is the power which also achieves everything. And you will also understand that a loving man is full of humility, which comes to expression in conduct towards fellow man, towards whom you show level. Never forget that love of neighbour is the gauge of selfless love with which you must prove your degree of love for Me. Because, "How can you love Whom you can't see, if you don't love your brother whom you do see"? And thus you could well be leaning towards Me, and it also guarantees My seizing you and never letting you fall again; but you yourselves determine the degree of your perfection and this only through the degree of your perfection and this only through the degree of love of your neighbour. But you can achieve it if you earnestly subordinate your will to Mine - and then you will always think, act and will as I do Myself and you will surely also achieve your goal on earth - to unite with Me, to be blissful for all eternity. AMEN B.D. 8656 Oct.26, 1963 GOD CARRIES THROUGH HIS PLAN OF SALVATION You shall not be able to hinder Me form carrying out My Plan of Salvation form eternity, I have said that you may, indeed, divert much from yourselves through ardent prayer, but My Plan of Salvation is built upon the will of men which I had recognised from eternity, and have set those times accordingly when great transformations will take place, and I shall adhere to these times. I certainly can, in response to an individual's ardent prayer, divert happenings from him, I can guide each individual so that he will not be affected by events which I generally permit to befall mankind - if I would achieve My aim of continuing the process of repatriation, which has come to a standstill. But I have always predicted unusual events to you, and those predictions shall also be fulfilled, because they must be fulfilled if the Divine order is to be restored. I have really known it from eternity that, and when, the Divine order had no longer been adhered to, and hence could point to the time, and mention repeatedly the great transformation, which shall, in accord with My pronouncements, irrevocably take place. Men will never believe these pronouncements without misgivings, since what is being prophesied to them as occurring imminently surpasses their human concepts. Notwithstanding this they will be able to recognise from the course of the world events that a change must come about because mankind has arrived at a low level, evinced in the craving for pleasure, and excessive demand for good living, worldly goods, honour and power. They can, therefore, recognise by the signs of the times that those pronouncements have a certain justification, that they are to be taken seriously, and that they imply a modified life-style. But faithlessness is already too great for men to take note of such indicators. They uninhibitedly live a purely earthly life, and reject all thought of a cutting intervention. And that is why mankind shall be surprised by a natural event of a catastrophic kind as has not been experienced on earth, which will bring the end to the lives of many people, leading to chaos on the largest scale, and will mean immense misery for mankind. It is the last warning sign, and ought therefore to be proclaimed to men repeatedly. My messengers shall drew people's attention to it, so that when the occurrence takes place they will recognise the truth, that they might utilise the time to the end - which will follow shortly thereafter - for the maturing of their souls. They will find little or no faith, and yet I charge My messengers to speak time and again, wherever opportunity allows. Men do not want to be disturbed in their lives of pleasure, but they will be suddenly terrified, and for any man the coming event could mean his end, and he will not be able to take with him any of his earthly goods. And this he should always consider, because even, if he is not otherwise willing to believe, he nevertheless knows that he cannot prolong his physical life by one day, as the hour of his death has been determine, and he know that for him also the end will come once and it could be any day, and that he must them leave everything that makes up the content of his life behind. And that his why he should not value earthly goods so highly, and instead create for himself goods for eternity. And he would be acting prudently, whilst a merely worldly life is no sign of prudence, but attests to confused thinking. My plan from eternity shall be carried through, however, and the day which I have set will be adhered to, because the human race no longer fulfils its task on earth and hence will be swallowed up by the earth, with the exception of those who have recognised Me, believe in Me and who remain faithful to Me to the end, because the earth must continue to serve its purpose as a learning-station for the spiritual which is finding itself on the way back to Me. And for that reason the great act of transformation cannot remain undone, and all that I have predicted repeatedly must come to pass, since I do not leave men un-warned, and offer everyone plenty of opportunities to find Me, to seek union with Me in faith and love. And these shall truly be saved before the end. I shall already recall them previous to this, so that they may not be in danger of sinking utterly, but may still mature in the Beyond. Or I will remove them from the earth at the end, because they are to populate the new earth as progenitors for the new human race. You men ought to believe what I am constantly pronouncing, because there is not much time, whoever is of good will can still be saved, so that the dreadful fate of renewed captivity in matter may not strike him. AMEN B.D. 8691 December 3, 1963 THE ADVERSARY SHALL NOT BE HINDERED IN HIS DOINGS Though I am ruler indeed over heaven and earth and no being shall be capable of opposing Me, yet I do not contest My adversary's right within the domain which is his kingdom: the terrestrial world which harbours everything still pertaining to him and where he can exercise his influence when the developing spiritual has reached the stage of man. Then he will harass this spiritual, man, in every way to prevent its development and drag it down to the depths again, whence it had worked its way up by an endlessly long way. He therefore then is lord over his world. This explains why I allow so many calamities, why I do not intervene where the adversary?s doings are so manifest. He has a right to you men because you once followed him voluntarily to the depths; and he also exercises his right in order to hold sway over you. But you can yourselves resist him because you possess free will. And you do not lack strength either, if only you ask Me for it. But My adversary shall not be hindered on My part. The terrestrial world is his portion, even all matter, over which however he has no power because it harbours the fallen spiritual, which is withdrawn from his power only temporarily. But as soon as it walks the earth as man he can again exercise his power over it without being hindered by Me, and this he verily exploits. But in Jesus Christ, the Divine Saviour, he has a rather mighty adversary. All men can turn to Him in order to be freed from the enemy of souls. Since Jesus is stronger than he and redeems every soul from his power, which simply asks Him, and proves through its prayer its faith in Him and His work of Salvation, it therewith acknowledges also Myself, Who have incarnated in Jesus Christ in order to redeem the entire fallen spiritual. Thus the adversary's power on earth is great indeed. Yet in Jesus Christ he finds his Master. And regardless of his yet so mighty power over men, they nevertheless have a Redeemer and Saviour from his power. Man cannot therefore expect that I, his God and Creator from eternity, curtail My adversary's power to carry out harmful works, because I do not remove his right to act upon man in every way to retain him. Man himself however does not have to tolerate it, because he can turn to Jesus Christ for freeing him from his jailer, that He would free him from a power to which he succumbs without the help of Jesus Christ. How often you men say: "Why does God allow this?" I do not hinder My adversary in his works because you yourselves once placed yourselves under his control, and he still is your lord today if you do not wish to free yourselves from him and approach Jesus Christ for Salvation from him. Furthermore, I know what best serves you and each individual soul. I also know how every soul is constituted - I know what brings it maturity; and the dark world also must serve Me, because I shall know how to so control the operations of the world of darkness and its effects that it is to the advancement of the souls of men, who are only too keen to escape from this power and approach Me. Yet the will of man shall always be the determining factor, because he is free. Whilst the spiritual is till bound within the works of Creation, My adversary cannot influence it; but with man he has the right because the free decision of the being is involved which the adversary wants to win for himself. Hence he exploits every opportunity, and man is at his mercy the more remote he is from Myself - the weaker the connection established with Me or: as long as he does not recognise Jesus Christ, seeking sanctuary with Him in his need, he is at the mercy of the opposing power, which nevertheless his free will decides. I have indeed power for everything, including the prevention of the adversary's doings, but then man's walk on earth would be useless - where he has to freely decide between Me and him. But you men have also to understand why difficult tests are given you, that he often sets you up for greatest extremity, without My hindrance because you yourselves do not turn to Me for help; this being the very reason for all trouble, which I allow so that you would find your way to Me. Yet you can be assured of My not leaving you and of helping you whenever you wish to loosen yourselves from him and trustingly flee to Me, and also then recognise Me as your God and Father; when you call to Jesus for forgiveness of your guilt and for liberation from the enemy, who also fights for not losing you. Yet verily, My might is greater, and if you call Me in spirit and in Truth, you shall also be freed from him and your earth-life shall not have been in vain. AMEN B.D. 8727 January 16, 1964 PUBLIC CONFESSION DURING THE FAITH CONFLICT Those of you who go through the time of the faith conflict shall be exposed to great demands upon you, when it comes to deciding for or against Me. Because you will have to confess publicly, and this signifies wither your denial of Me, or to convincingly stand up for Me. And they shall be enforcing your decision by brutal means, which shall frighten you, if your faith in Me is not of a strength that causes you to abide in Me with full trust, and I shall verily not disappoint your faith. It is that faith conflict which has to be fought through before the end, because only this brings about the separation of the goats from the sheep, as My flock shall then have set itself apart, whom My adversary shall not bring to sway since they are of a living faith, and not mere book-Christians who will succumb in the final battle. The enemy's coercive measures shall indeed take on forms compelling the notion of surrender for survival. But those of a living faith know that everything is possible to Me, that I can maintain mankind supernaturally, and that for the believer this is not coercive. Yet you must not compromise, believing yourselves to preserve Me in your hearts, but denying Me in public; because I had demanded your confession of Me before the world, so that I in turn may grant you recognition in the beyond. It will be an unorthodox operation on My adversary's part, to render Me ineffectual, as he thinks; and that shall also be the time when all power is taken from him again, because he only uses it against Me, thus overstepping his scope - when he attempts to neutralise Me. You shall need much strength, but his will be streamed to Mine, they shall draw strength from their firm faith; they sense My presence, and this conviction enables them to openly stand up for Me and My name. And may the attacks be yet so fierce, and the measures ever so brutal, you shall be able to endure all, with My support, because I do not leave you, if only you have the will to endure to the end. I know what you are capable of bearing, and you shall be surrounded by My angels accordingly, who will guard you in this final battle. But do not abandon yourselves acknowledge Me in your heart, because you are to furnish proof of a living faith in Me, which only Mine, whose faith has become living through a life of love, shall be capable of producing. But he who is a mere book-Christian, walking without love even though an adherent of a church organization, shall be thrown into doubt about his former outlook and faith and be ready to quickly give up his faith for worldly advantage. And this shall be the greatest temptation mankind has ever been subjected to; that whilst all livelihood is withheld from them if they remain faithful to Me, everything is granted them and they gain every worldly advantage if they deny Me; which shall not be too difficult for most, because their faith had not yet been a living one, and hence everything appears doubtful to them now. Because My adversary knows how to confuse all spiritual connections; and insufficient love means lack of cognition. And mankind unhesitatingly gives up what it possessed hereto fore - a dead Christianity turning towards the world more than ever, as a full substitute for what they gave up. And the separation is completed, because there shall be only two camps: those fully surrendered to Me, evidently enjoying My protection, and a host of unbelievers adhering to Me adversary, who also shall be subject to the last judgment, which terminates the faith conflict. Because I Myself shall come to fetch Mine and to carry out the transformation of the earth's surface, signifying the binding of those men who failed in the last battle on this earth. AMEN B.D. 8734 January 24, 1964 EMERGENCE OF THE ANTI-CHRIST Not much time shall pass before My adversary assumes his last reign on this earth. But prior to this I shall still speak with a voice of thunder, so that a few may still find their way, under utmost extremity, who shall then also remain faithful to Me, because My obvious aid enabled them to recognise Me, and who will therefore not let go of their faith in Me. But of these there shall be only a few, and hence My adversary shall wield great power, as through the great natural phenomenon men shall have been precipitated into an extremity that causes them to join up with anyone promising to help them out of it. And one shall do so, winning to himself all those who have not given themselves to Me, because Mine shall keep away from him, being mindful of My admonitions and warning about the big faith-conflict awaiting them which will be kindled by My adversary. Worldly men however shall cheer him, since he knows how to dazzle them; and he will accomplish things making them ready to believe in a supernatural power. And it is this very recognition of him as ruler and deliverer from worldly want by the unbelieving which proves that My adversary himself is at work; that as My adversary he avails himself of an earthly form, to then reign with a free hand. And those of you who belong to Me shall ask yourselves why I tolerate this his reign and do not bring him down. It is his last large engagement on earth, which also brings about the ultimate end; he causes the final battle to flare which you people have to withstand, because it is the last decision before I come Myself to deliver Mine. The preceding catastrophe shall have called forth a heightened urge in men to live it up and whoever survived it seeks to again acquire worldly goods by any means for a high standard of living, and this striving My adversary will support, and hence finds an enormous following. And he knows how to deceive men about his true nature; they regard him as a man of extraordinary strength, whom they can unreservedly trust and imbue with the mandate to re-structure and then blindly comply. And his following shall be so great that the small flock of faithful - those who have identified his real nature, shall not be able to ward of his aggression; but precisely by this do they recognised him - that he wants to do away with men's faith in Jesus Christ, so that he can himself occupy the highest throne and men worship him. And they shall do so, because he achieves true wonders out of his residual powers. And you shall recognise him when he makes his appearance, but the world shall be plunged into fear first, through the extent of the natural catastrophe by which I identify Myself to mankind. And shortly thereafter he makes his appearance, promising help and deliverance out of yonder great chaos. And hence he finds a great following, because mankind is ready for its downfall, otherwise they would recognise him and ask Me for protection from him and his doings. Not much time shall pass before he appears who first emerges under cover of pious ness, yet soon shows his true colours. Mankind however is deluded, and his task with them is easy; they easily give up their faith in God because hit hard by the natural happening, and are ready to raise him to the highest throne who is My greatest enemy, and who in his nature incarnates in a man in order to bring the last deed on this earth to a conclusion: declare open war against Me and Mine - against all faith and justice. Because only his followers shall he provide with subsistence, whilst Mine are threatened with death; but in Myself he shall find his Lord as soon as his time is up, and on account of My elect I shall shorten this time. I shall come Myself to deliver them from tribulation, and his reign shall end. He shall be bound for a long time, together with his followers. And a new epoch of peace and harmony shall commence, where love shall reign and My adversary's doings stopped, as promised in Word and Scripture. AMEN B.D. 8738 January 28, 1964 WHAT MANNER OF PRAYER SHALL BE HEARD ? I am available whenever you call upon Me. Every fervent, pleading thought gets through to Me; I hear every sound the heart utters and I always turn toward you, because the voice of the child breaks through and shall always reach the Father's ear. Then I am always prepared to help when you need it or I provide you with spiritual power when you ask for it. I lean towards you and let you present your request, because I rejoice in making My creatures happy - give My children what they need and demand of Me. A call to Me in spirit and in truth shall never go unheeded and unheard; every fervent prayer to Me shall bring you blessing and you shall mature in soul. But your call must not be a mere prayer with the lips. It is this very pre-condition which so often is lacking, because men have been taught prayer, which can never penetrate My ear. They pray often in unison and mumble words they learned, which never express the feelings of the heart but are and remain empty words, which had better remain unspoken. A fervent prayer has to rise from the heart and be the result of an inner union with Me, so that the child then speaks with Me as with its Father. And even when it only stammers and does not avail it of well-formulated words, I shall yet understand this stammering as a child's love-call to its Father, and shall hearken and respond. The prayer to Me is a bridge you can step upon any time, but this way is little used because prayer has become a mere formality, a talking away with words whose meaning is not thought through and which usually impedes deep devotion - an intimate thought for Me. Then man robs himself of an immense grace because he does not utilise the power of prayer, since no power can flow his way if he does not find the inner connection with Me, which however has no need of many words but a heart fully open to Me. The door of your heart during prayer should be wide open, so that I Myself may enter and fill you with light and grace. And hence your thoughts should be with Me in all love - the heart must be completely free of all other thoughts; and then you must hold silent dialogue with Me and entrust Me with all your cares and wishes. Or, if you do not come to Me with worries, you must assure Me of your love, and for this verily you do not need organisational prayer, no mass-operation, no mass-prayer, unless a special concern causes several people to make a communal call to Me for help. But this is to happen in stillness and inwardly, because every external emanation disturbs the inner connection and man cannot then so concentrate as to completely feel My presence. I have to constantly re-emphasise that with your usual prayer you shall not get far with Me, because I regards only what the heart feels but not what the mouth speaks, regardless of how many people take part in such prayer. This shall be always an abomination to Me because it only proves to Me how little store you place by conversing with your Father from eternity, and because you also hope for help through such prayers, which however you shall never obtain; and you only doubt God's love and power anew when you feel no help. And yet you can achieve much through silent, earnest prayer that rises from the heart, because I shall never fail to hear such but am joyful of it and always ready to respond, and show you a Father Whose love and power wants to make you happy. Such inner dedication to Me you can prove in no better way than through a quiet dialogue held with Me through your heart, because this you cannot perform thoughtlessly as a mere formality. And then every word you direct to Me shall sound child-like and trusting; the relationship of a child with its Father shall of a Truth be established and the child shall achieve everything, because the love of the Father does not deny itself and seeks constantly to make the child happy. But as long as men believe themselves capable of moving Me to help through formal prayers they shall register little success and hence time and again doubt a God Who in His love always is ready to help and also can do so due to His power. But this faith is a prerequisite for My pouring out My abundance of grace over all men, and such faith also demands a living union with me which only love will enter upon and a loving person achieves everything with me. AMEN B.D. 8781 March 16, 1964 CHANGES IN THE COSMOS It is an uncommon even which I am announcing to you. You shall believe that you are deceiving yourselves, and you will experience the same thing time and again - a shaking o f the earth, not proceeding from eruptions - but always occurring when the earth stands in a particular constellation in relation to the stars, so that the tremors can regularly be anticipated, and shall not fail to come about. They shall be barely perceptible, and hence disturb few people, although the investigations of the scientists will give rise to apprehensions of the worst kind, even as the phenomena intensify, and therewith discompose men if indifference also, as they recognise a threat to the earth from other heavenly bodies, because the latter, leaving their trajectories, are moving towards the earth, re-emerging time and again in a constellation, triggering those consequences. In view of the imminent end, men need to be shaken out of their repose, they need to think of their Creator, and to be occupied with their own transitoriness, and the fact that they have no guarantee of passing into oblivion after their physical death; they should be reminded of the end of their lives and the fate awaiting them, if they believe in the continuing life of their souls. The latter days will evince so much that is contrary to nature - are not the doings and thinking of men unnatural - drawing after themselves also consequences of the worst kind. Men presumptuously undertake exploration of the universe, beyond their authority. They disregard natural laws, but shall nevertheless not be hindered in their doings and volition, but the repercussions shall fall back upon themselves. But the end is moving ever closer, and if men are to be assisted in taking stock of themselves, and in becoming conscious of their great responsibility, uncommon action on God's part must be shown them - it is still up to their free will after all whether they take note, and adjust accordingly. And mankind shall experience such uncommon action in the approaching time, as is occasioned not by men, but takes place in the Cosmos, in a region of the Creator's dominion alone which, falling into apparent lawlessness, is nevertheless incorporated into the plan of repatriation of the spiritual, since it is capable of bringing about change in many people, being so exceptional, without however forcing faith upon mankind; because an unbelieving man, living in total irresponsibility, does not take the trouble of finding an explanation. And men's spiritual level has, in the latter days, sunk so low that they don't allow natural phenomena of even an unusual kind to move them in the direction of faith; wherefore such means may still be implemented as can be of use to those undecided men who need a hard push to ponder earnestly, and then give their will the right direction. Because whatever can still be done to keep souls from the fate of re-banning shall be also done on God's part, who loves men and does not want them to be lost. But victims there shall always be when He manifests Himself in the way announced, otherwise men would not permit themselves to be impressed, and would impute self-deception to one another. And the effects shall vary between places, and it will take a certain time for scientists to succeed in finding the right explanation, but then the signs also shall repeat themselves with increasing frequency, furnishing men with confirmation of something happening in the cosmos which they cannot counteract themselves. And hence they are exposed to the consequences, recurring periodically, until finally that great natural phenomenon shall take place, affirming God's might and stature to those men who believe on Him and who will also be protected in every need. Notwithstanding the fact that an imminent end is pronounced to men time and again, and that they are referred to the natural catastrophe preceding same, men will not believe, nor change their conduct in the least; they do nothing to prepare themselves, they live for the world and love it, and see their God in it. And hence they will remain captive to matter when the end has come. But in God's Plan of Salvation everything is laid out, and nothing comes to pass that has not been provided for from eternity. And thus, with God's will, that abnormal event shall take place, and the day for it has been fixed, and shall be adhered to. You are nevertheless being informed beforehand. so that your faith may be strengthened, because everything shall come to pass as predicted, and because you increasingly recognise the truth as conveyed to you from above?. because you are to establish the union between God and the world, your fellow men who walk without faith or thought. You will be able to speak about it only after the preliminary phases have taken place, however, because no man will listen to you beforehand - you shall find open ears and hearts when a tremor has preceded which will make people ask, and only then you should speak, and it will depend on men's willingness as to what benefits they shall derive from these events. AMEN B.D. 8822 JUNE 27, 1964 RECTIFYING FALSE DOCTRINES Truth does not remain pure as soon as it has been conveyed to mankind, although only a firm will would suffice to keep it that way. This I had foreseen, when I spoke the words: "I shall guide you into truth...? Men, however, lack such a firm will, and divine gifts in particular are spoilt by the adversary's influence; so it can be assumed with certainty that also My revelations do not remain unchanged, especially, when worldly interests are involved and when men do not exclusively serve these revelations with the firm will to protect them against adverse influences. And thus My pure word can be conveyed to earth again and again. It will not remain uncontaminated, for there are only few spiritual assistants, and if it gets into the hands of worldly inclined people it can be expected to be spoilt. Therefore, I have to keep conveying the pure truth to the earth and for this I select the right vessels, people who prepare themselves for the reception of the flow of My Spirit, with whom I am sure that they will accept the truth without objection, not oppose it with their own opinions, fulfil their task conscientiously and also spread My divine truth abroad. They will also be able to recognise any errors which, as the work of My adversary, under the cover of piety, are presented to men as truth. I cannot contradict Myself, nor can I make use of a man who denies My act of salvation and the incarnation in Jesus and claims to speak to a person as 'Jesus', as 'ascended master'. In all these people a false doctrine is being reared which is never in accordance with My divine teaching. However, the vessel that I have chosen recognises all the connections and will not deceived, and as the angels that act for Me will teach you only in accordance with My Will, for from them flows the same stream of strength and light that emanates form Me and, consequently, their spiritual product must have the same contents, or you would have to doubt its authenticity. I shall for ever expound the divine doctrine of love, as I did on earth, and explain to people the consequences of a life in love as well as those in the case of non-compliance with My commandments, for this is the idea and purpose of the life on earth. And you shall be told repeatedly what was the cause for your mortal life. The vast knowledge about all the correlations gives you the light in which you recognise My Love, Wisdom and Might and enables you to strive for union with ME. This is all I want. The fact that My pure word keeps getting contaminated, forces Me to repeatedly pronounce My Will. The truth of these pronouncements is guaranteed while I still have the use of a vessel serving Me voluntarily and servants assist Me in spreading the pure truth. And while this is so, false doctrines, which are always close at hand and endanger the pure truth, can be refuted. I shall always bless the will of those who strive after the Pure Truth. I shall enlighten their thinking so that they know the Truth. However, they must be sure to take the road to Me. They must not entrust themselves to beings that ask them for their help, as they do not know whether these have been commissioned by Me to teach you. And consequently, they do not know whether they are being taught the truth. The work of salvation and its reasons is the evidence that you have the right thing. However, where this is mentioned only in passing and is not the contents of a message from "Above" you should have misgivings. For I Myself have pointed you to the touch-stone: "EXAMINE THE SPIRITS WHETHER THEY ARE FROM GOD..." A spirit that acknowledges that Jesus came into the flesh is from God. And this is the most essential doctrine! This is what counts that you find salvation through Jesus Christ who alone can take the original sin off you! HE AND I ARE ONE! It is HE WHOM you must acknowledge as your GOD and CREATOR to be able to unite with ME forever". AMEN B.D. 8835 Aug. 2, 1964 ABOUT THE SPEAKING IN TONGUES You shall teach your fellow men in all truth and, therefore, you must first receive the truth from Me. And I keep repeating that you shall receive a bright light that there will be no darkness within you and you will be able to explain everything. Thus you will also be aware of the various "gifts of the Spirit" that some people possess. If a person has the gift of healing you will have to admit his unusual ability. Thus you will not be able to deny the gift of prophecy or strange knowledge that has become evident. All these things are unusual in man, forces manifesting themselves in a person which are undeniably a divine working for the benefit of the souls. But you are asking ME about the gift of "speaking in different tongues". You have already received from Me a simple explanation, namely, that this gift is a special sign of a very close contact with Me. In this case I speak through a man who is addressing people of different nationalities and they hear this in their native tongue i.e. everyone thinks that his language is spoken. This gift is a very obvious sign of My working, just as was the case with the pouring out of the Spirit over My disciples when all those present heard them speak in their native tongues. (ACTS 2:8). They were speaking in "other tongues", but that does not refer to a person carrying on in a tongue you do not understand and believing to be filled with "My Spirit". This is a complete misinterpretation of the Scriptures that speak of the blessed feeling of an inner bond with Me which causes man to praise Me, but just quietly in a prayer uttered by the tongue, not the mouth. I ask you in all seriousness: what meaning could there be in such a prayer spoken in some obscure language if it needs interpreting? Cannot I Myself speak to you in a clearly intelligible way? I want to give you light. Why then should I use an interpreter who, too, must first be enlightened by My Sprit to be able to give you light. I Am a plain-spoken and True God and i would have no reason to offer you first a confusion of words which must be translated to you by another person. Particularly this explanation of "speaking in other tongues" has induced people to seek this gift frantically, and the result has been the forming of sects whose members assemble as Pentecostal communities endeavouring to this gift, which is based on a false notion. Whenever I speak to men I give them a light, and I do not make use of those who express themselves confusingly and need an interpreter who is quite as incapable of spreading light. Whatever should make Me speak to you in a tongue that you do not understand? You misinterpret the texts of the Scriptures, even those, which can still be regarded as My Word. In this "letter" which was added to My Gospel there are errors, too. Words have been added that are not "My Word" and on top of it all you still interpret them incorrectly. You are entangled in all this error unable to free yourselves since these words in particular form the basic doctrines of those who are supposed to have within them the Spirit of Pentecost. However they only confuse people because they do not rely on the Pure Truth, which I Myself convey to the earth, but, on the contrary, are hostile towards it. The fact alone that they do not recognise My Pure doctrine should be proof enough for you that they have built on wrong principles. He who believes to be so filled with My Spirit that he speaks in "other tongues" must be able to translate himself and that "in Spirit and in truth", for it is not My will to spiritually confuse men, but to enlighten their spirit. And this translation must comply with the spiritual doctrines, which I convey to earth from high, otherwise you may reject it as error. I give light to all of you, and you must not resist this light. The gift of grace offered to you from above is boundless, but also the error is considerable, so that I Myself must be active to help you back to enlightenment. Blessed is he who accepts the Light that shines for him". AMEN B.D. 8865 October 10, 1964 WORDS OF COMFORT If only you would trust Me unreservedly, then there would be nothing in your earth life to disquieting you, because I have your destiny in My hand and can care for you in proportion to your trust in Me. You have to therefore let things draw near and not cross the bridge before you come to it, through self-will, as it were; because you can rest assured that it is those very ones of you wanting to serve Me, whose path I smooth if only you would always avail yourselves of My love and grace; for to Me verily all options are open, and I guide your destiny as befits you and the work you are to tender Me in the vineyard. For, would I rather see your work interrupted? You should know that I am aware of everything that promotes your cause, and hence you shall be led whither and whichever it is My will. And I will make it easy for you to make the right decisions, because you shall be all of one mind. So you realise that I have a hand in affairs and help you, and you believe that I continue to stand by your side, - Because it is My will that much work is yet to be accomplished, and you should put your energy at My disposal, since it is necessary to continue exposing error and to confront it to the utmost, with My support. And then, I need faithful servants who are prepared on the one hand to receive and on the other to disseminate spiritual treasures, as the spiritual want is getting more acute, and mankind needs edification; they instinctively reject erroneous teachings, and with these also the right ones, and therefore are bereft of all faith. And My need of you for this service should suffice you to understand that I shall also provide you with your material needs; for you shall find out how blessed were the results of your endeavours, which nevertheless do not coerce into faith, but respect the individual's freedom. Yet in the beyond, your action can also be traced, by the light-rays; there, all who follow the light can therefore come to recognise the Truth, and not a few there are who provide themselves with power and light, even when your efforts on earth appear unrewarded. Believe therefore that I guide My servants through all physical and spiritual dangers and do not take My and away from them, desiring only that they hold fast and trust Me in faith. Then the knots loosen and you shall easily deal with awkward situations, so that you shall recognise My good Father-hand, held over you with evident protection, allowing no harm to come your way. And the more you trust Me, the more evident My help, which shall know no limits. AMEN B.D. 8840 Aug.16, 1964 UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECTS (UFO'S) What is reported to you as unidentified flying objects you can flatly dismiss as lies, as these are nothing but the wishful thinking in the phantasm of those who put themselves into the adversary's hands therewith, since they don't have the link with Me, Who could then clear them up. The excessive sensuality of men of the world does not want the certainty of an end as real, and therefore looks for a way to escape it. And all this fits in with the signs of the times - they hope for rescue from other worlds, without considering that there is no connection between the earth and the inhabitants of those worlds. Certain is it that men whop purport to have had such sightings link up with the powers of the underworld, so to speak, so that they are shacked by powers which the prince of darkness still pointing their senses towards him. He manifests himself by way of appearances, which can be recalled in minutest detail eventually, which nevertheless also is a sign of mankind's attitude to Me. Men of deep faith will not experience such appearances, because for them is valid the Rapture of Mine at the end, which does not take place however by My sending My messengers to earth, but by My own coming in the clouds as indeed I have said. Those alleged emissaries are forces of darkness who at the end have indeed great power, in the contriving of visible configurations, which pass as easily as they appear, but can be sighted only by men who have either fallen already victims to the adversary, or do not as yet have the right attitude towards Me, because whoever keeps to Me is taught of My Spirit, and verily so in all truth. What do you men expect from those appearances? You believe at the same time the promises conveyed to you medially, and thus walk in darkness more than ever. What you believe yourselves to be seeing are not visible creations of Mine, but phantoms of him who takes advantage of the wishes and desires of those who want to preserve their lives, strengthening his power with that desire. And the occupants of those "visible" objects come also from his world, materialising for a short time only to vanish again. The adversary has great power at the end - this is told you by Me time and again. And in view of the end he also uses this power, to lead into temptation those who don't keep to Me, and are gullible through their will. But no such messages shall reach you from circles belonging to Me, because the adversary has no access where I Myself radiate My light. But whoever finds himself on his soil already, will be able constantly to also introduce more "evidence", which is nevertheless not to be rated as other than deception and illusion. Abide by My Word that there is no connection between the inhabitants of different worlds, and that - when the end has come, none can escape it, and shall be either removed by Myself live in body, or fall victim to renewed judgement. But for this I verily have no need of messengers from another world, otherwise you who are to carry the truth into the world would have received clarification on it. Hence abide by what I tell you, and don't allow yourselves to be confused because My adversary is also your enemy and seels to precipitate your fall, but he cannot do it with those who truly are surrendered to Me, whom I shall then deliver from all adversity on the day of judgement. AMEN B.D. 9025 Aug. 1, 1965 WORLD CONFLAGRATION - NATURAL CATASTROPHE - FINAL DECISION Nothing shall be kept from those of you who have offered Me their services, because the final events are of such vehemence that you cannot be left in the dark about them - particularly if I want to speak to all men through you. And hence you ought to know that only a modest impact is needed to trigger a catastrophe which initially can be viewed from a merely worldly aspect, but which is a signal for the natural catastrophe that follows it; not precipitated by the will of man f course, but which nevertheless is a consequence of human will, in as much as same sparks a world conflagration which cannot be checked by other than My will. And since men take notice of only worldly affairs, something has to occur which is inexplicable to them, the gaze of worldly men has to be visibly directed towards My intervention; and all human intentions must of necessity retreat in face of the discovery that something is afoot in the cosmos whereby ultimately everyone could be affected. Wherefore, men then must learn to " fear " God instead of their human adversaries. And whilst it is up to each individual whether to believe in a God or not, the aforesaid cosmic happening is greater and more life endangering than the world conflagration which then recedes into the background. Because then the spiritual stance towards God decides whether and how the natural catastrophe affects everyone. Whether you believe it or not, this happening is approaching you with giant stride, and only a short time separates you from it. And those of you who know about it should make everyone of your fellow men aware of what lies ahead of them, even where you find no credence. But the coming events shall corroborate it because the end also moves ever closer - the natural catastrophe only is a sign of it. But who wants still to be persuaded of it? Men will want to see only a natural catastrophe in it, and hence will not be able to see a connection with mankind's spiritual condition except for a few of a wakeful spirit, whose admonitions will not get through, and who therefore speak in vain before the ultimate end which they are then inevitably approaching. Do not let the signs of the times pass you by unnoticed because they are cautioning all of you that you are living in the end-time. Consider that only a short time remains to you for deciding to either find your way to Me, who wants to, and can save you from all affliction, or to strive towards the adversary again who wants to ruin you again for endless times. Due to freedom of will you cannot know the day and hour, and I can only keep repeating to you with certainty that not much time is left you. But you are all so interested in worldly affairs, and therefore take little not of what I tell you. Whence the happening shall come over you with great violence, so that you will not know how to protect yourselves. But let yourselves be told only one thing that only I Myself can offer you protection; that you have to take refuge ion Me in order to be led through all dangers to body and soul. If you men would only learn one thing there from that a higher Authority is at work, and that you need to invoke this higher Authority, otherwise you are irretrievably lost, as My adversary shall once more apply all power to get you in his hands. And whoever does not decide for Me in the short time to the end will also be bound in matter again, and will have to take the eternally long way again, through the creations of the new earth. AMEN 12 5 12